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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Important Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon in our Yotes of Important Decisions; and ann. case, annotated case.

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Albany Perforatod Wrapping Paper Co. v. John Ho

berg Co. (U. 8. C. C. Wis.) Use of More tban One

Trade-Same for Article Manufactured, Ed. 201. Albert C. Hall and Tbomas G. Pitch, In the matter of

(N. Y.) Trustees - Unauthorized Investment of

Trust Funds, ann. case, 346. American Washboard Co. v. Saginaw Mfg.Co. (U.S. C.

C. of App., 6th Oir.) Adoption and Use of General

Descriptivo Name as a Trade Mark, ann. case, 299. Anderson 7. Pringle (Minn.) Contracts-Substantial

Performance, and. cave, 69. Augus r. scully (Mass.) Contract-Impossibility of

Performance-Recovery for Work Done, R. D. 128. Burdos v. First National Bank of Hawarden, Iowa (U.

8. S. C.) Jurisdictiou of United States District Courto in Sults by Trustees in Bankruptcy, ann.

87. Begge v. Bartels (Conn.) Contracts-Conditional Sale

What Law Governs, aon. case, 287. Board of Commissiopers v. Church (Obio) Validity of

Obio Mob Violence Law, Ed. 101. Bowen v. Equitable Mortgage Co. (Ga.) Note-- Action

by Payee-Title, R. D. 320. Bowie v. Birmingham Railway & Electric Co. (Ala.)

Carriers of Passengers Rules of Carrier-Street
Railway-Separate Accommodations for White and

Colored Passengers, R. D. 300.
Brown v. Sun Life Ius. Co. (Tepu.) Life Insurance

Policy-suicide--Burden of Proof, R. D. 400. Browding v. De Ford (U. S. 8. C.) Cbattel Mortgage

Mortgagee's Koowledge of Mortgagor's Fraud, R.

D. 42. Brods v. Clausnier (lod.) Extra Oficial Acts of Or.

dicers to the Apprebension of Criminals, Ed. 61. Brusb Electric Ligbt & Power Co. y. Lefevre (Tex.)

Electric Wiree-Negligence, B. D. 202. Carter v. Soutbero Ry. (Ga.) Action by Agent, R. D.

154; &00. cane, 230.

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. Co. v. Clarke (U. 8.

S. C.) Liberal Application of the Doctrine of Ac

cord and Satisfaction, Ed. 61. Cincinnati, N. 0. & 1. P'. Ry. Co. v. Gray U. 8. C.C. of

App., 6th Cir.) Master and Servant--Negligence

New Appliances, R. D. 62. Cincinnati Volksblatt Co. v. Hoffmeister (Ohio) Cor.

poration--stockholders-Inspection of Books-In.

junction, R. D. 2. City of Atlanta v. Stero (Ga.) Municipal Corporation

Contract-Monopolies, R. D. 421. City of Fergus Falls v. Fergus Falls Hotel Co. (Min.)

Municipal Corporation--- Loans-Ultra Vires Act

Estoppel, R. D. 242. City of Kansas City v. Orr (Kan.) |Negligence-Prozi.

mate Cause-Violation of Sunday Law, R. D. 182. City of San Antonio r. White,(Tex.) Municipal Cor

poration--Llability for Torts of Oficers, R. D. 281. Clotilde v. Lutz (Mo.) Will-Legacy-Charge on Land,

R. D. 142. Coupecticut Fire Ing. Co. v. Jeary (Neb.) Insurance

Forfeitures---Conditions--Breacb, R. D. 340. Corrigan v. Elsinger (Mino.) Negligence-Shopkeeper

-Duty to Malotain Sale Place-Independent Con.

tractor, R. D. 300. Crawlord v. Mail avd Express Pub. Co. (S. Y.) Cod.

tract of Employment Subject to Satisfaction of Em.

ployer, Ed. 241. Cuorlogbaw v. Cunniogbam (Mido.) Will--Execution

-Sufticiency, R. D. 263. Davies y. Dow (Mion.) Trust Deed - Acceptance-Va.

lidity-Tender-Rigbts of Assigpee, B. D. 340. Davis v. State (Obio) Instruction in Criminal Case that

Eacb Juror must be Convinced of tbe Guilt of De.

tendant, Ed. 379, De Bord v. People (Colo.) Criminal Law-Contession

Subsequent Prosecution-Former l'opriction, R. D. 252.

