The Eastern Seas; Or, Voyages and Adventures in the Indian Archipelago, in 1832-33-34, Comprising a Tour of the Island of Java-visits to Borneo, the Malay Peninsula, Siam

W.H.Allen and Company, 1837 - 461페이지
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470 페이지 - TAYLOR'S (Bishop Jeremy) Holy Living and Dying, with Prayers, containing the Whole Duty of a Christian and the parts of Devotion fitted to all Occasions.
474 페이지 - Thousand, and from 1 to 365 Days, in a regular progression of single Days ; with Interest at all the above Rates, from One to Twelve Months, and from One to Ten Years. Also, numerous other Tables of Exchanges, Time, and Discounts.
470 페이지 - To which are annexed Two Dissertations; the first on the Reasonableness of the Orthodox Views of Christianity as opposed to the Rationalism of Germany; the second on the Interpretation of Prophecy generally, with an original Exposition of the Book of Revelation, shewing that the whole of that remarkable prophecy has long ago been fulfilled.
469 페이지 - Fcp. 8vo. 6s. cloth. By the same Author, PIETY WITHOUT ASCETICISM; or, the Protestant Kempis: a Manual of Christian Faith and Practice, selected from the Writings of...
468 페이지 - CORRESPONDENCE between John Jebb, DDFRS Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, Aghadoe, and Alexander Knox, Esq.
60 페이지 - It is said of our sailors that they earn their money like horses and spend it like asses : in the same way it may be asserted of us, as a nation, that we win advantages in the field and throw them away in the council-chamber.
467 페이지 - Proofs and illustrations of the Attributes of God from the Facts and Laws of the Physical Universe.
471 페이지 - To such readers as wish for an Ecclesiastical History, written on the model of Milner's, and animated by the same spirit, Mr. F.'s work will be highly acceptable, particularly as it is complete, and comprised within a single volume."— Eclectic Review.
472 페이지 - CHRISTIAN RECORDS ; or, a Short and Plain History of the CHURCH of CHRIST: containing the Lives of the Apostles; an Account of the Sufferings of Martyrs, ; the Rise of the Reformation, and the present State of the Christian Church. By the Rev. THOMAS SIMS, MA Sixth Edition.
468 페이지 - Limerick. With a Selection from his Letters. By the Rev. Charles Forster, BD, Rector of Stisted, Essex, and one of the Six Preachers in the Cathedral of Christ, Canterbury, formerly Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop.

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