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to the pofleffed of the devils. in thy field! From whence then And, behold, the whole city hath it tares! He said unto canc out to meet Jesus: and them,

An enemy hath done this, when they saw him, they be- The fervants said unto him fouzht hit that he would de. Wilt thou then that we go and part out of their coafts.

gather them up! But he said,

Nay; left while ye gather up The fifth Sunday after the the tares, ye root up also the Epiphany,

wheat with them. Let both The Colleå.

grow together until the harveft: O to

keep thy Church and house. say to the reapers, Gather ye to hold continually in thy true gether firft the tares, and bind religion, that they who do lean them in bundles to burn them: only upon the hope of thy her. but gather the wheat into my venly grace, may evermore be

barn, defended by thy mighty power, through Jesus Ofirit our Lord.

The fixth Sunday after the

The Epifle. Col. 3. 12.

The Colled.
UT on therefore (as the

he loved) bowels of mercies, klud destroy the works of the devil, ners, humbleness of mind, meek- and make us the fons of God, liefs, longsuffering; forbearing and heirs of eternal life; Grant one ano her, and forgiving on us, we beleech thee, that having asother, if any man have a tivis hope, we may purify ourquarrel againft' any ; even as felves, even as he is pure ; that Chriit forgave youso alío do when he thall appear again wich ye. And above all these things power and great glory, we may put on charity, which is the be made like unto him in his bond of perfectness. And let eternal and glorious kingdom, the peace of God rule in your where with thee, O Father, and hearts, to the which allo ye thee, O Holy Ghost, he liyeth and are called in one body; and be reigneth ever one God, world ye thankful. Let the word of without end. Ainen, Chrift dwell in you richly in The Epille. I S. John 3 1. nihing one another in plalms, B love the Father hath


of and hymns, and spiritual rongs, ed upon us, that we thould be finging with grace in your called the fons of God; therefore hearts to the Lord. And what the world knoweth us not, beCoever ye do in word or deed, cause it knew hiin not. Beloved, do all in the Name of the Lord

now are we che fons of God, Jefus, giving thanks to God and and it doth not yet appear what the Father by him.

we thall be: but we know, that The Gospel. 6. Matth. 13. 24. when he thall appear, we thall

HE kingdom of heaven is be like him : for we thall fee fowed good feed in his field: that hath this hope in him But while men sept, his enemy purifieth him elf, even as he is came and fowed tares among pure.

Whosoever committeth the wheat, and went his way. lin tranfgrelloth also the law; for But when the blade was (prung fin is the

tranfgresion of the law. up, and brought forih "frui, And ye know that he was manithen appeared the tares also, Só fefted to take away our sins: the fervants of the houshoider and in him is no lin.' Whosoever came, and said unto him, Sir, abideth in hiin, finneth noti dide not thou fow good feed whosoever finneth, hath not


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man perted, that he might deftroy K which run in a race, they


feen hiin, neither known him. livered by thy goodness, for the Little children, let no man de glory of thy Name, through Jesus ceive you: he that doeth righ- Christ our Saviour, who liveth teousness is righteous, even as he and reigneth with thee and the is righteous. He that committeth Holy Ghoft, ever one God, world fin is of the devil: for the devil without end. Amen. finneth from the beginning. For

The Epistle. I Cor. 9. 24. the was

NOW that the works of the devil.

all, but one receiveth the prize The Gospel. S. Matth. 24. 23: So run that ye may obtain. And T

HEN if any man thall say every man that ftriveth for the

unto you, Lo, here is mattery is temperate in Chrift, or there, believe it not. things: now they do it to obtain For there thall arise falle Christs a corruptible crown, but we au and false prophets, and thall incorruptible. I therefore so run, thew great ligns and wonders; nor as uncertainly; fo fight 1, infomuch that (if it were pofii. not as one that beateth the air : ble) they thall deceive the very but I keep under my body, and elect. Behold, I have told you bring it into subjection, left that before. Wherefore, if they tball by any means when I have fay unto you, Behold, he is in preached to others, I myself the desert; go not forth: behold, ihould be a caflaway. he is in the secret chambers ; The Gospel. S. Matth. 20. I. believe it not. For as the tightning cometh out of the east, T like kingdom of heaven is and thineth even onto the weit; so thall also the coming of the

houtholder, which went Son of nian be. For wherefoever early in the morning to hire the carcare is, there will the

labourers into

his vineyard. eagles be gathered together. And when he had agreed with Imrediately after the tribula: the labourcrs for a penny a čay, tion of those days thall the sun, he sent them into his vineyard: be darkened, and the moon ihall And he went out about the third not give her light, and the stars hour, and faw others ftanding lhall fall froin heaven, and the idle in the market place, and powers of the heavers thall be laid unto thern, Go ye also into fhaken. And then thall appear

the vineyard, and whatsoever the sign of the son of man in is right i will give you. And heaven: and then thall all the they went their way. Again he tribes of the earih mvurn; and

went out about the fixth and they thall see the son of man

ninth hour, and did likewise. coming in the clouds of hea. And about the cleventh hour ven, with power and great glory. he went out, and sound others And lie thall ser:d his angels Itanding idle, and faith unto with a great sound of a trum

them, Wliy fand ve here all pet. And they thall gather to

the day idle? They say unto gether his ekićt from the four him, Because no man liath hired wirds, from one end of heaven us.

