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mandments, through the same faith unto them, Follow me, and Je'us Christ our Lord. Amen. I willipake you fichers of men.

The £pifile. Rom. 10.9. And they straight way left their F thou ihalc confess with thy nets, and followed hiin. "And gothalt believe in thine heart that two brethren, James the son of God hath railed him from the Zebedee, and John his brocher, dead, thou lhalt be saved. For in a thip with Zebedee their fawith the neart man believeth ther, mending their neis: and unto righteousness, and with he called them. And they imthe mouth confetion is made mediately left the ship and their unto salvation. For the scripture father, and followed him. faith, Whosoever believeth on him thail not be ashamed. For Saint Thomas the Apostle. there is no difference between

The Collect. the Jew and the Greek: for the LMIGH r Y and everliving fame Lord over alt is rich unto God, who for the more all thatcall upon him. For who confirmation of the faiih didft foever thall call upon the Name luffer thy holy Apostle Tro.nas of the Lord thall be saved. How to be doubtful in thy Son's re. then thall they call on him in furrecti in: Grant us to perfectly whom they have not believed! and without all doubi to beAnd how thall they believe in lieve in ihy Son Jesus Chrift, him of whom they have not that our faith in thy fight inay heard? And how thall thy hear never be reproved : Hear us, o without a preacher? And how Lord, through the same Jesus ihall they preach except they be Chritt, to whom with thee and fent! As it is writiea, How the Holy Ghoit, be all honour beautiful are the feet of them and glory, now, and for ever that preach the Gospel of pe:'ce, more Anen. and bring glad tidings of good The Epiftle. Ephef 2. 19. thing3! But they have not all

ow therefore ye are no obeyed the Gospel For Efaias


more itrangers and foreignfaith, Lord, who hath believed ers, bu: fellow cicizens with our reporc so then failh coin the saints, and of the houthold ch by hearing, and liearing by of God; and are built upon the the word of God. But I lay, foundation of the Apofdles and Have they not heard? Ycs, veri. Pro hets, Jesus Chrift himself ly; their found went into all the being the chiei corner stone; in earil, and their words un o the whom all the building fily ends ot the world. But I say, framed together, growerh unto Did not lfrael know?, Firit Mo- an holy temple in the Lord: in ses faith, I w!! provoke you to whom ye alto are builded coge. jealousy by thein that are nother for an habitation of God people, and by a foolih nation through the Spirit.

will anger you. But Efaias is The Gospel. S. Jolin 20. 24. very bold, and faith, I was found THOMAS, one of the twelve, of them that fought me not; I called Didymus, was not was made manifest unto them with them when Jesus came. that alked not atter me. But to the other diciples therefore Ifrael he faith, All day long I said unto him, We have leen the håve ftre ched forth ny hands Lord. But he tail unto them, unto a disobedient and gainsay. Except 1 thall f:e in his hands ing people.

the print of the nai's, and put The Gospel. S. Matth. 4. 18, my finger into the print of the

Galilee, saw two brethren, si- his fide, I will not believe. And monculled Peter,and Andrew his. afrer eight days, again his discibrother, cafting a net into the sea ples were within, and Thomas for they were filhers.) And he with them. Then came Jesus,



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the doors being thus, and ftood and aftonithed, faid, Lord, what in the midit, and said, Peace be wilt thou have me to do! And unto you. Then faith he to i ho- the Lord faid unto himn, Arise, mas, Reach hither thy finger, and go into the city, and it ihali and behold my hands; and reach be told thee what thou must do. hi:lier thy hand and thruit ic And the men which journeyed into my fide: and be not faith. with him ftood fpeechless, hear. less, but believing. And Thomas ing a voice, but seeing no man. answered and taid unto him. My And Saul arose from the earth; Lord, and my God. Jesus faith and when his eyes were opened, unto him, Thomas, because thou he faw no man: but they led baft seen me, thou haft believed: him by the hand, and brought blefled are they that have not him inío Damascus. Aid he was seen, and yet have believed. And three days without fight, and many other figns truly did Jesus neither did ear nor drink. And in the presence of his disciples, there was a certain disciple ac which are not written in this Damascus, named Ananias; and book. But there are, written, to him said the Lord in a vision, that ye might bclieve that Jesus Ananias. ' And he said, Behold, is the Chritt, the Son of God; I am here, Lord. And the Lord and that believing ye might faid unto him, Arife, and go have life through his Name. into the treet, which is called

Straight, and enquire in the The

house of Judas for one called O conversion of Saint Paul.

