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in all Jews, Turks, Infidels, and his enemies be made his foot1 Hereticks, and take from them tool. For by one offering he hath

all ignorance, hardness of heart, perfected for ever them that are * and contempt of thy word; and fan&ified; whereof the Holy

foferch them home, blessed Lord, Ghost also is a witness to us : For

to thy flock, that they may be after that he had said before, !1 faved

among the remnant of the This is the covenant that I will € true lsraelites, and be made one make with them after those days,

fold under one shepherd, Jesus faith the Lord, I will put my & Chrift our Lord, who liveth and laws into their hearts, and in · Teigneth with thee and the Holy their minds will I write them;

Spirit, one God, world without and their tins and iniquities will end. Amen.

I remember no inore. NOW The Epistle. Heb. 10. 1. where remiffion of these is,

law a good things to coine, and Having therefore, brethren, bold. not the very inage of the ness to enter into the holiest by things, can never with those fa- the blood of Jesus, by a new crifices which they offered year and living way, which he hath by year continually, make the confecrated for us through the comers thereunto perfect : for veil, that is to say bis flesh; and then would they not have ceafed having an high Prief over the to be offered; because that the house of God; let us draw near worshippers once purged, thould with a true heart, in full affur. have had no more conscience of ance of faith, having our hearts fins. But in those facrifices there fpriukled from an evil consci. is a remembrance again made ence, and our bodies wathed of fins every year. For it is not with pure wa'er. Let us hold faft poffible that the blood of bulls the profesion of our taith with. and of goats Thould take away out wavering; (!or he is faithful fins: wherefore when he com- that promised) and let us coneth in o the world, he faith, Sa. lider one another to provoke un. crifice and offering thou would- to love, and to good works: no: cft not but a body haft thou pre- for aking the affcmbling of our pared me: In burnt offerings felves together, as the manner of and facrifices for fin thou háit fome is; but exhorting une ano. had no pleasure : "Then taid, ther; and so much the more, as Lo, I come in the volume of ye fee the day approaching. the book i: is written of me) to The Gojpel. S John 19. 1. do thy will, o God. Above, ILATÉ therefore took Jesus, when he said, Sacrifice and of and scourged him. And the

ftring, ard burnt offerings, and soldiers platred a crown of thorns, e offering for tin thou wouldert and put it on his liead, and they

not, neither hadat pleasure there. put on him a purple robe, and cin, which are offered by the said, Hail, King of the Jews!

law; Then said he, Lo, i'come And they finote' him with their to do thy will, O God. He tak. hands. Pilate therefore went eth

away the first, that he may forth again, and faith unto them, efablish the second. By the Behold, I bring him forth to which will we are fanctificu, you, that ye may know that I through the offering of the body ind 'no tauít in him. Then came of Jesus Christ once for all. And Jesus forth wearing the crown every, priest ttandeth daily mi of thorns, and the purple robe. niftering and offering oftentimes And Pilaté faith unto them, Be. the same facrifices, which can hold the man. When the chief never take away fins. But this priests therefore and officers man, after he had offered one faw him, they cried out tay. facrifice for fins, for ever fat ing, Cruci'y hím, crucity him. down on the right hand of God; Pila e faith into them, Take ye from henceforth expecting till him, and cruciły him: for I find



