Official Catalogue of the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851 ...

Spicer, 1851 - 320페이지
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90 페이지 - Society, and of which 118 are from translations never before printed; and of which more than twenty-four millions of copies have been circulated since its institution in 1804.
176 페이지 - In no country in the world do bees thrive better than in Van Diemen's Land, or prove so productive with a trifling amount of attention — circumstances due, no doubt, to the mildness of the winter season, and the fact of many Tasmanian plants blooming throughout the winter months. The bee has now become naturalised in the forests, and many of the hollow trees are filled with the produce of their labour.
6 페이지 - Testament types, the opening of the fountain in the rock by Moses, and the fall of manna. At the extremities of the arms of the cross are represented the Evangelists, noting down what they have seen and heard in the Gospels, which are to communicate to all futurity the plan of man's salvation, and prove inexhaustible sources of divine revelation and doctrine. On the extreme points of the arabesques that rise above the Evangelists, are represented the Christian virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity,...
29 페이지 - ... and the total surface of the tubes which traverse longitudinally the boiler, and by which the gaseous products of combustion are conducted from the fire-box to the chimney, and strained of their heat en route, is not less than 2,090 square feet. It contains, therefore, 2,090 feet of heating surface, being 270 feet more than the largest engine on the broad gauge. The weight of the engine, when supplied with its full complement of coke and water, is 37 tons. Its length is 32 feet. It is stated...
60 페이지 - Exhibition, exhibited a very remarkable instrument, called a typhoductor, or stormpointer — an instrument for obtaining by inspection the bearing and relative position of a revolving storm or hurricane. It is now a well ascertained fact, that great storms have a rotary motion, like a whirlwind. The theory commonly called the "law of storms...
6 페이지 - ... are closely intermingled, and present the appearance of a coarse hairy wool of a low character ; but a minute inspection shows that part of it is of a very fine quality. In order to separate this fine quality from the coarse, it is necessary to do so fiber by fiber; and this has to be done by hand, no machinery having as yet been applied to this purpose. The process is very difficult, one person not being able to separate more than half an ounce in twelve hours. " When it was known in Yorkshire...
6 페이지 - In the centre of the shield Is a head of our Saviour. The middle compartment, surrounded by a double line of ornamental work, is divided by a cross into four smaller compartments, which contain emblematic representations of the two Sacraments, Baptism and the Lord's Supper, with their Old Testament types— the opening of the fountain in the rock by Moses, anil the fall of manna.
58 페이지 - A clock showing the days of the month, the months of the year, the motions of the sun and moon, and the state of the tide at some of the principal sea-ports of Great Britain, Ireland, France, America, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Germany, and going for twelve months.
4 페이지 - Grand Duchy of Baden ; Southern parts of the West Provinces of Prussia, and Electoral Hesse. — Provinces of Prussia and Lithuania. — Northern Parts of Electoral Hesse, and of the Prussian West Provinces ; Principality of Lippe.
5 페이지 - A Berlin wool carpet executed by one hundred and fifty ladies of Great Britain. The dimensions of this carpet are thirty feet in length, and twenty in breadth. The carpet has been produced in the following manner: — The pattern, originally designed and painted by the artist, has been subdivided into detached squares, which have been worked by different ladies, and on their completion the squares have been reunited, so as to complete the design. In the pattern, which consists partly...

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