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beneath, or in the water under Min. Thou shalt not bear falfe the earth: Thou thalt pot bow witness against thy neighbour. down to them, nor worthip People. Lord, have mercy up. them: for I the Lord thy God on us, and inciine our hearts io am a jealous God, and visit the keep this law. fins of the fathers upon the Minister. Thou thalt not covet children, unto the third and thy neighbour's houte, i hou shalt

fourth generation of them that not covet thy neighbour's wife, *

ha:e me, and thew mercy unto nor his servant, nor his maid, thousands in them that love me, nor his ox, nor his ass, ncr any. and keep my commandments. thing that is his

People. Lord, have mercy up- People. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline our hearts to on us, and write all these thy keep this law.

laws in our hearts, we beleeen Minister. Thou shalt not take thee. the Name of the Lord thy God in 1 Then shall follow one of thefe vain : for he Lord will not hold two Collects for the King, the him guiltless that taketh his Prieft standing as before, and Name in vain.

People. Lord, have mercy up-

Let us pray.
on us, and incline our hearsio
= keep this law.

dom is everlafting, and Minifler. Remember that thou power infinite; Have mercy keep holy the Sabbath day. Six upon the whole Church; and 1 days thalt thou labour, and do all rule the heart of thy chosen fcrthat thou haft to do; but the vant GEORGE, our King and feventh day is the Sabba hof he Governor, that he (knowing Lord thy God. In it thou thals whose minifter he is) may above do no manner of work, thou, and all things seek thy honour and thy son, and thy daughrer, thy glory; and that we and all his mänservant, and the maidser- subjects (duly confidering whose

vant, thy cattle and the stranger authority he hath) may faith: at that is within thy gates. For in fully terve, honour, and humbly

fix days the Lord made heaven obey him, in thee, and !or thee, and earn the fea, and all that according to thy blessed word in them is, and refled the leventh and ordinance, through Jesus day: wherefore the Lord blessed Christ our Lord; who with thee the seventh day, and hallowed it. and the Holy Ghot, liveth and

People. Lord, have mercy up. Teigneth, ever one God, world on us, and incline our hearts in witi.out end. Amen keep this law.

Or, Minister, Honour thy fa her and thy mother, that thy ways ALCOCHTY, and everlafling ray be long in the land which holy Word, that the hearts of the Lord thy God giveth thee. Kings are in thy rule and gover.

People. Lord, have mercy up. nance, and that thou doit dispose on us, and incline our hearts to and furn them, as it seemcth keep this law.

best to thy godly wisdom; We Min. Thou shalt do nomurder, humbly beseech thee, so to dilo

People, Lord, have mercy up- pose and govern the heart of on us, and incline our hearts to GEORGE thy Servant, our King keep this law.

and Governor that in all his Minister. Thou fhalt not com. though s, words, and works, he mit adultery,

may ever seek thy honour and People. Lord, have mercy up. Nory; and ftudy to preserve thy nn us, and incline our hears to people committed to his charge, į keep this law.

in wealth, peace, and godlinels: Minister. Thou shalt rot fteal. Grant this, o mercitul Father,

People. Lord, have mercy up for thy dear Son's fake, Jelus on us, and incline our hearts to Christ our Lord. Amen. keep this law.

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1 Then

I ,

I Then mall be said the Collect į Then the Curate shall declare

of the Day. And immediately unto the People what Holy-days, after the Collda, the Priest or Fyfting-days, are in the week Mall read the Epifle, saying, following to be obferved. And The Epiftle, (or, The portion then alfo (if occafon le) Mall noof Scripture appointed for the tice be given of the Communion ; Epiftle) is written in the --... and the Banns of Matrimony Chapter of ..-beginning at the published ; and Briefs, Citations,

Verse. And ihe Epifle end. and Excommunications read. ed, he shall say, Here endeth And nothing shall be proclaimed the Epistle. Then shall he read or published in the Church, durthe Gospel (the People all stand- ing the time of Divine Service, ing up) saying, The holy Gor- but by the Minister ; nor by pel is written in the .... Chap him any thing, but what is pre. ter of .... beginning at the ... scribed in the

rules of this Book, Verse. and the Gospel ended, or enjoined by the King, or by Shall be sung or said the Creed the ordinary of the place. following, the People fill fund. & Then shall follow the Sermon, or ing as before.