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Ho fault in him. The Jews an. Hebrew, and Greck, and Larin. fwered him, We have a law, and Then faid the chief priests of by our law he ought to die, be. the Jews to Pilate, Write not, cause he made himself the son The King of the Jews; but that of Ged. When Pilate theretore he said," I am King of the heard that saying, he was the Jews. Pilate answered, what I more atraid; and went again in- have written, I have written. to the judgement hall, and faith Then the soldiers, when they unto Jesus, Whence art thou had crucified Jesus, took his but Jelus gave him po answer. garments, and made four parts, The faith Pilate unto him, to every soldier a part ; and also Speakeft thou not unto me? his coat: now the coat was Knoweft thou not that I have without feam, woyen from the power to crucify thee, and have top throughout. They said there, power to relcale thee : Jesus an- fore among themfelves, Let us Twered, Thou couldeft have no not rend it, but catt lots fer it, power at all againit me, except whose it thall be: that the Scrip: it were given ilee from above: ture might be fulfilled, which therefore he that delivered me faith, They parted my raiment unto thee hath the greater fin. among them, and for my vefture And from thenceforth Pilate they did cast Icts. There things fought to release him: but the therefore the foldiers did. Now Jews cried out, saying, If thou there tood by the croés of Jesus, let this man go, thou art not his mother, and his mother's Cesar's friend:

Whofuever mak- fifter, Mary the wife of Cleophas, eth himself a King, speaketh and Mary Magdalene.. When Jeagainn Cefar. When Pilate there- fus therefore faw his mother, fore heard that saying, he and the disciple ftanding by brought Jefus forth, and fat down whom he loved, he faith unto in the judgement fear, in a place his mother, Woinan, behold thy that is called The Pavement, but fon. I hen faith he to the discí. in the Hebrew, Gabbatha. And ple, Behold thy mother. And it was the preparation of the from that hour that disciple took passover, and out the fix her unto his own home. After hour: and he saith unto the this, Jesus knowing that all Jews, Behold your King! But things were now accomplished, they cried out, Away with him, that the Scripture mișht be ful? away with him, crucify him. filled, faith, i thirit Now there Pilate faith unto them, Shall I was fet a vefel full of vinegar: crucify your King! The chief and they filled a [punge with priets answered, We have 110 vinegar, and put it upon hyffop, King but Cefar. Then delivered and put it to his mouth. When ke him therefore unto them to Jesus therefore had received the be crucified. And they took Je- vinegar, he said, It is finithed: fus, and led him away. And he and he bowed his lead, and gave bearing his cross, went forth in- up the ghoft. The Jews there. to a place called The place of a fore, because it was the preparaIkull, which is called in the He- tion, that the bodies should not brew, Golgotha : where they remain upon the cross on the crucified him, and two other sabbath day (for that fabbath wi á him, on either side one, day was an high day) befought and Jesus in the midft. And Pi- Pilate that their legs might be late wrote a title, and put it on broken, and that they might be the cross; and the writing was, taken away. Then caine the folJESUS OF NAZARETH THÉ diers, and brake the legs of the KING OF THE JEWS. This first, and of the other which was title then read many of the crucified with him. But when Jews : for the place where Je- they came to Jesus, and saw that us was crucified was nigh to lie was dead already, they brake Skie cily; and it was written in not his lege. Lut ene of the fol.

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diers with a fpear pierced his also himself was Jesus' difciple. fide, and forchwith came there. He wnt to Pilato, and begged out blood and water, And he the body of Jesus. "Then pilare that saw it bare record, and his commanded the cody to be de. record is true: and he knoweth Jivered. And when joseph 1:ad that he faith true, that ye might taken the body, he wrapped ic believe. For these things were in a clean linea cloth, and laid done, that the Scripture thould it in his own new tomb, which be fulfilled, A bone of him thall he had hewn out in the rock; not be broken. And again, ano, and he rolled a great flone to the ther Scripture saith, They thall door of the fepulchre, and de. look on him whom they pierced. part d. And there was Mary

Magdalene, and the other Mary, Eafter Even.

fitting over against the fopul

chre. Now the next day that The Collect.

followed the day of the prepara. Glate baptized into the death rifecs came together

unto Pilate, of thy bletled Son our Saviour faying, Sir, we rememb:r that Jesus Christ, so bycontinual mor. that deceiver faid, while he was tifying our corrupt affe&ions, yet alive, After three days I will we may be nuried with him, rise again. Command therefore and that through the grave and that the fepuichre be made fure gate of death, we may pals to until the third day, leit his dir. our joyful resurrection, for his ciples come by night and feal merits, who died, and was bu. him away, and say unto the peoried, and rose again for us, thy ple, He is risen from the dead: Son Jeslis Chrift our Lord. Amen. to the laft error shall be worse

