Letters Written by Sir Samuel Hood (Viscount Hood) in 1781-2-3: Illustrated by Extracts from Logs and Public Records, 3권

Navy Records Society, 1895 - 170페이지

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57 페이지 - I have the honour to be with great truth and regard, Sir, Your most obedient, humble servant, CATHCART.
46 페이지 - Ought any man, after the notice he had received, to have separated his squadron of line-of-battle ships? The whole should have been kept in a body, and always ready to act at a moment's warning, and suffered no repairs, but momentary ones, till the campaign was over. His letter I cannot understand, and his terms, particularly his cut up, a term neither military or seamanlike; it must have been a mistake in printing; he meant cut off the vans from the centre. The other part of the letter contradicts...
33 페이지 - Grasse carried yesterday (and he must even have done the same the preceding night, by being where [he] was at daylight), I am inclined to think his aim is the Chesapeake, in order to be strengthened by the ships there, either by adding them to his present force, or by exchanging his disabled ships for them. Admitting that to be his plan, will he not cut off the frigates you have sent to reconnoitre, as well as the ships you expect from New York? And if he should enter the Bay, which is by no means...
103 페이지 - Grasse had a mind to be my prisoner, as an old acquaintance, and therefore met his wishes by yawing towards him. As soon as I got within random shot he began to fire upon me, which I totally disregarded till I was satisfied by firing a single gun from the quarterdeck that I was fairly within point blank, when I opened such a tremendous fire as he could not stand for more than ten minutes, when he struck.
104 페이지 - In the next, that he did not pursue under that easy sail, so as never to have lost sight of the enemy in the night, which would clearly and most undoubtedly have enabled him to have taken almost every ship the next day.
35 페이지 - Sir Samuel would be very glad to send an opinion, but he really knows not what to say in the truly lamentable state we have brought ourselves.
102 페이지 - ... night ; at least, the centre and rear did so. Captain Byron can best tell what the van did, as he was employed the whole night in carrying messages between the chief and third in command. At daylight only a few of the leewardmost part of the French fleet could be seen from the masthead.
32 페이지 - ... had set the example of close action, even with the signal for the line flying, the van of the enemy must have been cut to pieces, and the rear division of the British fleet...
156 페이지 - I must from that moment expect to lose every degree of consideration in the line of my profession, which ever has been, and ever will be, the first and greatest object of my wishes. I revere my king ; I have much affection for my country ; and the pride and glory of my remaining days will be to assist both with my feeble services to the utmost extent of my abilities ; and I am vain enough to think that I am in some small degree qualified...

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