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20 Put them in fear, O Lord: poor committeth himself unto that the heathen may know thce : for thou art thc helper of themselves to be but men.

the friendless. PSAL. 10. Ut quid, Domine?

1 Break thou the power of

the ungodly and malicious: take W HY ftandeft thou so far off, away his ungodliness, and thou

O Lord : and hideft thy face falí find none. in the necd'ul time of tr. uile? 18 The Lord is king for ever

: The ungodly for his own luft and ever : and the heathen are doth perfecute the poor: let them perished out of the land. be taken in the crafty, wiliness 19 Lord, thou haft heard the that they have Imagined. defire of the poor : thou pre

3 For the ungodly hath made pareft their heart, and thine ear boast of his own heart's defire : hearkeneill thereio; and speaketh good of the covet.

20 To help the fatherica and ous whom God abhorreth. 4 The ungodly is to proud!, man or the earch be no morC.

pour unto their right : that the that he careth not for God: nei exalted again them. ther is God in all his thoughts.

PZAL. 11. 5 His way, are alway griev.

in Domino confido. ous ; thy judgements are far

N the Lord put i my trutt : above out of his figh", and there. fore detieth he all his enemies.

that the ihould flec as a bird 6 For he ha:h said in his into the hill? heart, Tuh, I shall never be

z For, le, the ungodly bend caft down : there thall no harm their bow, and make ready

their arrows within the quiver : happen unto me.

* His mouth is full of curfing, that they may privily thoot at deceic, and fraud : under his them which are true of heari. tongue is ungodlincís and vanity.

3 For the foundations will be 8 He titteth lurking in the

cait down : and what hath the thievith corners of the freets : righteous done? and privily in his lurking dens

4 The Lord is in his holy tem. doth he murder the innocent; ple: the Lord's seat is in heaven. his eyes are set againft the poor.

s His eyes contider the poor : 9 For he lierh waiting secretly, and his eyelids try the children even as a lion Jurkerl be in his of men. den: that he may ravith the

poot: righteous : but the ungodly, and

6 Tire Lord alloweth the when he getreth him

in o his net. him that delighteth in wicked. He talleth down and hum. nets, dath his fout abhor. bleth himself: that the congres råin Inares, fire and brimfone,

17 Upon the ungodly he thall gation of the poor maş fall into the hands of his captains.

florm and tempeft: this thall be 1: He bath said in his heart, their por ion to driuk. Tuih, God hath forgotten : he

3 For the righteous Lord bideh away his face, and he loveth righteoufujets : his counwill never see it.

tenance will behold the thing 13 Arise, O Lord God, and lift that is juit. up thine hand : forget not the

EVENING PRAYER, poor. 14 Wherefore thould the wick. PSAL. 12. Salvum me fu. : he ELPme, Lord, for there is

not one godly ma!: lefe : God careft not for it.

for the faithful are minithed 15 Surely thou hast een it : from among:hechildren of men. for thou beholdest ungodline! 2 They talk of vanity every and wrong

one win his 11-ighbour: they do 16 That thou mayest take but tlatter with their lips, and the mai.q into thy hand : the dillemble in their double heart,

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dath tay in his heari

, ruhi, ehoa H

3 The Lord thall root out all any that would underf and, and deceittul lips : and the tongue feck aher God. that (pcakeih jroud things; 4 But they are all gone out of

4 Which have faid, with cur the way, they are altogether be. terigue will we prevail : we are come abominable: there is none they that our ht to speak; WI.O that doeth good, 10, not one. is Lord over us?

5 Ticir throat is an open 5 Now for the corr fortless fepulchre ; with their tongues trouble's sake of the needy: and have they deceived: thc poisoa because of the deep fighnig of of arps is urider their lips. the poor

6 Their tr.outh is full of curra 6 i will up, faith the Lord : ing and bitterness : their feet and will help every one from are twift to thed blood. him that swelleth againtt him,

7 Dailruction and unhappi. ard will fet him at reft.

nefs is in their ways, and the 7 The words of the Lord are way of peace have they cot pure words : even as the filver, known : there is no fear of God which from the earth istried, and before their eyes. purified seven times in the tire. 8 Have they no knowledge,

8 Thou shalt keep them, O. that they are all such worken Lord : thou thalt preserve him of mischicf : eating up my peo. from this generation for ever. ple as it were bread, and call

9 The ungodly walk on every not upon the Lord? fide : when they are exalted, the 9 There were they brought children of men are put to re. in great fear, even were no buke.

fear was : for God is in the gePSAL. 13. Usque quo, Domine? neration of the righteous.

10 As for you, ye have made H

Ow long wilt thou forget

me, O Lord, for ever: how a mock at the counsel of the long wilt thou hide thy face poor.: . because he putteth his

truit in the Lord. from me?

I who thall give salvation 2 How long thall I reek counfel in my foul, and be lo vi xed unto Ifrael out of Sion! When in my heart : how long hall the Lord rurncth the captivity wine enemies triumph over met of his people: then thall Jacob

be 3 Consider and hear me, o rejoice, and Israel thali Lord my God : lighten mine glad. tyes that I sleep not in death. 4 Left nine enemy fay, I

MORNING PRAYER. have prevailed against him : for PSAL. 15. Domine, quis habitabit ? if I he cast down, they that - Trouble me will rejoice at it.

