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16 He givesh snow like'wool : O SONG unto the Lord a new

11 But the Lord's delight is in people : princes, and all judges them that fear him : and put of the world; their truft in his mercy,

12 Young men and maidens, 12 Praise the Lord,' o Jerusa• old men and children, praise the lem : praise thy God, o sion. Name of the Lord : for his Name

13 Eor he hath made faft the only is excellent, and his praise bars of thy gates : and hath blen- above heaven and earth. ed thy children within thee. 13 He thall exalt the horn of

14 He maketh peace in thy his people; all his faints shall borders: and filleth thee wi.h the praise him : even the children flour of wheat.

of Israel, even the people that 15 He fendeth forth his como ferveth him. mandment upon earth : and his PSAL. 149. Cantate Domino. word runneth very fwittly.

song: let the congregation and scattereth the hoar frost like of saints praise him. aihes.

2 Let Ifrael rejoice in him that 17 He casteth forth his ice like made him : and let the children morsels : who is able to abide his of Sion be joyful in their King, frost!

3 Let them praise his Name in 18 Hesendeth out his word, and the dance : let them fing praises melteth them : he bloweih with unto him with tabret and harp. his wind, and the wartrs flow. 4 For the Lord hath pleasure

19 He iheweth his word unto in his people : and helpeth the Jacob:his itatutesand ordinances meckhearted. unto lsraci.

s Let the saints be joyful with 20 He hath rot dealt fo with flory : let them rejoice in their any nation: neither have the hea- beds. then knowledge of his laws. 6 Let the praises of God te in PSAL. 148. Laudate Dominum. their mouth: and a two edged

PRAISE the Lord of heaven: sword in their bands ; o

praise him in the height. 7 To be avenged of the hea. 2 Praise him, all ye angels of then : and to rebuke the people; his : praise him, all his hoft. 8. To bind their kings in

3 Praise him, sun and moon; chains : and their nobles with praise him, all ye ftars and light. links of iron.

4 Praise him, all ye heavens : That they may be avenged and ye waters that are above the of them, as ić is written : Such heavens.

honour have all his faints. S Let them praise the Name of PSAL. 150. Laudate Dominum. the Lord : tor he ipake the word, PRAISE God in his holinefs: and they were made; he commandou, and they were created. of his power.

6 He hath made them fait for 2 Praise hin in his noble acts : ever and ever : he hath given praise him according to his ex. them a law which thall not be cellent greatness. broken.

3 Praise him in the sound of 7 Praise the Lord upon earth : the trumpet : praise him uponi ye d:agong and all deeps; the lute and harp.

8 Fire and hail, fnow and va. 4 Praise him in the cymbals pours : wind and storm, fulfilling and dances: praise him upon the his word,

ftrings and pipe. 9 Mountains and all hills: 5 Praise him upon the we}}. fruittal trees and all cedars; tuned cymbals : praise him upon

10 Bealts, and all cattle ; the loud cymbals. warms and feathered fowls ; 11 Kings of the earth, and all breath: Praise the Lord,

6 Let every thing that hath

O praise him in the firmament

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$ The Morning and Evening. Service to be used daily at Sea, Shell

be the same which is appointed in the Book of Common Prayer. 1 These two following Prayers are about us, we have forgot thee

to be also used in his Majesty's our God, and refused to hearken Navy every Day.

to the itil voice of thy word,

: alone {preadeft out the But now we fee how terrible heavens, and ruleft the raging thou art in all thy works of wen. of the fea; who haft compared der ; the great God to be feared the waters with bounds until ahove all: And therefore we day and night come to an end; adore thy divine Majefty, acBe pleased to receive into thy knowledging thy power, and Almighty and met gracious imploring thy goodness. 'Help, protection the persons of us thy Lord, and save us, for thy ner. fervants, and the Fleet in which cies' fake in Jesus Christ thy Son we serve. Preserve us from the our Lord. Amen. dangers of the sea, and from the

Or this. violence of the enemy, that we O

MOST glorious and gracia may be a safeguard unto our moft gracious Sovereign Lord King

in heaven, but beho'deft all GEORGE, and his kingdoms, things below; Look down, we and a security for such

as pals on beseech thee, and bear us, calling the seas upon their lawful oc- out of the depth of misery, and calions; that the inhabitants of out of the jaws of this death, our inand may in peace and which is ready now to swallow quietness serve thee our God : us up : Save, Lord, or else we and that we may return in safety perith. The living, the living to enjoy the blessings of the land, ihall praise thee.

O send thy with the fruits of our labours;

word of command to rebuke the and with a thankful rememraging, winds, and the roaring brance of thy mercies to praile lea; that we being delivered and glorify 'thy holy Name, from this diftress, may live to through Jesus Christ our Lord. serve thee, and to glorify thy Amen.

Name all the days of our life. The Colleå.

