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made under the law, to redeem all things obey thy blessed will, then that were under the law, through the same thy Son Jesus that we might receive the adop- Christ our Lord. Amén. tion of fons. And because ye are fons, God hath sent forth the Spi. The Epifle. Rom. 4. 8. fire of his son into your hearts Blues Lord will not impute fin. crying, Abba, Father. Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but Comcth this blessedness then upa son: and if a fun, then an heir on the circumcision only, or up. of God, through Chrif.

on the uncircumcifion allo! For The Gospel. S. Matth. 1. 18.

we say that faith was reckonT HE birth of Jesus Christ ed to Abraham for righteout

nefs. How was it then reckonwas on this wile : When ed? when he was in circumci. as his mother Mary was espous: fion, or in uncircumcition

: not ed to Joseph, (before they came in circumcifion, but in uncir. together, the was found with

cumcifion. And he received the child of the Holy Ghoft. Then Joseph her husband, being a jutt tign of circumcifion, a feal of man, and not willing to make which he had yet being uncir

the righteousness of the faith, her a publick example, , was cumcised; that he might be minded to put her away privily, the father of all them that be. But while he thought on these lieve, though they be not cir: things, behold, the angel of the

cumcised; that righteousness Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Jofeph, thou son alio; and the father of circum

might be imputed unto them of David, 'fear not to take unto cision to them who are not of thee Mary thy wife, for that the circumcifion only, but also which is conceived in her, is of the Holy Ghuft: and the Thall walk

in the tteps of that faith of bring forth a Son, and thou had being yet uncircumcised,

our father Abraham, which he shalt call his name Jesus: for For the promise that he thould he shall save his people from be the heir of the world, was their fins. (Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled not to Abrariam, or to his reed, which was spoken of the Lord through the law, but through by the prophet, saying, Behold, if they which are of the law be

the righteousness of faith. For and thall bring forth a Sori, and heirs, faith is made void, and the they thall

call his name Emma. promife made of none effect. nuel, which being interpreted The Gospel. S. Luke 2. 15.

ND it as the being , did as the angel of the Lord had bidden from them into heaven, the him, and took unto him his shepherds faid one to another, wife: and knew her not till the Let us now go even unio Bethhad brought forth her firstborn lehem, and see this

thing which Son. And he called his name is come to pass, which the Lord JESUS.

hath made known unto us. And

they came with hatte, and The Circumcifion of Chrif. found Mary, and Joseph, and the

babe lying in a manger. And The Collea.

when they had seen it, they LMIGHTY God, who madeft made known abroad the saying cumcised, and obedient to the thin child. And all they that law for man; Grant us the true heard it wondered at those circumcision of the Spirit, that things which were told them our hearts and all our members by the shepherds. But Mary being mortified from all world. képt all these things, and pon; ly and carnal lufts, we may in dered them in her heart.

con with us.) Telen die pot. A Nanet.ca

were gone away

And thc

4. S.

n rector circuno ition: 4 in unci ceived the 2 feal the fait ing uncit night be

but alle mense

Son Jel the thepherds returned, glorify- in God, who created all things

ing and prailing God for all the by Jesus Chrift; to the intent things that they liad heard and that now unto the principali'ies

feen, as it was told unto them. and powers in heavenly places To whom And when eight days were ac might be known by the church Louie la complished for the circumcising the man fold wisdo:n of God, then op of the child, his name was called according to the eternal purpose 1., OP UP JESUS, which was so named of which he purposed in Christ Jes allo Ft the angel before he was conceiv fus our Lord: In whom we have * reckoned in the womb.

boldness and access with contiFightco 1 The fane Collect, Epifle, and dence by the faith of him. Gospel Mall serve for every day

The Gospel. S. Matk. 2. 1. after, unto ihe Epiphany.


Bethlehein of Judea, in The Epiphany, or the Manifestao hold there came wise men


the days of Herod the king, betion of Christ to the Gentiles.

the caft to Jerusalem, saying, The Colleå,

Where is he that is born King O O

of a far didft' manifeft thy his star in the east, and are come that be only begotten Son to the Gen- to worthlp him. When Herod not cit elles: Mercifully grant, that we the king

had heard these things, teouineo which know thee now by faith, he was troubled, and all Jerusauto then may after this life have the frui lem with kim. And when le

, Te out through Jesus Christ our Lord. and feribes of the people toge

ther, he demanded of them, The Epifle. Epher.

