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** the three Collect's next following 9 In the Coinmunion Service, af. • are to be read.

ter the Prayer for the king

(Almighty God, whore Kina O , mercifuily hcar our prayers,

doin is everlafting, 6°c.) in. and (pare all those who confefs

stead of the Colled for the day, their 'ling unto thee; that they

Tall these two be used : whofe consciences by fin are ac O moft mighty God, &c. cused, by thy merciful pardon Bles d Lord, in whole, soc. may be abfolved, through Christ As in the Morning Prayer. our Lord. Amen.

The Epifle. 1 S. Pet. 2. 1 3. O

MOST mighty God, and

merciful Father, who ha? SUBMIT yourselves to every co npaflion upon all men, and Lord's fake : whether it be to hatelt nothing that thou haft the King as supreme: or unto made; who wouldeft not the dearl of a sinner, but that he are sent by rin for the punith.

governors as unto them that hould rather turn from his sin, ment of evildoera, and for the and be saved; Mercifully forgive praise of them that do well. ut our trespaffios; receive and for fo in the will of God, that comfort us, who are grieved, with well doing ye may put to and wearied with the burden filence the ignorance of foo.ith of our fins. Thy property, is men : as free, and not using always to have mercy; to thee your liberty for a cloke of ma: Only it appertaineth to forgive liciousner, but as the servants fins. Spare us therefore, good of God. Honour all men. Love Lord, Ipare thy people, whom the crotherhood. Fear God. thou hait redeemed; enter not Honour the King. Servants, be into judgement with thy serv: fubject to your maiters with ants, who are vile earth and all tear, not only to the good miserable finner ; but so turn and gentle, but also to the thine anger from us, who meekly froward For this is thankacanowledge our vileness, and worthy, if a man for conscience truly repent us of our ftults; and toward' God endure grief, fuffo make haste to help us in this

fering, wrongfully. For what world, that we may, ever live glory is it, if wien ye be buf. with thee in the world to come, feted for your faulcs, ye shall through Jesus Christ our Lord. take it patiently but if when Amen.

ye do well and Tuffer for it ye T

URN thou us, o good take it patiently, this is accept

Lord, and to shall we be able wi h God.' For even here. turned. Be favourable, O Lord, unto were ye called ; because be favourable to thy people, Christ alio fufired for us, leaving Who turn to thee in weeping, us, an eximple, that ye should faiting, and praying. For thou follow his ftcos: who did no fin, art a merciful Got, full of com.

nei he was guile found in his pallion, longsuffering, and of mouth. great pity. Tou (parest when

The Gospel.

S. Math. 21. 33. ve deferve punishment, And in Tender which planted


THERE was a certain hour thy writh thinkeit upon mercy. Spare thy people, good Lord, vineyard, and liedged it round fpare tņem, And let not thine about, and digged a winepress heritage be brought to confu- in it, and built a tower, and let fion. Hear us, O Lord, for thy it out to hulband men, and went mercy is great, and after the inio a far cowitry. And when multitude of thy mercies took the time of the fruit drew near, upon us, through the merits and he sent his servants to the hur. mediation of thy blessed Son je. bandmen, that they might res fus Christ our Lord. Amen. ceive the fruits of it. And the

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husbandmen took his fervanto, ed, but haft in the midnt of and beat one, and killed another, judgement remembered mercy; and toned another. Again, he We acknowledge it thine espe! fent other fervants, more than cial favour, that though for our the firft : and they did unto many and a great provocations, them likewife. But laft of all he tnou didst fütter thine Anointed Sent unto them his fòn, saying, blefied King Charles the First They will reverence ny son. But as on this day) to fall into the when the husbandmen saw the hands of violent and bloodfon, they said among themselves, thirsty men, and barbarously This is the heir ; come, let us

to be murdered by them; yet kill him; and let us seize on his thou didft not leave us for ever inheritance. And they caught as sheep, without a thepherd, him, and cast him out of the but by thy gracious providence vineyard, and few him. When didit miraculoully preserve the the Lord therefore of the vine- undoubted Heir of his Crowns, yard cometh, what will he do our then gracious Sovereign unto thole husbandmen! They King. Charles the Second, from fay unto him, He will miserably his bloody enemies, hiding him destroy those wicked men, and under the thadow of thy wings, will let out his vineyard unto until their tyranny was over other huibandmen, which thall past; and didit bring him back, render him the fruits in their in thy good appointed time, fcafons.

to fit upon the throne of his

Father ; and together with the
1 After the Nicene Creed, Mall Royal Family didnt reftore to us
be read, instead of the Sermon

ancient Government in
for that day, the first and le. Church and state. Por these
cond parts of the Homily
again Disobedience
and wilful cies, we render

to thee our most

thy great and unspeakable mer. Rebellion, set forth by Authority; humble and unfeigned thanks ; or the Minister who oficiales; befeeching thee ftill to continue Shall preach a Sermon of his thy gracious prote&ion over own compofing upon the same the whole Royal Family, and arguments

to grant to our gracious Sove9 In the Offertory shall this Sen. reign King GEORGE, a long tence be read.

