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Hereford Union, Guardians of (apps.), v. Guardians of Warwick Union (resps.)

page 564 Higham v. Wright and another

84 Hill (Kt.) and others v. Managers of the Metropolitan Asylum District

533 Hinton (app.) v. Swindon New Town Local Board (resps.)

521 Hodgson's School at Wiggonby, Administration of, Re...

330 Hoyle (app.) v. Hitchman (resp.)

503 Hudson v. Tooth

132 Hunt v. Wimbledon Local Board

349, 477

Newark Union (apps.) v. Glanford Brigg Union (resps.)

..page Newington Local Board v. Cottingham Local

Board, W. H. Wilkinson, and Hull Botanio
Garden Company Limited

462 New River Company (apps.) v. Islington Assess. ment Committee (resps.)

507 Nutter v. Accrington Local Board.,

288, 609


[blocks in formation]

Palmer (app.) v. Thatcher (resp.)

199 Paul and another apps.) v. Summerhayes (resp.) 429 Peake and another, Ex parte; Re Dutton

528 Penryn, Mayor &c., of, v. Best

244, 340 Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v. London

and Provincial Supply Association Limited 603 Phillips v. Henson

96 Phillips v. Salmon

155 Pike (app.) v. Rossiter (resp.)

149 Powell (app.) v. Knight (resp.)

287 Prentice v. Hall (resp.)....

146 Prison Commissioners v. Mayor, &c., of Liverpool 597

Jones (app.) v. Cwmmorthin Slate Company Limited (resps.)

.... 531



K - v. Rashen and another

204 Keynsham Union, Guardians of (apps.), v. Guar. dians of Bedminster Union (resps.)..

262 Knight v. Pursell

518 Knowles and Sons (Limited) (apps.) v. M'Adam (resp.).



Lax v.

Lamb v. Brewster and another

553 Langdon (app.) v. Broadbent (resp.)

97 Mayor and Corporation of Darlington. 446 Leeds Union (apps.) v. Tadcaster Union (resps.)... 560 Leicester Waterworks Company v. Assessment

Committee of the Barrow-on-Soar Union and
Nuttall and Sheffield..

441 Leonard v. Alloways

496 Lettly v. Nonnington...

615 Leveson, Re; Ex parte Arrowsmith.

278 Lewis v. Boetefeur...

215 Leyman v. Latimer and others

106, 183 London, School Board for, v. Faulconer..

282 London Tramways Company Limited (apps.) v. Bailey (resps.)

137 Lord v. Mulkern


Rawlence and others v. Guardians of Hersley

118 Reddish v. Hitchnoa

448 Regent's Canal Company (apps.) v. St. Pancras Assessment Committee (resps.)

151 Reg. v. Alcock; Ex parte Chilton..

203 Reg. v. Bishop of Oxford

486 Reg. v. Bradlangh and Annie Besant

228 Reg. v. Brownlow

411 Reg. v. Churchwardens of Handborough.

81 Reg. v. French

255 Rog. v. Greenlaw Turnpike Trustees

562 Reg. v. Greathead

304 Reg. v. Hancock and Baker

327 Reg. v. Hermann

519 Reg. v. Holbrook

139, 422 Reg. v. Hughes (Owen).

571 Reg. v. Hughes (Thos.)

391 Reg. v. Inhabitants of Ardsley.

209 Reg. v. Inhabitants of Central Wingland

10 Reg. v. Jarman

252 Reg. v. Justices of Middlesex; Ex parte Bradlaugh 316 Reg. v. Justices of Newcastle-on-Tyne; Ex parte Brown

318 Reg. v. Justices Over Darwen

402 Reg. v. Justices of Wiltshire

598 Reg. v. Knight

176 Reg. v. Lee...

438 Reg. on the prosecution of Guardians of the Poor of

the Parish of Lewisham v. London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway Company...

601 Reg. v. Milledge and others, Justices of Weymouth 606 Reg. v. Monck and another

1 Reg. v. Orton and others

392 Reg. on the prosecution of the London and North

Western Railway Company (resps.) v. Overseers and Mayor of the Borough of Walsall (apps.)

