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keive me into their houses. So healing by the fame Spirit;, to he called every one of his lord's another, the working of mira. debtors unto him, and said unto cles; to another, prophecy; to the fint, How much owest thou another, difcerning of spirits; to unto my lord ? And he said, An another, divers kinds of tongues hundred measures of oil. And to another, the interpretation of he said unto him, Take thy bill, tongues. But all these worketh and fit down quickly, and wrice that one and the selfsame Spirit, ity. Then said he to another, dividing to every man severally And how much oweft thou! And as he will. he faid, An hundred aeasures of wheat. And he said unto him,

The Gospel. S. Luke 19. 41. Take thy bill, and write four

ND when he was come near,

AN Score. And the lord commend

he beheld the city, and ed the unjuft teward, because wept over it, saying, if thou he had done wisely for the

haft known, even thou at leatt children of this world are in in this thy day, the things which their generation wifer than the belong unto thy peace! but now drldren of light. And I say unto For the days thall come upon

they are hid from thinç eyes. you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteour

thee, that thine enemies thall caft ress; that when ye tail, they thee round, and keep thee in on

a trench abouc thee, and compass nay receive you into everlasting habitacions.

every fide, and shall lay thee

even with the ground, and thy The tenth Sunday after Trinity.

children within thee: and they The Colleå.

thall not leave in thee one stone LE

ET thy merciful cars, O Lord, upon another; because thou

be open to the prayers of knewef not the time of thy vifithy humble servants, and that tation. And he went into the they may obtain their petitions, temple, and began to catt out make them to ask such things as them that fold

therein, and them thall please thec, through Jesus it is written, My house is the

that bought, saying unto them, Chrilt our Lord. Amen. The Epiftle. Cor. 12. 1.

house of prayer, but ye have ONCERNING fpiritual gifts,

made it a den of thieves. And he you ignorant. Ye know that ye were Gentiles, carried away un. The eleventh Sunday after Trinity, to these dumb idols, even as ye

The Collect. en una de la Wherefore I give you o Amich whow declareft hier to understand, that no man

Almighty power molt ing by the Spirit of God, calleth ly in thewing mercy and pity; Jesus accursed: and that no man Mercifully grant unto us such can say that Jesus is the Lord, a measure of thy grace, that we but by the Holy Ghost Now running the way of thy comthere are diversities of gifts, but mandments. may obtain thy gra. the fame Spirit. And there are cious promises, and be made differences of administracions, partakers of thy heavenly treabut the fame Lord. And there sure, through Jesus Chrift our are diverfities of operations, but Lord. AmenDit is the fame God which worketh The Fpifle. i Cor. 15. 1.

PRETHREN, I declare unto you of the Spirit is given to every

the man to profit withal. For to one unto you, which also ye have reis given by the Spirit the word ceived,

and wherein ye stand; of wisdom; to another, the word by which allo ye are saved, if ye of knowledge by the fame Spirit; keep in memory what 1 preach to another, faith by the fame ed unto you, unless ye have be. Spirit; to another, the gifts of lieved in vain. For delivered

all in all. But the manifeftavion Bike Gorj:el which I preached


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unto you first of all, that which I ready to hear, than we to pray, also received, how that Christ and art wont to give more than died for our fins according to the either we delire, or deferve; Pour Scriptures; and that he was bu- down upon us the abundance of ried, and that he rose again the thy mercy, forgiving us those third day, according to the Scrip- things whereor our conscience is tures, and that he was seen of afraid, and giving us those good Cephai, then of the twelve. Af- things which we are not worthy ter that he was seen of above five to ask, but through the merits hundred brethren at once; of and media:ion of Jefus Chrift thy whom the greater pari remain Son our Lord. Amen. unto this prefent ; but fome are The Epistle. 2 Cor. 3. 4. fallen afleep. After that he was UCH "rust have we through

