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At the Burial of their Dead at Sea, for the resurrection of the body

(when the Sea thall give up her I The Office in the Common Prayer: dead,) and the life of the world

book may be used; only instead to come, through our Lord Jesus
of these words {We therefore
commit hisbody to the ground, change our vile body, that it mag

Chrilt; who at his coming thall earth to earth, &c.] say,

be like his glorious body, acE therefore commit his cording to the mighty working turned into corruption, looking things to himself.

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used Yearly upon the Fifth Day of November ; for the happy Deliverance of King JAMES I. and the three Estates of England, from the most traiterous and bloody intended Mafsacre by Gunpowder : And also for the happy Arrival of his Majesty King WILLIAM on this

Day, for the Deliverance of our Church and Nation. I The Minister of every Parish shall give warning to hi: Parishioners publickly in the Church at Morning Prayer the Sunday before, for the due Observation of the said Day. And after Morning Prayer, or Preaching, upon the said Fifth Day of November, Shall read pub. lickly, dijinály, and plainly, the Aă of Parliament made in the third year of King James the Firí, for the Observation of it. 1 'The Service

shall be the same with the usual Office for Holy-days in all Things ; except where it is hereafter otherwise appointed, if this day Mall happen to be Sunday, only the Colled proper for that

Sunday shall be added to this Office in its place. 1 Morning Prayer shall begin with vexed me from my you!h up : but

theje Sentences : they have not prevailed againft HE Lord is full of com- me. Ver. 2. TH passion, and mercy : long.

They have privily laid their suffering, and of great goodnes. net to destroy me' without a Pfal. 103. 8.

cause : yea, even without a He will not alway be chiding : cause have they made a pit for neicher keepeth he his anger for my soul, Pfal. 35. 7. cver. rer. 9.

They have laid a net for my feet, He hath not dealt with 13 after and pressed down my soul they our fins: nor rewarded us accord. have digged a pit before nie, and ing to our wickednesses. ver. 10. are fallen into the midst of it ikem.

selves. Pfal. 57. 7. S Instead of Venite exultemus,

Great is our Lord, and great is Tällthis Hymn following be used; his

power : yea, and his wisdom one Verse by the Priest, another is intinite. Pfal. 147. 5. by the Clerk and People.

The Lord fetteth up the meek : O down to

for he is gracious : and his the ground. ver. 6. mercy endureth for ever. Pfal. Let thy hand be upon the man 107. 1.

of thy right hand and upon Let them give thanks whom the the son of man, whom thou Lord hath redeemed : and deliver. madefro ftrong for thine owned from the hand of the enemy. felf. Pfal. 80. 17.

And so will not we go back from Many à time have they fought thee : 0 let us live, and we mall againft' me from my youth up : call upon thy Name. ver. 18. may Israel now say. Psal. 129. 1. Glory be to the Father, &*c. rea, many a time have they As it was in the beginning, 6°C.


1 Proper

ver. 2.

Proper Psalms. 64, 124, 125. again with joy and gładness, Proper Lefons.

after the time that thou hadi

amicted us, and putting a new The Firft. 2 Sam. :2. Te Deum. song into our mouths, by bring. The Second. Aas 23. Jubilate. ing his Majesty King ivilliam,

upon this Day, for the deliver 9 In the Suffrages after the Creed, ance of our Church and Na.

thefe shall be inserted and used tion from Popith Tyranny and for the King.

arbitrary Power. We adore the Priet. O Lord, save the King;

wisdom and justice of thy ProPeople. Who putteth his truit vidence, which fo tiinely inter. in thee.

pored in our extreme danger, Priest. Send him help from thy and disappointed all the deligns holy place;

of our enemies. We beleech People. And everinore mightily thee, give us such a lively and defend him.

lasting sense of what thou didft Priest. Let his enemies have no then, and haft since that time advantage against him ;

done for us, tliat we may not People. Let not the wicked ap. grow lecure ard careless in our proach to hurt him.

obedience, by presuming upon

thy great and undeferved goodI instead of the first Collect at Morn. neis; but that it may lead us to ing Prayer, fhall these two be used. repentance, and move us to be LMIGHTY God, who hatt all the duties of our Religion,

the more diligent and zealous in

had in and mercy, in the miraculous

Let and gracious deliverances of thy manner preserved to us. Churclı, and in the protection of kindness and charity, devotion

and justice, brotherly righteous and religio:18 Kings and and piety, concord and unity, States, profelling thy holy, and with all other virrues, fo fourib eternal trurli, from the wicked conspiracies, and malicious prac: stability of our times, and make

among us, that they may be the tices of all tlic enemies thereof; this Church a praise in the earth. we yield thee our unteigned All which we humbly be for thanks and praise, for the won.