305, 453 Reg. v. Petch

i 329 Reg. v. Read

174 Reg.v. Roberts

302 Reg. v. Rogers

122 Reg. v. Somerset

259 Reg. v. Treadgold

390 Reg. v. Vicar and Churchwardens of Tottenham ... 506



Macket v. Commissioners of Herne Bay

180 Magdalen Hospital, Governors of, v. Knotts and others

542 Malton Urban Sanitary Anthority (apps.) v. Malton

Farmers' Manure and Trading Company (resps.)

607 Manvers, Earl, and another v. Bartholomew

400 Marman's Trusts, Re.

338 Martin v. Mackonochie.

355 Mellor (app.) v. Denham (resp.)

569 Mercerson's Trusts, Re.

188 Metropolitan Board of Works v. New River Company

47 Migotti v. Colville

565, 596 Monmouth, Mayor and Churchwardens, &c., of 291 Moyce v. Newington

421 Muir v. Hoare

84 Mulkern and another v. Lord



page 144

..page 557

Reg. on the prosecution of A. Crilp (app.) v. Sir

Richard Wallace (resp.) Reg. v. Wellings

301 Reg. v. Young

277 Richards, Ex parte ; Re Jones

320 Riddell (app.) 2. Spear (resp.)

466 Riley (app.) v. Read (resp.)

525 Rivers, Lord, v. Adams; Same v. Isaacs; Same v. Ferrett

351 Robinson (app.) v. Stevenitt (resp.)

290 Rook (app.) v. Hopley (resp.)

275 Rossiter (app.) v. Pike (resp.)

418 Rumsey v. Nicholl .


Tebb (app.) v. Jones (resp.)
Tenterden Union, Guardians of (apps.), v. Guardians
of St. Mary, Islington (resps.)

265 Thompson and Company v. Sunderland Gas Company

44 Tomlinson v. Bullock.

524 Turmine, re..

397 Turner v. Crush and another

584 Turner (app.) v. Ford (resp.)



United Patriots National Benefit Society, Ex parte;
Re Holt

440 Usill v. Brearley; Usill v. Hales; and Usill v. Clarke


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St. Albans, Bishop of, and another, v. Battersby...... 321 St. Leonard, Shoreditch, Guardians of, v. Franklin 380 Sandys (app.) v. Small (resp.)...

395 Shaftoe's Charity at Haydon Bridge, re.

333 Smith (app.) v. Justices of Hereford (resps.).. 436 Smith v. Walton.....

100 Smith v. West Derby Local Board

298 Smith v. Woolston.....

498 Spon Lane Colliery Company (apps.) v. Baker and others (resps.)

345 Stacey (app.) v. Lintell (resp.)...

561 Stallard and others (apps.) v. Marks (resps.)

284 Stananought (app.) v. Hazeldine (resp.)

569 Standard Bank of Africa v. Stokes

312 Swansea Royal and South Wales Union Friendly

Society, Ex parte ; Re West of England and

South Wales District Bank Swanston v. Twickenham Local Board of Health ... 586

Walsall, Overseers of the Poor of, v. London and
North Western Railway Co.

413 Ward v. Hobbs

468 Watkins (app.) v. Price (resp.)

145 Watkins v. Smith

262 Webb v. Knight ....

11 Westbury-on-Severn Union, Guardians of (apps.), v. Overseers of Barrow-in-Furness (resps.)

241 Whitehead v. Smithers

87 Wilson re

80 Wombwell v. Corporation of Barnsley

7 Woodstock Union, Guardians of (apps.), v. Churchwardens &c. of St. Pancras (resps.)..

398 Wynne v. Forester....



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Order to destroy obscene books—Jurisdiction of
police magistrate




A conviction for keeping a gaming house is a crimi.

nal matter, and a judgment on a case stated cannot
be appealed against

To quarter sessions-Notice to court of summary

jurisdiction-Service-Address--Conviction ...... 142
Security for costs

Against poor rate Practice Case stated by
sessions---Appeal to Court of Appeal

Case stated at quarter sessions Jurisdiction
Court of Appeal—Practice

From order of magistrate for judicial separation

under sect. 4 of the Matrimonial Causes Act

Poor rate-Time for appealing-Objection to valua-

tion list - Union Assessment Amendment Act


Mortmain - Charitable bequests - Premium
granting a lease

Mortmain Mortgage debentures of a railway

64, 77
Devise to, of proceeds of real estate-Mortmain-
Retrospective operation of Act..

