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ousness; continually mortifying thop, to be Confirmed by bim, co all our evil and corrupt affecti- foon as he can say the Creed, the ons, and daily proceeding in all Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Comvirtue and godlinefs of living. mandments in the vulgar tongue, I Then shall be add, and say ; and be further infructed in the

TL are to take care that this Church Catechifin set forth for Yechild be brought to the Bid that purpose.

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dying before they commit acłual fin, are undoubtedly taved. * To take away all scruple concerniog the sign of the Cross " in Baptisin; the true explication thereof, and the jut reasons " for the retaining of it, may be seen in thic xxxth Canon, fire "publiibed in the Year MDCIV.

The MINISTRATION of PRIVATE BAPTISM of CHILDREN in Houses. 1 that they defer not the Bapiism of their children longer than the

of firt or second Sunday next after their Birth, or other Holy-day falling between, unless upon a great and reasonable cause, to be approved

of by the Curate. 1 And also they shall warn them, that without like great cause and

necessity they procure not iheir Children to be baptized at home in their houses. But when need all compel them so to do, then Baptism Shall be administered on this fashion:

First let the Minister of the Paris (or in his absence, any other law. ful Minister that can be procured) with them that are present, call upon God, and say the Lord's Prayer, and Lo, many of the Collects appointed to be said before in the form of Publick Baptism, as the time and prezent exigence will suffer. And then the child being named by some one that is present, the Minister

shall four water upon it, fay. ing these words: N.

I baptize thee, in the 1 And let them nnt doubt, but

Name of the Father, and that the Child so baptised is of the Son, and of the Holy lagufully and fufficiently bnp. Ghoft. Amen.

tized, and ought not to be bag. Then all kneeling down the lized again. Yet, nevertheless, Minijler shall give thanks unio if the Child, which is after this God, and say,

Just baptized, do afterward E

live, it is expedient that it mottinercifal Father, that be brought into the Church, it hath plearesince to regenerate to the intent that if the Mi. this infant with thy Holy Spirit; nister of the same Parish did to receive him for third own hinself baprize that Child, Child by adoption, and to incor. the Congregation may be cera porate him into thy holy Church. tified of the true form of Bap. And we humbly berech thce to tijm, by him privately before grant, that as he is now made used. In which cafe he fall fay partaker of the death of thy son, thus, tion ; and that finally, with the ing to the due and prescribed refidue of thy faints, he may in- Order of the Church, at such a Berit thine everlasting kingdom, time, and at such a place, be ore try the faine thy Son Jesus divers witreises I baptized this cur Lord. Amen. Child.

But if the Child Wete baptized and forbid them not: for of such by any other lawful miniser; is the kingdom of God. Veri then the Minifter of the Parish I say unto you, who'oever thall where the child was born or

not receive the kingdom of God chrijered, shall exañine and as a little child, ni thall not entry whether the Child be law- ter therein. And he took them fully baptized or no. In which up in his arms, put his bands caje; if those that bring any upon them, and blefled them. Child to the Church do answer After the Gospel is tead, the mithat the same Child is already nifter shall make this brief Exbupiized, then fhall the Minister hortation upon the words of the examine then further, saying, - Gospel. Blixdom was this Chid bap.. Bo the Director at our sau couco

Wio was present when this Christ, that he commanded the Child was baptized!

children to be brought unio Because some things essential him ; how he blamed those that to this Sacrameat may happea would have kept them from to be omitted through fear or him ; how he exhorted all men haje, in fuch times of extre- to follow their innocency. Ye mity; therefore I demand tur perceive how by his outward ther bf you,

gesture and deed he declared With what matter was this his good will toward them; for Child bap.ized

he embraced them in his arms, With what words was this he laid his hands upon them, Child Lapuized!

and blessed them. Doubt ye not And if the Minister, skall find by therefore, but earneitly believe the answers of such as bring the that he hath likewise favouraChild, that all things were done bly received this present Infant ; as they ought to be; then thall that he hath embraced him with not he chriften the Child again, the arms of his mercy; and (as out fall receive him as one of he bath promised in his holy the flock of true Chriftian people, Word) will give unto him the saying thats;

blefling of etereal life, and make

him partaker of his everlasting 1

CERTIFY you, that in this kingdom. Wherefore we being cording unto due order, concern- of our heavenly Father, declared ing the baptizing of this Child; by his Son Jesus Christ towards who being born in original sin, this Infant, let us faithfully

and and in the wrath of God, is now devoutly give thanks unto him: by the laver of regenera:ion in and fay the prayir wäich the Baptism, received into the num, Lord himself taught us: ber of the children of God, and

U & Father, which art in heirs of everlasting life: For our

heaven, Hallowed be thy Lord Jesus Chrift doth not deny Name: Thy kingdom come; his grace and mercy unto quch Thy will be done in earth, as Infants, but aloft lovingly doth it is in heaven: Give us this call them unto him, as the holy day our daily bread; And forGospel doth witness to our com give us our trespasses, as we for: fort on this wife :

give them thactrespafs against us; S. Mark 10, 13.

