Coast Artillery War Game

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913 - 69페이지

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21 페이지 - When a vessel is in distress and requires assistance from other vessels or from the shore the following shall be the signals to be used or displayed by her, either together or separately, namely: In the daytime — First.
17 페이지 - ... (c.) On the port side, a red light, so constructed as to show an uniform and unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of 10 points of the compass; so fixed as to throw the light from right ahead to 2 points abaft the beam...
17 페이지 - A steam vessel when under way shall carry — (a) On or in front of the foremast, or, if a vessel without a foremast, then in the fore...
17 페이지 - These two lights shall be so placed in line with the keel that one shall be at least fifteen feet higher than the other, and in such a position with reference to each other that the lower light shall be forward of the upper one. The vertical distance between these lights shall be less than the horizontal distance.
21 페이지 - ... (c) A sailing vessel under way shall sound, at intervals of not more than one minute, when on the starboard tack one blast, when on the port tack two blasts in succession, and when with the wind abaft the beam three blasts in succession.
21 페이지 - When a steam vessel and a sailing vessel are proceeding in such directions as to involve risk of collision, the steam vessel shall keep out of the way of the sailing vessel.
18 페이지 - A steam vessel when towing another vessel shall, in addition to her side lights, carry two bright white lights in a vertical line one over the other, not less than 6 feet apart, and when towing more than one vessel, shall carry an additional bright white light 6 feet above or below such lights...
14 페이지 - A red flag with a black center indicates that a storm of marked violence is expected. The pennants displayed with the flags indicate the direction of the wind : white, westerly (from southwest to north...
18 페이지 - A vessel of 150 feet or upwards in length, when at anchor, shall carry in the forward part of the vessel, at a height of not less than 20 and not exceeding 40 feet above the hull, one such light, and at or near the stern of the vessel, and at such a height that it shall be not less than 15 feet lower than the forward light, another such light.
17 페이지 - On the starboard side a green light so constructed as to show an unbroken light over an arc of the horizon...

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