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Answer. And make thy chofen unspeakable goodness herein, as people joyful.

upon this day thewed unto us; Priet. Give peace in our time, and to offer unto thee our O Lord;

facrifice of praise for the fame; Answer. Because there is none humbly beseeching thee to acother that fighteth"

for us, but only cept this our unfeigned, though thou, O God.

unworthy oblation of ourselves : Prieft. Be unto us, O Lord, a vowing all holy obedience in flrong tower;

thought, word, and work, unto Answer. From the face of our thy Divine Majefty; and proenemies.

miting all loyal and dutiful Al. Prieft. O Lord, hear our prayer; legiance to thine Anointed Ser.

Antwer. And let our cry come vant now set over us, and to his unto thee.

Heirs after him: whoin we be. 1 Infiead of the first Colleå at leech thee to bless with all in.

Morning Prayer, Tha!l these two crease of grace, honour, and which follow be used.

happiness in this world, and to ALMIGHTY God, who art

crown him with inmortality a strong tower of defence for Jesus Chrift his Lake, our only

and glory in the world to come, unto thy fervants againft the face of their enemies; we yield thee Lord and Saviour. Amen. praise and thanksgiving for the In the end of the Litang 1 wonderful deliverance of these (which hall always this day

0 Kingdoins from THE GREAT

be used) after the Collect (WC REBELLION, and all the Mise

humbly, beseech thee, &c.) ries and Opprellions confequent

Jhall this be said which next thereupon, under which they

followeth : had to long groaned. We ac. A all ages thewed forth thy

LMIGHTY God, who haft in knowledge it thy goodness, that we were not urterly delivered power and mercy in the mira.

culous and gracious deliver over as a prey unto them: Be. seeching thee ftill to continue ances of thy Church, and in the such thy mercies towards us; ligious kings and Stater. pro

protection of righteous and re. that thou art our Saviour and felling thy holy and eternal mighty Deliverer, through Jesu: truth, from the malicious conChrist our Lord. Amen.

spiracies, and wicked Practices

of all their cnemies: We yield O

LORD God of our salvation, unto thee our unfeigned thanks

who haft been exceedingly and praise, as for thy many gracious unto this land,, and other great and publick mercies, by thy miraculous providence fo especially for that fignal and dídit deliver us out of our mise- wonderful Deliverance by thy rable confusions, by reftoring to wife and good providence as us, and to his own just and un- upon this day,) compleated and doubted Rights, our then moft vouchsafed to our then mot gracious sovereign Lord King gracious Sovereign King Charles Charles the second, notwith the Second, and all the Royal ftanding all the power and ma. Family : And in them to this lice of his cnemies; and by place whole church and State, and ing him on the Throne of there all Orders and Degrees of men Kingdoms didit rettore also un- in both, from the unnatural to us the publick and frce pro: Rebellion, Usurpation and Ty fefion of thy true Religion and ranny of ungodly and cruel men, Worthip, together with our for and from the sad confufions and mer Peace and Prosperity, to ruin thereupon ensuing. Frum the great comfort and joy of aħ these, o gracious and mer. our hearts : We are here now ciful Lord Göd, not our merit, before thee, with all due thank- but thy mercy; not our fore: fulness, to acknowledge thinc light, but thy providence ; not


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our own arm, but thy right truth, neither careft thou for hand and thine arm did refcue any man; for thou regardelt and deliver us. And therefore not the person of men. Tell not unto us, Lord, not unto us, there!ore, What thinkett but unto thy name be ascrib- thou ? It it lawful to give tried all honour, and glory, and bute unto Cefar, or not! But praise, with most humble and Jesus perceived their wicked. hearty thanks in all Churches nels, and faid, Why tempt ye of the Saints : Even ro, blefied me, ye hypocrites 1 Shew me be the Lord our God, who alone the tribure money. And they doeth wondrous things; and brought unto him a penny. And blessed be the Name of his Ma. he faith unto them, whose is jeity for ever, through Jefus this image and superscription! Chrif our Lord and only Sa. They say unto him, Cesar's. viour. Amen.

Then faith he unto them, Ren1 In the Communion Service, im- der therefore uato Cefar, the

before reading of the Epiftle, shall these two Col. unto God, the things that are for the King, and the Collect of left him, and went their way. leats be used, instead of the Collect God's. When they had heard

thefe words, they marvelled, and the Day. O Almighty God, &c.