Bequest of a railway debenture-Mortmain

Bequest to-Direction to pay legacies out of pure

Bequest of railway debenture stock - Mortmain 335
Mortmain-Pure and impure personalty- Invalid

Gift of money to trustees of a mechanics' institu-

Lease by a charitable corporation-Void or voidable 542

Prize fight with gloves-Sparring match
Justification-Trespass in course of foxhunting

(See Criminal Lavo.)


(See Churchwarden-Ecclesiastical Law.)


page 411

CHURCHWARDEN. Election of—Time of closing poll—Delay in ques. tioning election


81 Bankruptcy of—Penalty-Metropolis Management Act 1853


CLERGY, LAW OF. (See Ecclesiastical Law.)

Larceny-Agent receiving money with directions in

writing to apply same Restitution of property-Sale to innocent pur

chaser-False pretences—Passing of property 421 Libel-Criminal information Authority to editor Protection of proprietor.......

422 Reward for information leading to apprehension of

a criminal-Surrender of criminal- Information and confession sent by constable-Communication of material facts......

341 Coining-Uttering - Sovereign reduced in weight

by filing off the milling-Making a new milling 519 Imprisonment—Mode of computation of time-One calendar month-When it expires

565 Perjury at petty sessions—Jurisdiction of justices

-Illegal arrest—Want of information in writing or on oath


CLERK TO MAGISTRATES. Fees-Liability of person giving prisoner into custody under Vagrant Act


COAL MINES REGULATION ACT, ss. 46-51. Inspector's jurisdiction- Remedy for dang er — Withdrawal of workman


COINING. (See Criminal Law.)

[blocks in formation]

COMMONERS. Rights of—Lost royal grant ........

351 CONTAGIOUS DISEASES (ANIMALS). Jurisdiction-Order of Privy Council 1875—Continuing offence-Practice

84 Sale of animals-Implied warranty-Sale with all faults-Breach of statutory duty


Indictment-Aider by verdict-Obtaining credit by

false pretences-Fraudulently disposing of goods
within four months of bankruptcy

176 (See Criminal Law.)



(See Excise.)

[blocks in formation]

Illegal vestments at communion--Alb and chasuble

-Eastward position at consecration - Meaning
of “before the people”- Administering wafer
bread-Crucifix-Public Worship Act.

17 Ejectment from rectory houso and glebe

40 Prohibition Arches Court - Interest of bishopDelay in application-Practice...

53 Practice - Prohibition - Arches Court- Requisi.

tion to archbishop-Place of hearing-Rules 132 Burial- Cemetery Acts— Right of incumbent to fees

236 Mortgage of pew rents-13 Eliz. c. 20

278 Court of Arches-Prohibition-Sentence for contu

macy-Suspension-Previous sentence in suit ... 355 Practice of the Ecclesiastical Court - Prohibition

by the Queen's Bench Division — MonitionSummary proceedings for disobedience

381 District church-Metropolis Incumbent Dan. gerous structure-Owner

438 Limitation of actions Ecclesiastical Commissioners-Corporation sole

481 Ecclesiastical offence – Duty of bishop—" It shall be lawful" Ground for refusal

486 (See Churchwarden.)

[ocr errors]


Venue-Embezzlement - Receipt of money in one

county, and not accounting for it in another 122 Embezzlement- Wild rabbits — Taking, killing, and removing-One continuous action.