one of the Homilies already set

forth, or hereafter to be set forth Father Almighty, Maker of by Authority. heaven and carth, and of all I Then shali the Prieji return to things visible and invisible: the Lord's Table, and begin the

And in one Lord Jesus Chrift, Ofertory, saying one or more of the only begotten Son of God, these sentences following, as he Begotten of his Father before all thinketh most convenient in his worlds, God of God, Light of diferetion. Light, Very God of very God: L men, that hey may fee your fubitance with the Father, By good works, and glorify your whom all things were made: Father which is in heaven. S. Who for us men, and for our Matth. 5. 16. salvation, came down from hea. Lay not up for yourselves trea. ven, And was incarnate by the fures upon earth, where moth Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, and ruft doth corrupt, and And was made man, And was where thieves break through crucified also for us under Pon. and fteal: but lay up for your. tius Pilate: He suffered and was selves treasures in heaven; where buried, And the third day he rose neither moth nor rust doch cor. again according to the Scrip- rupt, and where thieves do not tures, And ascended into heaven, break through nor steal. . S. And fitreth on the right hand of Matth. 6. 19, 20. the Father: And he thall come Whatsoever ye wou'd that men again with. glory, to judge should do to you, even fo do ye both the quick and the dead; to them for this is the law and whose kingdom thall have no the prophets. S. Matth. 7. 12. end.

Not every one that faith unto And I beli:ve in the Holy Ghoft,' me, Lord, Lord, thall enter into The Lord and giver of life, Who the kingdom of heaven: but he proceedeth from the Father and that doeth the will of my Father the Son; Who wich the Father which is in heaven. S. Matth. and the Son together is wor. 7. 21. thipped and glorifid, Who fpake Zaccheus stood forth, and said by the Prophets. And I believe unto the Lord, Behold, Lord, one Catholick and Apoftolick the half of my goods I give to Church; I acknowledge one Bap. the poor; and if I have done any tism for the remiffion of fins; wrong to any man, I rettore him And I look for the resurrection fourfold. S. Luke 19. 8. of the dead, And the life of the Who goeth a warfare at any world to come. Amen.

time at his own cok? who plant.


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eth a vineyard, and eateth not Give alms of thy goods, and of the fruit thereof? Or who never turn thy face from any fcedeth a flock, and eateth not of poor man; and then the tace of the mitk et the flock ? 1 Cor. 9. 7. the Lord ihall not be turned

If we have fown unto you fpi- away from thee. Tob. 4. 7. ritual things, is it a great mat- Bé merciful after thy power : ter if we thall reap your worldly If thou haft much, give plene things! i Cor. 9. 11.

oudy; it thou hast little, do thy Do ye not know that they who diligence gladly to give of that minifter about holy things, live little: tor to gathered thou thyo of the facrifice! and they who felf a good reward in the day of wait at the altar, are partakers neceflity. Tob. 4, 8, 9. with the altar! Even fo hath the ble that hath pity upon the poor, Lord also ordained, that they who lendech unto the Lord: and ios, preach the Gospel, should live of what he layeth out, it thall be The Gospel. 1 Cor.9. 13: 14. paid him again. Prov. 19. 17.

He that sowerh li tle, thall seap Bleiled be the man that prolitle : and he that soweth plente- videth for the sick and needy: ously, thall reap plenteoudy. Let the Lord iball deliver himn in the every man do according as he is time of trouble. Pfal. 41.1. disposed in his heart, not krudg. ingly, or of neceli'y:1or God lov. 1 Whilft these sentences are in cth a cheerful giver. 2 lor. 9.6,7.

reading, the Deacons, ChurchLet him that is taught in the

vurdens, or other fit person apo Word, minifter unto him that

pointed for that purple, li all

receive the Alms for the poor, teacheth, in all good things. Be not deceived, God is not mock..

and other devotions of the Peoed: for whatsoevera man soweih,

ple, in a decent Bajon. 10 liz that thall he reap Gal. 6. 6, 7.

provided by the Parish for that while we have tiine, let us do purpo;e; and reverently bring · good unto all men; and especially

it to the Priell, who shall humbly unto them that are of the hour. present and place it upon the holy huld of faith. Gal. 6. jo.

