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The second Sunday in Advent. waves roaring; men's hearts
The Colle&.

failing them for fear, and for ed all holy Scriptures to be are coming on the earth : for written for our learning: Grant the powers of heaven tha'l be that we may in such wire hcar thaken. And then thall they sce them, read, mark, learn, and the Son of man coming in a inwardly digeft them,

that by cloud with power and great glopatience and comfort of thy holy ry. And when these things beWord, we may embrace, and gin to come to pass, then look ever hold faft the bielled hope of up, and lift up your heads; for eyerlating life, which thou haft your redemption draweth nigh. given us in our Saviour Jesus And he spake to them a parable; Chrift. Amen.

Behold the fig tree, and all the The Rpifle. Rom. 15.4.

trees; when they now foot

forth, ye fee and know of your WHATSOEVER things were own felves that suinmer is now

written aforetime were nigh at hand: fo likewise ye, written for our learning, that when ye see thefo things coine we through patience and com, fort of the scriptures might have com of God is nigh at hana.

to pals, know ye that the king. hope. Now the God of patience Verily I say unto you, This page and consolation grant you to be like minded one towards ano: all be fulfilled: heaven and earth

neration thall not pass away, till ther, according to Chrift Jesus; shall pass away; but my words that ye may with one mind and ihall not

pass away. : one mouth glorify God, even

the Father of our Lord Je. fus Chrift. Wherefore receive

The third Sunday in Advent.

The Colleå. Eye one another, as Christ also

received us to the glory of God. O LORD Jefu Chrift, who at Now I say, that Jesus Christ was

thy first coming a minitter of the circumcifion, thy messenger to prepare thy for the truth of God, to confirm way before thee; Grant that the fathers : And that the Gentiles myfteries, may like wife so prethe promises made unto the Ministers and Stewards of thy might glorify God for his mer pare and make ready thy way, cy; as it is written, For this by turning the hearts of the dir: cause I will confers to thee obedient to the wisdom of the among the Gentiles, and fing juft; that at thy second coming unto thy Name. And again he to judge the world, we may be faith, Rejoice, ye Gentiles, with found an acceptable people in his people; And again, Praise thy fight, who livest and reign It the Lord, 11 ye Gentiles, and with the Father, and the Holy laud him all ye people.

And Spirit, ever one God, world again Efaias faith, There shall without end. Amen. be a root of Jeffe, and he that

The Epistle. I Cor. 4. 1. reign L

ET a man so account of us, tiles, in him ihall the Gentiles

as of the ministers of Christ, i;

truft. Now the God of hope nii and stewards of he mysteries of

you with all joy and peace in God. Moreover it is required 13

believing, that ye may abound in ftewards that a man be found in hope, through the power of faithful. But with me it is a the Holy Ghoft,

very small thing, that I should

be judged of you, or of man's The Gospel. S. Luke 21. 25. judgement : yea, I judge not A , som

the fun, and in the moon, thing by myself: yet am I not and in the ftars; and upon the hcrebyjustified; but he that carth distress of nations, with judgeth me is the Lord. Thereperplexity; the tea and the forc judge, nothing before the



The fourth Sunday in Advent, and Christmas-day. time, until the Lord come, who unto all men. The Lord is a both will bring to light the hid. hand. Be careful for nothing den things of darkness, and will but in every thingby praye make manifest the counsels of and supplication with thanki the hearts: and then shall every giving let your requetis be mad man have praise of God.