And lead us not into temptation, T

HEY brought young chil. But deliver us from cvil. Amen.

dren to Christ, that he Thould touch them;

thad his A God, heavenly Father, we disciples rebuked those that give thee humble thanks, that brought them. But when Jerus thou haft vouchsafed to call us faw it, he was much difplealed, to the knowledge of thy grace and said unto them, Suffer thé and faith in thee; Increase this little children to come unto me, knowledge,

and confirm this


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1 Then shall the Prief say, faoly Spirit to this Infant, that we congregation of Christ's

E receive this Child into the made an heir of everlasting fal. flock, and do

Here the vation, through our Lord Jesus * fign him with Christ, may continue thy servant, the lign of the Prien ball make and attain thy promise through Cross, in token child's forehead. the same our Lord Jesus Christ that hereafrer he thy, Son, who liveth and reigneth fhall not be athamed to confefs with thee and the Holy Spirit the faith of Chrift crucified, and now and for ever. Amen.

manfully to fight under his ban.

ner against fin, the world, and 1 Then shall the Priest demand the the devil; and to continue Chrift's

Name of the Child, which being faithful soldier and servant un to by the Godfathers and Godmo- his life's end. Amen. thers pronounced, the Minister 1 Then shall the Priest

say, Mall jay,

EEING , dearly beloved Dhis thind: "renounce

the Baptism regenerate, and graficd. devil and all luis works, the vain into the body of Chrift's Church, pomnp and glory of the world, let us give thanks unto Almighty with all covetous desires of the God for these benefits, and wish lame, and the carnal desires of one accord make our prayers unthe fleth; lo that thou wilt not to him, that he may lead the reft follow, nor be led by them? of his life according to tais be. Anfw. I renounce them all. ginning.

I Then shall the Priest say, Minister. DeFathou believe in God W bield thee mott hearty

the Father Almighty, Maker ther, that it ha'h pleased thee to of heaven and earth!

regenerate this Infant with thy And in Jesus Chrift his only hnly Spirit, to reccive him for begotten Son our Lord! And thine own Child by adoprinin, that he was conceived by the and to incorporate him into thy Holy Ghott, born of the Virgin holy Church. And humbly we Mary; that he suffered under beseech thee to grant that he bePontius Pilate, was crucified, ing dead unto tin, and living un. dead, and buried; that he went to righteousncés, and being buridown into hell, and also did rise ed with Chrift in his death, may again the third day; that he af: cruci'y the old man, and utterly cended into heaven, and fitteth at the right hand of 'God the Fa. abolith the whole body of fin, and

that as he is made partaker of ther Al.sigliy; and from thence the death of thy Son, he may shall come again at the end of also be partaker of his resurrecthe world, to judge the quick tion;

so that finally with the reli. and the dead? And doft thou believe in the be an inheritor of thine ever.

due of thy holy Church, he may Holy Ghoft; the holy Catholick lafting kingdom, through Jesus Church; the Communion of Christ our Lord. Amen. saints: the Remission of fins; the Resurrection of the Aeth; I Then all sanding up, the Mi. and everlasting life after death? nifter shall make this Exhorta. Ans. All this I ftedfaftly believe. tion to the Godfathers and God. Minifter.

mothers: Tilt thou then obediently F promised, by you hir sure.

Child Whe keep God's holy will and ties, to renounce the devil,

and commandments, and walk in the all his works, to believe in God, fame all the days of thy life!

and to serve him: ye mult re. Anfw, I will.

member that it is your parta

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and duties to see that this Infant rise again unto righteoufnek; be taught, so soon as he thall be continually mortifying all our able to learn what a folemn vow, evil and corrupt atíections, and promise, and profefsion he hath daily proceeding in all virtus here made by you. And that he and godliness of living, may know these things the bet. 9 But if they which bring the in. ter, ye thall call upon him to hear fant to the Church do make such Sermons, aod chic dy ye thall pro. uncertain answers to the Priest's vide, that he may learn the Creed, questions, as that it cannot ap. the Lord's Prayer, and the ten pear that the Child was baptiz. Commandments in the vulgar ed with water, in the Name of tongue, and all other things the Father, and of the Son, and of which Chriftian ought to the Holy Ghost, which are effen. know and believe to his soul's tial parts of Baptism;) then let health; and, that this Child may the Priest baptize it in the Form be virtuously brought up to lead before appointed for Publick a godly and a Christ an life; Baptism of infants, saving that remembering always, that Bap- at the dipping of the Child in tisna doch represent unto us our the Font, he shall uje this form of profession, which is to tollow words: the example of our Saviour l'eizes, ti baptize thee, in

F thou art . Chrift, and be made like unio him; that as he died, and rote the Name of the father, and of again for us; fo thould we, who the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. are baptized, die fro.n fin, and Amen.