Table, Godlinefs is great riches, if a 5 And when there is a Commitman be content with that he

nion, the Prieji fall then place - bath: for wt brought nothing in. upon the Table to much Brood j to the world, neither may we car.

and wine, as he mall think fitie ry any thing our. 1 I im. 6.6, 7.

cient. After which done, me Charge them who are rich in

Priest shalljay, this world, that they tre ready to give, and glad to distribute; lay. Let us pray for the whole ftare

of Christ's Church militant hore ing up in fiore for themselves a good foundation against the time

in earth. to come, that they may attain LMIGHTY and everliving

God is not unrighteous, that Apostle haft taught us to make he will forget your works and prayers and turplica ions, and

labour that proceedeth of love; to give thanks for all men; We e) which love ye bave thewed for humbly beseech thee, most mer. This Name's sake, woo have sri cifully[* to accept

Difered unio the faints, and yet our alms and obla. * If there be no do minifier, Heb. 6. 10.

tions, and to re

alins or oblet. Todogood and to difiribute, for ceive there

ons, tben foal! Our

the terrds to get not; for with fich facrifices prayers which we

accept ouralmus God is well pleased. Heb. 13. 16. ofier unto thy Di. and ohlations) Wholo ha h this world's gond, vine Majefty; be

be left oui un and feeth his brother nave need, secching thee to fald. and fhutterh up his compassion inspire continually the universal from him; how dwelleth the love Church with the Spirit of truih, of God in him! I s. john 3. 17. unity and concord : And grant


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that all they that do confess thy all such as fall be religioully holy Name, may agree in the and devou ly dispofed, the mott truth of thy holy Word, and live comfortable Sacrament of the fin unity and godly love. We be- Body and Blood of Chrift; to be feech thee also to fave and de. by them received in remem fend all Christian Kings, Princes, brance of his meritorious Cross and Covern : and especially and Pafion; whereby alore we thy servant GEORGE our Kingi obrain remiilion of our fins, and tsat under bim we may be are made partakers of the king: godly and quietly foverned: And dom of heaven. Wheretore it is grant unto his whole Council, our du'y to render mot humble and to all that are put in au- and heariy, thanks to Al ighty thority under him, thatthey may God our heaveny Father, for truly and indifferently minifter that he hath given his Son our puitice, to the puuishment of Saviour Jesus Chrift, not only to wickedness and vice and to the dic for 128, but also to be our fyi. inaintenance of thy true Religion rtual?cod and sustenance in that and Virtue. Give'frace, o hea- holy Sacrament. Which being to venly Father, to all Bithops and divine and comfortable a ibing Curates ; that they may both to them who receive it worthily, by their life and doctrine fet and lu dangerous to them that forth thy true and lively Word, will presume to receive it urand rightly and duly administer worthily; my duty is to exhort thy ho'y Sacraments. And to all you in the mean leason, to conthy people give thy heavenly fider the digni:y of that holy grace; and tspecially to this Mystery, and the great peril of Congregation here presenz; that the unworthy receiving thereof, with mcek heart, and due re- and so to search and examine verence, they may hear, and your own confciences, (and that receive thy holy Word : truly not lightly, and after the manner ferving thee in holiness and of diffen blers with God; but ro) Tightroufness all the days of that ye may come holy and their life. And we moft humbly clean to such a heavenly feaft, befcech thue of thy goudness, ó in the marriage garment requir: Lord to comfort and succoured by God in holy Scrin ure, all them, who in this transitory and be received as worthy parlite are in trouble, forrow, need, takers of that holy Table. fickness, or any other adversity. The way and means thereto And we alfo bless thy holy Name is ; First, to examine your lives for all thy servants departed and conversations by the rule tiis life in thy faith and fear; of God's commandments; and b.feeching thee to give us grace, whereinfoever ye thall perceive 1o to follow their good exam- your.elves to have offended, ples, that with them we may be either by will, word, or deed, pariakers of thy heavenly king- there to bewail your own finfuldon: Gran: this, O Father, ferness, and to contess yourselves Jefus Chrift's ake, our cniy Me- to Almighty God, with full pur; diator and Advocate. Amen. pore o amendment of life. And 91. en the Minister giveth to be such as are not only

