Works, 20권

J. G. Gregory, 1864

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182 페이지 - That it may please thee to forgive our enemies, persecutors, and slanderers, and to turn their hearts; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.
444 페이지 - ... thoughts should be on a better world ; and you've driven him to wish that the beasts of the forest, who never feast on the blood of their own families, was his kindred and race : and now, when he has come to see the last brand of his hut, before it is melted into ashes, you follow him up, at midnight, like hungry hounds on the track of a worn-out and dying deer. What more would ye have ? for I am here — one too many. I come to mourn, not to fight ; and, if it is God's pleasure, work your will...
377 페이지 - What does he see?" said Elizabeth: "there must be some animal in sight." Hearing no answer from her companion, Miss Temple turned her head, and beheld Louisa standing with her face whitened to the color of death, and her finger pointing upward, with a sort of flickering, convulsed motion.
377 페이지 - ... eye of Elizabeth glanced in the direction indicated by her friend, where she saw the fierce front and glaring eyes of a female panther, fixed on them in horrid malignity, and threatening to leap. "Let us fly," exclaimed Elizabeth, grasping the arm of Louisa, whose form yielded like melting snow.
444 페이지 - What would ye have with an old and helpless man ?" he said. " You've driven God's creaters from the wilderness, where his providence had put them for his own pleasure, and you've brought in the troubles and divilties of the law, where no man was ever known to disturb another. You have driven me, that have lived forty long years of my appointed time in this very spot, from my home and theshelter of my head, lest you should put your wicked feet and wasty ways in my cabin.
376 페이지 - By this time they had gained the summit of the mountain, where they left the highway and pursued their course under the shade of the stately trees that crowned the eminence. The day was becoming warm, and the girls plunged more deeply into the forest, as they found its invigorating coolness agreeably contrasted to the excessive heat they had experienced in the ascent.
378 페이지 - A quarter-grown cub, that had hitherto been unseen, now appeared dropping from the branches of a sapling, that grew under the shade of the beech which held its dam. This ignorant, but vicious creature, approached...
380 페이지 - Several mighty efforts of the wild-cat to extricate herself from the jaws of the dog followed, but they were fruitless, until the mastiff turned on his back, his lips collapsed, and his teeth loosened, when the short convulsions and stillness that succeeded, announced the death of poor Brave.
380 페이지 - Elizabeth now lay wholly at the mercy of the beast. There is said to be something in the front of the image of the Maker, that daunts the hearts of the inferior beings of his creation ; and it would seem that some such power, in the present instance, suspended the threatened blow.

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