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grace return to a better mind: God, and exalt us to everlaft. fer the obtaining whereof we ing life. And to the end that we fhall not cease to make our hum. 1hould alway remember the ble petitions unto Almighty God exceeding great love of qur our heavenly Father,

Mafter, and only Saviour Jesus 1 At the time of the Celebration of the innumerable benefits which

Chrift, thus dying for us, and the Communion, the Communi, by his precious blood thedding cants being conveniently placed he hath

obtained to us, he hath for the receiving of the holy Se

instituted and ordained holy crament, the Prieš Mall say this Mysteries, as pledges of his love, Exhortation.

and for a continual remem.

ye that mind to come to the and endless comfort. Tohim holy Communion of the

Body therefore with the Father and and Blood of our Saviour Chritt, the Holy Ghoft, let us give, as must consider how Saint Paul ex. we are molt bounden, continu al horteth all perfons diligent!y to thanks; submitting ourselves try and examine themselves, be wholly to his holy will and pleafore they prefume to eat of that sure. and studying to serve him Bread, and drink of that Cup. For in true holiness and righteousness as the bencfit is great, if with a all the days of our life. Amen. true penitent heart and lively ( Then Mall the Priest say to faith we receive that holy Sacra.

them that come to receive the ment: (tor then we spiritually eat the flesh of Christ, and drink hig

holy Communion ; and Christ in us; we are one with

you of your fins, Christ, and Chrift with us :) ro is and are in love and charity with the danger great, if we receive your neighbours, and intend to the same unworthily. For then lead a new life, following the we are guilty of the Body and commandments of God, and Blood of Chrift our Saviour; we walking from henceforth in his eat and drink our own damna- holy ways, Draw near with tion, not confidering the Lord's faith, and take this holy Sacra. body; we kindle Šod's wrath ment to your comfort; and make againft us; we provoke him to your humble confeffion to Al. plague us with divers diseases mighty God, meekly kneeling and sundry kinds of death. Judge upon your knees. therefore yourselves, brethren; Then Aall this general Confef: that ye be not judged of the Lord;

fion he made, in the name of all repent ye truly for your fins patt; have a lively and ftedfast

those that are minded to receive faith in Chrift our Saviour;

the holy Communion, by one of amend your lives, and be in per

the Ministers, both he and wil te& charity with all men; so

The people kneeling humbly upon thall ye be meet partakers of

their knees, and saying ; those holy myfteries and above LMIGHTY God, Father of

our Lord Jesus Christ, Maker humble and hearty thanks to of all things, Judge of all men; God the Father, the son, and We acknowledge and bewail our the Holy Ghof, for the redemp. manifold fins and wickedness, tion of the world by the death which we from time to time and passion of our Saviour Chrift, moft grievously have commited, both God and tran; who did by thought, word, and deed, humble himselfeven to the death againft thy divine Majesty, Pro. upon the Crous, fur us miserable voking moft jutly thy wrath finners, who lay in darkness and and indignation against us. the thadow of death, that he do earnestly repent, And arc isht make us tlie children of heartily sorry for these our mir


give A


doings; The remembrance of Answ. It is meet and right then is grievous unto us, The fo to do. burden of them is intolerable. I Then shalt the Priest turn to the Have mercy upon us, have aer- Lord's Table, and say, etter For thy

sont our Lord Jefus I Qui bounden duygenat ne Chriit's lake, forgive us all chat is should at all times, and in all fait; And grant that we may places, give thanks unto thee, ever hereafter serve and pleale o Lord, * Holy Father, Al. thee in newness of lite, To the mighty, everlaiting God. honour and glory of thy Name, # Tbeje words (Holy Father) muf be Through Jesus Christ our Lord. otritted on Trinity Sunday. Amen.

Here fall follow the proper I Then shall the Priest (or the Preface, according to the time,

Bishop, being present) Aand up, if there be any specially ap. And turning himself to the peo- pointed : or elfe immediately hall ple, pronounce this Absolution :

folloτυ, А

, Ty Father, who of his great T Archangels, and with dii the mercy hath promised forgive. company of heaven, we laud and aels of fins to all them, which magnify thy glorious Name, with hearty repentance and truç evermore praifing thee, and say; faith turn unto him :

Have ing, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God mercy upon you, pardon and of hotts, heaven and carth are deliver you from all your fins, full of thy glory: Glory be to confrın and strengthen you in thee, O Lord mont High. Amen. all goodness, and bring you to Proper Prefaces. cverlatting, lite, through Jesus 1 Upon Christmas-day, and seven Coriit our Lord. Amen.

days after. Then

ECAUSE thou didit give Jesus our Saviour Chrift Paith un o all born as at this time for us; who that truly turn to him:

by the operation of the Holy OME unto me, all ye that tra; Gnoft, was made very man of the I will refreth you. S Matth. 11.28. mother, and that without spot

So God loved the world, that he or fin, to make us clean from a l gave his only begotten Son, to fin. 'Therefore with Angels, the end that all that believe in

1 Upon Eufter.dny, and seven him should not perith, but have

days after. cverlatting life. S. John 3. 16. UT chiety are we bound to Hear alco what Saint Paul faitb:

