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o let the nations rejoice and thcy may indeed fulfil the fame. be glad : for thou thalt judge the Look, O Lord, mercifully upon folk righteously, and govern the them from heaven, and bless nations upon earth.

them. And as thou didit fend Let the people praise thee, thy blessing upon Abraham and O God: let all the people praise Sarah, to their great comfort; fo thee.

vouchsafe to feod thy blessing Then all the earth bring upon these thy servants, that forth her increase : and God, they obeying thy will, and aleven our own God, thall give us way being in safety under thy his blessing:

protection, may abide in thy love God thall bless us: and all the unto their lives end, through ends of the world thall fear nim. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Glory be to the Father, 5°C.

1 This Prayer next following shall As it was in the beginning, 6c.

be omitted, where the Woman is The Psalm ended, and the Man past Child bearing and the Woman kn the Lord's Table, the prient monte O MERCEFUL Lord and heaing at the Table, and turning his cious gift mankind is increased; face towards them, mall say, We beleech thee aflift with thy Lord, have mercy upon us. blessing these two persons, that Answer. Christ have mercy they may both be fruitful in upon us.

procreation of children, and also Minister. Lord, have mercy live together so long in godly upon us.

love and honefty, that they may O

heaven, Hallowed be thy virtuously brought up, to thy Name; Thy kingdom come; praise and honour, through Jesus Ihy will be done in earth, as Chrift our Lord Amen. it is in heaven: Give us this day our daily bread; And for.

GOD, who by thy mighty O

power halt made all things give us our trespasses, as we for- of nothing, who allo (after other give them that trespass against things set in order) didit appoint we; And lead us not into remp. that out of man, created after tation, But deliver us from evil. thine own image and fimilitude, Ainen.

woman thould take her bugina Minister. O Lord, fave thy ning; and knitting them toge: fervant, and thy handmaid; ther, didit teach that it thould

Ain'wer. Who put their trust never be lawful to put asunder in thee.

those whom thou by Matrimony Minister. O Lord, send them hadft made one: O God, who help from thy boly place; haft confecrated the state of Ma.

Answer. And evermore defend trimony to fuch an excellent them.

myftery, that in it is fignified Minister. Be unto them a tower and represented the spiritual of ftrength,

marriage and unity betwixt Answer. From the face of Chrift and his Church; Look their enemy:

mercifully upon these thy ferMinister. 'o Lord, hear our vants, that both this man may prayer ;

love his wife, according to thy Animer. And let our cry come Word, as Christ did love his un:o thee.

spouse the Church, who gave Minister.

himself for it, lovin: and cheO

Isaac, God of Jacob, bless and also that this woman may these thy servan:s, and now the be loving and amab.e, faithful seed of e ernal life in their hearts, and obedient to her hutband; that wha:foever in thy holy and in all quietness, fooriety, Word they thall froditably learn, and peace, be a follower of holy

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and godly matrons. O Lord, Likewise the fame Saint Paul hlefs them bo:h, and grant them writing to the Colollians, speakto inherit thy everlalting king. eth thus to all men that arç dom, through Jesus Christ our married: Husbands, love your Lord. Amen.

wives, and be not bitter againft 9 Then shall the Priest say,


Hear also what Saint Peter the Godwho firit parents, Adam and Eve, and self a married man, faith unto did fanctify and join them toge bands, dwell with your wives

them that are married : Ye huf. ther in marriage : pour upon you according to knowledge, giv: the riches of his grace, sanctify ing honour unto the wife, as him both in body and soul, and unto the weaker vessel, and as live together in holy love unto of life, that your prayers be not

being heirs together of the grace your lives' end. Amen.

hindered. After which, if there be 110 Ser. Hitherto ve have heard the mon, declaring the duties of Man duty of the husband toward the and Wife, the Minister shall read wife. Now iikewise, ye wives, as followeth.

hear and learn your duties to. that intend to take the it is plainly set forth in holy holy ettate of Matrimony upon Scripture. you, hear what the holy fcrip. Saint Paul, in the aforenamed ture doth say as touching the Epiftle to the Ephefans, teachduty of husbands towards their eth you thus; Wives, fubmit wives, and wives towards their yourselves unto your own hur. husbands.

