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took the robe off from him, and negar, and put it on a reed and put his own raiment on him, and gave him to drink. The reft said, led him away to cruci'y him. Let be; ler us fee whether Elias And as they came out, they will come to save him. Jesus, found a man of Cyrene, Simon when he had cried ayain with a by name; him they compelled to loud voice, yielded up the groft. béar biz cross. And when they And, behold, the veil of the temwere come unto a place called ple was rent in twain from the Golgotha, that is to say, .A top to the botiom, and the earth place of á skull, they gave him did quake, and the rocks rend; vinegar to drink mingled with and the graves were opened, gall; and when he had taited and many bodies of saints which thercof lie would not drink, Dept, arose, and came out of And they crucified him, and the graves after his resurrection, parted his garmen's, casting and went into the holy city, lots : that it might be fulfilled, and appeared unto many. Now which was spoken by the pro- when the centurion, and they pher, Tney parted my garments that were with him watching among them, and upon my Jefus, faw the earthquake, and vesture did they caft lots. And thole things that were done, fitting down they watched him they feared greatly, saying, Truly there; and set up over his head this was the son of God. his accusa.jon written; THIS IS JESUS THE KING OF THE JEWS. Then were there two

Monday before Easter. thieves crucified with him; one on the right hand, and another

For the Epifle. Isai. 63. 1. on the left . And they that pafled W from Edom, with dyed

HO is this that cometh by reviled him, wagging their heads, and saying. Thou that garments from Bozrahi this deftroyeft the temple, and build- that is glorious in his apparel, eft it in three days, save thy: travelling in the greatness of felf: If thou l the Son of God, his strength? i that speak in come down from the crois righte usness, mighly to fave. Likewise also the chief priests Wherefore art thou red in thine mocking him, with the fcribes apparel and thy garmenis like and elders, said, He saved others, him that creaderh in the winehimreif he cannot save: if fat? I have trodden the winehe be the King of Irael, let press alone, and of the people him now come down from the there was none with me: for cross, and we will believe him. I will tread them in mine anger, He trufted in God: let hin de- and trample them in my fury, liver him now, if he will have and their blood thall be sprink. him : for he said, I am the Son led upon my garments, and I of God. The thieves also, which will stain all my raiment. For Wire crucified wich him, cast the day of vengeance is in mine the fanie in his teeth, Now heart, and the year of my re. from the fixth hour there was deemed is come. And I looked, darkness over all the land unto and there was none to help ; and the ninth hour. And about the I wondered that there was none ninth tour Jerus cried with a to uphold; therefore mine own loud voice, saying, Eli, Ek, arm brought falva: ion unto me, lama fabachthani that is to and my fury it upheld me. And say, My God, my God, why haft I will tread down the people in thou forsaken me? Sme of mine anger, and make them them that food there, when drunk iri my fury, and I will they heard that, said, This man bring down their ftrength to the calleth for Elias. And straight. earth. I will mention the lovingway one of them ran, and took kindnelies of the Lord, and the a spunge, and filled it with vi praises of the Lord, according

to all that the Lord hath be- are thine : thou never bareft ral ftowed on us, and the great over them; they were not called goodness toward the house of by thy Nane. ifrael, which he hath beftowed on tlien, according to his mer.

The Gospel. S. Mark 14. 1. cies, and according to the mul. titude of his lovingkindnefes.