to Apoftles. And lait of all he was we are sufficient of ourselves to seen of me also, as of one born think any thing as of ourselves : out of due time. For I am the but our fufficiency is of God. leaft of the Apotles, that am not who also hath made us able mimeet to be called an Apoftle, be- nifters of the new teftament; cause I persecuted the church of not of the letter, but of he SpiGud. But by the grace of God i rit : for the letter killeth, but am what I am: and his grace, the Spirit giveth lite. But if the which was beftowed upon me, ministration of death, written was not in vain : but I laboured and engraven in stones, was glomore abundantly than they all ; rious; to that the children of Ilyet not l, but the grace of God sacl could not ftedfastly behold which was with nie. Therefore the face of Moses, for the lory whether it were 1, or they, fo we of his coun:enance, which glory preach, and so ye believed. was to be done away; how thall The Gospel S. Luke 18. 9.

not the ministration of the Spirit ESUS Ipan'e parable

be rather glorious if the selves that they were righteous, glory, much more doth the miand d:fpifed others : Two men

nistration of righteousnefs ex. went up into the temple to pray,

ceed in glory. the one a Pharisee, and the other

The Gospel. S. Mark 7. 31. a Publican. The Pharisee food JESUS departing from the coasts with ,

of Tyre , unGod, I thank thee that I am not

to the sea of Galilee, through the as o her men are, extortioners, And they bring unto him one

midft of the coasts of Decapolis. unjuft, adulterers, or even as this Publican: 1 fast twice in the

that was deaf, and had an impeweek, I give tithes of all that I diment in his speech ; and they potress. And the Publican, ftard beseech him to put his hand up

on him. And he took him afide ing afar off, would not lift up fo much as his eyes unto heaven,

froin the multitude, and put his but (more upon his breast, fay? fingers into his ears, and he spit, ing, God be inerciful to me a

and touched his tongue : And finner. I tell you this man went looking up to heaven, he fighed, down to his house juftified ra

and faith 'un'o him, Ephphatha, ther than the other : for every

that is, be opened. And straight one that exalteth himself ihall be way his car were opened, and abafed; and he that humbleth the string of his tongue was himself shall be exalted.

loosed, and he spake plain. And

he charged them that they thould The twelfth Sunday after Trinity. charged them, fo much the more

tell no man: but the more he The Collect. LMIGHTY and everlafting and were beyond measure afto.

a great deal they, publithed it, A God, who ari always more nished, saying, He hath done all

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A God

things well : he maketh both the and tempted him, saying, Mafer, deaf to hear, and the dumb to what thall i do to inheric eternal speak

lite? He said unto him, What is

written in the law? How readett The thirternth Sunday after thou' And he answering said, Trinity.

'Thou shalt love the Lord thy The Colled.

God with all thy ! eart, and wi h of whose only gitt it com- ftrength, and with all thy mind; eth, that thy faiclíful people

do and thy neighbour as thyfelf. uato thee true and laudable fer. And he said unto him, 7 hou haft vice; Grant, we befeech thee, answered right : this do, and that we may lo faithfully serve thou shalt live. But he willing thee in this life, that we fail not to justify himself, said unto Je. finally to attain thy heavenly sus, And who is my neighbour! promiles, through the merits of And Jesus answering said, A Jesus Christ our Lord, Anen, certain man went down from Je