bands as unto the Lord. For Saint Paul in his Epifle to the the husband is the head of the F.phefians, the fifth Chapter, wife, even as Christ is the head doth give this commandment of the Church : and he is the to all married men: Hulbands, Saviour of the body. Therefore love your wives, even as Chritt as the Church is subject unto also loved the Church, and gave Chriit, so let the wives be to himself for i:, that he might their own husbands in every fanctify and cleanse it with the thing. And again he faith, Let wathing of water, by the Word; the wife fee that the reverencë that he might present it to him her husband. felf a glorious Church, not hav. And in his Epifle to the Coing tpot or wringle, or any such lollians, Saint Paul giveth you thing: but that it thould be holy this thort leilon; Wives, ubiic and without blemith. So ought yourselves unto your owo huf. men to love their wives as their bands, as it is fit in the Lord. Owo bodies : he that loveth his Saint Peter also doth infiruct wife, loveth himself. For no you very well, thus faying; Ye man ever yet ha ed his own wives, be in fubjection to your fleih, but nourisheh and che. own buibinds; that if any obey risheth it, even as the Lord the not the word, they also may Church: for we are members of without the word be won by his body, of his flesh, and of his the conversation of the wives; bones. For thiscaule thall a man while they behold your chaite leave bis father and mother, conversation couled with fear. and thall be joined unto his wife, Whole adorning, let it not be and they two thall he one fleih. that cucward adorning of plait. This is a great mystery; buc I ing the hair, and of wearing of speak concerning Christ and the gold. or of putting on of appa. Church. Nevertheless let every rel; but let it be the hidden one of you in particular fo love man of the heart, in that which His wife, even as himself, is not corruptible, even the or.


nament of a meek and quiet subjection unto thetr owr: hurfpirit, which is in the fight of banda; even as Sirah obeyed Gd of great price. For after this Abraham, calling him

Iord; manner in the old time the holy whose daughters ye aic as long women also, who trusted in Gud, as ye do well, and are not afraid adurned themselves, being in with any amazement. I It is convenient, that the new married Persons Mhould receive the

holy Communion at the time of their Marriage, or at the first opportunity after their Marriage.

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The Order for the VISITATION of the SICK. 1 When any Person is fick, notice Mall be given thereof to the Minisler

of the Parish; who coming into the fick Person's house, thail foy, P! EACE be to this house, and Answ. And let our cry come to all that dwell in it.

unto thee.
T when he cometh into the fick

Man's presence, he shall say, o heaven, benod. vitit, arie

kneeling down,

EMEMBER not, Lord, our relieve this tły sexyant : Look
R , the the
of our forefathers : Spare us, mercy, give him comfort and
good Lord, spare thy people, fure confidence in thee, defend
whom thou haft redeemed with him from the danger of the ens.
thy most precious blood, and be my, and keep him in perpetual
nor angry with us for ever, peace and safety, hrough Jesus
Anfw. Spare us good Lord. Chrift our Lord. Amen.
the then the Minister shall say, Himofte merciul God and

Let us pray
Lord, have mercy upon us. Saviour; extend thy accuftom-
Chrif, have mercy upon us. ed goodness to this hy fervant
Lord, have mercy upon us. who is grieved with sickness.

heaven, Hallowed be thy thy fatherly correction to him, Name; Thy kingdom come; Thy that the fense of his weakers will be done in carth, as it is may add trength to his faith, in heaven : Give us this day our and seriousness to his repent. daily bread; And forgive us our arce. That if ic thall be thy trespasses, as we forgive them good plea'ure to restore him to that trespass against us; And his former lealth, he may lead lead us not into temptation ; But the relidue of his life in thy fear, deliver us from evil. Amen. and to tly glory: or else give

Minister, O Lord, save thy ser- him grace to to rakety vilita. vant;

tion, that after this paintul lite Answer. Which putteth his ended, he may dwell with ihee truf in thee.

in life everlasting, throug!! Jelur Minifter. Send him help from Christ our Lord. Ameni. thy holy place;

1 Then shall the Minifler exhirt Answ. And evermore mightily the fick Perfon after this furna, defend him.

or other like. Minister. Let the enemy have Dthat Almigh

EARLY beloved, know this, no advantage of him ;

God is the Anfr. Nor the wicked ap- Lord of life and death, and of froach to hurt him.

all things to them per aining, Minister. Be unto him, O Lord, as youth, ftrengtli, health, age, a firong rower;

weaknels, and fickinets. Where Ant. From the face of his fore, whatsoever your ficknets enemy

is, know you certainly that it is Min. O Lord, hear our prayers; God's visitation. And for wiar.



cause foever this fickness iš lent please his gracious goodnefs to unto you, whether it be to try vifit us And there ihould be your patience for the example no greater comfort to Christian of others, and that your faith perions, than to be made like inay be found in the day of the unto Chrift, by suffering pati. Lord, laudabl?, glorious, and ently adversities, troubles, and honourable, to the increase of ficknesses. For he himselt went glory and endless felicity; or not up to joy, but first he suf. else be it fent unto you to cor- fered pain; he entered not into rect and amend in you, what his glory before he was creci. foever doth offend the eyes of fied. So truly our way to eteryour heavenly Father; know nal joy is to suffer here with you cer.ainly, that if you truly Christ; and our door to enter repent you of your fins, and into eternal life is gladly to die. bear your fickness patiently, with Christ; that we may rife trusting in God's mercy, for his again from death, and dwell dear son Jesus Chritt's fake, with him in everlasting life. and render unto him humble Now therefore taking your fickthanks :or his fatheriy vilita- ness, which is thus profitable tion, fubmitiing yourself wholly for you, patiently, I exhort you unto his will, it thall turn to in the Name of God, to remem. your profit, and help you for- ber the profeflion which you ward in the right way that lead- made unto God in your Bay. eth unto ever afting life.

