A Collection of Treaties, Engagements, and Sunnuds, Relating to India and Neighbouring Countries, 5권

Cutter, 1864

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43 페이지 - Sir Henry Hardinge, GCB, one of Her Britannic Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, Governor-General, appointed by the Honourable Company to direct and control all their affairs in the East Indies, and by Maharaja Gulab Singh in person.
326 페이지 - His Highness hereby promises to pay at all times the utmost attention to such advice as the English Government shall occasionally judge it necessary to offer to him, with a view to the economy of his finances, the better collection of his revenues, the administration of justice, the extension of commerce, the encouragement of trade, agriculture, and industry, or any other objects connected with the advancement of His Highness's interests, the happiness of his people, and the mutual welfare of both...
337 페이지 - Be assured that nothing shall disturb the engagement thus made to you, so long as your House is loyal to the Crown and faithful to the conditions of the Treaties, grants or engagements which record its obligations to the British Government.
324 페이지 - Governor in Council shall be at liberty, and shall have full power and right, either to introduce such regulations and ordinances as he shall deem expedient for the internal management and collection of the revenues, or for the better ordering of any other branch or department of the Rajah of Cochin, or to assume and bring under the...
442 페이지 - That the cruelties and oppressions of the Malabar ruler, in the arbitrary and unjust infliction of bodily tortures, and the pains of death without trial, and sometimes without an accusation or the possibility of a crime, and in the general contempt and contravention of all civil rights, have become flagrant, enormous, and intolerable ; the acts and maxims of his government...
74 페이지 - Bahauder engages neither to commence nor to pursue in future, any negotiations with any other power whatever, without giving previous notice, and entering into mutual consultation, with the Honourable East India Company's Government...
442 페이지 - His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, Regent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, on the one part; and the...
325 페이지 - Bahadoor, or of any State whatever; and for securing the object of this stipulation it is further stipulated and agreed that no communication or correspondence with any foreign state whatever shall be holden by His said Highness without the previous knowledge and sanction of the said English Company Bahadoor.
228 페이지 - Nawab excepted), with full power to occupy or dismantle such forts as by them shall be deemed necessary for the general security, the said contracting parties do hereby solemnly engage and agree, for themselvefe and their successors, to and with each other in manner following, that is to say :—
90 페이지 - Highness, without delay, a copy of the same, duly ratified by his Excellency the Most Noble the Governor General in Council, on the receipt of which, by his said Highness, the present treaty shall be deemed complete and binding on the Honorable...

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