He saith unto them, Go to the other.

ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is right, that thall ye receive

So when even was The Sunday called Septuagefima, come, the lord of the vineyard er the third Sunday bafire Lent. faith unto his fteward, Call the The Collect.

labourers, and give them their 0

LORD, we beseech thee hire, beginning from the laft

favourably to hear the unto the first. “And when they prayers of thy people, that we, came that were hired about the who are juftlý punithed for our eleventh hour, they received shences, may be fittcifully de every inan a petay.' But when


the firt came, they supposed wreck, a night and a day I have that they thould have received been in the decp , in journeyings more; and they likewise re. Often, in perils of wacer, in peceived every man a penny. And rils of robbers, in perils

by mine when they had received it, they own countrymen, in perils by murmured againft the good the heathen, in perils in the man of the house, saying, These city, in perils in the wildernes, laft have wrought but one hour, in perils in the sea, in perili and thou haft made them equal among false brethsen; in weariunto us, which have borne the ness and painfulness, in watch. burden and heat of the day. ing often, in hunger and thirt, But he answered one of them, in faftings o*ten, in cold and and said, Friend, I do thee no nakedness: belide those things wrong: didit not thou agree that are withour, that which with me for a penny? Take that cometh upon me daily, the care thine is, and go thy way: I will of all the churches. Who is give unto

this laft even as unto weak, and I am not weak? who this: Is it not lawful for me to is offended, and I burn not? If I do what I will with mine own? muit needs glory, ! will glory Is thine eye cvil, because I am of the things which concern good ? So the last thall be firft, mine infirmities. The God and and the first lat: for many bé Pather of our Lord Jesus Christ, called, but few chosen.

which is blefled for evermore, knoweth that I lie uot.

The Gospel. S. Luke 8. 4. The Sunday called Sexagefima, or

W the second Sunday before Lent.

gathered together, and The Colled.

were come to him out of every o LORD God, who seest that city, he spake by a parable: Á

fower went out to sow his feed : we put not our truft in any and as he fowed. fome fell by thing that we do; Mercifully the way fide, and it was trodden may be defended againft all ad down,

and the fowls of the air vertity, through Jesus Chrift our

devoured it. And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was

sprung up, it withered away, The Epifle. 2.Cor. 11. 19. because it lacked moisture. And E fuffer fools gladly, seeing fome full among thorns; and the

ye yourselves are wise. thorns sprang up with it, and For ye suffer if a man bring you choked it.

And other fell on into bondage, if a man devour good ground, and sprang up, you, if a man take of you, if a and bare fruit an hundredfold. man exalt himself, if a man smite And when he had said these gou on the face. í speak as con- things, he cried, He that hath cerning reproach, as though we cars to hear, let him hear. And had been weak: howbeit where his disciples asked him, saya inloever any is bold, (I speak ing, what might this parable

I am bold alco. "Are be? And he said, Unto you it they Hebrews ? so am 1: are they is given to know the mysteries Israelites : lo am ): are they the or the kingdon of God: hut to seed of Abraham ? fo am I? are others in parables ; that seeing they ministers of Chrift? (I speak they might not fee, and hearing as a fool) I am more ; in labours they

might not underfiand. more abundant, in ftripes above Now the parable is this: The measure, in prisons more free feed is the word of God; those quent, in deaths oft. Of the by the way fide are they that Jews five times received I forty hear: thcn correth the devil, beaten with rods, once was i of their hearts, left they thould ktoned, thrice i luffered Tip. believe and be saved. They ou

the C4

Lord. Amen.


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the mock, are they, which, when faileth: but whether there be shcy hear, receive the word with prophecies, they thall fail; whejoy: and there have no root, ther there be tongues, they thall which for a while believe, and cease; whether there be knowin tiine of temptation tall away. leilge, it thall vanish away. For And that which fell among we know in part, and we prothorns are they, which, when phely in part:

But when that they have heard, go forth, and which is perfect is come, then are' choked with cares. and that which is in part thall be siches, and picafures of this life, done away. When i was a child a:id bring no fruit to perfection. I fpake as a child, i understood But that on the good ground as a child, I thought as a child; are they which in an honest and but when I became a man, I put gund heart, having heard the away childith things. For now word, keep it, and bring forth we see through a glass darkly ; fruit w'th patience.

but then face to face: now

know in part; but then thall I The Sunday called Quinquagefima, know even as also I am known. or the next Suriday before Len'.