AFTER worlays was the feaft For he said, sorely they are my leavened bread: and the chief people, children that will not prietts and the scribes fought lie: fo he was their Saviour. how they might take him by In all their affliction he was af. craft and put him to death : Aided, and the angel of his pre. But they said, Not on the feast fence saved them: in his love day, left there be an uproar of and in his picy he redeemed the people. And being in Betha. them, and he bare them, and ny, in the house of Simon the carried them all the days of old. leper, as he sat fat meat, there But they rebelled and vexed his came a woman having an alaHoly Spirit: therefore he was bafter box of ointment of spiketurned to be their enemy, and nard, very precious; and the he fought against them. Then brake the box, and poured it on he remembered the days of old, his head. And there were fomc Mofes, and his people, saying. that had indignation within Where is he that brought ihern themselves, and said, Why was a up out of the sea with che shep- this wafte of the ointment made?" herd of his fock? Where is he for it might have been fold tor that put his Holy Spirit within more than three hundred pence, him. That led 'them by the and have been given to the poor. right hand of Mofes with his And they nurmured against her. glorious arm, dividing the wa- And Jesus said, Let her alone; ter before them, to make him- why irouble ye her; the hath fe'f an everlasting Name? That wrought a good work on me. led them through the deep, as For ye have the poor wish you an horse in the wilderness, that always, and whenfoever ye will, they thould not fumbled as a ye may do them good; but mc beait goc'h down into the val. ye have not always. She hath ley, the Spirit of the Lord caur done what the couid, she is ed him to rett: so didit thou cume aforehand to anoint my lead thy people to make thyself body to the burying: Verily a glorious Name. Look down ! !ay unto you, wherefoc ver from heaven and behold from this Gorrel ihall be preached the habitation of thy holiness, throughout the whole world, and of thy glory. Where is thy this also that the han done zeal, and thy firength, the thall be foken of tur a memorial founding of thy bowels, and of of her. "And Judas itcariut, one thy mercies towards me! Are of the twelve, went unto the they reftrained? Doubtless thou chief prieits to betray him un. art our Father, though Abraham to them. And when they heard be ignorant of us, and Ifracl it, they were glad, ard promised acknowledge us not: Thou, to give him money.

Aid be O Lord, art our Father, our ke fought how he might conver i: deemer, thy Name is tion ever- ently betray him. And the firtt lafting. o Lord, wliy haft thou day of unleavened bread, when made us to err from thy ways, they killed the paflover, his and hardened our heart from thy, disciples faid unto him, Where fear? Return, for thy fervants' wilt thou that we go and preo Lake, the tribes of thine inherit- pare, that thou mayeit cat the ance The people of thy holi- patlover! And he fei den forth nets have pofieled it but a little iwo of his disciples, and sai h while : our adversaries have unto them, Go ye into the ci y: frodden down thy sanctuary. We and there mall meet you a man



bearing a pitcher of water ; fol shalt deny me thrice. But he - low him: And whereloever he roake the more vehemently, if I

tball go in, say ye to the good should die with thee, I will not man of the houle, The maler deny thee in any wire. Like• faith, Where is the guest cham- wife also said they all. And they ber, where I thall eat the pall- came to a place which was named over wih my disciples ? And Ge hsemane: and be faith to his he will thew you a large upper difciples, sit ye here, while 1 Toom furnithed and prepared : shall pray. And he taketh with there make ready for us. And him Peter, and James, and Jolin, his disciples went forth, and and began to ve r re amazed, came into the city, and found and to be very heavy; and faith as he had said unto them: and unto them, My foul is exceeding they made ready the passover. forrowful unto death : tarry ye And in the evening he cometh here and watch. And ie went with the twelve. And as they forward a little, and fell on the fat., and did eat, Jesus said, ground, and prayed that, if it Verily ! fay unto you, one of were poftible, the hour might you which ea cth with me, shall pass from him. And he said, me.