the sake of our blessed Lord and drful and inighty deliverance

Saviour. Amen. of our gracious Sovereign King mes the First, the Queen, the In the end of the Litany (whtch Prince. and all the Royal Branch- Jhall always this day le 30/ed) e, with the Nobility, Clergy, and after the Colleit (We humbly Commons of England, then allem- beseech thee, &c.] Jhall this be bled in Pariiainent, by Popith faid which followeth. tie naughter, in a moħbarbarous A ly Father, who of thy gracia ud lavage manner, beyond the ous providence and tender merxamples of former ages. From

cy towards us, didit prevent the t :is unnatural Conspiracy, not malice and imaginacions of our Our rncric, but thy mercy; not enemies, by discovering and our forefight, burthy providence confounding their horrible and delivered us : And therefore not wicked enterprize, plotted and uno us, O Lord, not unto us, intended this day to have been but unto thy Name be ascribed executed against the King, and all honour and glory, in all the whole state of England, for Churches of the saints, from ge- the fubversion of the Governneration to generation, through ment and Religion establithed clusChrift our Lord. Amen.

among us; and didit likewise AGERE

God, of our unteigned duct thy fervant King William, thanks, for filling our hears and bring him fately into Enga


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land, to preserve us from the our gracious Sovereign and his attempts of our enemies to be: Rea!my being preferved in thy reave us of our Religion and true Religion, and by thy mer. Laws: We moit humbly praise' citul goodness protected in the and magnify thy most glorious fame; we may all duly, serve Name for thy unspeakabie good.. thee, and give thee thanks in nefs towards us, exprefled in thy holy congregation, througla both these acts of thy mercy. Jelus Clirist our Lord. Amen. We confess it has been of thy s in the Communion Service, in. mercy alone, that we are not

Jiead of the ColleEl for the Day, consumed : for our sins have

Thall this which followeth be cried to heaven against us, and

used. our iniquities juftly called for

TERNAL God, and our moft vengeance upon us. But thou E haft no'. dealt with us after our worthy servants do humbly pr:

mighty protector, we thy unfing, nor rewarded us after our sent ourselves before thy Maleiniquities ; nor given us over, Ay, acknowledging thy power, as we deserved, to be a prey to wisdoin, and goodness, in pre. our enemies ; but hat in mercy serving the King and the Three delivered us from their malice, Efates of the Realm of England and preserved us from death afembled in Parliament, trom and deftruation. Let the confi: the, det rudion this day intende deration of this thy repeated ed againft them. Make us, we goodness, O Lord, work in us beseech thee, truly thankful icr true repentance, that iniquity this, and for all other thy great may not be our ruin : And in- mercies towards us ; particularly crease in us more and more a for making this Day.again me lively faith and love, fruitful in morabie, by a freth instance of all holy obedierce; that thou thy lovingkindness towards us. mayeft 'Aill continue thy favour We bless thee for giving His late with the light of thy Gospel, to Majesty King William a laf: us and our pofterity for ever arrival here, and for making all mote ; and that for thy dear Oppolition tall betore him, till he Son's lake, Jesus Christ our only became our King and Governor. Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

We beseech thee to protect and I Inflead of the Prayer (in tine defend our Sovereign Kirg

of War and Tumults) shall be GEORGE, and all the Royal Fa. ufcd this Prayer following. mily, from all treasons and conLORD, who didft this day

spiracies; preserve him in thy that were laid for us, and didft reign with long happiness here

and crown him, wonderfully deliver

us from the on carih same: Be thou fill our mighty through Jesus Chrili our only

with everlasting glory hercafret, mies that delight in blood. In. Sa vivur and Recamet. Amen. fatuate and defeat their coun. The Epiflle. Rom. 13 1. their malice, and confound their

LET every pe webrece por

to the higher powers, devices. Strengthen the hands there is no power bue of God : of our gracious Sovereign Kicg the powers that ne are ordainGEORGE, and all that are put ed of God. Wholoever therein authority under him, with fore refifteth the power, refiftjudgement and justice to cut eth the ordinance of Gud; and off all such workers of iniquity, they that refift thall receive to as turn Religion into Rebellion, themselves damnation. For ru. and Faith into Faction : that lers are not a terror to goud they may never prevail againft words, but to the evil, wil: us, or triumph in the ruin of the thou then not be afraid of the Church among us: But that power! do that which is good


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and thou shalt have praise of 1 After the Creed, if there be na the fame : tor he is the minister Sermon, fhall be read one of the of God to tliee for good. But if fax Homilies against Rebellion. thou do toat which is evil, be 1 This Sentence is to be read at the atraid : for he beareth not the Offertory. fword in vain : tor he is the mi. : Whatsoever ye would that men nister of God, a revenger to exe. Thould do to you, do ye even 10 cute wrath upon him that doeth to them; for this is the law and evil. Wherefore ye must needs the prophets. S. Matth. 7. 12. be subje&t, not only for wrath, 1 After the Prayer for the Church tut also for confcience' fake. militant, this following Prayer For, for this caule pay ye tri- is to be used. Hure allo: for they are God's O Cent in all the earth, and minifters attending continually upon this very thing. Render thy glory above the heavens ; therefore to all their dues; tri who on this day didnt miraculous. bute to whom tribute is due; ly preserve our Church and State cuftom to whom cuftom; fear from the secret contrivance and to whom fear; honour to whom hellish malice of Popith Conrpi. bunour.

