Conjectures and Researches Concerning the Love, Madness, and Imprisonment of Torquato Tasso, 1권

Alexander V. Blake, 1842

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232 페이지 - My pulse, as yours, doth temperately keep time, And makes as healthful music. It is not madness That I have utter'd : bring me to the test, And I the matter will re-word, which madness Would gambol from.
17 페이지 - Three high-born dames it was my lot to see, Not all alike in beauty, yet so fair, And so akin in act, and look, and air, That Nature seemed to say, " Sisters are we !" I praised them all, but one of all the three So charmed me, that I loved her, and became Her bard, and sung my passion, and her name, Till to the stars they soared past rivalry. Her only I adored, and if my gaze Was turned elsewhere, it was but to admire Of her high beauty some far-scattered rays, And worship her in idols, fond desire,...
21 페이지 - mid grief and ire's foul air, Where there is nothing left of bright or fair, Since Love has gone a rustic to the plough, Or feeds his flocks, — or in the summer now Handles the rake, now plies the scythe with care.
7 페이지 - Various conjectures respecting them have been offered ; none, perhaps, entirely satisfactory. The value of those which follow will depend on their probability, and that, again, on the number of incidents collected and compared, and the candor and sagacity employed in their collation. To draw, as far as possible, from...
215 페이지 - I confided in him, not as we hope in men, but as we trust in God. . . . It appeared to me, so long as I was under his protection, fortune and death had no power over me. Burning thus with devotion to my lord, as much as man ever did with love to his mistress, I became, without perceiving it, almost an idolater. I continued in Rome and in Ferrara many days and months in the same attachment and faith.
107 페이지 - To charm and to be charmed, the other's care. Yet this her loveliness veiled not so well, But forth it broke ; — nor could the other show All hers, which wearied mirrors did not tell. Nor of this one could I be silent, though Bidden in ire ; — nor that one's triumphs swell ; Since my tired verse, o'ertasked, refused to flow.
229 페이지 - ... holy Faith ! О Love ! how all thy laws Are mocked and scorned! — I throw my shield away, Conquered by fraud. — Go, seek thy feat's applause, Traitor! yet still half mourned, — with fond delay. — The hand, not blow, is of my tears the cause, And more thy guilt than my own pain I weigh ! TO LAMBERTO, AGAINST A CALUMNY. FALSE is the tale by envious Rumor spread, — • False are the hearts wherein it sprung and grew, And false the tongues that first its poison shed, And others to believe...
107 페이지 - ONE SAD. I SAW two ladies once, — illustrious, rare; — One a sad sun ; her beauties at mid-day In clouds concealed ;— the other, bright and gay, Gladdened, Aurora-like, earth, sea, and air. One hid her light, lest men should call her fair, And of her praises no reflected ray Suffered to cross her own celestial way ; — To charm and to be charmed, the other's care. Yet this her loveliness veiled not so well, But forth it broke ; — nor could the other show All hers, which wearied mirrors did...
18 페이지 - gainst Love's true fire. VHILE of the age in which the hoart but ill defends itself, — and in thy native land, Love and thine eyes unable to withstand, — They won me, and, though distant, dazzle still. Hither I came, intent my mind to fill With wisdom, study-gathered from on high ; But loathed to part, so that to stay or fly Kept and still keep sore struggle in my will. And now, nil careless of the heat and cold, With ceaseless vigile, Laura, night and day, That til...
119 페이지 - Udite quel che con quest' occhi ho visto. Io era anzi il mio speco, che si giace Presso la valle, e quasi a piè del colle, Dove la costa face di sè grembo : Quivi con Tirsi ragionando andava Pur di colei, che nell...

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