Hcar, Lord, and save us, for the

in of our doings, with thy moft viour, thy Son, our Lord Jesus gracious favour, and further us Christ. Amen. with thy continual help: that in The Prayer to be faid before a fight all our works begun, continued,

at sea against any enemy, rify thy holy Name, and finally

: O M. Lo and gloria

ous Lord God, the Lord of by thy mercy obtain everlafting hofts, that ruleft and commandest life, through Jesus Christ out all things; thou fitteft in the Lord. Amen.

throne judging right, and there. fore we inake our address to thy

Divine Majesty in this our neces. Prayers to be used in Storms at Sea. fity, that thou wouldett take the O

ous Lord God, at whose judge between us and our ene. co nmand the winds blow, and mies. Stir up thy frength, o lift up the waves of the sea, and Lord, and come and help us ; who ftilleft the rage thereof; for thon giveft notalway the bat. We thy creatures, but miserable tle to the strong, but can't tave finners, do in this our great di. by many or by few. Olet not our: Irels cry unto thee for help : fins now cry againft us for ven. Save, Lord, or else we periih. geance, but hear us thy poor We confels, when we have been servants begging mercy, and im. fafi, and fecn all things quiet pluring thy help, and that thou


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Tpower:: we

wouldeft be a defence unto us give us our trespasses, as we for against the face of the enemy. give them that trespass againft Make it appear that thou art our us; And lead us not into temp. Saviour and mighty Deliverer, ta ion, But deliver us from evil. through Jefus Chritt our Lord. For thine is the kingdom, and Amen.

the power, and the glory, for Short Prayers for single persons, ever and ever. Amen.

that cannot meet to join in Prayer T When there shall be imminent
with others, by reason of the Danger, as many as can be
Fight or Storm.

Spared from neceffary fervice
General Prayers.

in the ship, Mall be called to

gether, and make an humble L

Confefion of their fins to God : ners, and save us for thy

in which every one ought seri. mercies' sake.

oufly to reflect upon those parti. Thou art the great God, that haft made and rulett all things :

cular fins, of which his Consci.

ence shall accufe hin; Jaying as O deliver us for thy Name's fake. 'Thou art the great God to be


The Confeffion. feared above all: O fave us, that we may praise thee.

Lord Jesus Chrift, Maker Special Prayers with respect to the of all things, Judge of all inen; Enemy.

We acknowledge and bewail our O Lord, art juft and manitold fins and wickedness, againft the face of the enemy. most grievously bave committed,

O God, thou art a ftrong tower By thought, word, and deed, ef defence to all that fice unto against thy Divine Majetty, Prothec: O fave us from the vio- voking, mof juftly, thy wrath lence of the enemy.

and indignation against us. We O Lord of hufts, fight for us, do carnetuly repent, and are that we may glorify thee. heartily, sorry for these our mil

o suffer us not to sink under doings; The remembrance_of the weight of our fins, or the vio- them is grievous unto us; The lence of the enemy.

burden of them is intolerable. O Lord, arme, help us, and Have mercy upon us, have mer. deliver us for thy Name's take. cy upon us, muft merciful FaShert Prayers iniespect of a Stormther; For thy Son our Lord Jesus 1 1 may

HOU, O Lord, thatit liest the Christ's sake, forgive us all t.at us, and save us, that we perith not. ever hereafter serve and please

o bledled Saviour, that didit tice in newness of life, To the Fave thy disciples ready to perith boaour and glory of thy Name, in a srorin, hear us, and save us, Through Jesus Chriit our Lord. we btleech thee.

Amen. Lord, have mercy upon us. 9 Then Mall the Priest, if there be Christ, have mercy upon us. any in the ship, pronounce this Lord, have mercy upon us. A solution. O Lord, hear us. O Chirit, hear us.

A ly Father, who of his great God ihe Father, God the Son, mercy hath promised forgive God the Holy Ghoft, have mercy neís if fins to all them, which upon us, tave us now and ever- with hearty repentance and true more. Amen.

faith turn unto him ; Have O

heaven; Hallowed be thy deliver you from all your fins, Name:.. Thý kingdom cone; confirm and strengthen you in Thy will be done in carth, as all goodness, and bring you 10 it is in heaven : Give us this everlatting life, through Jesus day our daily bread ; Ard for Chrift our Lord, Anien.


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Thanksgiving after a florm. the danger; and give us hearts
Jubilate Deo. Pfal. 66.

always ready to express our

thankfulness, not only by words,
O be joyful in God, &c. but also by our lives, in being
Glory be to the Father. c. more obedient to thy holy com-
As it was in the beginning, &c. mandments. Continue, we be-
Confitemini Domino. Pfal. 107. feech thee, this thy goodness to
Ogive thanks unto the Lord, c. us; that we, whom thou haft

Glory be to the Father, &c. saved, may serve thee in holiness
As it was in the beginning, &c. and righteousness, all the days
Colle&s of Thanksgiving.

of our life, through Jesus Chrift MOST blessed and glorious An Hymn of Praise and ThanksO

our Lord and Saviour. Amen.
Lord God, who art of in.
thy peor creatures, whom thou O unto the Lord, vor he is
finite goodness and mercy; we giving after a dangerous Tempels.
ing our souls in life, and now gracious : an his mercy ene

dureth for ever.
rescuing us out of the jaws of
death, humbly present ourselves

Great is the Lord, and greatly again before thy Divine Ma.