The MINISTRATION of BAPTISM to such as are of riper Years,

and able to answer for themselves. I then any such Perfons as are of riper Years are to be baptized,

timely notice fiuall be given to the Bishop, or whom he shall appoine for thal purpose, a Week before at the least, by the Parents, of some other discreet Persons; that jo due care may be taken for their exa: mination, whether they be sufficiently injiručied in the principles of the Chriflian Religion ; and that they may be exhorted to prepare themselves with Prayers and Fafting for ihe receiving of this holy

Sacrament. 9 And if they shall be found fit, then the Godfathers and Godmothers

(the People being alje mbled upon the Sunday or Holy.day appointed) Mall be ready to present them at the Font, immediately after the Second Lelon, either at Morning or Evening Prayer; as the Curate in his

discretion shall think fit. 1 And Nanding, there, the Priest shall ak, whether any of the Persons

here presented be baptized, or no: 1j they shall answer, No: Then Shall the Priest say thus :

EARLY beloved, forasmuch water and of the Holy Ghoft: ! and born in fin, and that which the Father, through our Lord is born of the fleth is felh, and Jesus Chrift, that of his bounte. they that are in the fieth can- ous goodness he will grant to not plea'e God, but live in fin, these persons that which by na. commit:ing many actual tranr. ture they carnot have: that they greffions; and that our Saviour may be bapuized wishWater, and Chrif faith, None can enter into the Holy Ghoit, and received in. the kingdom of God, except he to Chrilt's holy Church, and be be segencrate and born anew of made lively members of the fame.

T Then

1 Then shall the Priest say, Hear the words of the Gospel, Let us pray:

written by Saint John in the (1 And here all the Congregation

third Chapter, beginning at the

firit Verse: Shall knee!.) AG, WOW and everlafing There was a means the cy didtt fave Noah and his family mus, a ruler of the Jews: The in the ark froin perithing, by fame camelo Jesus by night, and water, and al.o didit fately icad said unto him, Rabbi, we know the children of israel thy people that thou art a teacher come through the Red fea, nuring from God; for no man can do thereby thy holy Baptifin; and these miracles that thou doeit, by, the Baptirn of thy well. except God be with him. jelus beloved Son Jesus Chriá in the answered and said unto him, river Jordan, didit fanctify the Verily, verily, I say unto thee, element of water to the mystical Except a man be born again. he wathing away of lim; We beleech cannot see the kingdom of God. thee for thine infinite mercies, Nicodemus faich unto hion, How that thou wilt mercifully look can a man bo born when he is upon these thy servants : waih old! can he enter the second them, and landi.y them with time into his mother's womb, the Holy Ghoft; that they being and be born: Jesus answered, delivered from thy wrath, may Verily, verily, I say unto thee, be received into the ark of Except a man be born of water Chrift's Church; and being fted and of the Spirit, he cannot en faft in faith, joyful through ter into the kingdom of God. hope, and rooted in charity, may That which is burn of the feth, fo pass the waves of this trouble is fleth: and that which is born tome world, that finally they may of the Spirit, is {pirit. Marvel not come to th: land of everlafling that I said unto thee, Ye must be life, there to reign with thee, born again. The wind bioweth world without end, through Je where it lifteth, and thou heareft fus Chriit our Lord. Amen.

the found thereof; but cant LMIGHTY and immortal noc tell whence it cometh, and A fu the helper of all that fee to thee that is born o the Spirit. for succour, the lite of them that 1 After which he shall say this Exbelieve, and the resurrection of

hortation following : the dead; We call upon thee for there everyone that they coming to BELOVED ye hear in this Gofremission of their fins by spiri- a man be born of water and of

our Saviour Christ, that except tual regeneration. Receive them, O Lord, as thou haft promised the Spirit he cannot enter into by thy wellbeloved Son, laying,

the kingdom of God. Whereby Ask, and ye shall receive; leek; ye may perceive the great ne. and ye shall find; knock, and ceflity of this sacrament, where it thall be opened unto you: mediately before his afcenfion

Likewife im

it may be had. So give now unto us that alk; into heaven, (as we read in the let us that seek, tind; open the last Chapter of Saint Mark's gate unto us that knock that Gospel, he gave command to latting benediction of thy hea- all the world, and prezch tbe the eternal kingdom which thou that believeth, and is baptized, venly wathing, and may come to Gospel to every creature: He haft promised by Christ our Lord. Thall be saved, but he thar be.

lieveth not, thall be damned. Then fall the people stand up, which allo theweth unro us the and the Priest shallgay, great benefit we reap thereby.


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