rators : and on this day alto

didit begin to give us a mighty The Gospel. S. Luke 9. 51. deliverance from the open ty. A

ND it came to pass, when ranny and oppreflion of the

the time was come that same cruel and bloodthirsty he should be received up, he enemies : We bless and adore thy ftedtattly set his face to go to glorious Majefty, as for the for. Jerusalem, and sent messengers mer, so for this thy late mar. before his face, and they went vellous lovingkindness to our and entered into a village of the Church and Nation, in the preSamaritans, to make ready for servation of our Religion and Lj. him : And they did not receive berties. And we humbly pray, bim, because his face was as that the devout sense of this though he would go to Jerusa- thy repeated mercy may renew Jem. And when his disciples and increase in us a spirit of love James and John law this, they and thankfulnese to thee its only faid, Lord, wilt thou that we Author; a spirit of peaceable subcommand fire to come down mission and obedience to our from heaven, and consume them, gracious Sovereign Lord King even as Elias did? But he turned GEORGE ; and a spirit of fervent and rebuked them, and said, zcal for our holy religion, which Ye know not what manner of thou haft fo wonderfully rescued, fpirit ye are of : For the son of and established a blefling to us man is not cometo deftroy men's and our posterity. And this we lives, but to save them. And beg for Jesus Chrift his fake. they went to another village. Amen. A FORM of PRAYER with FASTING, to be

used yearly upon the Thirtieth Day of January, being the Day of the Martyrdom of the Blessed King Charles I. to implore the mercy of God, that neither the Guilt of that facred and innocent Blood, nor those other Sins, by which God was provoked to deliver up both us and our King into the hands of cruel and unrea. fonable Men, may at any time hereafter be visited

upon us, or our pofterity, 1 If this Day Jhall happen to be Sunday, this Form of Prayer shall le rifed, and the Faji kept the next day following. And upon the Lurd's Day naxt before the Day to be kept, at Morning Prayer,

immediately immediately after the Nicene Creed, notice shall be given for this

due Observation of the said Day. 9 The Service of the Day shall be the same with the usual offices

for Holy-days in all things; except where it is in this Ofice other. wife appointed.

The ORDER for MORNING PRAYER 9.He that miniftereth, shall be. Yea, his own familiar friends,

gin with one or more of these whom he truited: they that eat Sentences.

of his bread, laid great wait tor: T mencies and forgiveneiles o the Lord our God belong him. Pfal. 41.9.

They rewarded him evit for though we have rebelled againft good to the great discomfort of him: neither have we ubeyed his soul. Pfal. 35. 12. the voice of the Lord our God, They took their counsel oge to walk in his laws which he set ther, saying, God hath fo:saken: before us. Dan. 9.9, 10. him: perfecute him, and take

Correct us, O Lord, but with him, for there is none to deliver judgement: not in thine anger, him. Pfal. 71.9. left thou bring us to nothing. The breath of our nostrils, the Jer. 10. 24.

Anointed of the Lord, was taken in Enter not into judgement with theirpitsof whom we said, Under thy servants, O Lord : for in his shadow we shallbe safe. Lam.. thy fight thall no man living be 4. 20. juftified. Pfal. 143. 2.

The adversary and the enemy 'T Instead of Venite exultemus, entered into the gates of Jerusa

the Hymn following shall be lem : saying, When shall he die, ,
faid or fung; one verse by the and his name perith? ver, 12.
Priel, another by the Clerk and Psal. 41. 5. .

Let the sentence of guillinels proand juft are thy judge he lieth, let him rise up no- more. ments! Pfal. 119. 137.

ver. 8. Thou art just, O Lord, in all Falfe witnesses also did rire that is broughi upon us : fur thou up against him : they laid to: hajt done right, but we have done his charge things that he knew wickedly, Neli. 9. 33.

not. Pfal. 35. 11. Nevertheless our feet were al- For the firs of the people," and! most gone : our treadings had the iniquities of the priests they well nigh Nipped. Pfal. 73. 2. Thed the blood of the just in the

For why? we were grieved at "mids of Jerufalem. Lam. 4. 13. the wicked : we did ayo see the o my soul, come not thou into ungodly in such prosperity. ver. 3. their fecret; unto their assembly,

The people ftood up, and the mine honour, be not thou united: rulers took counsel together for in their anger they new a' againft the Lord, and against his man; Gen. 49. 6. Anointed. Pfal. 2. 2.

Even the man of thy right They can their heads together hand: the Son of man, whom thou: with one consent : and were con- hadt made to Jirong for thinee federate against him. Píal. 83. 5. orun felf: Pál. 80. 17.

He heard the blasphemy of In the fight of the unwise he the multitude, and fear was on seemed to-die: and his depar.. every fide : while they conspired ture taken tor: mifery, together against him to take wisd. 3. 2. away his lite. Pfal. 31. 15.

The; fonts counted his life They Spake against him with madness, and his end to be with false tongues, and compassed him out honour : but he is in peace. . about with words of hatred :: Wifd. 5. 4. & 3. 3. and fought against him without a For though he was punithed: cause. Plal 109, 2.

in the light of mea ; yet was

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