I In the Offertory Mall this Sen. O Lord God of our salvation, &c.

tence be road. As before at Morning Prayer. Not every one that faith unto The Epiftle. I S. Pet. 2. 11.

me, Lord, Lord, thall enter in. EARLY beloved, I beseech he that doerh the will of my Fa.

to the kingdom of heaven; but grims, abftain from Bethly lufta,

7.21. which war againft the soul; having your conversation ho 1 After the Prayer (For the neft among the Gentiles : that whole State of Christ's Church, whereas they speak againt you

&c.) this Collet following Mali as evildoers, they may by your

be used.

LM GHTY God and heaven. behold, glorify God in the day At Father, who of thine in of visitation. Submit yourselves finite and unspeakable goodness to every ordinance of man for towards us, didft in a molt ex. the Lord's fake : whether it bc traordinary and wonderful man. to the King as supreme; or unto Governors, as unto them the wicked defigns of those trai.

ner disappoint and overthrow that are sent by him for the terous, heady, and highminded punishment of evildoers, and

men, who under the pretence for the praise of them that do of Religion and thy mof holy well. For so is the will of God: Name, had contrived, and welltliat with well

doing ye may put nigh effected the utter deftruc. to filence the ignorance of foolith tion of this Church and Kingmen: as free, and not ufing your dom: As we do this day molt liberty for a cloke of malicouf: heartily and devoutly adore nefs; but as the servants of God. and magnify thy glorious Name Honour all men. Love the bro• for this thine infinite goodness therhood. Fear God. Honour already vouchfafed to us ; to the King.

do we moit humbly befeech The Gospel. S. Matth. 22. 16. thee to continue thy grace and

ND they sent out unto him favour towards us, that no such Herodians, saying, Mafter, we fall upon us.

lafatuate and know toat thou art true, and defeat all the secret counfels teachelt the way of God in of deceit'w and wicked men




against us. Abate, their pride, unto him an helmet of Salvation, allwage their malice, and con. and a strong tower of Defence found their devices. Strengthen against the face of all his enethe hands of our gracious so. mies. Clothe them with thame vereign King GEORGE, and and confufion; but upon himall that are put in authority self and his pofterity let the under hin, with judgement and Crown for ever Aouriíh. So we jullice, to cut off all such work. thy people, and the sheep of thy ers of iniquity as turn Religion paiture, will give thee thanks for into Rebellion, and Faith into ever, and will always be the wing Faction ; that they may never forth thy praise froin generation again prevail against us, no to generation, through Jelus. triumph in the ruin of the Mo- Christ our only Saviour and Re. narchy and thy Church among deemer; to whom with thee, us. Protect and detend our 80- O Father, and the Holy Ghoft, vereign Lord the King, with the be glory in the Church, through whole Royal Family, from all out all ages, world without end. Treasons and Conspiracies. Be, Amen.

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to Almighty God, to be used in all Churches and Chapels within this Realm, every Year, upon the Twenty-fifth Day of OEtober,

being the Day on which his Majesty began his happy Reign. 9 The Service shall be the same with the usual Office for Holy days

in all things ; except where it is in this Ofice otherwise appointed. 1 If this Day, shall happen to be Sunday, this whole Office shall be used as it followeth entirely. Morning Prayer shall begin Let him duell before thee for

with these sentences. ever : 0 prepare thy liviemcy I

EXHORʻT that ürit of all, fup. and faithole's, Hat they may

plications, prayers, intercer- prelerte him. Pfal. 61. 7. fions, and giving of thanks, be In his time let the rightents i made for all men: for kings, flourish: and let neace be in all

and for all that are in authority; our borders. Pfal. 72. 7. 8 147. .. that we may lead a quiet and 14.

peaceable life, in all godliness As for his enemies, clothe them and honefty: for this is good with shame : but upon himself let and acceptable unto God our his crown flourish. Pfal. 132. 19. Saviour. I Tim. 2. 1, 2, 3.

Bletled be the Lord God, even If we say that we have no sin, the God o! Ifrael: which only we deceive ourselves, and the docth wondrous things. Pfal. truth is not in us: But if we 2. 18. confess our fins, he is faithful And blefed be the Nane of his and just to forgive us our fins, Majety for eter: and all the earth and to cleanse us from all un- shall be filled with his Majefly, righteousness. 1 $. yohn 1. 8, 9. Amen, Amen. ver. 19. 1 Instead of Venite exultemus, Glory be to the Father, Sc.

thé Hymn following Mall be As it was in the beginning, &c. said. or Jung ; one verje by the

1 Proper Pfalms. Priest, another by the Clerk and Psal. 20, 21. 101. People.

| Proper Leffons.

The firs Joih. 1. to the end of excellent is thy Name in all the ninth verse. Te Deum. the world! Psal. 8. 1.