if ye shall perceive your offences warning for the celebrarion of the koly Communion (which he against God, but also againit your jrall always do uprathe Sunday, cile yourselves unto them, bea or forne Holy day immediately ing ready to make refiitution Homily ended, ne Dittll read utrermont of your powers, for this Exhortation following.

all injuries and wrong done by rext, I purpose, through likewise ready to forgive others God's affittance, to adminifter to that have offended you, as ye

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would have forgiveness of your fully refuse to come. Which of offences at God s hand: for you in such a case would not be otherwise the receiving of the inoved? Who would not thinks Holy Co.nmunion dorh nothing a great injury and wrong done elle but increase your damnation. unto him. Wherefore, moft Therefore if any of you be a dearly beloved in Chriít, take blafphemer of God, an hinderer ye good heed, left ye withdrawor Aanderer of his Word, an ing yourselves froin this holy adulrerer, or be in malice or Supper, provoke God's indignaenvy, or in any other grievous tion against you. It is an easy crime; Repent ye of your fins, matter tor a man to say, i will or else come not to that holy not communicate, because I am Table; left after the taking of otherwise hindered with world. that holy Sacrament, the devil ly bufiness. But such excuses enter into you, as he entered into are not so easily accepted and Judas, and fill you full of all ini- allowed before God. If any man quiries, and bring you to deftruc say, I ain a grievous tinner, and tion both of body and soul. therefore am afraid to come:

And because it is requisite that Wherefore then do ye not repent no mar thould come to the holy and amend? When God calleth Communion, but with a full you, are ye not athamed to say, trust in God's mercy, and with ye will not come! When ye a quiet conscience : therefore if ihould return to God, will ye there be any of you who by this excuse yourselves, and say, ye means cannot quiet bis own are not ready? Confider earnettconicience herein, but requireth ly with yourselves, how little further comfort or counsel ; let' such feigned excuses will avail lim come to me, or to come before God. They that refused other discreet and learned Mi- the feaft in the Gospel, because Difter of God's word, and open they had bought a farm, or his grief; that by the miniitry would try their yokes of oxen, of God's holy Word he may re- or because they were married, ceive the benefit of Absolution, were not so excufed, but count: together with ghoftly counsel and ed unworthy of the heavenly advice, to the quieting of his feaft. I for my part Inall be reaconscience, and avoiding of all dy, and according to mine ofice, fcruple and doubtfulness.

I bid you in the Name of God; Or in cafe he shall see the People I call you in Chrift's behalf; í negligent to come to the holy como exhort you, as ye love your own munzon, iri tead of the former, he falvation, that ye will be par. Tall use this Exhortation." takers of this holy Communion. D

EARLY beloved brethren,on And as the son of God did vouch

... l incend by God's grace safe to yield up his soul by death to celebrate the Lord's Supper: upon the Crois for your salvation; unto which, in God's behalf, I so it is your duty to receive the bid you all that are here present, Communion in remeinbrance of and' beseech you for the Lord the sacrifice of his death, as he Jesus Chriit's fake, that ye will him?elf hath commanded. Which not refufe to come thereto, be- if ye ihall neglect to do, confider ing so lovingly callel and bidden with yourselves how great injuby God himself. Ye koow low ry ye do unto God, and how fore Frievous and unkind, a thing

punishment hanget i over your it is, when a man hath pre- heads for the fame; wisen ye pared a rich feaft, decked his wilfully abstain from the Lord's table with all kind of provifion, Table, and feparate from your so that there Jacketh nothing brethren, who come to feed on but the guetts to sit down, and the banquet of that moft heavenyet they who are called, with ly food. These things if ye ear. out any. Cause, most unthanks. rcftly consider, ye will by God's

& Tace

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