The Epislle. Gal. 3. 16. rusalem to Jericho, and fell

were the promises made him of his raiment, and woundHe salth not, And o feeds, as of cd him, and departed, leaving Dany; but as of one; And to hy him half dead. And by chance feed, which is Christ. And this there cante down a certain prieft I say, that the covenant that that way, and when he saw him, was confirmed before of God in he passed by on the other tide. Chrift, the law which was four And likewife a Levite when he hundred and thirty years after, was at the place, came and look. cannot disannul, that it thould ed on him, and passed by on the make the promise of none effect. other fide. But a certain SamaFor the inheritance be of the ritan, as he journeyed, came law, it is no more of promise: where he was, and when he saw but God gave it to Abraham by him, he had compassion on him, promife. Wherefore then serv- and went to him, and bound up eth the law it was added be his wounds, pouring in oil and cause of tranfgreflions, till the wine, and set him on his own feed thould come, to whom the beatt, and brought him to an inn, promise was made, and it was and took care of him. And on the Ordained by angels in the hand morrow when he departed, he of a mediator. Now a mediator took out two pence, and gave is not a mediator of one; but them to the hoft, and said unto God is one. Is the law then him, 'Take care of him, and aga nit the promises of God! God whatsoever thou spendeft more, forbid : for if there had been a when come again, I will icpay law given which could have thee. Which now of these three, given life, verily righteousncss thinkest thou, was neighbour hould have been by the law. But unto him that fell among the the Scripture hath concluded all thieves? And he said, He that under sin, that the promise by thewed mercy on him. Then said faith of Jesus Chrift" might be Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou given to them that believe. likewise. The Gospel, s. Luke 10. 23;

The fourteenth Sunday afler see thethings that ye fee: For

Trinity. 1 tell you, that many propheus

The collect. and to fee

and everlafting thole things which seedice, and A God, tive unto use the inte have not seen them; and to hear creased faith, hope,

and charity; those things which ye bear, and and that we may obtain that have not heard them. And, be- which thou doft promise, make høld, a certain lawyer ficod up, us to love chat which thou doft


command, through Jesus Chrift The fifteenth Sunday after
our Lord. Amen.

The Epiftle. Gal. 5. 16.

The Colleå.

SAY then, Walk in the Spirit, of the terh. For the ficth lufteth perpetual mercy; and because and ye thall not fulfil the luni K Led this beleech thee, o

Lord, Church thy againft the Spirit, and the Spirit the frailty of man without the against the flesh: and there are contrary the one to the other ; thy help from all things hurtful,

cannot but fall, keep us ever by so that ye cannot do the things and lead us to all things profit that ye would. But if ye be led able to our salvation, through by the Spirit, ye are not under Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. the law. Now the works of the fleth are manifeft, which are

The Epistle. Gal. 6. 11. these, adultery, fornication, un. Y !

have written unto you with cleanness, latciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, mine own hand. As many as deemulations, wrath, ftrife, fedi? fire to make a fair shew in the tions, hercsics, envyings, mur. Aeth, they conftrain you to be ders, drunkennels, revellings, circumcised, only left they should and such like: ot the which I

fuffer perfecution for the cross of tell you before, as I have also Chrift. For neither they them. told you in time paft, that they the law; but defire to have you

selves who are circumciled keep who do such things thall not inherit the kingdom of God. But circumcised, that they may glory the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, that I thould glory, fave in the

in your fleth.

But God forbid peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, tem

cross of our Lord Jesus Chrift, perance : against such there is no

by whom the world is crucified law.

And they that are Chrift's unto me, and I unto the world. have crucified 'the fileth with the For in Chrift Jesus neither cir: affections and lutts.

cumcision availeth any thing nor The Gospel. S. Luke 17. 11.

uncircumcifion, but a new crea

And as many as walk ac. A ND it came to pass, as Jesus ture:

went to Jerusalem, that he cording to this rule, peace be on passed through the midst of Sa- them and mercy, and upon the maria and Galilee. And as he Ifrael of God. From henceforth entered into a certain village, let no man trouble me: tor 1 there met him ten men that bear in my body the marks of were lepers, who stood a'ar off. the Lord Jesus.' Brethren, the And they lifted up their voices, grace of our Lord Jesus Chrif be and said, Jesus, Mafter, have mer: with your spirit. Amen. cy on us. And when he saw them, The Gospel. S. Matth. 6. 24. he said , Go thew your. O man can serve two bereid unto the pricells, wind N terson for either the mari came to pars, that as they went hate the

