Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Indiana, 102권

Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1885
"With tables of the cases and principal matters" (varies).

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66 페이지 - the rule for jurisdiction is that nothing shall be intended to be out of the jurisdiction of a superior court but that which specially appears to be so, and, on the contrary, nothing shall be intended to be within the jurisdiction of an inferior court but that which is so expressly alleged;" and this rule has been so frequently repeated as to have become a maxim in the law.
558 페이지 - An act to enable the State of Arkansas and other States to reclaim the 'swamp lands
313 페이지 - The General Assembly shall provide by law for a uniform and equal rate of assessment and taxation ; and shall prescribe such regulations as shall secure a just valuation for taxation of all property, both real and personal, excepting such only for municipal, educational, literary, scientific, religious or charitable purposes, as may be specially exempted by law.
304 페이지 - Judgment may be given for or against one or more of several plaintiffs, and for or against one or more of several defendants; and it may, when the justice of the case requires it, determine the ultimate rights of the parties on each side, as between themselves.
507 페이지 - In order to be responsible, he must have sufficient power of memory to recollect the relation in which he stands to others, and in which others stand to him ; that the act he is doing is contrary to the plain dictates of justice and right, injurious to others, and a violation of the dictates of duty.
311 페이지 - Knowledge and learning generally diffused throughout a community, being essential to the preservation of a free government, it shall be the duty of the General Assembly to encourage, by all suitable means, moral, intellectual, scientific and agricultural improvement, and to provide by law for a general and uniform system of common schools, wherein tuition shall be without charge, and equally open to all.
56 페이지 - A married woman shall not enter into any contracts of suretyship, whether as indorser, guarantor, or in any other manner, and such contract, as to her, shall be void.
585 페이지 - The judgment is reversed with costs, and the cause remanded with instructions to the court below to sustain appellants
566 페이지 - We are of opinion that this section devolved upon the Secretary, as the head of the Department which administered the affairs of the public lands, the duty, and conferred on him the power, of determining what lands were of the description granted by that act, and made his office the tribunal whose decision on that subject was to be controlling.
578 페이지 - To cause such of the roads used as highways, as shall have been laid out but not sufficiently described, and such as shall have been used for twenty years but not recorded, to be ascertained, described, and entered of record in the town clerk's office : 4.

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