and a happy. Reign over us. SO

we, that are thy people, will give
whatsoever ye would that

thee thanks for ever, and will
men should do unto you, even so
do un:o them ; - for this is the alway be the wing forth thy praise
law and the prophets. S. Matth. through Jesus Chritt our Lord

from generation ro generation,

and Saviour. Amen.
4 After the Prayer (For the A feech thee, that the course

whole State of Christ's Church, of this world may be so peace-
&*c.) these two Coileis follow" ably ordered by thy governance,
ing shall be used.

that thy Church may joyfully
LORD, our heavenly Fa: serve thee in all godly quietnei,

ther, who didit not pu- through Jesus Christ our Lord, nith us as our fins have defcrv- Amen



7. I 2.

9 The Hymn appointed to be I Proper Pfalms. 79. 94. 85.

u'ed at Morning Prayer, instead 1 Proper Lejjons.
of Venite exultemus, Mall here: The First. Jer. 12. or Dan. Ja
also be used before the Proper to ver. 22.

The Second. Heb. II. v. 32. and
Righteous art thou, O Lord, &c. 52.10 Vale

| Indeed

be used.

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Instead of the first Collect at great mercy preserve his son,
Evening Prayer,

all these two whose right it was ; and at length which next follow be used. by a wonderful providence bring O

ALMIGHTY Lord God, niin back, and let him thercon,

who by thy wisdom not to restore thy true Religion, and only guideft and ordereft al to settle peace amongst us : For things moft suitably to thine own these thy great mercies we justice; but also pertormatt thy glorify thy Name. through Jesus pleasure in such a manner, that Chrift our biellod Saviour. we cannot but acknowledge Amen. thee to be righteous in all thy I immediately after the Collect ways, and holy in all thy works:

(Lighten our darkness, $c.) We thy fieful people do here fall down before thee, confeffing

Jhall these three next following that thy judgements were right; O Lord, we beseech thee, &c. in perinitting cruel men, fons of Beial (as on this day) io im o moft Inighty God, c. brue their hands in the b'ood Turn thou us, O good Lord, & Co of thine Anointed; We having As before at Morning Prayer. drawn down the same upon our. selvus. by the great and long

Immediately before the Prayer provocations of our fins againft

of S. Chryfoftom, shall this thee. For which we do there.

Collect, which next followeth, fore here Humble ourselves be

be used : fore thce, befeeching thee to

LMIGHTY and everlafting

A deliver this Nation from blood.

God, whose righteousness is guiltinefs, (that of this day espe. like the wrong mountains, and cially,) and to turn from us thy judgements like the great and

our pofterity all thofe deep'; and who by that bar. judgements which we by our barous murder (as on this day)

committed fins have worthily deserved :

Sacred Grant this, for the allsufficient Person of thine Anointed, haft merits of thy Son our Saviour taught us,

that neither the Jesus Christ. Amen.

greatest of Kings, nor the beft

of men are more fecure from Berful, who did permipong dialeno Teach us also hereby dear Servant our dread Sove- so to number our days, that reign King Charles the Firf, to we may apply our hearts unto be (as upon this day) given wisdom. And grant that neiup to the violent outrages of ther the splendor of any thing wicked men, to be despitefully that is great, nor the conceit of used, and at lalt murdered by any thing that is good in us, them : Though we cannot re- may, withdraw our cyes from fied upon so foul an act but looking upon ourselves as fin. with horror and aftonishment, ful duft and athes : but that yet do we moft gratefully comaccording to the example of memorate the glories of thy this thy blessed Martyr, we grace, which then thined forth may preis forward to the prize in thine Anointed; whom thou of the high calling that is bewait pleased even at the hour fore us, in faith and patience, of death, to endue with an emi: humility and mceknels, mort. nent measure of exemplary pa- fication, and selfdenial, charity, tience, meekness, and charity, and constant perseverance unto before the face of his cruel the end ; and all this for thy enemies. And albeir thou didit Son our Lord Jesus Christ his suffer them to proceed to such fake ; To whom with thee and an height of violence, as to kill the Holy Ghost, be all honour him,

and to take poffeffion of and glory, world without end. his Throne; yet dídit thou ia amen.


upon the

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to Almighty God, for having put an end to the great Rebellion, by the Reftitution of the King and Royal Family, and the Restoration of the Government after many Years' Interruption; which unspeakable Mercies were wonderfully compleated upon the Twenty-ninch of May, in the Year 1660; and in Memory thereof, that Day in every Year is, by Act of Parliament, apo

pointed to be for ever kept holy. $ The of Parliament made in the Twelfth and confirmed in the

Thiritenth rear of King Charles the Second, for the Observation of the Twenty-ninth Day of May, yearly,, as a Day of Publick Thanksgiving, is to be read publickly in all Churches at Morning Prayer, immediately after the Nicene Creed, on the Lord's Day next before every such Twenty-ninth of May, and Notice shall be

given for the due obfervation of the said Day. 4 The Service shall be the same with the usual Office for Holy days,

except where it is is this office otherwise appointed. 1. If this Day shall happen to be Afcenfion-day, or Whiisunday, the Collects of this Office are to be added to the Offices of thuje Editals in their proper Places; if it be Monday or Tursday in Whitfun-week, or Trinity funday, the Proper Psalms appointed. for this Day, instead of those of ordinary courje, shall be also used, and the Colleas added as before, and in all these cases the rest of this, Ofice shall be omitted : but if it hall happen to be any other Sunday, this whole Office shall be used as it followeth entirely. And what Festival foever shall happen to fall upon this solemn Day of Thanks. giving, the following Hymn appointed infiead of Venite

exultemus, Mall be constantly used. 1 Morning Prayer fall begin with

The merciful and gracious ihefe Sentences.