174 Debtors Act 1869-Indictment-Aider by verdict

-Obtaining credit by false pretences-Fraudulently disposing of goods within four months of liquidation

176 Highway -- Non-repair Parish Township Repairs by adjoining township

209 Libel-Indictment-Omission to set out words 229 False pretences - Evidence Note of existing bank

252 Rape-Married woman asleep-Belief that prisoner was her husband..

277 Evidence-Admissibility of deposition-Inability to travel--Pregnancy.

301 Perjury-Deputy County Court Judge-Evidence of appellant..

.... 302 False pretences—Indictment- Evidence Cheque 304 Receiver-Restoration of stolen goods to the owner

-Subsequent delivery to the thief for detection of the receiver

327 Larceny -- Wild rabbits Taking and carrying away--Possession

329 Embezzlement-Jurisdiction- Venue .

390 Larceny - Recent possession Evidence for the jury

.... 391 Assault-Prize fight-Combatants with gloves on -Sparring match

392 Extradition-Trial for another offence


EDUCATION LAW. School board-Bye-laws— Attendance of children employed in factories......


EDUCATION, ELEMENTARY. School board — Six months' absence — Disqualifi. cation --Re-election


Transfer of local school to school board — Annuity

payable to school on terms Right of school
board to


ELECTION LAW. County franchise- Disqualification – Bribery Acts 90 Borough franchise-Residence...



page 99

[blocks in formation]

Practice List of voters County Correction of

mistake County-Franchise — Lease of waste land of a

manor-Presentment by burgesses for occupation of a common

155 Borough — Rating of owner by agreement with

occupier-Omission of occupier's name from rate book

406 Borough-Notice of objection-Service-- Collector of rates-Office of overseer

400 Borough franchise — Payment of rates by landlord

-Allowance of deductions-Notice-Waiver 410 County franchise — Service of notice of claim

Power of overseers to waive an irregularity 497 County franchise Description of qualifying proproperty-Power of amendment

498 (See Municipal Corporation.)


(See Adulteration.)

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FRIENDLY SOCIETY. Summoning jurisdiction-Disputes to be settled by arbitration ....

440 Incapacity of a corporation to be officer of--Friendly Societies Act 1875, s. 20


Close time-Meaning of terms “ kill or take ".

Object of removal-1 & 2 Will. 4, c. 32, s. 3...... 145

Vende-Money received in one county, a letter not

accounting for it posted and received in another

122 Wild rabbits -- Taking and removing one act 174 Jurisdiction—Venue

390 (See Criminal Law.)

[blocks in formation]

EMPLOYERS AND WORKMEN. Conductor of a tramway - Agreement to oust the

jurisdiction of a court of justice - Certificate of a manager

137 Coal mining-Misconduct of check weigher-Order of removal

146 Servant absenting himself through illness caused by

his own misconduct-Dismissal-Right to wages during absence


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Dog license-Fraction of a day-First of two acts
-Day on which

157 Wine licence--Merchant-Dealer

199 Wine and spirit licence-Orders taken at unlicensed premises--Bonů fide traveller


EXTRADITION. Exemption of English subject by treaty – Extradi. tion Act 1870

80 Trial for another offence

393 (See Criminal Law.)

Arbitration-Liability of local authority to make

compensation for damage - Jurisdiction of arbi-

86 Unregistered common lodging house-Jurisdiction --Health Act 1875.

97 Power of board to make hyelaws – Power to pull

down buildings erected in contravention of Definition of "new streets

110 Local goverment-Bye-laws - Improvement ActBuilding-Notice to surveyor

219 Power to raise level of turnpike road-Local Board -Liability for compensation.

288 Rating under-General rate-Implied exemption... 291 Local board—Sewer authority- Liability - Notice of action

298 Right of Board to let pasturage by side of public road

323 Contract exceeding £50 not under seal

349 Local Acts · Rating Borough town councilPublic Health Acts

453 Local authority — Public Healih Act 1875 Discharge of contract by statute

462 Vesting in local board-Streets Grazing of roads within the district-Sect. 149

472 Contracts by board-Practice-Liability for.. 477 Sower—"Manholo”--Compensation-Local Board Act of 1848, ss. 45, 46, 144.

586 Nuisance Pollution of stream Local board Omission to perform statutory duty..

587 (See Public Health Act 1875.Local Government.)

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