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It Promite unto the Lord your 19 'The clouds poured out wa. God, and keepir, all ye that are ter, the air thundercd: and thine, round about him : bring pre arrows went abroad. Dans unto him that ought to be 18 The voice of thy thunder feared.

was heardround about: the light. 12 He thall refrain the foirit of wings thone upon the ground; princes: and is wonderful among the earth was moved, and thook Pie kings of the earth.

withal, PSAL, 77. Voce mea.

19 'Thy way is in the sea, and I my voice: even unto God will and et.y foorsteps are not known. I cry with my voice, and he thall 20 Thou leddest thy people hearken unto me,

like thecp: by the hand of Molcs, . In the time of my trouble and Aaron, 3 caught the Lord: my fore ran, and cealed not in the night sea:

EVENING PRAYER. ton, my loul refuted comfort, When I am in heavineis, I

PSAL. 78. Attendite, popule. wil ek dink upon God : when my H Ple: incline

your ears unto Peart is vexed I will complain.

4. Thou holdett mine eyes the words of iny rouch. waking : I am so feeble that I 2 I will open my mouth in a cannot (peak.

parable : I will declare hard fena $ I have considered the days of tences of old; old: and the years that are past. 3. Which we have heard and

or call to remembrance my known: and such as our fathers, song : and in the night I com- have told us; mune with mine own heart, and 4 'That we should not hide Search out my spirits.

them from the children of the 7 Will the Lord abfent him. generations to come : but to fuf for ever : and will he be no hew the lionour of the Lord, inore intreated

his mighty and wonderful works 8 Is his mercy clean gone for that he hath done. ever and is his promise come 5 He made a covenant with utterly to an end for evermore! Jacob, and gave Ifrael a law : y Hach Grd for otten to be which he commanded our fore.

cious and will be shut up his fathers to teach their children; lovingkindness in difpleasure! 6 That their pofterity might

1o And I said, It is minc own know it: and the children which inormity : but I will remember were yer unborn; the years of the right hand ofthe 7. To the intent that when incit Highert.

they came up: they might thew 11 I will remember the works their children the faine; of the Lord : and call to mind & That they might put their hy wonders of old time.

truft in God : and not to forget 1: I will think a'so of all thy te works of God, but to keep works: and my talking thall be his commandments; of hy doings.

9 And not to be as their fore. 13 Thy way, O God, is holy: fa'hers, a faithless and Nubborn who is so great a cod as our God? generation : a genera ion that

14 Thou art the God that doett ser not their lieart aright, and worders : and hast declared thy whose fpirit cleaveth not ftedpower among the people. taftly unto God;

15 Thou hast mighrily deli. 10 Like as the children of vered thy people : even tie fons Ephrai:n : who being harnelled of Jacob and Jofeph.

and carrying bows, turned them. 10 The waters raw thee, o Lilves back in the day of battle. God, the waters iaw thee, and 11 They kept noi toe cove. were afraid : the depths alio rant of God and would not e troubled.

wala in his law;

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12 But forgat what he had 29 He let it fall among their done : and the wonderful works tents : even round about their that he had thewed for them. habitation.

13 Marvellous things did he in 30 so they did eat, and were the fight of our forefathers in well filled for he gave thein! the land of Egypt: even in the their own defire: they were not field of Zoan.

disappointed of their luft. 14 He divided the 'ca, and let 31 But while the meat was then go through: he made the yet in their mouths, the heavy waters to ttand on an beap,

wrath of God came upon them, 15 In the day iimne also he led and new the wealthiest of them them with a cloud: and all the yea, and imore down the chosen night through with a light of inen that were in Ifrael. fire.

32 But for all this they finned 16 He clave the hard rocks in yet more : and believed not his the wilderness : and gave them wondrous works. drink thereof, as it had been out 33 Therefore their days did he of the great depth.

consume in vanity : and their 17 He brought waters out of years in trouble. the Atony rock: ro that it guihed. 34 When he flew them, they cu like the rivers.

fought him : and turned thera 18 Yet for all this they fin. carly, and enquired after God. ned more againft him: and pro. voked the most Highest in the God was their Hrength : a4d

And they remembered that w.lderness.

that the high God was their Re19 They.tempted God in their deemer. hear's : and required meat for 36 Nevertheless they did but their luft.

ftatoer hiin with thoir inou h : 20 They (pake againft God al- and diffembled with him in their fo, fuying: Shall God prepare a tongue. table in the wilderness?