And they began to Abba, Father, all things are por. be sorrowful, and to say unto him fible unto thee; take away this one by one, Is it 1? and another cup from me: nevertheless not faid, Is it 11 And he answered what I will, but what thou wilt. and faid unto them, it is one of And he cometh and findeth them the twelve that dippeth with Aleeping, and faith unto Peter, ne in the dish. The Son of man Simon Tleepest thou? couldeft not ind:ed goeth as it is written of thou watch one hour: Watch him: but woe to that mau by ye and pray, left ye enter into whom the son of man is be temptation the fpirit truly is frayed! good were it for that ready, but the fltth is weak. Ard man if he liad never been born again he went away, and prayed,

. bread, and blessed, and brake it, when he returned he found Take, eat: this is my body. ey26 were heavy: neither wift

Rave to them, and said, them aflecp again: for their he had given thanks, he gave it he cometh the third time, and to them: and they all drank of faith unto them, Eleep on now, This is my blood of the new the hour is cornes behold, the teitament, which is thed for Son of man is betrayed into the many. Verily I say unto you, I hands of finners: Rise up, let us of the vine, until that day thail hand. And iinmediately, while will drink no more of the fruit go; lo, be that besayeth me is at drink ir new in the kingdom of he yet fpake, cometh Judas, one an ayon. they went out into the great multitude with wordand God. And when they had sung of the twelve, and with him a mount of Olives. And Jefus faith itaves from the chief prieits, for it is written, I will frite the given them a tozen, laying, fended because of me this night : And he that betrayed him had

ye thail be ot- and the fcribes, and the elders. thepherd, and the theep thall be Whomsoever I shall kife, that rifen, I will go before you intohiin away safely. And as foun as fcattered. But after that I am fame is he; take hiin, and lead Galilee. But Peter said unto him, he was come, he goeth straight Although all thall be offended, way to hiin, and faith, Malter, unto him, Verily I say unto thee, laid their hands on hin, and

And Jefus faith mafor, and kifed him. And they that this day, even in this night, took him. And one of tlieni tha: before the cock crow twice, thou ftood by, drew a sword, and



unto them, All

yet will not I.


smote a servant of the high buffet him, and to say unto him, prieft, and cut off his ear. And Propbesy: and the servants did Jesus' answered and said, unto Atrike him with the palms of then, Are ye come as their hands. And as Peter was against a thief, with swords and beneath in the palace, there with ftaves to take me! I was cometh one of the maids of the daily with you in the temple, high prieft: and when she saw teaching, and ye took me not: Peter warming himselt, the but the 'cripturis must be fultille looked upon him, and said, And ed. And they all forsook him, thou also waft with Jesus of Naand fed And there followed zareth. But he denied, saying, him a certain young man, hay I know no:, neither underttard inz a linen cloth cait about his I wiat thou fayett. And he went naked body; and the young out into the porch, and the men iaid hold on him. And he cock crew. And a maid saw him left the inen cloth.and Aed from again, and began to say to them thein naked. And they led Jesus that food by, This is one of awiy to the high riett: and them. And he denied it again. wiih hin were allembled all the And a little after they that stood chief pri-fts, and the elders, and by faid again to Peter, Surely the fcribes. And Perer followed thou art one of them: for thou him atar off, even into the pa: art a Galilean, and thy speech lace of the high prieft: and agreeth thereto. But he began he fit with the servants, and to curse and to swear, saying, I warmed himself at the fire. And know not this man of whom ye the chief priests and all the speak. And the fecond time the council fought for witness cock crew. And Perer called to ágainit Jefus to put him to death, mind the word that Jesus said and found none. For many bare unto him, Before the cock crow falle witne!s agaioft him, but twice, thou thalt deny me thrice. their witness agreed not together. And when he thought thereon, And there are certain, and bare he wept. fall witnets against him, saying, We heard him fay, I will destroy

Tuesday before Eajler. this temple that is made with hands, and within three days