Saul of Tarsus : for, behold, he GOD, who through the prayeth, and hath sten in á vi.

preaching of the blested fion a man named Ananias, comApoitle Saint Paul, hast caureu ing in, and putting his hand on the light of the Gospel to thioe him, that he might receive his throughout the world; Grant, fight. Then Ananias answered. we beseech thee, that we hav- Lord, I have heard by many of ing his wonderful conversion in this man, how much evil he remembrance. may thew forth hath done to thy saints at Jeru. our thankfulness unto thee for salem ; and here he hath authe same, by following the ho- thority from the chief pr ells to ly doctrire which he taught, bind all that call on y Name. through Jesus Christ our Lord But the Lord said unto him, Go Amen.

thy way: tor he is a choicu For the Epifle. Acts 9. 1. veifel unto me, to bear my

ND Saul yet breathing out Name befure tle Gentiles, and againft the disciples of the Lord, rael. For I will thew him low went unto the high priett, and great things he muft suffer for defired of him le ters to Damaf my Name's fake. And Apanias cus to the synagogues, that if he went his way, and entered into found any of this way, whether the house ; and putting bis they were men or women, he hands on him, said, Brocher might bring them bound unto Saul, the Lord, (ev en Jesus, that Jerusalem. And as he journeyed, appeared unto thee in the way he came near Dainaicus: and as thou cameft,) bath fent me, suddenly there thined round that thou mightest receive thy about him a light from heaven, fight, and be filled with the Holy And he fell to the earth, and Ghoft. And immedi ately there heard a voice saying unto him, fell from his eyes as it had been Saul, Saul, why perfecutest thou scales :. and he received fight me! And he said, who art thou, furthwith, and profe, and was Lord ? And the Lord said, I am baptized. And when he had reJefus whom thou perfecutest: it ceived meat, he was ftrengthenis hard for thee to kick against ed.. Then was Saul certain days the pricks. And he trembling with the dilciples which were




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at Damascus. And straigheway whom ye delight in; behold, he preached Christ in the fyna he thall come, faith the Lord of gorues, that he is the son of God. hoits. But who may abide the But all that heard him were day of his coming and w.10 amazed, and said, Is not this he thall ftand when he appeareth that defroyed chem which call. for lie is like a refiner's fire, ed on this name in Jerusalein, and like fuller's foap. And he and came hither for that intent, thall hit as a refiner and purifier that he night bring them bourd of liver; and lie thall purify nato' the chief priefts? But Saul the tons of Levi, and purge increared the more in strength, them as gold and filver, that and confounded the Jews which they may offer unto the Lord dwelt at Dama'cus, proving that an offering in righteousness. this is very Clurit.

Then tha!l® the offerings of Ju

dahi and Jerusalem be pleasant The Gospel. S. Matth. 19. 27.

unto the Lord, as in the days unto Jesus, Behold, we have

And I will come near to you forfaken all and followed thee: What thall we have therefore! swift witness agairit the forcer

to judgement; and i will be a And Jesus said unto them Verily i fay unto you, I'hat ye and against talle twearers, and

ers, and a gainit the adulterers, regeneration, when the son of againte t'ofe that oppreis the man thall it in the throne of hireling in his war

es, the wi. his glory, ye also thall tit uron dow, and the fatherlets, and that twelve thrones, judging the right, and fear not me, faith the

turn atide che tranger froin his twelve tribes of Israel.