one, and love the other; they were cleansed. And one of or else he will hold to the one. them, when he saw that he was and despise the other. Ye cannot healed, turned back, and with a ferve God and Mammon. Thereloud voice, glorified God, and fore I say unto you, Take no fell down on his face at his feet, thought for your lite, what yo giving him thanks : and he was thall eat, or what ye thall drink; a Samaritan. And Jeri answer- nor yet for your body, what ye ing said, Were there not ten thall put on. Is not the life more cleanfedt but where are the nine? than meat, and the body than There are not found that return. raiment? Behold the fowls of the ed to give glory to God, fave air : for they fow not, neither this stranger. And he said unto do they reap, nor gather into him, Arise, go thy way: thy barns; yet your heavenly Fa her faith hath made thee whole. fcederh them. Are ye not much


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better than they? Which of you length, and depthi, and height; by taking thought can add one and to know the love of Chritt, cubit unto his tiature: Aad why, which pafleth knowledge, that take ye thought for rainient? ye might be filled with all the Consider the lilies of the field fulness of God. Now unto him how they grow: they toil not, that is able to do exceeding neither do they fpin; and yet abundantiy above all that we ark 1 say unto you, That even solo- or think, according to the power mon in all his glory was not ar- that worketh in us, urto him be tayed like one of these. Where- glory in the Church by Chrift fore, if God fo clothe the grass Jesus, throughout all ages, world of the field, which to day is, and without end. Amen. to morrow is cast into the oven, Ahall he not much more clothe

The Go 'pel. S. Luke 7. 11. you.O ye of little faith! There A after, that Jesus went into

ND it came to fore take no thought, faying, What shall we eat or, what a city called Nain; and many of hall we drinking, wherewithal his disciples went with him, and fall we be clothed? (for after all much people. Now when he these things do the Gentilcs feek) came nigh tothe gate of the city. for your heavenly Father know. behold, there was a dead niza eth that ye have need of all thefe carried out. the only son of his things. But seek ye firft the king. mother, and she was a widow; dorn of God, and his rightecut and much peorle of the city was

And when the Lord nefs, and all these thing shall be with

her. added unto you. Take therefore saw her, he had compassion on no thought for the morrow; fi her, and said unto her, Weep the morrow shall take thought not. And he came and touched for the things of itself fufficient the bier, (and they that hart him unto the day is the evil thereof.

ftood fil!.) And he said. Ycung man, I say unto thee, Arise. And

he that was dead (at up and be. The fixteenth Sunday after gan to speak: and he delivered Trinity.

him to his mother. And there The Colle&.

came a fear on all: and they glo. O LORD, we beseech thee, let rified God, faying, That a great

thy continual piry cleanse Prophet is rifen up, among us: = and detend thy Church, and be and, That God hath viti:ed bis

cause it cannot continue in safety people. And this rumour of him py without thy fuccour, proverve it went forth throughout al! Judea,

evermore by thy help and good and throughout all the region ness, through Jesus Chris our round about. Lord. Amen. The Epiflle. Ephef. 3. 13.

The seventeenth Sunday after

Trinity. I DESPRE I had my favouwhich

The Collect is your glory. For this cause i Lahademaya always prevent

I ORD, we pray, Xbow my knees unto the Father

of our Lord Jesus Chrift, of and follow us: and make us con

whom the whole family in hea tinually to be given to all good Even and earth is named, that he works, through Jesus Chriit our

would grant you, according to Lord. Amen. the riches of his glory, to be The Epille. Ephef. 4. 1. frengthened with might by his Chirit in the inner man that I THEREFORE the prifoner of

the Lord Chrift may dwell in your hearts walk worthy of the vocation by faith; that ye being rooted wherewith ye were ca'led with and

grounded in love, may be all lowliness, and meck nefs, with able to comprehend with all longsuffering, forbearing one Gints, what is the breadth, and another in love; endeavouring


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