And now abideth faith, hope,

charity, these three ; but the The Collect.

greatest of these is charity. O

LORD, who hatt taupht us,

that all cur doinge without The Gospel. S. Luke 18. 31. Seademy Holy Ghof, and pou: The Newefus, tand said unto into our hearts that moft excel them, Behold, we go up to Je!ent gift of charity, the, very rufalem, and all things that are Dond of peace, and of all vir.

written by the prophets con. ques, without which whlfoever cerning the son of man thall be liveth in counted dead before accomplished. For he shall be thee. Grant this for thine only delivered unto the Gentiles, and Sun Jcfus Chrift's lake. Amen.

Thall be mocked, and spicefully The Enifle. I Cor. 13. 1. en“reated, and spitted on. And T Hong ch of peak wind those

tonguts inen and of luim to death; and the third day angeis, and have not charity, I he ibali rise again. And they un. ar become as founding brass, or derito d none of these things: a inkling cymbal. And though and this saying, was hid froin i have the gift of prophecy, them, neither knew they the and understand all myfteries, things wnich were spoken. And and all knowiedge, and though it came to paļs, thar as he was I have all faith, 10 that I could come nigh unto Jericho, a cerremoveroun-ains, and have not tair blind man fat by the way. Garty, 1 an rot'ling. And fide berging: and hearing the Drukh I beltur ail my gouds pultitude pass by, he asked what ti teed the poor, and though it mtanti And they told him that sive my body to be burned, Jeius of Nazareth padech by. and have not charity, it pront. And he crizd saying, Jesus, thou et medvilning: Charity fullur Son of David, have mercy on cil luns, and i: Hind; charity me. And they which went be{"? Viss not; chari:y vauntech !ore robuked him, thai he thould script is nor puffuil up, deth hold his peace: but he cried

bulve raif unteemly, so much the more, Thou son of serieth rot lier own, is not David, liave mercy on caitly provoked, thinketh no And Jerus stood and commanded +vil, reisicer! 10: in iniquity, him to be brough: unto him; bu: re'oiceti in the truth; bear. And when he was come near, he er all things, believeth all asked him, saying, What wilt o's hope in all things, en- thou that i thould do unto thee? is all things. Chari y never And he said, Lord, that may



receive my fight. And Jesus said wherefore should they fay, among unto him, Receive thy fight: the people, where is their God? thy faith hath saved thee. And immediately


The Gospel. S. Matth, 6. 16.

HEN ye , be not as ing God :

and all the people, countenance for they disfigure when they saw it, gave praile their faces, that they may an. unto God.

pear unto men to tast. Verily

I say unto you, they have their The first day of Lent commonly reward. But thou, when thou called Ah-Wednesday. fafest, anoint thine head, and The Collect.

waih thy tace, that thou appear God, who hateft nothing tby Father which is in secret ; that thou haft made, and doft and thy Father which feath in forgive the tins of all them that secret ihall reward thee openly. are peniteat; Create and make Lay not up for yourselves trea in us new and contrite hearts, sures upon earth, where moti? that we worthily lamenting our and ruft doth

corrupt, and fins, and acknowledging our where thieves break through wretchedness, may obiain of and steal. But lay up for yoor. thee, the God of all mercy, per- felves treasures in heaven, wher: feat remiffion and forgiveness, neither moth nor rust doth cor. through Jesus Chrift our Lord. rupt, and where thieves do not Amen.

break through nor steal. For This Collet is to be read every where your treasure is, there day in Lent, after the Collect ap. will your heart be allo. pointed for the day. For the Epistle. Joel 2. 12.

The first Sunday in Lent.
URN ye even to me, faith

The Collect. the Lord with all your oldid Di Whorfor our lake weeping, and with mourning. forty nights ; Give us grace to And rend your heart, an

not use fuc

abftinence, that our your garnens, and turn unto fileth being subdued to the Spirit, the Lord your God: for he is we may ever obey thy god'y gracious and inerciful, low to motions in rightcourners' and anger, and of great kindness, true holiness, to thy honour and and repenteth him of the evil. glory, who livett and reignet Who knoweth if he will return, with the Father and the Holy and repeat, and leave a blessing Ghoft,

one God, world without behind him, evca a meat of end. Amen. fering and a drink offering unto The Epiftle. 2 Cor. 6. 1. thumpet in zion, tanaririya rateW Ethere with work. There call à folemn assembly, gather you alo, that ye receive not che the people, sanctify the congre grace of God in vain. (For he gation, assemble the elders, ga. saith, I have beard thee in a ther the children, and those that time accepted, and in the day fuc's the breasts ; let the bride. of salvation have I fuccourid groom go forth of his chamber, thee: behold, now is the acand the bride out of her clo'et; cepted time; hehold, now it let the priefts, the ministers of the day of falva ion.) Giving no the Lord, weep between the opence in any thing, that the purch and the alta, and let ministry be not blamed; bu in them say, Spare thy people. all things approving Qurielves tage to reproach, that the hea. much patience. in alfictions, in then fould rule over them; neceilities, in dittreffes, in ftripes,



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