Deitzman v. Mullin Ky.) Alienation of Husband's Al

fections-Action of Wife, R. D. 162.
Diamond Glue Co. v. United States Glue Co. (U. S. C.

C., E.D. Wis.) Corporationg-Foreign Corporations-
State Regulation - Validity of ('ontracts --Com.

merce, R. D. 120.
Dowdell v. Carpy (Cal.) Malicious Prosecution-Ter.

mination of Prosecution-Complaint-Sufficiency,

ann. case, 329.
Eau Claire Sat. Bank v. Benson (Wis. Liability of

Stockholders in Foreign Jurisdiction, Ed. 41.
Ebner v. Mackey (III.) Necessary Visits of Physician to

Patient, Ed. 261.
Elkhoff v. Gilbert Mich.) Criticism of Candidates for

Office, Ed, 241.
Ellswortb v. Metheney (C.S.C. C. of App., 6011 ('ir.)

Master and Servant-Injury to Servant-Assumed
Risks - Not in Line with Duty -- Kuowledge of Serv.

ant's. Experience, R. D. 157.
Fair's Estate, In rr (Cal.) Taxation-Domestic Corpora.

tions-Bonds-Deed of Trust-Foreign ('orporations

-Situs for Taxation, ann.cuse, 167.
Fixen, in re (U.S.C. C. of App., 9th Cir.) Payment of

Money by an Insolvent Deltor as a Preference Co.

der the Bankruptcy Act, Ed. 359.
Fleming & Ayrest Co. v. Evans (Kun.; Preguinption-

Draft Sent by Mail-Receipt, R. D. 123.
Flukes, li re (Mo.) Gurnishment-Wagon-Resident of

State-Action in Foreign State, R. D. 222.
Gastman v. Commonwealth (ky.) Municipal Corpora.

tion-Validity of Ordinance-Unreasonable luter.

ference with Liberty, R. D. 2.
German Sav, Bank v. Drake Roofing Co. (lowa Giuar.

anty-Notice of Acceptance and Advancements-
Tosolvency of Principal - Demand for lyment,

ann. case, 1:25.
Griffin v. Gascoigne N. J.) Parent and Child-Custody

of Minor-Rights of l'arent, ann. caso, 307,
Greunleal v. Gerald Me. Contracts by l'rofessional

Biographers, Ed. 221.
liuyre v. Troom N. J.) Rights and Liabilities lil the

Automobile on the flighway, Ed. 379.
Haines v. Atlantic City R. R. NJ: Master and serv.

ant – Liability of Master for Injuries to Third

l'acties from Acts of Stranger, R. D. 122.
Harson v. Halkyard R.I.) Trade Names--Surnames-

Right to Use One's Own Name, R. D. 2.
Hayward v. Leeson (Mass.) Corporatious-Promoter,

R. D. 82.
Hechinger v. City of Maysville (ky.) Constitutional

Low-City Ordinance-Prostitutes, R. 1). 102.
Hertzler v. Geigley (Pa. Principal and Agent-Unlaw.

ful Sale-Recovery by Principal, R. D. 103.
Hunt v. Baker (R. I. Deceit - Conveyance to Wiie-

False Represeotations, R. D. 22.
Ilunter v. Murfree Ala.) Deed-Condition-Land to be

Used for Particular Purpose-Fee Simple, R. D. 282.
International & E. N. R (0. v. Barton (Tex.) Abate-

ment and Revival-- Actions in Different Jurisdic.

tions, R. D. 162.
Ireland v. Mackintosh Ctab) Limitations of Actions-

Bar when Complete-Enactment Extending Heriod

on Contract, R. D. 457.
Ives v. Edison (Mich.) Injunction Protecting Ease.

ment, ann. case, 207.
Jackson V. Jackson (ky) Sensationalism and Tears by

Counsel in Argument to Jury, Ed. 399...
J. M. James & Co, v. Continental National Bank

(Tenn. Action by Depositor Against a Bank for
Refusalto Honor Check not one for slander, Ed.