37 For the'r heart was not 21 He smotc the tony rock whole with him neither con. indeed, that the waters guihed tinued they stedfast in his coveout and the treans ftowed nant. wichal': but can be give bread 39 But he was fo merciful also, or provide files for his, that he forgave their misdeeds : people!

and deftroyed them not. 2. When the Lord heard this,, ., 39. Yea, many a time turned he was wroth : fo the fire was he his wrath away : and would kindled in jacob, and there came not fuffer his whole displeasure up heavy displeafure againt if to arise. rael;

40 Fur he considered that they 23 Because they believed not were bu flesh : and that they in God : and put noc their truft were even a wind that paffeth in his help.

away, and cometh not again. 24. So he commanded the 41 Many a time did they clouds above : and opened the provoke him in the wilderdoors of heaven.

nefs : and grieved him in the 25 He rained down manna alfo defort. upon them fır to eat : and gave 42 They turned back, and them food from heaven.

tempted God : and moved the 26 So mendid eat angels' food: Holy One in Ifrael. for he fent them meat enough. 43 They thought not of his

27 He caused the east wind to hand : and of the day when he hlow under heaven : and through delivered them from the hand of his power he brought in the the enemy; southwett wind.

44 How he had wrought hia 23 He rayed fleh upon the'n miracles in Egyot : and his won., as think as dut: and feathered dera in the field of Zoin. fowl like as the fand of the sea. 45 tie rurned their warers into


blood : ro that they might not

62 He delivered their power drink of the rivers.

into cap.ivity: and their beau! y 46 He fent lice among them, into the enemies' hand. and devoured, them up : and 63 He gave his people over allo frogs to destroy them.

unto the sword : and was wroth 47 He gave their fruit unto with his inheritance, the caterpiller : and their labour 64 The fire consumed their unto the grashopper.

young men : and their maiders 48 He defroyed their vines were not kiven to marriage. wi h hailftones : and their mul. 65 Their priests were sain berry trees with the frott.

with the sword: and there were 49 He smcte their cattle also no widows to make lamentawith hailftones : and their flocks tion. with hot thunderbolts.

66 So the Lord awaked as one so He catt upon them the fu. out of fleep: and like a giant reriousness of his wrath, anger, dif- frethed with wine; pleasure, and trouble : and sent 67 He smo,e his enemies in evil angels among them. the hinder par.si and put them

$1 He made a way to his in- to a perpe ual thame. dignation, and fpared not their 68 He refused the tabernacle of foul from death: but gave their Joseph : and chose not the tribe life over to the peftilence; of Ephraim;

52 And imote all the firftborn Oy But chose the tribe of Ju. in Egypt: the most principal and dah : even the hill of Sion which mightiest in the dwellings of he loved. Ham,

70. And there he built his 53 Bụt as for his own people, temple on high : and laid the he led them forth like theep i foundation of it like the ground and carried thear in the wilder which he hath made continually. nefs like a flock.

71 He chore David also his ser 54 He brought them out safely, vant: and took him away from that they thould not fear : and the sheeptolds, overwhelmed their enemies with 72 As he was following the the sea.

ewes great with young ones, he 55 And brought them within took him : that he might feed the borders of his fanctuary :, Jacob his people, and Ifrael his even to his mountain which he inheri ance. purchased with his right band. 73 So he fed them with a

56 He całt out the heathen faithful and true heart : and rulallo befor: them : caused their ed them prudentiy with all his land to be divided among them power. for an berita re, and made the tribes of ifrael to dwell in their


57. So they tempted and dif- PSAL. 79. Deuts, venerunt. pleased the most High God; and kept not his teftimonies;

into thine inheri.ance: thy 58 But turned their backs, and holy temple have they defiled, fell a way like their forefathers :, and made Jerusalem an heap of tarting alide like a broken bow. ftones,

:59. For they grieyed him * The dead bodies of thy fer. with their hill altars : and pro- vants have they given to be voked him to displeasure with meat unto the fowls of the air: their images

and the feth of thy saints unto 100 When God beard this, he the beasts of the land, was wroth : and took fuse dir- 3 Their blond have they shed pleasure at Israeli

like water on every side of Jeru61 Su that he forlook the ta falem: and there was no man to hernacle in Silo: even the tent bury them. that he had pitched among men. 4'We are become an open


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Thame to our enemies : a very 5 Thou feedeft them with the fcorn and derition unto thein bread of tears: and giveft them that are round about us.

plenteousness of lears to drink. 5 Lord, how long wilt thou 6 Thou baft made us a very be angry : thall thy jealousy ftrife unto our neighbours : and burn like fire for ever, our enemies laugh us to fcorn. 6 Pour out thine indignation

7. Turn us again, thou God of upon the heathen that have not hofts: thew the light ot thy counknows thee : and upon the tenance, and we thall be whole. kingdoms that have not called · 8 Thou bait brought a vine upon thy Name.

out of Egypt: thou hast catt out 7 For 'they have devoured Ja• the heathen, and planted it; cob : and laid watte his dwelling 9 Thou madeft room for it: place.

and when it had taken rout, it 8 o remember not our old filled the land. fins, but have mercy upon us, 10 The bills were covered and that soon : for we are come with the thadow of it: and the to great mistry.

boughs thereof were like the Help us, o God of our sale goodly cedar Trees vation, for the glory of thy 11. She stretched out her Name : 0 deliver us, and be branches unto the sea : and her merciful unto our fins for thy boughs unto the river. Name's fake.

12 Why haft tbou then froken 10 Wherefore do the heathen down her hedge : that all they fay : Where is now their God? that go by pluck off her grape. ?

