The Engineering Index, 4권

John Butler Johnson, Henry Harrison Suplee, Johannes H. Cuntz, Charles Buxton Going
Engineering Magazine, 1906

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119 페이지 - The Footbridge for Building the Cables of the New East River Bridge.
267 페이지 - A study of the geology of the Charles River estuary and Boston Harbor, with special reference to the building of the proposed dam across the tidal portion of the river.
317 페이지 - The requirements of machine tool operation with special reference to the motor drive, by Charles Day.
203 페이지 - Reference to the Use of Stanley Coal-Heading Machines in the Rapid Development and Working of the Nuneaton Colliery.
275 페이지 - Dielectric Losses In Condensers and Cables and Their Bearing on Electrical Supply.
205 페이지 - Aguilar coal and oil district. A description of the geology, the thickness and quality of the coal veins, and the indications of oil. Mines & Minerals, vol.
284 페이지 - Smithsonian reports, 1901, pp. 407-23; 1903, pp. 827-41; 1904, pp. 373-381; 1907, pp. 331 to 345; 1910, pp. 169-198, illus. (separate, No. 2019). Cost of diamond drill borings in the Colorado River Valley and at St. Mary Lake, AP Davis, Eng. News, Apr. 30, 1903, vol. 49, p. 395. Correct design and stability of high masonry dams, GY Wisner, Eng. News, Oct. 1, 1903, vol. 50, p. 301. The US Reclamation Service in the arid West, FH Newell, Eng. News, Nov. 26, 1903, vol. 50, p. 485. Organizing a civil...
207 페이지 - The Probability of finding Workable Seams of Coal in the Carboniferous Limestone or Bernician Formation beneath the regular Coal Measures of Northumberland and Durham, with an Account of a recent deep Boring made in Chopwell Woods, below the Brockwell Seam.
250 페이지 - Workshop Records. A Review and Comparison of Existing Methods, with Special Reference to the Use of Cards and Files Instead of Books. George Parker. Read before the meeting in South Shields. Also discussion and 2 plates. 13400 w. Trans, of NE Coast Inst. of Engineers & Shipbuilders — July, 1 902.

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