Jerome L. Taylor, In re (V. S. C. C. of App., 7th Cir.)

Tiller of the Soil Çannot Be Involuntary Bankrupt,

Ed. 81.
King v. State (Tox Criminal Liability for Forgery or

Invalid Xote, Ed. 261.
Kirkman v. Bird (l'tab) Constitutional Law-Obliga.

tion of Contract-Change of Remedy-Exemption

of Wages, R. D. 222.
L'Hote v. New Orleans (l'. S. S. C.) Validity of Ordi.

nance Prescribing Certain Limits for Lewd Women,

Ed. 151.
Land Title & Trust Co. v. Northwestern Nat. Bank

(Pa.) Checks-Forged Indorsement - Liability, R.

D. 203.
Little v. McVey (N. J. Judgments-Limitations of Ac.

tions-Judgments of Otber States, R. D. 420.
Los Angeles City Water Co. v. City of Los Angeles (U.

8. 0. C., S. D. Cal.) Federal Courts-Jurisdiction-
Municipal Corporation-Contract with Water Com.

pany, R. D. 381.
Louisville & N. R. Co. v. Miller (U.S. C. C. of App., 6th

Cir.) Master and servant-Injury to Servant-As.
sumed Risks--Not in line with Duty-knowlodge of

Servant's Experience, R. D. 457,
McGrew v. Thayer (Ind.Warehousemen - Bailment

or sale--storage and Logs of Grain, R. D. 44.
Mckeering v. l'enn. R. Co. (N.J.; Whether Right of

Action for Death by Wrongful Act is Barred by Pay-
inent of Money to One Who is Made & Bepeticiary

Under u Membership in a Relief Fund, Ed. 399.
McKinney v. Mills (Mino., Garnishment-Non-resident

l'arties, R. D. 312.
Macklin v. Portland Gas Co. (Oreg. Gius Company-

Rules- Failure to l'ay Bills - Discontinuing Serv

ice, ann. case, 130.
Morris v. Dodd (Ga.) Baukruptcy-Ag8ets--Life Insur-

ance. R. D. 83; Ed. 111.
National Fire Ins. 10. y. Wing (Ariz.) Garnishment-

Situg of Debt, R. D. 2.
National Starch, Mfg. 10. v. Duryea U.S.C. ('. of

App)., 2d Cir.)' Trade-Names--Surnames Right to

Use One's Own Name, R. D. 2.
Neet. En parle Mo. Criminal Laws-I'luying Baseball

on Sunday--Construction of Statute--Habeas Cor:

pus, ann. case, 190.
Selson v. State Board of Health (ky.) Legal Status of

Osteopathy and Physicians Practicing it, Ed: 201.
Nordyke & Marmon Co. v, kenlor (Mo.) Contract-Iin.

possibility of Performance, and case, 29.
Peabody v. New England Waterworks Co. (III.) Re-

ceiver- Judgment against Insolvent Oorporatiou-

Power to Reopen, R. D. 3..
Pearl v. West End St. Ry. (Mass.) Railroad Company-

Negligence-Street Railway – Liability for further

Injury Caused by Physiciau, R. D.43.
People v. Kinney (Mich.) Intoxicating Liquor-Trial-

Permitting Jury to Taste, R. D, 82.
Plant v. Woods (ass.) Trades. Upiaus - Injuoction-

Conspiracy Against Persons Not Members, .ann.

case, 386.
Power v. Mass. Homeopathic Hospital (U.$.C.G., D.

Mass.) Charities-Public Hospital-Liability to Pa.

tients, R. D. 280.
Quackenbush, In re (V. S. D. C., N. D. X. 1.) Conceal.

ment of Assets by Baukrupt, Ed. 181.
Radapt v. Werbeim Mig. Co. (Wi8.) Estoppel-Silence

-Fuilure to Assert Title-l'leading-Defect of Par:

ties, app. case, 10.
Rausberry v. North American Transportation & Trad-

ing Co. (Wash.): Shipping-Jurisdiction of state
Courts-Carriera-Passengers - Damages-Breach
of Contract, ann. case, 152,

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