Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Nebraska, 35권

"In vols. 1 and 2 no dates or terms of court are given, so that it is impossible to tell what years these volumes cover. Pages 411-473 of vol. 1 contain cases from the Supreme court of the territory of Nebraska, not dated, but apparently decided beteween 1860 and 1870. The appendix to vol. 2 reprints a few cases of local interest, decided in the United States Supreme court. " Soule, Lawyer's ref. manual, 1884.

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19 페이지 - In case of a vacancy, during the recess of the senate, in any office which is not elective, the governor shall make a temporary appointment until the next meeting of the senate, when he shall nominate some person to fill such office...
814 페이지 - An injunction is a writ or order requiring a person to refrain from a particular act. It may be granted by the court in which the action is brought, or by a judge thereof; and when granted by a judge, it may be enforced as an order of the court.
417 페이지 - ... but in the view we take of the case it is not necessary that this court should decide these questions.
433 페이지 - But an attachment shall not be granted on the ground that the defendant is a foreign corporation or a non-resident of this Territory for any claim other than a debt or demand arising upon contract, judgment or decree.
38 페이지 - In its corporate capacity ; that the members of the fire department, although appointed, employed, and paid by the city corporation, are not the agents and servants of the city, for whose conduct it is liable, but they act rather as officers of the city, charged with a public service, for whose negligence in the discharge of official duty no action lies against the city, without being expressly given. The maxim of respondeat superior has, therefore, no application.
376 페이지 - A statute may declare that no marriages shall be valid unless they are solemnized in a prescribed manner ; but such an enactment is a very different thing from a law requiring all marriages to be entered into in the presence of a magistrate or a clergyman, or that it be preceded by a license, or publication of banns, or be attested by witnesses.
896 페이지 - The injunction may be granted at the time of commencing the action...
903 페이지 - If the court or judge deem it proper that the defendant, or any of several defendants, should be heard before granting the injunction, an order may be made requiring cause to be shown, at a specified time and place, why the injunction should not be granted ; and the defendant may, in the meantime, be restrained.
119 페이지 - All persons having an interest in the subject of the action and in obtaining the relief demanded...
649 페이지 - Whether the defendant was guilty of negligence or not was for the jury to determine from all the facts and circumstances in evidence.

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