known unto God. And the peac The Gospel. S. Matth. 11. 2.' of God which palleth all under N in the priiòn the works of and minds

through Enrin jerus w when heart Chrift, he fer.t iwo of his dici ples, and said unto

him oft T when the Jews fent prieit

The Gospel. S. Jonn 1. 19:

record of John thou he that thould come, or do we look for anotlier! Jesus an- and Levites from Jerusalem 't swered and said unto them, Go ask him, who art thou? Ani and shew John again thote things he confesled, and denied not which ye do hear and see: The but cunfefled, I am not thi blind receive their sight, and the Chrift. And they asked him lame walk, the lepers are cleanf: What then?. art thou Elias ed, and the deaf hear, the dead and he faith, I am note Art tho are' raised up, and the poor have that Prophet? And he answered the gospel preached to them: No. Then said they unto him, And blefred is le whosoever Who art thou? that we may thall not be offended in me. And give an aniwer to then that as they departed Jesus began to fent us: What fayeft thou o say unto the multitudes con- thyself. He said, I am the voice cerning John, What went ye out of one crying in the wilderness into the wildernefs to fee! A Mike ftraight the way of the reed thaken with the wind? But Lord, as said the prophét Efaias, what went ye out for to see! A and they which were fent were man clothes in soft ruiment? Be- of the Pharisees. And they alked hold, they that wear soft cloth. þinn, and said unto him, why ing are in kings' houses. But baptizeit thou then, if thou be what went ye out for to see! A not tbizt Chrift, nor Elias, nei. prophet :-yea, I say unto you, ther that Propher! John an. and more than a prophet. For (wered them, saying, 1 baptize this is he of whom it is written, with water; but there ftandech Behold, I send my mefreager be one among you, whom ye know fore thy face, which ihaîl pre- not: He it is, wiro, coming at pare thy way before thee.

ter me, is preferred beforc me;

whole thoes' latchet I am not The fourth Sunday in Advent. worthy to unloose. These things The Collect.

were done in Bethabara, beyond O thee thy power, ande come ing.

LOR D, raise up (we pray Jordan, where John was baptiz. among us, and with great might succour us; that whereasthrough The Nativity of our Lord, or the our fins, and wickednets, we are birth day of CHRIST, commonly fore let and hindered in running called Christmas-day. the race that is set before us,

The Colled. thy bountiful grace and meetesA given us thy only begotten

LMIGHTY God, who haft may speedily help and deliver us, through the fatisfaction of thy Son to take our naiure upon him, Son our Lord; to whom with and as at this time to be born thee and the Holy Ghost be ho of a pure Virgin; grant that we nour and glory, world without being regenerate, and made thiy end. Amen.

children by adoption and grace, The Fpisile. Phil. 4. 4. may daily be renewed by thy R EJOICE in the Lord alway; Holy Spirit, through the same

who Let your moderation be known liveth and reigneth with the


nd the fame Spirit, ever one any thing made that was made. is God, world without end. Amen. In him was life, and the life was

The Epifle. Heb. 1. I. the light of men. And the God who at sundry times light thineth in darkness, and and indivers

comprehended pake in time paft unto the fa. not. There was a man sent from hers by the prophets, hath in God whose name was John : The hele last days spoken unto us fame came for a witness, to bear

3y his Son, whom he hath ap. witness of the light, that all men spointed heir of all things, by through him might believe. He 9. whom also he made the worlds; was not that light, but was fent Who being the brightness of to bear witness of that light. his glory, and the express image That was the true light which of his person, and upholding 211 lighteth every man that cometh things by the word of his pow. into the world. He was in the er, when he had by himself world, and the world was made purged our fins, sat down on the by him, and the world knew him right hand of the Majesty on not. He came unto his own, high: being made so much bet. and his own received him not. ter than the angels, as he hath But as many as reccived him, by inheritance obtained a more to them gave he power to be. 1xcellent name than they. For come the fons of God, even to into which of the angels said them that believe on his name: te at any time, Thou art my which were born, not of blood, Son, this day have I begotten nor of the will of the Heth,

nor thee! And again, I will be to of the will of man, but of God. himp a Father, and he shall be to And the word was made feth, and me a lon! And again, when dwelt among us (and we beheld he bringeth in the firftbegotten his glory, the glory as of the into the wçrld, he faith, and let only begotten of the Father) full all the angels of God worship of grace and truth.

him. And of the angels he faith, Who maketh his angels spirits,

Saint Stephen's Day. and his minifters a flame of fire.