to be praised ; let the redeemed jelty, to offer a sacrifice of praise hath delivered from the merciles

of the Lord fry fo : whom hc and thanksgiving, for that thou heardest us when we called in rage of the sea. our trouble, and didft not cast of compassion now to anger,

The Lord is gracious and full out our

prayer, which we made and of great mercy, before thee in our great distress;

He hath not dealt with us ac. even when we gave all for loft, cording to our fios : neither re: our ship;, our goods, our lives, warded us according to our ini, then didft thou mercifully look upon us, and wonderfully com

quities. mani a deliverance; for which the carth: fo great hath been his

But as the heaven is high above we now being in safety, do give mercy towards us. all praise and glory to thy holy

We found trouble and heaviName, througii Jesus Chriit our nels : we were even at death's: Lord, Amen.

door. 1. Or this:

The waters of the sea had well MOST mighty and gracious nigh covered us : the proud over all thy works, but in spe. our fou!. cial manner hath been extended The sea roared: and the stormy towards us, whom thou hast fo wind lifted up the waves thereof. powerfully and wonderfully de- We were carried up as it were fended. Thou haft Thewed us ter. to heaven, and then down again sible things, and wonders in the into the deep : our soul melted deep, that we might see how within us, becaute of trouble. powerful and gracious à God Then cried we unto thee, o thou art; liow able and ready to Lord : and thou didit deliver us help them that trust in thee. out of our dittress. Thou haft shewed us how both Bletfed be thy Name, who winds and seas obey thy com- didft not defpise the prayer of mand; that we may learn even thy fervants : but didft hear our from them hereafter to obey thy cry, and haft saved us. voice, and to do thy will." We 'Thou didit send forth thy com. therefore bless and glorify thy mandment: and the windy storm Name for this thy inercy in fav. ceased, and was turned into a ing us, wlien we were ready to calmn. perith. And we beteech thee, O let us therefore praise the inake us as truly senlible now of Lord 1or his goodness: and de: thy mercy, as we were then of clare the wonders that he liath


O good e

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L 3

done and still doeth for the chil. hends, and made as to Atand in dren of men!

the day of battle. Praised be the Lord daily : The Lord hach appeared for even the Lord that helpeth us, Us: the Lord hath overthrown and roureth his benefits upon us. our enemies, and dathcd in pieces

He is our God, even the God those that rose up against us. ef whom cometh salvation: God Theretore not into us, O Lord, is the Lord, by whom we have not unto us : but unto thy Name escaped death.

be given the glory. Tkou, Lord, haft made us The Lord hath done great glad through the operation of things for us : the Lord hath ihy hands : and we will triumph done great things for us, for in thy praise.

which we rejoice. Blefied be the Lord God: even Our help ftandeth in the Name the Lord God, who only docth of the Lord : who hath made wondrous things ;

heaven and earth. And blcffed be the Name of Bleted be the Name of the his Majefly for ever: andletevery Lord : from this time forth for one of us say, Amen, Amen. evermore.

Glory be to the Father, C. Glory be to the Father, &'c. As it was in the beginning, &c. At it was in the beginning, &c. 2 Cor. 13. 14.

1 After this Hymn may be sung the HE grace of our Lord Jesus

Te Deum.

I Then this Colleå. and the fellowship of the Holy Ghoft, be with us all evermore.

ALMIGHTY God, the soO

vereign Commander of all Amen.

the world, in whose hand is power

and might, which none is able After Victory or Deliverance from to withftand ; We blefs and mage an Enemy.

nity thy great and glorious Name

for this happy victory, the whole 9 A Pfalm or Hymn of Praise and glory whereof we do ascribe to

Thanksgiving after Victory. thee, who art the only giver of
F the Lord had not been on victory. And we beleech thee,

our fide, now may we say : give us grace to improve this if the Lord himselt had not been great mercy to thy glory, the on our fide, when men rose up advancement of thy Gospel, the againft us;

honour of our Sovereign, and, They had swallowed us up as much as in us lieth, to the quick : when they were so wrath good of all mankind. And we fully displeased at us.

befeech thee, give us such a sense Yea, the waters had drowned of this great mercy, as may us, and the ftream had gone over engage us to a true thankfulness, our fiul: the deep waters of the such as may appear in our lives proud had gone over our soul. by an humble, holy, and obe.

But praised be the Lord : who dient walking before thee all hath not given us over as a prey our days, through Jesus Chrift unto them.

our Lord; to whom with thee The Lord hath wrought : a and the Holy Spirit, as for all mighty salvation for us.

thy mercies, fo in particular for We gat not this by cur own this victory and deliverance, be sword, neither was iť our own allglory, and honour, world witharm jhar laved us : but thy right out end. Amen. hand, and thine arm, and the

2 Cor. 13. 14. light of my countenance, be- HE çrace of our Lord Jesus cause thou had it a tavour unto

and the tellowihip of the Holy The Lord hath appeared for Ghort, be with us all evermore. 38. the Lord liath covered our Amen.

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