Livingstone Lost and Found: Or Africa and Its Explorers : a Complete Account of the Country and Its Inhabitants, Their Customs, Mannners, &C., of the Prominent Missionary Stations, of the Diamond and Gold Fields, and of Explorations Made ; With a Comprehensive Biographical Sketch of Dr. David Livingstone, His Travels Adventures, Experiences and Disappearance ; and a Most Interesting Account of His Discovery by the American Expedition, in Command of Henry M. Stanley

Mutual publishing Company, 1873 - 782페이지

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252 페이지 - European eyes ; but scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.
370 페이지 - Further in front stretch the waters, an expanse of the lightest and softest blue, in breadth varying from thirty to thirty-five miles, and sprinkled by the crisp east- wind with tiny crescents of snowy foam.
140 페이지 - We found the lions on a small hill, about a quarter of a mile in length, and covered with trees. A circle of men was formed round it, and they gradually closed up, ascending pretty near to each other. Being down below on the plain with a native schoolmaster, named...
246 페이지 - ... although their goods were finished, they had managed to save suits of European clothing, which, being white, with their red caps, gave them rather a dashing appearance. They tried to walk like the soldiers they had seen in Loanda, and called themselves my ' braves
143 페이지 - Turning round to relieve myself of the weight, as he had one paw on the back of my head, I saw his eyes directed to Mebalwe, who was trying to shoot him at a distance of ten or fifteen yards.
375 페이지 - A pleasing land of drowsy-head it was, Of dreams that wave before the half-shut eye ; And of gay castles in the clouds that pass, For ever flushing round a summer sky...
252 페이지 - Kalai we came in sight, for the first time, of the columns of vapor appropriately called "smoke," rising at a distance of five or six miles, exactly as when large tracts of grass are burned in Africa. Five columns now arose, and, bending in the direction of the wind, they seemed placed against a low ridge covered with trees; the tops of the columns at this distance appeared to mingle with the clouds. They were white below, and higher up became dark, so as to simulate smoke very closely. The whole...
154 페이지 - ... on religion. On three nights of the week, as soon as the milking of the cows was over and it had become dark, we had a public religious service, and one of instruction on secular subjects, aided by pictures and specimens.
140 페이지 - Mabotsa were much troubled by lions, which leaped into the cattle-pens by night, and destroyed their cows. They even attacked the herds in open day. This was so unusual an occurrence that the people believed that they were bewitched — 'given,' as they said, 'into the power of the lions by a neighbouring tribe.
164 페이지 - ... have been produced that by speaking about it I wished him to die. After sitting with him some time, and commending him to the mercy of God, I rose to depart, when the dying chieftain, raising himself up a little from his prone position, called a servant, and said, " ' Take Robert to Maunkn (one of his wives), and tell her to give him some milk.

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