ORD, who thall dwell in

or who S But my truft is in thy mer hall rett upon thy holy hill? cy! and my heart is joyful in

2 Even he that leadeth an thy salvation. caure he hată dealt fo lovingly eth the truth from his heart. 6 I will fing of the Lord, be. uncorrupt life : and doe b the

thing which is right, and (peak. with me : yea, I will praise the Name of the Lord mot Higheft,

3 He thar hath ufed no deceit

in his torque, nor done evil to PSAL. 14: Dixit infipiens. his neighbour : and hath not THE foot bath faid in his fandered his neighbour. T heart: There is no God. 4 He that set eth not by him. 2 'They are corrupt and te. felt, but is lowly in his own come acomidable in their don eyes and maketh much of them inys : there is one that duesh that fear the Lord. good, no, not one.

's He that sweareth unto his 3 The Lord looked down neighbour, and disappointeth from heaven upon the children him not : though it were to his ne : to see if there were own hindrance,

Lotny tabernacle

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6 He that hath not given his 4 Because of men's works that money upon ufury : nor taken

are done againit the words of reward agaiathe innocent. thy tips : I have kept me froin

7 Whom doeth these things : the ways of the destroyer, shall never fall.

so hold thou up my going PSAL. 18. Conferva me, Domine, in thy paths : that my foolitcps

in Hip no thee have I put my truft. 6 I have called upon thee, o :Omy soul, thou hart faid unto God, for thou shalt hear me : the Lord : Thou art my God : incline thine ear to me, and my goods are noihing unto thee. hearken unto my words.

3 All my de ight is upon the 7 Shew thy inarvellous loving faints that are in the car h: and kindness, thou that are the saupon such as excel in virtue.

viour of them which put their 4 Buttheythat run after another truit in thee : from fuch as relift god : thall have great trouble.

thy right hand. 5 Their drink offerings of 8 Keep me as the apple of an blood will I not offer : neither eye : hide me under the ihadow make mention of their names of thy wings, within my lips.

9 From the ungodly that 6 The Lord himself is the trouble me: mine enemies conportion of mine inheritance, pass me rouod about to take and of my cup: thou shalt

away my soul. maintain my lot.

10 They are inclofid in their 7 The lot is fallen unto me own fat : and their mouth speak. in a fair ground : yea, I have a ch proud things. goodly heritage.

ni They lie waiting in our 8 I will thank the Lord for giv: way on every tide : turning their ing me warning: my reins allo eyes down to the ground, chaften me in the night season. 12 Like as a lion that is

I have fet God always be: greedy of his prey : and as it fore me : for he is on my right were 'a lion's whelp lurking in hand, therefore I thall not fall.

secret places. 10 Wherefore my heart was

13 Up, Lord, difappoint him, glad, and my glory rejoiced : and cant him down : deliver my my desh also ihall reit in hope.

roul from the ungodly, which is il For why! thou shalt not

a sword of thine; leave my soul in hell : neither

14 From the men of thy hand, thalt thou fuffer thy Holy One O Lord, from the men, 1 say, to see corruption.

and froin the evil world which 13 Thou thalt thew me the have their portion in this lite, path of life ; in thy presence is whufe bellies thou filleft with hy the fulness of joy and at rhy hid treasure, right hand there is pleasure for

15 They have children at their evermore.

defire i and leave the reft of their PSAL. 17. Exaudi, Dómine.

fubftance for their babes.

, Haider my complaint and thy presence in righ courners

; hearken unto my prayer, that and when I awake up after

thy goerh not out of feigned lips. likenets, I shall be fatisfied with

2 Let my fentence come forth it. from thy presence : and let thine eyes look upon the thing EVENING PRAYER. that is equal.

3 Thou hast proved, and visit. PSAL. 18. Diligam te, Domine. ed mine heart in the neightë I Herength; the Lord


WILL love thee, O Lord, my season; thou haft tried me, and thalt find no wickedness in me : ftony rock, and my defence : for I am utterly purposed that my Saviour, my God. and my my mouth thall not offend, might, in whom I will truit,


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my buckler, the horn also of my 18 They prevented me in the salvation, and my refuge. day of my trouble' : but the

2. I will call upon the Lord, Lord was my upholder. which is worthy to be praised : 19 He brought me forth also so thall I be safe from mine into a place of liberty : he enemics.

brought me forth, even becausc 3 The forrows of death com- he had a favour unto me. pailed me and the overlowings 20 The Lord thall reward me of ungodiiness made ine afraid, after my righteous dealing :

4 The pains of hell came according to the cleanness of my about me : the snares of death hands thall he recompense me; Qvertook me.

21 Because I have kept the s in my trouble I will call ways of the Lord : and have upon the Lord : and complain not forsaken my God, as the unto my God.

wicked doeth. 6 So thall he hear my voice out 22 For I have an eye unto all of his holy temple: and my com- his laws : and will not cast out plaint shall come b-fore him, his commandments from me.


