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Saint Matthew the Apostle. Saint Michael and all Angels. fick folks, and them which were which believe not, le the light vexed with unclean spirits : and of the glorious gofuel of Chrift, they were healed every one. who is the image of God, ihould The Gospel. S. Luce 22. 24.

thine unto them. For we preach A

ND there was also a frife not our'elves, but Chrift' Jesus

among them, which of them the Lord; and ourselves your fhould be acounted the grea:- fervants für Jesus' sake. For God, eft. And he said

unto them, The who coinnandeth the light to kings of the Gentiles exercise thine out of darkness, hath thin. lord thip over them; and they ed in our hearts, to give the that exercise authority upon light of the knowledge of the them, are called benefactors. But glory of God, in the face of Je. ye thall not be to: but he that ius Chrift. is greateft among you, let him The Gopel. S. Matth. 9. 9. is chichi, o ne na doth ferve. A from the neces healaw a man For whether is greater, he that named Matthew fitting at the fitteth at meac, or he that ferv. receipt of custom, and he faith ethi is not he that fitteth at

unto him, follow me. And he meat ? but I ar amonyou as he arole, and followed him. And it that serveth. Ye are they which came to pass, as Jefus sat at meat have continued with me in my in the house, behold, inany pubtemptations. And I appoint un licans and finners came and fat to you a kingdom, as my Father down with him and his d sciples. hath appoin ed un'o me; that And when the Pharisees saw it, ye may eat and drink at my ta- they said unto his disciples, ble ir.' my kingdoin, and air on Why eateth your master with thrones judging the twelve publicans and sinners? But when tribes of Ifrael.

Jesus heard that, he said unto

ihem, They that be whole need Saint Matthew the Apostle. not a physician, but they that The Collect.

are fick. But go ye and learn 0

ALMIGHTY God, who by what that meaneth, I will have

thy bluffed Son did it call mercy and not sacrifice : for I am Matthew from the reccipt not come to call the righteous, cuitom, to be an Apofle and but finners to repentance. Evangeliit; Grant us grace to forfike all covetous defires, and Saint Michael and all Angels. inordinate love of riches, and to

The Collect. follow the same thy Son Jees on hea Brdained and


EVERLASTING God, who Chrift; who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, ed the services of Angels and One God, world without end. uren in a wonderful order; Mer. Amen.

cifully grani, that as thy holy The Epistle. 2 Cor. 4. 1. Anjels alway do thee service

HEREFORE fieing we have in heaven; to by thy appoint. received mercy, we faint not:

fend us on ear h, through Jefus bu have renounced the hidden Chrift our Lord. Amen. things of dishonesty, not walk- For the Epijlle. Rev. 12. 7.

1 the word of God deceitfully;

HERE was war in heaven:

Michael and his Angels bu: by manifeftation of the truth, fought against the dragont, and comniending ourselves to every the dragon fought and bis angels, man's conscience in the fight of and prevailed not; neither was God. But if our Gospel be hid, th ir place found any more in it is hid to them that are foft. lveaven. And the great dragon in whom the God of this world was cast out, that old serpent, hata blinded the minds of them called the Devil, and Saran, which

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deceiveth the whole world; he enter into life with one eye, 12was caft qu: into the earth, and ther than having two eyes to be his angels were cat out with caft into hell fire. Take heed hin. And I heard a loud voice that ye despite not one of these saying in heaven, Now is come li tle ones : 'for I say unto you, salvation and ftrength, and the Thar in heaven their angels do kingdoin of our God, and the always beho!d the face of my power of his Chrift; for the ac- father which is in heaven. culer of our bre hren is caft down, which accured them be Saint Luke the Evangelift. fure our God day and night. And

The Collect they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their tenimony; and they loved whore praife is in the Gospel,

edit Luke the phyfician, not their lives unto the dea: h. Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, an of the soul; May it please

to be an Evangelist, and Phyiiciand ye that dwell in them. Woe thee, that by the wholulome me to the inhaniters of the carth, Cicines of the doctrine deliver and of the fca! for the devil is ed iy him, all the diseafes of

conie down unto you, having our souls may be healed, througa 1 great wra h, becaure he knoweth triat he hath but a thort the merits of thy Sun Jesus Chrift

our Lord. Amen. The Gospel. S. Matth. 18. 1.

The Epifle. 2 Tim. 4. 5. A 1 the same time came the W Andure amidions, do the

in Who is the greatest in the king work of an Evangelitt, make full dom of heaven? And Jesus called proof of thy minittry. For I ain a litile child unto hiin, and set now ready to be offered, and him in the midst of them, and the time of my departure is at faid