Lord hath fu done his marvellous T o the Lord our God be works : that they ought to be had

in remembrance. Pfal. 111.4. long mercies and forgive. nesles, though we have rebelled

Who can express the noble against him : neither have we ags of the Lord: or thew forth oheyed the voice of the Lord all

his praise. Pfal. 106. 2. Aur God, to walk in his laws,

The works of the Lordaré groot: which he set before us. Dan. 9. fought out of all them that have

pleasure therein. Pfal. 111. 2. 9, 10. It is of the Lord's mercies

The Lord setteth up the meek: that we were not confumed : and bringeth the ungodly

dowa because his compaffions fail not.

to the ground. Pfal. 147.6. Lam. 3. i.

The Lord executeth righteoulI Inftead of Venite exultemur, that are upprefled with wrong.

nefs and judgement: for all their Mall be laid or sung this Hymn Pfal. 103. 6. follozving ; one werse by the For he will not always be chid. Priest, another by the Clerk and ing : neither keepeth he his People.

anger for ever. ver. 9, Y song thall be alway of He hath not dealt with us after the Lord: with my mouth willing to our wickedness. ver. 10. I ever be the wing forth his For look how tigh the heaven truth from one generation to is in comparison of the earth : another. P/al. 89. i.

fo great is his mercy toward


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them that fear him. ver. derful works that he hath done. 11.

Pfal. 78. 4. rea, like as a father pitieth his : That our pofierity, may also own children: even so is the Lord know them, and the children merciful unto them that fear him, that are yet unvorn :. and not ver. 13

be as their forefathers, a faiths Thou, O God, haft proved us : lefs and pubborn generation. ver, thou also haft tried us, even as 6. 9. filver is tried. Pf. 66.9.

Give thanks, O Israel, unto 'Thou sufferedi men to ride over God the Lord, in the congrega. our heads, we went through fire tions : froin the ground of the and water : but thou hast brought heart. Psal. 68. 26.

out into a wealthy place. Praised be the Lord daily. : ver. II.

even ihe God who helpeth us, Oh, how great troubles and and poureth his benefits upon us. adverfities halt thou thewed us ! Ver. 19. and yet didft thou turn and re o let the wickedness of the freth us : yea, and broughtest us wicked come tu an end : but from the dicep of the carth again. establish thou the righteous. Pfal. 71. 18.

Pfal. 7.9. Thou didst remember us in our Let all those that seek thee, be low estate, and redeem us from joyful and gind in thee : and let our enemies : for thy mercy en- all fuck as love thy salvation, dureth for ever. Pfal. 136. 23, 24. Jay alway, The Lord be praised,

Lord, thou art become gra: Plal. 40. 19. cious unto thy land : thou hart Glory be to the Father, and to turned away the captivity of the son: and to the Holy Ghoft; Jacob. Pfal. 85. I.

As it was in the beginning, is God hath shewed us his goodness now, and ever Ihall be : world plenteoufly : and God hath let us without end. Amen. see our depre upon our enemies. Pfal. 59. 10.

| Proper Psalms. They are brought down and Pfal. 124. 126. 129. 118. fallen : but we are rifen and stand

Proper helsons. upright, Psal. 20.8.

The First. 2 Sann. ig. ver. 9. ut There are they fallen, all that Numb. 16. work wickedness : they are caft

Te Deum. down, and shall not be able to Mland. Pfal. 36. 12.

The second. Tìic Epiftle of 3. The Lord hath been mindful

Jude. of us, and he thall Dless us : even

yubilate Deo. he thall blefs the house of lirael, 1 The suffrages next after the he ihall bless the house of Aaron. Creed jhall sand thus: Pfal. 115. 12.

Priejt. O Lord, thew thy mercy He shall bless them that fear upon us; the Lord : buih small and great.

Answer. And grant us thy fondo Ver. 13

vation. o that men would therefore Priest. O Lord, save the King; praise the Lord for his goodness : Answer. Who putieth his trul and declare the wonders that he in thee. doeth for the children of men! trieft. Send him help fron Pfal. 107. 21.

thy holy place; That they would offer unto him Answer. And ever more mightily the sacrifice of thanksgiving : and defend him. tell out his works with gladness. Priest. Let his enemies have

no advantage againft him ; And not hide them from the Aniwer.

Let not the wicked children of the generations to approach to hurt him. come : but thew the honour of

Priejt. Endue thy Ministers the Lord, his mighty and won with righteousnefj


Ver. 22.

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