'This is a true saying, and Resurrection of thy Son Jesus worthy of all men to be re- Christ our Lord: for he is the ceived, That Christ Jesus came very Pafchal Lamb which was of into the world to save finners. tered for us, and hath taken away 1 Tim. 1.15.

the fin of the world; who by his Hear also what Saint John faith : death hath deftroyed death, and

If any man tin, we have an by his rising to life again hath Advocaic with the Father, Jesus reitored to us everlasting life. Christ the righteous, and he is Therefore, oc. the propitiation for our fios. 1 S. 1 Upon Afcenfion-day, and seven 10. After which the priest shall THB loved Son Jesus Christ

days after.

thy dearly , , Lift up your hearts.

our Lord, who after his moft Anfw. We lift them up unto glorious resurrection manifettiy the Lord.

appeared to all his Apoftles, and Priest. Let us give thanks unto in their fight afcended up into our Lord God.

heaven to prepare a place for

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as; that where he is thither we own righteousness, but in thy might also ascend, and reign manifold and great mercies. with him in glory. There. We are not worthy fo n uch as fore, Soc.

to gather up the crumbs under

thy Table. But thou art the 9 Vfwn Whitsunday, and fix days fame Lord, whose property is after.

always to have mercy, Grant HROUGH Jesus Chrift our

us therefore, gracious Lord, for moft

true promile, the Holy Son Jesus Chrift, and to drink Ghoft came down as at this his blood, that our fir.ful bodies tinze from heaven with a sud.

may be made clean by his body, den great sound, as it had been and our fouls washed through his a mighty wind, in the likeness most precious blood, and that we of fiery tongues, lighting upon may evermore dwell in him, and the Apoitles, to teach them he in us. Amen. and to lead them to all truth, giving them both the gift of I When the Priest, ftanding, bedivers languages, and also bold- fore the Table, hath fo ordered ne s with fervent zeal, conftantly the 'Bread and wine, that he to preach the Gospel unto all may with the more readiness pations, whereby we have been and decency break the Bread brought out of darknefs and before the People, and take the error. into the clear light and Cup into his hands; he shall true knowledge of thee, and of say the Prayer of Confecration, thy son Jesus Chrift. There as followeth. fore, 6c. Upon the Feast of Trinity only. A venly Father, whou of thing

HO art one God, one Lord; WR

tender mercy didit give thine not one only perfon, but only Son Jesus Chrift to suffer three persons in one fubftance. death upon the Cross for our For that which we belicve of the redemption, who made there glory of the Father, the fame (by his one oblation of him. we believe of the Son, and of self once offered) a full, yer. the Holy Ghoft, without

fect, and sufficient facrifice, ob

any difference or inequality. There lation, and satisfaction for the tore, 6C.

fins of the whole world ; and did

inftitute, and in his holy Gof. After each of which Prefaces pel command us to continue a Mall immediately be sung or perpetual memory of that his Said,

precious death, until his coming 'T S'HEREFORE with Angels and again. Hear us, O merciful Fa:

Archangels, and with all the ther, we moft humbly beseech company or heaven, we laud and thee, and grant that we receive magnity thy glorious Naine; ing these thy creatures of Bread evermore praiting thee, and say. and Wine, according to thy Son ing: Holy, holy, holy, Lord God our Saviour Jelus Chrift's holy of hotis, heaven and carth are inftitution, in remembrance of full of thy Glory: Glory be to his death and passion. may be la thet, O Lord mott High. Amen. partakers of his moft bleffed 1 Then Mall the Priest, kneeling fame night that he was betray.

body and blood: Who in the down at the Lord's Table,

faz in ed (a) took bread; the Name of all them that hall and when he had priek is to take

(a) Heteibe receive the communion, this given thanks, (b) the paten, inso Prayer following:

he brake it and bis bands :
E do not presume to come gave

to his

(b) and beri to this thy Table, o disciples, faying, bready

to break 1b nercisul Lord, trutting in our Take, cat, this is



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(c) And here my body (c) which I when all have communicated, so lay bis band is given for you:

the Minifier shall return to the Ortad.

do this in remein. Lord's Tale, and reverzubiy brance of me. Like. place upon it what remainetauf

wie after supper th: confecrated Elements, courr. (d) Here be (d) he took the

ing the same with a fair linen is to take the cup: and when he Cloth. Cup inra

bii had given thanks, bard:

9 Then mall tre Priest say the he gave

it to

Lord's Prayer, the Pe ple repeatthem, saying, Drink ye al of

ing after him every petition. to lay his hand may isload of the heaven, Hallowed bc thy

UR Father which art in upon every vej

new lise or Bagaj which is thed for Name; Thy kingdom conie; in wbieb there you, and tor many, They will be done in earii, as is any wine to for the remifwa it is in heaven : Give us inis be confecrated. of fins : Do this as day our daily bread; and foroft as ye shall drink is, in fe give them that tre'pass againft

give us our trespalies, as we tormembrance of me. Amen.

us; And lead us not into lempç Then shall the Minister firtation, Buc deliver us :rom evil:

receive the Communion iri boih For thine is the kingdom, and
kinds himself, and then pro- the power, and the glory, for
ceed to deliver the same to the ever and ever. Amen.
Bishops, Priests and Deacons
in like manner, lit any be pre. After sholl be said as followeth :
fentiand after that to the other we are heavenly Fa:
hands, all meekly kneeling. an's entirely detíre thy Father-
And when he delivereth the ly Ruodress, mercitully to ac-
Bread to any one, he shall say,

cept this our facrifice of praise.
CHE Body of our Lord je. and thanksgiving; molt humbly

fus Christ, which was giv. beleeching thee to grant that en for thee, preserve thy body by the merits and death of thy and foul urto everlasting liée.