23 I was also uncorrupt be. 7 The earth trembled and fore bim : and eschewed mine quaked : the very foundations own wickedness. allo of the hills Thook and were 24 Therefore shall the Lord removed, because he was wroth. reward me after my righteous

8. There went a smoke out dealing : and according unto in his presence : and a consum. the cleanness of my hands in ing fire out of his mouth, so his eyesight, that coals were kindled at it. 25 With the holy thou thalt

9. He bowed the heavens also, be holy : and with a perfect and came down : and it was man thou thalt be perfect. dark under his feet.

26 With the clean thou shall 10 He rode upon the cheru- be clean : and with the froward bims, and did fy: he came flying thou thalt learn frowardness. upon the wings of the wind. 27 For thou shalt save the

1. He made darkness his fe• people that are in adverfity : cret place : his pavilion round and alt bring down the high about him with dark water, looks of the proud. and thick clouds to cover him. 28. Thou also thalt light my

12 At the brightnefs of his candle : the Lord my God !hall prelence his clouds removed : make my darkness to be light. haillones and coals of fire.

29 For in thee I thall discom. 13 The Lord also thundered fit an hoft of men : and with out of heaven, and the Highest the help of my God I thall leap gave his thunder ; hailftones over the wall. and coals of fire

30 The way of God is an un14 He sent out his arrows, and defiled way : the word of the scattered them : he cut forth Lord also is tried in the fire ; lightnings, end destroyed them. he is the defender of all them

15 The Curings of warers were that put their trust in him. feen, and the foundations of the 31 For who is God, but the round word were discovered at Lord : or who hath aliy ftrength, thy chiding, O Lord : at the except our God? blating of the breath of thy dif- 32 It is God that girdeth me pleasure.

with ftrength of war : and mak16 He shall send down from on eth may way perfect. high to ferch me: and shall take 33 He maketh my feet like me out of many waters.

harts feet : and settcth me up 17 He thall deliver me from on high. my Atrongest enemy, and from 34 He teacheth mine hands them which late ma : for they to fight : and mine arms tha ll are too mighty for me.

break even a bow ofitee).

35 Thou

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35 Thou haft given me the 51 Great prosperity give h he defence of thy falvation : thy unto his Ring : and theweh right band also thall hold me lovingkindness® unto David his up, and thy loving correction Anointed, and unto his (ced for tball enake me great.

evermore. 36 Thou shalt make room enough under me for to go : MORNING PRAYER. that my footfteps shall not fide. PSAL. 19. Cæli enarrant. 37 I will follow

He heavens declare the gloenemies, and overtake them : ry of God : and the firma. neither will I turn again till I ment theweth his handywork. have deftroyed them.

2. One day telleth another : 38 I will smite them, that they and one night certifieth another. Thall not be able to fand : but 3 'There is neither speech nor fall under my teet.

language : but their voices are 39 Thou haft girded me with heard among them. ftrength unto the battle : thou 4 Their found is gone out thalt throw down mine enemies into all lands : and their words under me.

into the ends of the world. 40 Thou haft made mine ene. s In them hath he fet a tabermies alo to turn their backs up- nacle for the sun : which comon me: and i thall deltroy them eth forth as a bridegroom out that hate me.

of his chamber, and rejoiceth as 41 They thall cry, but there a giant to run his course. shall be none to help them: yea, 6 It goeth forth from the ut. even unto the Lord thall theý termoft part of the heaven, and cry, but he shall not hear them runneth about unto the end of

42 I will beat them as finall it again : and there is nothing as the duft before the wind :1 hid from the heat thereof. wi'l caft them out as the clay in 7 The law of the Lord is an the streets,

undefiled law, converting the 43 Thou shalt deliver me soul : the testiinony of the Lord from the frivings of the peo- is sure, and giveth'wisdom uoto ple : and thou thal: make are the finple. the head of the heathen.

8 The Itatutes of the Lord are 44 A people whom I have not right, and rejoice the heart : known : fhall serve me.

the commandment of the Lord 45 As soon as they hear of me, is pure, and giveth light unto they shall obey me : but the thie eyes. frange children thall diffemble 9 The fear of the Lord is with me.

clean, and endureth for ever : 46 The strange children shall the judgements of the Lord are fail : and be afraid out of their true, and righteous altogether. prisons.

10 More to be desired are 47 The Lord liveth, and blessed they than fold, yea, than much be my strong helper: and praised fine goid : sweeter allu rhan ho. be the God of my falvation; ney, and the honeycomb.

48 Even the God, that leeth 11 Moreover by them is thy that I be avenged : and fubdu. servanc caught : and in keeping eth the people unto me.

of them there is great reward. 49 It is he that delivereth me 12 Who can tell how oft he from my cruel enemies, cffendeth : ( clea

chou me fetteth me up above mine ad. from my secret faults! versaries : thou thalt rid me 13 Keep rhy fervant also from froin the wicked man.

pretuinp'uous fins, left they get 50 For this cause will I give the dominion over me : fo thall thanks to thee, O Lord, I be undetiled, and innocent among the Gentiles : and ting from the great offence. praites unto thy Name.

14 Let the words of my


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