The Epifle. 1 S. Pet. 3. 17. than the first. Pilate faid unto
T is better, if the will of God them, Ye have a watch, go your

; !
doing, than for evil doing For So they went and made the se.
Christ also hath once suffered for pulchre süre, sealing the ftone,
fins, the just for the unjuft; that and setting a watch.
he might bring us to God, being
put to death in the flesh, but

EASTER:DAY. quickened by the Spirit: by which also he went and preach- 9 Al Morning Prayer, inftead of ed unto the spirits in prison;

the Pfalm, (o come let us fing, which fometime were disobedi &c.) thefe Anthems shall be sung ear, when once thelongsuffering.

or said. No co bleitende lank head

ay pred Certified for use therefore fe: paring; wherein few, that is, us keep the fea; cight fouls, were saved by wa- Not with old leaven, neither ter. The like figure whereunto with the leaven of malice and even bapiifon doth also now wickedness : but with the un. fave us (not the putting away leavened bread of sincerity and the filth of the flesh, but the an. truth. I Cor. 5. 7. ward Gods by the refurretion Chhe dead, die in one morena of Jesus Chrift: who is gone death hath no more dominion into heaven, and is on the right over him. hand of God, angela, and autho.

For in that he died, he died rities, and powers being made unto fin once: but in that he fubject unto him.

liveth, he liveth unto God. The Gospel. S. Matth, 27, 5'7. Likewise reckon ye alto your Where come rich man

et huren ve bunto God, through je: HEN the even was come, felves to be dead indeed unto fin: Arimathea, named Joseph, who sus Christ our Lord. Rom. 6. 9.


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dead: and become the first loved, and faich unto them, They fruits of them that Nept,

have taken away the Lord out For fince by man came death: of the fepulchre, and we know by man came also the resurrecti. not where they have laid him. on of the dead.

Peter therefore went forth, and For as in Adam all die : even that other disciple, and came to fo in Chrift thall all be made the sepulchre. So they ran both alive. I Cor. 15. 20.

together; and the other disciple Glory be to the Father, and to did outrun Peter, and came firft the Soa: and to the Holy Ghoft. to the sepulchre ; and he ftoop

Anfw. As it was in the begin. ing down, and looking in, raw ning, is now, and ever thall be: the linen clothes lying, yet went world without end. Amen." he nor in. Then comeih Simon The Collect.

Perer following him, and went LMIGHTY God, who linen clothes lie; and the nap.

into the sepulctre, and teeth the A

through thine only begotten kin that was about his head, not Son Jesus Christ, haft overcome lying wi:h the linen clotlies, but death, and opened unto us the wrapped together in a place by gate of everlahing life ; We hum. itself. Then went in alfo that bly beleech thee, that as by thy other disciple, which came firft special grace preventing us, thou to the fepulchre, and he faw, dou put into our minds good de- and believed. For as yet they fircs; lo by thy continual help we knew not the Scripture, that he may bring the same to good ef. must rise again from the dead. feet, through JesusChrist our Lord, Then the disciples went away whó liveth and reigneth with again unto their own home. thee and the Holy Ghost, everone God, world without end. Amen.

Monday in Eafler. week.
The Epifle. Col, 3. 1.

