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164 페이지 - ... allowed by the laws of the State, Territory or District where the bank is located, and no more except that where by the laws of any State a different rate is limited for banks of issue organized under State laws, the rate so limited shall be allowed for associations organized or existing in any such State under this title.
387 페이지 - And if such sale, assignment, transfer, or conveyance is not made in the usual and ordinary course of business of the debtor, the fact shall be prima facie evidence of fraud.
379 페이지 - Where the bankrupt is liable to pay rent, or other debt falling due at fixed and stated periods, the creditor may prove for a proportionate part thereof up to the time of the bankruptcy, аз if the same grew due from day to day, and not at such fixed and stated periods.
164 페이지 - When no rate is fixed by the laws of the State, or Territory, or District, the bank may take, receive, reserve, or charge a rate not exceeding seven per centum...
379 페이지 - Court shall direct; or the creditor may release or convey his claim to the assignee, upon such property, and be admitted to prove his whole debt. If the value of the property exceeds the sum for which it is so held as security, the assignee may release to the creditor the debtor's right of redemption thereon on receiving such excess...
380 페이지 - ... [as] a member of a firm, the circumstance that such firms are in whole or in part composed of the same individuals, or that the sole contractor is also one of the joint contractors, shall not prevent proof and receipt of dividend in respect of such distinct contracts against the estates respectively liable upon such contracts.
386 페이지 - ... discharge on the ground that it was fraudulently obtained, may, at any time within two years after the date thereof, apply to the court which granted it to set aside and annul the same.
394 페이지 - Class one, that is to say, Merino, mestiza, metz, or metis wools, or other wools of Merino blood, immediate or remote, Down clothing wools, and wools of like character with any of the preceding, including such as have been heretofore usually imported into...
232 페이지 - An act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof...
371 페이지 - ... to the ascertainment and liquidation of the liens and other specific claims thereon ; to the adjustment of the various priorities and conflicting interests of all parties...

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