, Verily I say unto you, hand. I have fought a good Except ye be conver.ed, and be fight, I have finithed my course, come as little children, ye thall I have kept the faith: henceforth

not enter into the kingdom of there is laid up for me a crown in heaven. Whotoever therefore of righ'eoules, which the Lord

hall humble himself as this little the righteous Judge thall give child, the fime is greatest in the me at that day and not to me kin:dom of heaven. Ard wliofo only, but unto all them allir that fnall receive une such little child love his appearing. Do thy di. in my Name, recciveth me. But ligence to corre fhor ly usto whofo thall offend one of these me: for Demas hath fóriaken little ones which believe in me, me, having loved this prefent it were better for him that a world, and is departed unto militone were hanged about his Thefalonica; Cre cens to Ganeck, and that he were drowned latia, Titus unto Dalmatia. Only in the depth of the sea. Woe unto Luke is with me. Take Mark, the world becaule of offences! and bring him with tlee : for for it must needs be that offences he is profitable to me for the come, but woe to that man by iniaifry. And Tychicus bave I whom the offence comethi. fent to Ephesus. Thecloke that Wherefore if ihy hand or thy I left at Troas wiin Carpus, foot offend chec, cut then off, when thou comeft, bring with and call them from thee: it is thee, and the books, but espebetter for thee to enter into life cially the parchments. Alexan. halt or maimed, rather than der the copperímith did me having two bands or two fect much evil :' the Lord reward 10. be cast inlo everlasting fire. himn according to his works. Of And if thine eye off ndothee, whom be thou ware allo; for pluck it out, and cast it trom he hath greatly withstood our thee; it is better for thee the words.


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The Gospel. s Luke 10. 1. men, turning the grace of cer

He Lord appointed other God into lasciviousness, and de. two and two before his face into our Lord Jesus Chrift. I will every city and place whither therefore put you in remcmhe himself would come. There- brance, though ye once knew fore said he unto them, The this, how that tie Lord having harveit truly is great, but the saved the people out of the land labourers are few: pray ye of Egypt, afterward destroyed therefore the Lord of the har. them that believed not. And the veft, that he would send forth angels which kept not their firft labourers into his barveft. Go ettate, but left their own habiyour ways; behold, i fend you tation, he hath reserved in everforth as lambs among wolves. latting chains under darkness, Carry neither purse, nor scrip, unto the judgement of the great por ihoes, and salute no mani day. Even as Sodom and Gomor. by the way. And into whatfo- rha, and the cities about them, ever house ye enter, first fay, in like manner giving themselves Peace be to this houłe. And if over to fornication, and going the Son of peace be there, your after ftrange flesh, are set for h peace thall reft upon it: if not, for an example, suffering the it shall turn to you again. And vengeance of eternal fire. Like. in the same house remain, cat.

wife also there fil hy dreamers ing and drinking such things as defile the feth, defuife dominion, they give: for the labourer is and if eak evil of dignities. worthy of his lire.

The Gospel. S. John 15. 17. T!

HESE things I command Saint Simon and Saint Sude,

you, That ye love one anApofles,

other. If the world hate you, ye

know that it hated me before it The Colleå.

hated you. If ye were of the builc thy Church upon the foundation of the Apoftles and the world, but I have chosen you

own: but becaule ye are not of Prophets, Jesus Clirist hin!elf out of the world, therefore the being the head corner ttone; world hateth you. Remember Grant us so to be joined toge the word that I said unto you, ther in unity of spirit by their The servant is not greater than doctrine, that we may be made his lord: if they have perfecuted an holy temple acceptable unto thee, through Jesus Chrift our

me, they will also persecute Lord. Amen..

you; if they have kept my

faying, they will keep your's The Epiftle. S. Jude 1. allo. But all these things will J

UDE, the servant of Jesus they do unto you for my Naine's

Chrift, and brother of James, fake, becau'e they know not to them that are fandified by him that fent me. 'If I had not God the Father, and preserved come and spoken unto them, in Jefus Christ, and called: Mercy they had not had tin; but now unto you and peace, ard love they have no cloke for their be multiplied. Beloved, when I tin.' He that hateth me, hateth gave all diligence to write unto my Father allo. If I had not you of the common salvation, it done among them the works was needful for me to write unto which none other man did, they you, and exhort you, that ye had not had fin; but now have ihould earneftly contend for the they both teen and hated both me faith which was once delivered and my Father. But this com. un.o the saints. For there are eth to pass, that the word might certain men crept in unawares, be fulfilled that is written in who were before of old ordained their law, They hated me withto this condemnation; ungodly out a cau.G. But when the


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Comforter is come, whom I will of the tribe of Zabulon were send unto you from the Father, sealed twelve thou!and. even the spirit of truth, which Of the tribe of Jofeph were proceedeth from the Father, he sealed twelve thousand. Thall teftify of me. And ye allo Of the tribe of Beniamin were shall bear witness, because ye sealed twelve thousand. have been with me from the After this I beheld, and, lo, a beginning.

great multitude, which no man

could number, of all nations, All Saints Day.

and kindreds, and people, and

tongues, ftood before the throne, The Colleå.

and before the Lamb clothed ALMIGHTY God, who haft with white robes, and palm, in one communion and fellowtrip, loud voice, saying, Salvation to in the myftical body of thy son our God, which fitteth upon the