For the Epifle. Ifai. 50. 5. I will build another made with. HE Lord God hath opentheir witness agree together. not rebellious, neither turned And the high priett stood up in a way back. I gave my back to the midt, and asked Jesus, say. the smiters, and my cheeks to ing, Answer dit thou nothing them that plucked off the hair : what is it which these witness I hid not my face from shame against thee? But he held his and spitting. For the Lord God peace, and answered nothing. will help ine, therefore thall I Arain the high prieft asked him, not be confounded; therefore and said unto him, Art thou the have I set my face like a flint, Christ, the son of the Blefied? and I know that I thall not be And Jesus said, I am: and ye alhamed. He is near that justifi. Thall see the son of man titting eth me: who will contend with on the right hand of power, and mer let us ftand together; who coming in the clouds of heaven, is mine adversary? let him coine Then the high grief rent. his near to me. Behold, the Lord clothes, and faith, what need we God will help me: who is he that any further witnelles? ye have thall condemn me? Lo, they all heard the blasphemy : what shall wax old as a garment: the think ye? And they all condemn moth thall eat them up. Who is ed him to be guilty of death. among you that feareth the And fome began to spit on him, Lord, that obeyeth the voice of and to cover his face, and to his servant, that walksth in dark.


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ness, and hath no llght: let him he had scourged him, to be cru. truft in the Name of the Lord, cified. And the foldiers led him and stay upon his God : Behold, away into the hall called Pretoall ye that kindle a fire, thać rium; and they call together the compass yourselves about with whole band. And they clothed (parks; walk in the light of him with purple, and pla'ted 2 your fire, and in the sparks that crown of thorns, and put it

ye have kindled. This thail ye about his head, and began to fa& have of mine hand, ye lhall lie lute him, Hail, King of the Jews. down in forrow.

And they fmote him on the head

with a reed, and did spit upon The Gopel. S. Mark 15.1.

him, and bowing their knees, A

ing the chief priests held & had mocked him, they took on confultation with the elders and the purple from him, and put fcribes, and the whole council, his own clothes on him, and led and bound Jesus, and carried him out to crici'y him. And him away, and delivered him to they compel one Símon a Cyre. Pilate. And Pilate asked him, nian, who passed by, coming out Art thou the King of the Jews of the country, the father if And he answering said unto him, Alexander and 'Rufus, to bear Thou sayeft it. 'And the chief his cross. And they bring him prieits accused him of many unto the place Golgotha, which things : but he answered nothing is, being interprepted, The place And Pilate asked him again, say: of a skull. And they gave him ing, Answereft thou nothing to drink wine mingled with behold, how many things they myrrh; but he received it not. winess against thee. But Jesus And when they had crucified yer an!wered nothing : so that him, they parted his garments, Pilate marvelled. Now at that cafting lors upon them, what feast he released unto them one every man thould take. And it prisoner, whomsoever they de: was the third hour, and they fired. And there was one named crucified him. And the super. Barabbas, which lay bound with icripzion of his accusation was them that had made insurrection written over, THE KING OF with him. who had commit. THE JEWS. And with him they ted murder in the insurrection. crucify two thieves, the one on And the ir: ultitude crying aloud, his right hand, and the other on began to defire him to do as he his left. And the !cripture was had ever done unto them. But fulfilled which faith, And he Pilate antwered them, saying, was numbered with the transWill ye that I release unto you grellots. And they that passed the King of the Jews ?. (for hc by, railed on him, wagging their knew that the chief prieits had heads, and saying: An, thou that delivered hiın for envy) But the defroyeft the temple, and build. chief priests moved the people, eit ir in three days, fave thy. that he should rather release Ba felf, and come down from the rabbas unto them. And Pilare cross. Likewile also the chief answered and said again unto prietts, mocking, said among them, What will ye then that I themselves, with the scribes, Hé shall do unto him whom ye call saved others; himselt he cannot the King of the Jewe? And the save. Lex Chriit the King of 16cried out again, Crucify himn. racl defcend now from the crosse Then Pilatefaid unto them, that we may fee and believe. Why, what evil hath he done? And they that were, crucified And they cried out the more ex with him reviled him. And ceedingly, Crucify him. And to when the fixth hour was come, Pilate, willing to content the there was darkness over the people, rileafed Barabbas unto whole land, until the ninth hour. them, and delivered Jerus, when Alid at the ninth hour Jelus cri:

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