The Collegt.
I ,
seek those things which are


A MOUGHT Xe God above, where Chrift fitteth on

through thine only begotten the right hand of God. Set your Son Jesus Chrift, haft overcome affection on things above, not on death, and opened unto us the things on the earth: For ye are fate of everlalting life; We humdead, and your life is hid with bly beseech thee, that as by thy Chrift in God. When Chrift who special grace preventing us, thou is our life thall appear, then doft put into our minds good de. Shall ye also appear with him in fires for by thy continuai help we glory: Mortify theretore your may bring the same to good ef. members which are upon the feet, through Jesus Chrift our carth; fornication, uncleanners, Lord,

who liveth and reigneth inordinate affection, evil con

with 'thee and the Holy Ghoft, cupiscence, and coveroumess, ever one God, world 'without which is idolatry: for which end. Amen. things fake the wrath of God For the Epifle. Ads 10. 34. cometh on the children of difComedience that the which ye aici Penderard Percent trummopera walked some time, when ye liv. ceive that God is no relpecter of ed in them.

perfons; but in every nation, he The Gospel. S John 20.1. that feareth him, and worketh

He first day of the week righteousness, is accepted with early, when it was yet dark, un. unto the children of Israel, to the fepulchre and feeth the preaching peace by Jefus Chrift: ftone taken away from the fe. he is Lord of all: That word, I Dulcire. Then ihe runneth and say, ye know, which was pub. reth to Sinon Peter, and to lished throughout all Judea, and


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began from Galilee, after the bap- that it had been he which fhould tism which John preached; How have redeemed Ifrael. and be God anointed Jesus of Nazareth fide all this, to day is the third with the Holy Ghoft, and with day since these things were done. power; who went about doing Yea, and certain women also of guod, and healing all that were our company made us aftonithoppressed of the devil: for God cd, which were early at the fepul. was with him. And we are wit- chre; and when they found not nelics of all things which he did, bis body, they came, saying both in the land of the Jews, and that they had also seen a vibon in Jerusalem; whom they few of angels, which said that he was and hanged on a tree: Him God alive. And certain of them which raised up the third day, and were with us went to the fepulthewed him openly; not to all chre, and found it even fo as the the people, but unto witnesses women had said: but him they cholen before of God, even to faw not. Then he said unto them, us who di

eat and drink with O fools, and dow of heart to behin after he role from the dead. lieve all that the prophets have And he commanded us to preach spoken! ought not Chrift to have unto the people, and to teftify suffered thiete things, and to en. that it is he which was ordained ter into his glory? And begin. of God to be the Judge of quick ning at Mofes and all the proand dead. To hím give all the phers, he expounded unto them proplets witness, that through in all the Scrip'ures the things his Name, whosoever believeth concerning himself. And they in him thall receive remillion of drew nigh unto the village, whí. fins.

ther they went: and he made as The Gospel. S. Luke 24. 13: though he would have gone fur.

, were the same day to a vil. saying, Abide with us, fur it is to. lage called Emmaus, which was ward evening, and the day is far from Jerusalem about threescore fpent. And he went in to carry turlongs. And they talked toge with them. And it came to pass, ther of all these things which as he fa: at meat with them, he had happened. And it came to took bread, and blesed it, and pals, that while they communed brake, and gave to them. And together, and reasoned, Jesus their eyes were opened, and hintelf drew near, and went they knew him: and he vanithed with them. But their eyes were out of their fight. And they said holden, that they, thould not one to another, Did not our know his. And he said unto heart burn within us, w':ile he them, what manner of commu. talked with us by the way, and nications are there, that ye have while he opened to us the Scripone to another, as ye walk and tures? And they rofe up the fa ne are sad? And one of them, hour, and returned to Jerusalem, whose name was Cleopas, an. and found the eleven gathered fwering said unto him, Art thou together, and them that were only a Aranger in Jerusalem, with them, saying, The Lord is and hat not known the things risen indeed, and hath appeared which are come to pass there in to Simon. And they cold what these days! and he said unto things were done in the way, them, Wbat thingst And they and how he was known of them Caid unto him, Concerning Jesus in breaking of bread. of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word Tuesday in Easter-week. before God and all the people :

The Colleå. ind hulers delivered hints and Athrough Athine only begotten condemned to death, and have Son Jesus Chrift, haft overcome crucified him. But we truited death, and opened unto us the

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