The Colleå. But un:o the Son he faith, Thy GR

RANT, O Lord, that in all , O , is for and our sufferings here upon ever; a sceptre of righteousness earth, for the testimony of thy

is the sceptre of thy kingdomn. truth, we may stedfastly look up Thou hait loved righteousness, to heaven, and by faith behold and hated iniquity, therefore the glory that thall be revealed ; God, even thy God, hath anoint and being filled with the Holy ed thee with the oil of gladness Ghoft, may learn to love and above thy fellows. And, Thou, bless our persecutors by the ex. Lord, in the beginning haft laid ample of thy firft Martyr Saint the foundation of the earth; Stephen, who prayed for his and the heavens are the works murderers to thee, Oblessed of thine hands. They thall perish; Jesus, who ftandeth at the right but thou remainett: and they hand of God to succour all those al thall wax old as doth a gar- that suffer for thee, our only Me. ment; and as a vetture ihalt diator and Advocate. Amen. thou fold them up, and they shall Then shall follow the Collell be changed; but thou art the of the Nativity, which shall Same, and thy years thall not fail. he said continually unto New

The Gospel. S. John 1.1. rear's Eve. In the beginning was the Word;

For the Epistle. Acts 7. 55. and the Word was with Good S Holy Ghoh, looked up fede

TEPHENbeing the and The same was in the beginning with fafly into heaven, and faw the God: All things were made hy glory of God, and Jefus

ftanding him; and without him was not

on the right hand of God, and

faid, faid, Behold, I see the heavens The Epistle. 1 S. John 1. i. opened, manding on the right hand

of T beginning, which we ha

HAT th God. Then they cried out with heard, which we have seen wir a loud voice, and topped their our eyes, which we have looker cars, and ran upon him with one upon, and our hands have hand accord, and caft him out of the led of the word of life: (for the city, and ftoned him and the wit- life was manifefted, and we have nefíes laid down their clothes at teen it, and bear witness, and a young man's feet whose naine thew unto you that eternal life was Saul. And they ftoned Ste. which was with the Father, and phen, calling upon God, and fay. was manifested unto us;) thai ing, Lord Jesus receive my Spirit, which we have seen and beard And he knceled down, and cried declare we unto you, that ye with a loud voice, Lord, lay not also may have fellowthip with this fin to their charge. And when us; and truly our fellowship he had said this, he fell asleep. is with the Father, and with The Gospel. S. Matth. 23. 34; his Son Jesus Chrift. And thefe phets, and wife men, and your joy may be full. This then

, scribes; and some of them ye is the mesláge which we have shall kill and crucify; and forne heard of him, and declare unto of them ye fhall scourge in your you, That God is light, and in synagogues, and persecute them him is no darkness at all. If we from city to city; that upon say that we have fellowthip with you may come all the righteous him, and walk in darkness, we blood thed upon the earth, from lie, and do not the truth: but the blood of righteous Abel un- if we walk in the light, 26. he to the blood of Zacharias, son of is in the light, we have fellowBarachias, whom ye slew be- ship one with another, and the tween the temple and the altar. blood of Jesus Christ his Son Verily I say unto you, All these cleanseth us from all fin. If we things shall come upon this ge- say that we have no fin, we de. neration. 0 Jerusalcm, Jeru. ceive ourselves, and the truth is salem, thou that killeft the pro- not in us. If we confess our fins, phets, and stoneft them which he is faithful and juft to forgive are lent unto thee; how often us our fins, and to cleanse u would I have gathered thy chil- from all unrighteousness. If we dren together, even as a hen ga. say that we have not finned, we thereth her chickens under her make him a liar, and his word is wings, and ye would not ! Be

not in us. hold, your house is left unto you defolate. For I say unto you, Ye

The Gospel. S. John 21. 19. fhall not see me henceforth, till


ESUS said unto Peter, Follow ye thall say, Blessed is he that me. Tren Peter turning cometh in the name of the Lord. about feeth the disciple whom