The second. Rom. 13. Jubilate Deo. Lord,, what is man, that thou q The Suffrages next after the haft such respect unto him : or the Creed shall fiand thus : Jon of man, that thou so regardes Priest. O Lord, thew thy mercy him! Psal. 1444. 3.

upon us; The merciful and gracious Ans. And grant us thy salvntion. Lord hath so done his marvel Priefi. O Lord, save the King; lous works : that they ought to Antw. Who putteth his trujl in be had in remembrance. Psal. thee. III. 4.

Priest. Send him help from o that men would therefore thy holy place ; praije, the Lord for his goodness: Answ. And evermore mightily and declare the wonders that he defend him. dreth for the children of men! Priest. Let his enemies have Pfal. 107. 21.

no advantage against him; Behold, O God, gur defender : Antw. Let not the wicked ap. and look upon the face of thinc proach to hurt him. Anointed. Pfal. 84. 9..

Pr. Endue thy minifters with o hold thou up his goings in thy righteousnels; paths : that his footsteps flip not. Answ. And make thy chefen Pfal. 17.5:

people joyful. Grant the king a long life : br. O Lord, fave thy people; and make him glad with the joy of thy countenance. Pfal. 61, 6. fance,

Priest. G 25. 6.

Answ. And bless thine inheri.

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Priest. Give peace in our time, ceive our humble prayers, with O Lord;

our hearty thanksgivings for Ans. Because there is none other our Sovereign Lord GEORGE, that fighteth for us, but only thou, as on this day fet over us by thy O God.

grace and providence to be our Priefl. Be unto us, O Lord, King; and fo together with a strong tower;.

him bless our gracious Queen Answ. From the face of our ene. Charlotte, his Royal Highnefs mies.

George Prince of Wales, and all Priet. O Lord, hear our prayer; the Royal Family; that they all

Answ. And let our cry come upo ever truiting in thy goodness, to thee.

protected by thy power, and 1 Instead of the first Collect at crowned with thy gracious and Morning Prayer, Thall be used endless favour, may continue bethis follozving Collect of Thanks: fore thee in health, peace, joy, giving, for his Majesty's Acceso and honour, and inay live long Fon to the Throne.

and happy lives upon earth, and A

LMIGHTY God, who ruleft after death obtain everlafting

over all the kingdoms of life and glory in the kingdom of the world, and disposeft of them heaven, by the merits and me. according to thy good pleasure.; diation of Chrift Jesus our Savi. Wc yield thee unfcigned thanks our, who, with the Father and for that thou waft pleased, as the Holy Spirit, liveth and reign. on this day, to place thy fer. eth ever one God, world withvant our Sovereign Lord' King out end. Amen. GEORGE upon the throne of Then Mall follow this collea these realms. Let thy wisdom

for God's protection of the King be his guide, and let thine arm Atrengthen him ; let juftice,

again i all his Enemies. tovel, and holinels, let peace and Macleus God, who haft love, and all those virtues that our King upon the throne of his adorn the Christian profession; Anceftors, we moft humbly be. flourish in his days ; direct all feech thee to proteát him on the his counsels and endeavours to fame from all the dangers to thy glory, and the welfare of which he may be exposed. Hide his people, and give us grace to him from the gathering, toge. obey liim cheerfully and wil. ther of the froward, and from lingly for conscience' sake; that the insurrection of wickeď doers; neither our fintul paflions, nor Do thou weaken the hands, our private interests may dif- blaft the defigns, and defeat the appoint his cares for the publick enterprizes of all his enemies, 200d; let him always postess that no secret conspiracies, not the hearts of his people, that open violences, may disquiet his they may never be wanting in reign; but that being safely kept honour to his person, and dutiful under the shadow of thy 'wing, submission to his authority; let and supported by thy power, he his reign be long and prosperous, may triumph over all oppofition, and crown him with iinmortality that so the world may acknow. in ihe life to come, through Jefus ledge thee to be his defender and Christ our Lord. Amen. I In the end of the Litany (which ties and adversities, through je

mighly deliverer in all ditficul. shall always be used upon this sus Chrif our Lord. Amen. day,) after the Colleci [We humbly befeech thee, oʻFae Then the Prayer for the Figh ther, &c.] Mall the following,

Court of Parliament, if fitting. Prayer for the king and Royal | In the Communion Service, im. Family, be ujed.

mediately before the reading of O

LORD our God, who up the Epifile, instead of the Col. holdest and governt it all

lect for the king, and that of things in heaven and earth, re. the Day, Mall be used thu


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