tism. And forasmuch as after T!f the person visited be very fick, this life there is an account to be

then the Curate may end his Ex- given unto the righteous Judge, hortation in this place, or else by whom all must be judged procted.

witliout respect of persons, I reAKE therefore in good quire you to examine your'elf Lord: For (as Saint Paul saith God and man; so that accufing in the twelfth Chapter to the and condemning yourself tor Hebrews) whom the Lord lov. your own faults, you may find eth he chafteneth, and scourg- mercy at our heavenly Fainer's eh every son whom he receiv. band for Chrift's fake, and be eth. If ye erdure chattening, nor accused and condegined in God dealeth with you as with that fearful judgement. Therefons: for what lon is he whom fore ! thall rehearse to you the tie father chafeneth not? Bit Articles of our Faith, that you if ye be without cliaitisement, may know whether you do bewhereof all are partakers, then lieve as a Christian man thould, are ye baards, and not fons. Furthermore, we have had fa- 1 Here the Minister shall rehearse thers of our flesh, which cor- the Articles of the Faith, saying rected us, and we gave them

thus ; reverence: hall we not much sather be in subjection unto the the Father Almighty, Maker Father o* fpirits, and live! For of heaven and earth? they verily for a few days chal- And in Jeslis Chrift his only. tenéd us a ter their own plea- begotten Son our Lord! And Sure; but he for our profit, that he was conceived by the that we might be partakers of Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin his holiness. These words, good Mary; that he suffered under brother, are written in holy Pontius Pilate, was crucified, Scripture for our comfort and dead, and buried; that he went instruction, that we thould pa- down into hell, and also did rise tiently, and with thanksgiving again the third day; that he bear our heavenly Fa:her's cor- ascended into heaven, and liteeth rection, whenfoever by any on the right hand of God the Fa. manner of adversity iš thall ther Almighty; and from thence


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Or no.

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shall come again at the end of the Name of the Father, and of
the world, to judge the quick the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
and the dead?

And doft thou believe in the 1 And then the Priest Mall say
Holy Ghoft, the Holy Catholick the Collect following.
i the Communion of

Let us pray:
Refurrection of the flesh; and according to the multitude
everlafting Life after death? of thy mercies, doft so put away
1 The fick Perfon
fhall answer,

the lins of those who truly repent, All this I stedfaftly believe.

that thou remembereft them no 1 Then shall the Minister examine

more; Open thine eye of mercy whether he repent him truly of

upon this thy fervant, who most his fins, and be in charity with carneit!y desireth pardon and forall the world; exhorting him giveness. Renew in him, moft

loving Father, whatsoever hath to forgive from the bottom of been decayed by the fraud and his heart all perfons that have malice of the devil. or by his offended him; and if he hath

own carnal will and frailnefs; offended any other, to ask them forgiveness: and where he hath preserve and continue this fick done injury or wrong to any

member in the unity of the man, that he make amends to Church; confider his contrition, the utter most of his power and accept his tears, assware his pain, if he hath not before disposed

as thall!eem to thee moft exvediof his goods, let him then be ad. ent for him. And forasmuch as he monijhed to make his Will, and putter his full cruft only in thy to declare his debts, what he mercy, impute not unto him his oweth, and what is owing unto with thy blessed Spirit: and

former fins ; hu• ftrengthen hing him, for the better discharging when thou art pleared to take of his conscience, and the quiet him hence, take him unto thy. ness of his Executors. But men should often be put in remem.

favour, through the merits of orance to take order for the thy moft dearly beloved Son Jeseliling of their temporal estates fus

Chrift our Lord. Amen. whilf they are in health.

I Then shall the Minister say

this Psalm. 1 These words before rehearsed,

may be said before the Mini? Inte, Domine, speravi. PSAL. 71. Sende bergerican his Prayer, as he I NeitherulTeord, have put 1 The Minister should not omit put to confufion : but rid me,

earnestly to move such fick Per. and deliver me in thy righteousfons as are of ability, to be li ness;

incline thine ear unto me,

and save me beral to the poor:

Be (Here shall the fick person be move

thou my Arong hold, ed to muke a special Conflion thou haft promičed to help me,

whereunco I may alway refort : of his fins, if he feel his Consci- for thou art my house of deence troubled with any weighty matter. After which Confelion,

fence and my castle. the Priest shall ahsolve him (if of the hand of the ungodly :

Deliver me, omy God, out he humbty and heartily desire il) out of the hand of the unrighte. after this fort :

ous and cruel man. O ator de Jesus Chrift, who For thou, O Lord God. art the

hath left power to his thing that I long for : thou art Church to absolve all finners who my hespe, even from my youth. truly repent and believe in him, Through thee have' í been of his great mercy forgive thee holden up ever fince I was born : thine offences: and by bis au thou art he that took me out of thority committed to me, I ab- my mother's womb; my praise solve thice from all thy fins, in thall be always of thee.


I am

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