Jesus loved following; which Saint John the Evangelist's Day. also leaned on his breast at sup. The Collect

per, and faid, Lord, which is he thee to caft "thy bright ing him, faith to Jesus, Lord, beams of light upon thy Church, and what shall this man do? Je. that it being enlightened by fus faith unto him, If I will that the doctrine of thy blefled Apot: he tarry till I come, what is tle and Evangelift Saint John, that to thee? Follow thou me. may so walk in the light of thy Then went this saying abroad truth, that it may at length at- among the brethren, That that tain to the light of everlasting disciple should not die: yet Je: sites through Jesus Christ our fus fáid not unto him, He thall Amen not die; but, If I will that he


Try tili I come, what is that to the young child and his Ro. nee? This is the disciple which ther, and Aee into Egypt, ard eftiñeth of these things, and be thou there until I bring thee Tote theft things, and we know word: for Herod will seek the nat bis teftimony is true. And young child to destroy, him. here are alio many other things When he arose, he took the hich Jefus did, the which if young child and his mother by hey thou'd be written every one, nieht, and departed into Egypt,

suppose that even the world it and was there until the death e could not contain the books of Herod : that it might be fulhat Lould be written.

filled which was spoken of the

Lord by the prophet, saying, The Innocents' Day.

Out of Egypt have I called my

Son. Then Herod when he saw The Collec.

that he was mocked of the wife

, , . of the mouth o babes and sent forth and flew all the chil. cklings naft ordained strength, , dren that were in Bethlehem, and madeft infants to glorify and in all the coasts thereof, from Dee by their deaths, Morti ý two years old and under, accordnd kill all vices in us, and so ing to the time which he had -rengthen us by thy grace, that diligently enquired of the wife

y the innocency of our lives, men. Then was fulfilled that rid constancy of our faith even which was spoken by Jeremy the anto death, we may glorify thy prophet, saying, in Rama was Oy, name, through Jesus Chriit there a voice heard, lamentation, sur Lord. Amen.

and weeping, and great mourn For the Epiftle. Rev. 14. 1.

ing, Rachel weeping for her chilLOOKED, and, lo, a Lamb dren, and would not be comfort.

food on the mount sion, and ed, because they are not. vith him an hundred forty and Fourthousand, having his Father's The Sunday after Christmas-day. haine written in their foreheads.

The Colled, And I heard a voice from heaven, 26 thunder

given us thy only begotten and I heard the voice of harpers Son to take our nature upon narping with their harps; and him, and as at this time to be they sung as it were a new song born of a pure Virgin; Grant netore the throne, and betore the that we being, regenerate, and four beafts, and the elders : and made thy children by adoption To man could learn that long and grace, may daily be renew. but the hundred and forty and ed by thy Holy Spirit, through four thousand, which were re. the fame our Lord Jesus Chrift, deemned from the earth. There who liveth and reigneth with &re they which were not defil- thee and the same Spirit, ever one ed with women, for they are God, world without end. Amen. virgins: these are they which The Epiftle. Gal. 4. 1. follow the Lamb whithersoever

0 from among menbeing the

long he is dif. firafrults unto God, and to the fereth nothing from a fervant, Lamb. And in their mouth was though he be Lord of all; but

is under tutors and governors found no guile; for they are until the time appointed of the without fault before the throne father. Even so we, when we

were children, were in bondThe Gospel. S. Matth. 2. 13. age under the elements of the THE

HE angel of the Lord ap- world: but when the fulness of

peareth to Joseph in a the time was come, God sent dicam, saying, Arire, and take forth his Son, made of a woman,


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toronto the there were redeemed N. We say that the heir a

o God.

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