Independent Offices and Department of Housing and Urban Development Appropriations for 1969: Hearings ... 90th Congress, 2d Session, Part 1


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40 페이지 - ... (5) resolve differences arising among departments and agencies of the United States with respect to aeronautical and space activities under this Act, including differences as to whether a particular project is an aeronautical and space activity.
646 페이지 - Commission, after investigation and hearing, to require the establishment of through routes and joint rates between motor common carriers of property and between such carriers and common carriers by rail, express, and water.
124 페이지 - In addition to charging the respondents with the use of unfair methods of competition and unfair and deceptive acts and practices in commerce...
500 페이지 - The net worth, with particular regard to the amount and source of public and private capital employed; 3.
173 페이지 - Where a trade regulation rule is relevant to any issue involved in an adjudicative proceeding thereafter instituted, the Commission may rely upon the rule to resolve such issue, provided that the respondent shall have been given a fair hearing on the legality and propriety of applying the rule to the particular case.
477 페이지 - Commission, the General Services Administration, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the Federal Aviation Agency ; and to related subcontracts, including purchase orders.
39 페이지 - Dr. Edward C. Welsh, executive secretary of the National Aeronautics and Space Council...
963 페이지 - Any executive department or independent establishment of the Government, or any bureau or office thereof, if funds are available therefor and If it is determined by the head of such executive department, establishment, bureau, or office to be In the Interest of the Government so to do, may place orders with any other such department, establishment, bureau, or office for materials, supplies, equipment...
637 페이지 - Secretary, then such suit shall be continued by the Secretary (except in the case of a suit not involving functions transferred to the Secretary, in which case the suit shall be continued by the department, agency, or officer which was a party to the suit prior to the effective date of this Act...
130 페이지 - Any respondent subject to a Commission order may request advice from the Commission as to whether a proposed course of action, if pursued by it, will constitute compliance with such order. The request for advice should be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Commission and should include full and complete information regarding the proposed course of action.

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