3. . where Christ thould be born ? prisoner of Jesus Chrift for Bethlehern of Judea : for thus

, he thout you Gentiles; if ye have heard it is wri ten by the proplict,

, his father of God, which is given me to land of Juda, art not the least through you ward: How that by reve among the princes of Juda : for Lith. Fa fation le made known unto

me out of thee thalicome a Governor he law the myitery (as I wrote afore that thall rule my people lfrael. and the in few words, whereby when ys Then Herod, when he had pri.

read, ye may underttand my vily called the wise men, en.

knowledge in the mystery of quired of them diligently what 2. 15. Chriß) which in other ages was time the ftar appeared. And be

y not made known unto the fons sent them to Bethlehem, and 26 awaf of men, as it is now revealed said, Go, and search diligently

another phets by the Spirit; That the ye have found him, bring me Joo Beth Gentiles thould be fellowheirs, word again, that I may como ing which and of the fame body, and part and worship him, alfo:

When che con lakers of his promife in Chrift, they had heard the king, they o Saite, and made a minifter, according to they saw in the cast, went be Sh, and te the gift of the grace of God fore them, will it cainc and stood ger, An given unto me by the effectual over where the young child was. Sing the working of his power. Unto when they saw the ftar, they the laying onewho am less than the leaf rejoiced with exceeding great concerning of all faints, is this grace given, joy. And when they were come ther to that I should preach amoug the into the house, they faw the cold them or Chrift; and to make all men ther, and fell down and wor

at the Geniles the unsearchable riches young child with Mary his mul But Mar Tee what is the fellowship of the fhipped himn: and when they had and per moltery, which from the begin opened their

treasures, they pre artea ning of the world bach been kid lented unto him gifte; cold

, alle

at faith a which cumciled


The first, and second Sunday after the Epiphany. frankincense, and myrrh. And their kinsfolk and acquaintance. being warned of God in a dream, And when they found him not, that they thould not rerurn to they turned back again to JeruHerod, they departed into their falem, seeking him. And it came own country another way. to pass, that after three days they

found him in the temple, fitting The firf Sunday after the in the midst of the doctors, both Epiphany,

hearing them, and asking them The Culled.

questions. And all that heard

him were astonished at his un- , Oifully so receive the prayers wehearthies saw him, they were

And of thy people wiich call upon amazed: 'and his mother said thee, ard grant that they may unto him, son, why halt thou both' perceive and know what thus dealt with us? behold, thy things they ought to do, and father and I have fought thee allo ray have grace and power sorrowing. And h said unto faithfully to fulfi!. the fame, them, How is it that ye fought through Jesus Christ our Lord. me? wist ye not that i must be Amen.

about my Father's bufiness: The Fristle. Rom. 12. I.

And they understood not the I

BESEECH you therefore, saying which he spake unto

brethren, by the mercies of them. And he went down with Cod, that ye pref:nt your bo- them, and came to Nazareth, and dies a living facrifice, holy, ac- was subject unto them: but his ceptable un o God, which is mother kept all these sayings in vous reasonable service. And be her heart, And Jesus increased not confirmed to this world : in wisdom and itature, and in fa. but be ye transformed by the vour with God and men. renewing of your mind, that ye nay prove what is that pool, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. For I say, through the

The second Sunday after the

Epiphany. grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to

The Colle&t. think of himself more highly

LMIGHTY and everlafting than he ought to think, but in think foberiy, according as God hath dealt to every man the things in heaven and earth; measure of faith. For as we have Mercifully hear the fupplications many members in one body, and of thy people, and grant us thy all members have not the lame peace all the days of our life, ofice; fi) we, being many, are through Jesus Chrift our Lord.

Amen. one body in Chrift, and

every one meinbers one of another.

The Epifle, Rom. 12. 6.
The Gnfeel. S. Luke 2. 41. TAVING then gifts, differing
OW his parents went to 1

Jerufalem every year at is given to us, whether prophe The teast of the pallover. And cy, let us prophery according when he was twelve years old, to the proportion of faith; or they went up to seralalem, af miniftry, let us wait on our mi. ter the custom of the feat. And niftering; or heihat ter cheth, on when they had fulfilled the teaching, or he tha: exhortet, days, as they returned, the child on exortation : he that civeth, Jerus carried behind in Jerufa. let him do it with fimplicity; lie jer : ard Jofeph and his mother that ruleth, with diigence: be new 10 of it.

But they lup. that theweth mercy, with cheer: poling him to have been in the fulness. Let love be without difcompany, went a day's journey; fimulation. Ablior that which is and they fought him among evil, cleave to that which is good.



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Be kindly afféaloned one to an- The third Sunday after the
other with brotherly love, in ho-

nour preferring one another :

The Collect.
not flothful in business ; fervent
in fpirit ; serving the Lord; re-

LMIGHTY and everlasting

A joicing in hope; parient in tri.

God, mercifully look upon bulation; continuing inftant in

our infirmities, and in all our prayer; diftributing to the ne. dangers and neceflities ftretch ceflity of faints ; given to hospi. forth thy right hand to help and tality. Bless them which perfe. defend us, through Jesus Christ cute you ; bless, and curse not.

our Lord. Amen.