Lord of hosts. every one that hath forsaken

The Gospel. S. Luke'z, 22. bir hat er, or mother, or wife, A purification, according to or children, or lands, tor my the law of Mofes were accom. Name's fake, thall receive an hundredfold,' and thall inherit plithed, they brought him to se firft thall be iaft, and the latt thali Lord, (as it is written in the law

of the Lord, Every male that be first

openeth the womb shall be call

ed holy to the Lord) and to of The Projentetion of Christ in the ler a sacrifice according to that

Temple, commonly called, The which is said in the law of the Purification of Saint Mury the Lord, A pair of turtle doves, or Virgi?

two young pigeons. And, beThe Collect.

hold, there was a man iu Jeru. LMIGHTY and everliving and the came man was jutt and

falem, whole name was Simeon; A

God, we humbly beseech aliy Majcity, that as they only lation of Iliael; and the Holy

devout, waiting for the confu. bizotien sun was this day pre- Ghost was upon him. And it was tented in the temple, in subitance revealed unto him by the Holy of our fleth ; 10 we may be pre: Ghost, that he ihould not see lented un o thee with pure and death before he had seen the clean hearts, by the fame thy Lord's Chriit. And he came by Son Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen. the Spirit into the temple: and

For the Epi/lle. Mal. 3. 1, when the parents brought in the DEHOLD, I will fend my mel- child Jelus, to do for bim after

lenger, and he thall prepare the cuttom of the law, thiea cook the way before me: and the he him up in his arms, and Lord whom ye seek thall fud. blefred God, and said, Lord, now denly come to his temple, even lettest thou thy fervant depart the inefleager of the covenant, in peace, according to thy word:


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For mine eyes hath feen thy fal. the Holy Ghost by the mouth of
vation, which thou halt prepared David fpake before concerning
before the face of all people ; Judas, who was guide to them
a light ro lighren the Gentiles, that took Jefus for he was
and the glory of thy people if numbered with us, and liad ob-
rael. And Jofeph and his mother tained part of this ministry. Now
marvelled at those things which this man purchased a neid with
were spoken of him. And sime. the reward of iniquity; and fall..
on blessed them. and faid unto ing headlong, he burft afunder
Mary his mother, Behold, this in the midst, and all his bowels
child is fet for the fall and iifing guhed out, and it was known
again of many in Israel.; and for unto all the dwellers at Jerufa-
a sign which shall be fpken lem, inlomuch as that field, is
again it, (yea a sword shall pierce called in their proper tongue,
through thy own foul allo) that Aceldaina, that is so iay,'The field
the thoughes of many hearts of blood. For it is written in the
may be revealed,

And there book of psalms, Ler his habirawas one Anna a propheels, the tion be delolate, and le: no man daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe dwell therein: and his bishop of Aler; the was of a great age, rick let another take. Whereand had lived with an husband fore of these men which have seven years from her virginity; companied with us all the time and die was a widow of avout that the Lord je!us went in and fourscore and four years; which our among us, beginning from deparied 'not from the temple, the baytilm of John, unto that but ferved God with fastinge same day trat he was taken up and prayers night and day. And from us, inuit one be ordained the coming in that instant, gave to be a witness with us of his thanks likewise unto the Lord, resurrection And they appointand spake of him (o all them thai eu two, Joseph called 'Barsabas, looked for redemption in Jeru. who was turnamed Juftus, and falem. And when they had per. Marihias. And they prayed and formed all things according to laid, Theu, Lord, whichi knowthe law of the Lord, they re- eft the hearts of all men, thew turned into Calilee, to their own whellier or these two thou haft city Nazareth.

And the child chofen ; that he may take parc grew, and waxed frong in fpi- of this miniftry and apoftleihip, fit, filled with wisdom and the from which Judas by tranfgrefgrace of God was upon him.

fion fell, that he might go to his

own place. And they gave forth Saint Matthias's Day, their lots ; and the lot tell uçon The Collect.