11 O let the vengeance of thy 13 The wild boar out of the furvants' blood that is thed : bc wood doth root it up and the

enly thewed upon the heathen wild beafts of the field devour it. in our fight,

14 Turn thee again, thou God 22 O let the forrowful fighing of hofts, look down from heaof the prisoners come before ven : behold, and visit this vine; thee : according to the grearners 15 And the place of the vine. of thy power, preturve thou yard that thiy right hand hath those that are appointed to die. planted : and the branch that

13 And for the blasphemy thou madeft fo ftrong for thyself. wherewith our neighbours have 16 It is burnt with fire and cut blafphemed thee : reward thou down : and they thall perith at them, O Lord, sevenfold into the rebuke of thy countenance. their bosom.

17 Let thy hand be upon the 14 So we that are thy people, man of thý right hand : and and thecp of thy patture, thall upon the son of man whom thou give thee thanks for ever: and madeft fo itrong for thine own• will alway be Thewing forth'thy felt, prai'e from generation to gene. 18 And fo will not we go back ration.

from thee : 0 let us live, and PSA L. 80. Qui regis Ifrael. we shall call upon thy Name:

EAR, O thou thepherd of 19 Turn us again, O Lord

Ifrael, thou that leadeit God of hofts: thew the light f Joseph like a theep : thew thy thy countenance, and we thall felf also, thou that fittest upon be whole. the cherubims. 2 Before Ephraim, Benjamin,

PSAL. 81. Exultate Deo. and Manaffes ftrength, and come, and help us strength : make a cheer;ul

3 Tunl us again, o God : thew noise unto the God of Jacob. the light of thy, countenance, 2 Take the psalm, bring hiiher and we thall be whole.

the tabret: the merry harp with 4 0 Lord God of hofts: how the lure. long wilt thou be angry with 3 Blow up the trumpet in the thy people that prayeth:

new mooneven in the tine

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will alture thee, o Ifrael: if thou H Gud, keep not ftill silence :

appointed, and upon our folemn need ard neceflity bave right. fear day.

4 Deliver the outcalt and 4 For this was made a ftatuto poor : fave them from the hand for Ifrael: and a law of the God of the ungodly. of Jacob.

5 They will not be learned, nor Ś This he ordained in Joseph understand, but walk on-Hill in for a testimony : when he came darkness : all the foundations of out of the land of Egypt, and the earth are out of courfc. had heard a strange language. 6 ! have said, Ye are gods: and

6 I eafed his thoulder from the ye are all the children of the burden: and his hands were de. moft Highest. livered from making the pots.

9 But ye thall die like men : 7 Thou calledft upon me in and fall like one of the princes. troubles, and I delivered tliee": 8 Arife, O God, and judge and heard thee what time as thou the earth : for thou thalt the ftorm fell upon thee.

take all heathen to thine inhé. 81 proved thee : alfo at the ritance. waters of ftrife, 9. Hear, O my people, and I

PSAL. 83. Deus quis fimilis ?

tongueo wilt hearken unto me,

10 There thall no strange god refrain niit thyfels, o God. be in thee: neither thalt thou 2 For lo, thine enemies make a worthip any other god.

inurmuring: and they that hate 1 I am the Lord thy God, Thee have lift up their head. who brought thee out of the 3 They have imagined craft/ly land of Egypt: open thy mouth against thy people : and taken wide, and I thall fill it.

counsel against thy secret ones. 12 But my people would not 4 'They have said, Come, and hear my voice: and Ifrael would "Ter us root them out, that they not obey not.

be no more a people and that 13801 gave them up unto their the name of Ifrael may be no own hearts' lufts: and let them more in remembrance. follow their own imaginations. 5 For they have caft their

hat my prople would heads together with one conhave hearkened unto me : for if fent; and are confederate against Ifrael had walked in my ways, thee;

15 I thould soon have put down 6 The tabernacles of the Edo. their enemies : and turned my mites and the lsmaelites : tlie hand against their adversaries. Moabites and Hagarens;

16 The haters of the Lord 7 Gedal, and Am rios, and thould have been found liars : Amalek : the Philistines, with but their time thould have en- them that dwell a: Tyre. dured for ever.

8 Afir alfo is joined with 17 He thould have fcd them them: and have holpen the chilalfo with the fineit wheat flour : aren ot Lot. and with honey out of the ftony . But do thou to them as un. rock thould I have satisfied thte. to the Madiari:es : unto silera,

and unto Jabin as the brook of EVENING PRAYER.


10 who perished at Endor : PSAL. 82. Deus fletit. and became as the dung of the G prítanceth in the congre: earth.

It Make them and their prin. Judge among gods.

ces like Oreb and Zeb : yea, 2 How long will ye give make all their princes like as wring udy rent : and accept Zeba and Salmana; the perfons of the ungodly?

!2 Who say, Let us take to 3 Defend the poor and father ourselves. the houses of God in !: fie thai 'such as are in pofletion.

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