The Epiftle. Rom. 12. 16. joiceand weep with them that Be ceits.leecompense to no weep. Be of the fame mind one towards another Mind not high honek in the fight of all men. If

man evil for evii. Provide things things, but condescend to men it be possible, as much as lieth of low estate.

in you, live peaceably with all The Gospel. S. John 2. 1. men. Dear'y beloved, avenge ND the third day there was

not yourselves, but rather give

for it is lec, and the mother of Jesus written, Vengeance is mine; was there. And both Jesus was

I will repay, faith the Lord. called and his disciples to the Therefore if thine enemy hun. marriage. And when they want ger, feed him; if he thirst, give ed wine, the mother of Jesus him drink : for in so doing, thou faith unto him, They have no

thalt heap coals of fire on his wine. Jefus faith ungo her, Wn. head. Be not overcome of evil; man, what have I to do with but overcome evil with good, thee? mine hour is not yet The Gospel. S. Matth. 8. 1. come. His mother faith unto HEN he was come down

W the servants, Whatsoever he from the mountain, great faith unto you, do it. And there multitudes followed him. And, were set there fix water pots of behold, there came a leper and ftone, after the manner of the worshipped him, saying, Lord,

purifying of the Jews, contain: if thou wilt, thou canst make sing two or three firkins apiece. me clean. And Jesus put forth

Jesus faith unto them, Fill the his hand, and touched him, water pots with water. And saying, I will; be thou clean. they filled them up to the brim. And immediately his leprosy And he faith unto them, Draw was cleanied.

And Jesus faith out now, and bear unto the go- unto him, See thou tell no man; vernor of the feaft. And they but go thy way, thew thyself bare it. When the ruler of the to the priests, and offer the gift feast had tasted the water that that Moses commanded, for a was made wine, and knew not tcftimony unto them. And when whence it was, (but the fervants Jesus was entered into Caper. which drew the water knew) naum, there came unto hin a the governor of the feast called centurion, beseeching him, and the bridegroom, and faith unto saying, Lord, my fervant lieth hiin, Every man at the begin. at home sick of the pally, ning doth' set forth good wine, grievously tormented. And jeand when men liave well drunk, sus faith unto him, I will coine then that which is worfe: but and heal him. The centurion thou haft kept the good wine answered and said, Lord, I am until now This beginning of not worthy that thou fhouldest miracles did Jeftis in Cana of come under my roof; but speak Galilee, and manifefted forth his the word only, and my servant glory: and his disciples believed thall be healed. For I am a man on him,

under authority; having soldiers. C2



under me : and i say unto this venger to execute wrath upon mon, Go, and he goeth; and to him that doeth evil. Where. another, come, and he cometh: fore ye muft needs be subject, and to my servant, Do this, and not only for wrath. but also for he doeth'it. When Jesus heard conscience fake. For, for this. it, he marvelled, and said to caule pay ye tribute also: for them that followed, Verily ! they are God's minifters, attendsay unto you, I have not found ing continually upon this very fo great faith, no, not in Ifraelthing. Render therefore to all And I say unto you, That many their dues : tribute to whom, fhall come from the east and tribute is due, custom to whom weft, and shall fit down with cuftom, fear co whoin fear, hoAbraham, and Ifaac, and Jacob, nour to whom honour. in the kingdom of heaven. Eut the children of the kingdom

The Gospel. S. Matth. 8. 23. hall be cast our into outer darke A into a thip, hie di ciples fol.

ND when he was entered ness: there thall be weeping and gnaihing ot ree! h. And je lowed him. Ånd, behold, there sus said unto the cen'wion, Go arose a great tempeft in the rea, thy way; and as thou haft be- insomuch that the ship was lieved, to be it done unto thee. covered with the waves : but he And his fervant was healed in was afcep. And his disciples the selfsame ho.r.

came to him, and awoke him,

saying, Lord, save us, we perith. The fourth Sunday after the And he saith unto them, why Epiphany.

are se fearful, o ye of little The Collect.

faith Then he arose and re,

buked the winds and the rea, GOD, who knowest us O Ce este het ontwice up to : many and great dangers that what manner of man is this,

But the men marvelled, faying, by reason of the frailty of our nature we cannot always fland that even the winds and the upright; Grant to us such fea obey him! And when he was Arength and protection as may the country of the Gergefenes,

come to the other fide into support us in all dangers, and carry us through all tempta: with devils, coming out of the

there met'lim two poffefied tions, through Jesus Christ our tombs, exceeding fierée, so that Lord. Anet.

no man might pass by that way. The Epiftle. Rom. 13. 1. And, behold, they cried out L te

unto the higher powers with thee, Jesus, thou son of For there is no power but of Godt art thou come hither to God: the powers that be, are torment us before the time? ordained of God. Whosoever And there was a good way off there'ore refifteth the power from them an herd of many refirreth the ordinance of God: swine feeding. So the devils be. and they that resitt, thall re.rought him, saying, If thou caft ceive to themselves damnation. us out, suffer us to go away For rulers are not a terror to into the herd of swine. And he good works, but to the evil. faid unto th:m, Go. And when Wilt thou then not be afraid they were come out, they went of the power? do that which is into the herd of swine : and, begood, and thou shalt have praise hold, the whole herd of twine of the 'ame: for he is the mini- ran violen ly down a steep, place fter of God to thee for good. into the sea, and perithed in the But if thou do that which is waters. And they that kept evil, be afraid; for he beareth them fled, and went their ways not the sword in vain : for he into the city, and told every is the minister of God, a se. thing, and wirat was befallen


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