Chrift our Lord; Grant us grace throne, and unto the Lamb. *fo to follow thy blessed Saints in And a'! the angels flood round

all virtuous and godly living, about the throne, and about the that we may come to those un. elders, and the four beasts; and speakable joys, which thou hast fell before the throne on their prepared for them that unfeign- !aces, and worshipped God, layally love thee, through Jesus ing, Amen: Blefling, and glory, Chrift our Lord. Amen.

and wildom, and thanksgiving,

and honour, and power, and For the Epiftle. Rev. 7. 2. might, be unto our God, for A

ND I saw another angel ever and ever. Amen.

ascending from the oatt, The Gospel S. Matth. 5. 1. lacing and checaried with aliyoua Jewens opinion tha moltintades; * voice to the four angels, to and when he was set, his disci.

whom it was given to hurt the ples came unto him. And he the earth and the sea, saying, Hurt opened his mouth, and taught 1. not the earth, neither the sea, them, saying, Blessed are the inor the ttees, till we have sealed poor in spirit: for their's is the

the servants of our God in their kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ut foreheads. And I heard the they that mourn: for they shall hier number of them which were be comforted. Blefled are the

sealedi: and there were sealed an meek: for they fhall inherit the hundred and forty and four thou- earth. Blessed are they which do sand, of all the tribes of the chil. hunger and thirft after righte. dren of Israel

ousnes: for they thall be filled. of the tribe of Juda were Blefled are the merciful: for sealed twelve thousand.

they thall obtain mercy. BleftOf the tribe ot Reuben were ed are the pure in heart : for sealed twelve thousand.

they shall see God. Blessed are Of the tribe of Gad were sealed the peace makers : fer they thall twelve thousand.

be called the children of God. Of the tribe of Afer were sealed Bleffed are they which are per mom twelve thousand.

fecuted for righteousness' fake : of the tribe of Nephthalim for their's is the kingdom of were fealed twelve thousand. heaven. Blefied are ye when

Of the tribe of Manaffes were, men thall revile you, and per. scaled twelve thousand.

fecute you, and shall lay all .O the tribe of Simeon were manner of evil against you falseScaled twelve thou'and.

!y for my fake. Rejoice, and of the tribe of Levi were feal. be exceeding glad ; for great is. ed twelve thousand.

your reward in heaven : for Of the tribe of ilachar were so persecuted they the prophets Sealed twelve thousand.

which were before you.


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Administration of the LORD'S SUPPER,

or HOLY COMMUNION. 159 many as intend to be partakers of the Holy Communion,

shall signify their names to the curate at least some time the day before. And if any of those be an open and notorious evil liver, or have a done any wrong to his neighbours by word or deed, so that the Congregation be thereby offended; the Curate having knorvledge thereof, shall call him and advertise him, that in any wise he presume not to come to the Lord's Table, until he hath openly deciared hımjelf to have truly repented and amended his former naughty life, that the Congregation may thereby be fatisfied, which before were offended; and that he hath recompen cd the parties to whom he hath done wrong, or at least declare himself to be in full purpose fo to do, as soon as he conveniently may. The same order shall the Curate use wirh those betwixt whom he perceiveth malice and hatred to reign ; not suffering them to be par. takers of the Lord's Table, until he know them to be reconciled. And if one of the Parties so ai variance be content to forgive from the bottom of his heart all that the other hath trespassed against him, and to make amends for that he himself hath oifended; and the other Party will not be persuaded to a godly unity, but remain still in his frowardness and malice, the Minister in that case ought to admit the penitent person to the Holy Communion, and not him ihat is obftinate. Provided that every Minister jo repelling any, as is specified in this, or the next precedent paragraph of this Rubrick, shall be obliged to give an account of the same to the Ordinary within for!rteen days after at the fartheft. And the Ordinary shall proceed against the

offending Person according to the Canon. 1 The Table at the Communion time having a fair white linen cloth upon it, Thall stand in the body of ihe church, or in the Chancel, where Morning and Evening Prayer are appointed to be said. And the

Prieji standing at the North side of the Table, mall say the Lord's Prayer, with the Collect following, the People kneeling. O

UR Faiher which art in q Then all the Priest, turning

heaven, Hallowed be thy to the People, rehearse distinctly Name; Thy kingdom come; all the Ten Commandments; Thy will be done in earth, as and the People, lill kneeling, it is in heaven: Give us this shall after every Commandment day our daily bread; And for. ask God mercy for their trans. give us our tresoalles, as we for. grefiun thereof for the time , give them that trespass against and grace to keep the same us; And lead us not into temp- for the time to come, as follow. tation, But deliver us from evil. eth, Amen.

The Colle&t.

OD (pake words, and 6 A

all hearts be open, all de- God: Thou shalt have none fires known, and from whon other gods but me. no secrets are hid; Cleanse the Penple. Lord. liave mercy upthoughts of our hearts by the on us, and incline our hearts to inspiration of thy Holy Spirie; keep this law. tiiat we may pertely love thee, Minister. Thou Thalt not make and worchily magnity thy holy to thyfelf any graven image, nor Name, through Chritt our Lord the likeness of any thing that is

in heaven above, or in the earth


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