Son Jesus Christ, and through Take and ea this in remem

faith in his blood, we and all brance that Chrift died for thec, thy whole church may obtain and feed on him in thy heart by reinition of our fins and all faith with thanksgiving.

other beneti s of his paffion.

And here we offer and prefent
And the Minister that deli.
vereth the Cup to any one, our souls and bodies, to be a rea.

unto thee, O Lord, ouifelves,
Jhall say,
HÉ Blood of our Lord Je; unto thee; huinbly befeeching

tonable. holy, ard lively sacrifice lus Chrift, which was thed for thee,

preserve thy body and thee, that all we who are partak Coul unto everlasting life. Drink may

be fulfilled with thy grace this in remembrance that Chritt's and heavenly benediction. And blood was thed for thee, and be

al:hough be unworthy, thankful.

through our manifold fins, to f If the confecrated Bread or offer unto thee any sacrifice; wine be all spent before all yet we beseech thee to accept have communicated, the Priet inis our bounden duty and le. is to consecrate more, accord vice; not weighing our mcrits, ing to the form before pre- but pardoning our offences, scribed : beginning at Our through Jeius Chritt our Lord; Saviour Christ in the same by wom and with whom, in night, &c.), for the Blefjing the unity of the Holy Groft, all of the Bread; and at (Like honour and glory be unto thee, wife after Supper, sc.] fer 0 Faiher Almighty, world withthe Blefing of the Cup.

out end. Amento


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1 Or this:

palleth all God, we most heartily keep your hearts and minds in thank thée, for that thou doft the knowledge and love of God, voucafafe to feed us, who have and of his son Jesus Chrift our duly received these holy My; Lord: And the blessing of God iteries, with the spiritual food Almighty, the Father, the Son, of the moft precious body and and the Holy Ghoft, be amongft blood of thy Son our Saviour you, and remain with you al. Jesus Chrift, and doft assure ways. Amen. us thereby of thy favour and goodnets towards us; and that I collects to be said after the Offer: we are very members incorpo- tory, when there is no CommuTate in the mystical body of thy nion, every such day one or hon, which is the blessed com,

more ; and the same may be said pany of all faithful people; ard als), as ofien as occañon shall are also heirs through hope of serve, after the Colle&s_ either thy everlatting kingdom, by the of Morning or Evening Prayer, merits of the molt precious Communiun, or Litany, by the death and passion of thy dear discretion of the Minister. feech thce, o heavenly Father. A in theie our fupplications

us fo to affist us with thy, grace and prayers, and dispose the that we may continue in that holy fellowship and do all such way of thy fervants' towards good works as thou haft prepar.

the at ainment of everlaiting eu for us to walk in, through falvation; that among all the Je'us Chrift our Lord, to whon changes and chances of this wi h thee and the Holy Ghoit, mfetaledite chey, may ever be be all honour and glory, world defended by thy moit gracious withon' edd, Amen.

and ready help, through Jesus

Chrift our Lord. Amen.
Then mall be said or sung,
Gand in earth peace, good will 0

everlasting God, vouchsafe
towards men. We praise thee, we beseech thee to dirc&, sanc-
we blefs thee, we worthip thee, tify, and govern both
we șlority thee, we give thanks hearts and bodies in the ways
to thee for thy great glory, o of thy laws, and in the works
Lord God, heavenly King, God of thy commandments, that
the Father Almighty.

through thy mott mighty pro- ! O Lord, the only begotten tection, both here and ever, we Son Jefu Chrift; O Lord God, may be preserved in body and Lamb of God, son of the Father, foul, through our Lord and Sathat takest away the fins of the viour Jesus Christ. Amen. world, have mercy upon us. Thuge tharta kelt away the fins Granitiewe beeech thee, of the world, have mercy upon words which we have heard this

Thou that takeft away the tints of the world, receive' our day with our oucward ears, may prayer. 'I hou that fictelt at the through thy grace be so gratted fiabe hand of God the Father, they may bring forth in us

inwardly in our hearts, that bave mercy upon us.

For thou only art holy, thou the fruit of good living, to the
oniy art the Lord, thou only, o honour and praise of thy Name,
Chri, with the Holy Ghott, art through Jesus Chrift our Lord!

I oft high in the glory of God
the Father. Amen.
Then the Priet (or Bishop, if

PR REVENT us, O Lord, in

all our doings with thy moft he be present) hall let them gracious favour, and further us depar with this Blefing : with thy continual help, that

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