Matthias; and he was numbered ALMIGHTY God, who into with the eleven asoftles. One lace of the traitor Judas The Gospel. 3. Matth. 11. 25. didft choose thy faithful fervant Matthias to be at the number of Animati time Jefus answered the twelve Apoftles; Grant that ther, Lord of heaven and earth, thy Church being alway pre becaule thou haft bid these ferved from fa!fe Apoftici, may things from the wife and prusbe ordered and guided by faith- denit, and haft revealed them tul and true paftors, through Je unto babes. Even fo, Fainer, for fus Christ our Lord. Amen. to it seemed good in thy fight.

For the Epistle. Aas 1. 1572 All things are delivered unto

N those days Peter ftood up me of my Father : and no man and fald, (the number of the neither knoweth any man the. raines together were about an Father, lave the Son, and be to hundred and twenty) Men and whomloever the Son will reveal brethren, this fcripture mutt him. Come come, alt ye that needs have been fullilled, which laboor, and are fieavy laden, and

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The Annunciation of Saint Mary.

Saint Mark's Day. I will give you rett. Take my in thy womb, and bring forth a yoke upon you, and learn of Son, and thalt call his name Je. me, for I ain meek and lowly SUS. He thall be great, and thall in heart and ye thall find relt be called the Son of the Higheft; unto your souls. For my yoke is and the Lord God thall give uneasy, and my burden is light. to him the throne of his father

David, and he thall reign over The Annuncintion of the bleffed the house of Jacob for ever; and Virgin Mary.

of his kingdom there thall be no The Collect.

end. Then said Mary unto the W befeech thee of Lord, angel w Handy thall this

be, feeing hearts, that as we have known gel answered and said unto her, the incarnation of thy Son Jesus The Holy Ghort thall come upon Chrift by the message of an thee, and the power of the Highangel; fo by his crops and patlion eft thall overshadow thee: there. we may be brought unto theglo fore also that holy thing which ry of his returrection, through thall be born of thee, Thall the same Jesus Chrift our Lord. called the Son of God. And, beAmen.

hold, thy cousin Elisabeth, the

ha h also conceived a son in her For the Epislle. Irai. 7. 10.

old age; and this is the fixth OREOVER, the Lord (pake month with her who was called Ask thee a fign (f the Lord thy Thall be impoflible. And Mary God;

alk is either in the depth, said, Behold the handmaid of or in the height above. But the Lord; be it unto me accord. Ahaz said, I will not ask, neither ing to thy word. And the angel will I rempt the Lord. And he faid: Hear ye now, o house of departed from her. David, Is it a small thing for

Saint Mark's Day. you to weary men, but will ye weary my God also ! Therefore

The Collect. the Lord Himself thall give you

a O instructed thy holy Ct.urch fign; behold, a virgin thall con. ceive, and bear a fon, and thall with the heavenly doctrine of call his name Immanuel. Butter thy Evangelift Saint Mark; Give and honey thall he eat, that he us grace, that being not like may know to refuse the evil, and children carried away with every choose the good.

blaft of vain doctrine, we may be

establithed in the truth of thy The Gospel. S. Luke 1. 26. A ND in the fixth month the holy Gospel, through Jesus Chrift

angel Gabriel was sent from our Lord. Amen. God unto a city of Galilte nam. The Epifle. Ephef. 4. 7. ed Nazareth, to ho pergiancéproud Une Per accordings is going Joseph, of the house of David; measure of the gift of Christ. and the Virgin's name was Ma. Wherefore he faith, when he ry. And the angel came in unto ascended up on high, he led capher, and said, Hail, thou that tivity captive, and gave gifts unart highly favoured, the Lord is to men. Now that he alcended, with thee; blefied art thou what is it but that he also de among women. And when the scended first into the lower parts saw him the was troubled at his of the earth! He that descended saying, and cast in her mind is the same also that ascended up what manner of falutation this far above all heavens, that he should be. And the angel said might fill all things.) And he unto her, Fear not, Mary; for gave some apoftles, and some thou hatt found favour with God. prophets, and some evangelifts, And, bchold, thou Ahalt conceive and some paltors and teachers,


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