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--paying great attention to the well- use; and Signorina Violetta, at the government of Rome, and making most critical period of her life-young, several judicions alterations in the beautiful, accomplished, but unprolaws, besides many other improve- tected, and almost in want,-was comments and honourable actions, not pelled to accept, with thankfulness, an forgetting that of the Calendar. This engagement as dancer to the opera. is an act of the greatest importance, This reaching the ears of her noble for which alone Cæsar claims our re- relative, he had an interview with spect and admiration, and from which Mr. Garrick, then undertaking the we receive hourly benefit.

management of Drury-lane Theatre, These are observations formed from in consequence of which, a messenger an impartial view of the conduct of was dispatched to her, with an offer these two illustrious characters, whose of a much larger salary than she had living actions are not unfrequently realized in Italy; which she most reawritten in human blood.

dily accepted. Her appearance was

A. B. C. greeted with uncommon applause. Sept. 10, 1822.

The Earl, still concealing the secret of her birth within his own bosom, took frequent opportunities of conversing with his unsuspicious and inno

cent child. He found her as amiable, The funeral of this accomplished lady, virtuous, and sensible, as she was aged 98, whose life has been no less lovely and fascinating. Gradually exemplary, than, in its origin, it was preparing the mind of his Countess for singular and romantic, took place on the step which he contemplated, by Friday, Oct. 25; her remains being enumerating the virtues and misfordeposited in Westminster Abbey, by tunes of Signorina Violetta, she conthe side of her husband, the ever-to- sented to receive ber at the mansion be-remembered David Garrick, Esq. in Piccadilly, as Italian preceptress On opening the vault, his favourite to an only daughter. In this distincopy of Shakspeare was found upon guished sphere, without being aware the coffin, where it had been placed, of the tender claims which affinity in compliance with his wishes, at the of blood gave to their fair comtime of his burial.

panion, the Countess and her daughThe following is a hasty sketch of ter soon felt the most affectionate Mrs. Garrick's life.—The Earl of Cork interest in her welfare. But the short and Burlington, during his travels in period of her connection with DruryItaly, became involved in an amour lane bad given rise to an attachment with a young lady of distinction, and which so preyed upon her peace, since Mrs. G., then Signorina Violetta, was every consideration confirmed it as the offspring of that connection. Her hopeless, that the charms of beauty unfortunate mother, either from being faded, and the sprightliness of youth abandoned by her family, or stung, and innocence forsook her. The Counwith remorse, gradually fell a victim tess watched her with the sympathy of to decline ; for the Earl, on his leav- a friend, and at last wrung from her ing the country, formed a prudential the important secret. In short, by matrimonial connection with a native one of those ordeals, which cynics of England, although his affection for ridicule, but real life exhibits in every the Italian and her child, whom he sphere, the Earl contrived an intersupplied with ample remittances, is view with Garrick, himself an admirer said to have continued unabated. On of the fair Italian, though tempering the death of the mother, the remnant his love with the prudent leaven of of whose existence had been devoted worldly considerations. This connecto the education of a child, at once the tion, however, flattered his ambition, testimony of her shame, and the so- whilst it gratified his heart. The Earí lace of her griefs,-the Earl placed her acknowledged his daughter, settled under the care of an individual, in upon her a fortune of £10,000, and whom he reposed unlimited confi- Signorina Violetta, in the undeviating dence. This man proved an aban- affections of a husband, who was the doned villain; the monies destined choice of her heart, and in the uninfor the honourable support of his terrupted kindness of a parent, to ward, were appropriated to his own whom she was endeared by her virtues and accomplishments, received an renewal and gift of freedom to such anodyne to past misfortunes, and to individuals as bave a right to claim it. the recollection of past sorrows. As This, since the year 1682, has been Mrs. Garrick, her conduct has been held at the expiration of every twenmarked by generosity, charity, and tieth year; but the legal existence of virtue; whilst the profession, of which the charter does not, as erroneously her husband was the prince and pa- asserted, depend on its celebration at tron, has experienced, throughout, such particular intervals. Indeed, its repeated instances of her fostering powers are now altogether confined to attachment and support.

a qualification for holding certain municipal appointments, and for exer

cising some trifling rights of pastuMEMOIR OF NICHOLAS GRIMSHAW, Esq. rage, with exemption from local tolls.

The great privilege of voting at elec(With a Portrait.)

tions is inherent in every male who

resides in the borough during six The tenore of particular privileges in months, if he be not a páuper. Some England has been interwoven for forty or fifty years ago, the trade ages with appendages so singular, as companies were very wisely dissolved; to excite the ardent curiosity of the and though the worthy citizens of antiquary, and the philosophic inves- Preston considered it at the time a tigations of the historian. But the in- most sinful attack upon their prescripcrease of wealth-the diffusion of tive immunities, yet the removal of knowledge—and the assertion of po- this ancient piece of prejudice, bas pular rights—have produced a great been followed by an amazing influx change in the value of these royal dis- of wealth, commerce, and improvepensations; and, in consequence, as ment. their advantages have diminished, Still, the unfrequent recurrence of their importance, in public estima- the ceremony, and the formalities tion, has gradually decreased. which have always accompanied it,

Thus, the civic vestment, the sym- excite uncommon interest throughbolic pageant, and the lengthened out the surrounding districts, and festival,-time-honoured relics of those ensure an overflowing attendance of splendid tournaments, which were every description of visitors. On this first illumined by the sun of chivalry, account, and from powerful considerhave long excited but a transitory ations of a local nature, we have eminterest, and that within the immedi- bellished our present number with an ate sphere of their influence and ac- elegant engraving of Mr. Grimshaw, tion. The dignified jurisdiction of a to whose spirited and judicious admilord of the manor, is now of little mo- nistration, in the quality of Guild ment, except to its possessor ; unless, Mayor, the splendour of the recent like another Trinculo, in his enchanted festival has, in a great degree, been dominion, some modern moon-calf ascribed. The biographical particubrings down ridicule upon its time- lars with which we accompany it, prehonoured peculiarities. In like man- sent few features beyond those wbich ner, the gilded coach, witty fool, and distinguish the career of honourable plumed champion, of a Whittington exertion in every situation of life. elect, are seldom noticed at the pre- But though thousands of our readers sent day, unless in connection with may know and care as much about the public character, superior intelli- Preston and its concerns, as the Boodgence, and distinguished conduct, of hu priests did of Birmingham mathe individual whose triuniph they nufactures, there are few to whom the adorn.

following brief record of public merit, The borough of Preston, in Lanca- and domestic worth, will be either shire, bas, however, been recently uninteresting or uninstructive. the scene of a carnival, partaking, in Thomas, father to the present Nia bigh degree, of the magnificence of cholas Grimshaw, Esq. was a descenformer times, heightened by all the dant of the Grimshaws of Clayton luxurious elegance of modern refine- Hall, Lancashire, mentioned in Whitment. By a charter, of remote date, taker's History of Whalley. He had the Corporation is obliged, at certain three children. His eldest son, John, periods, to appoint a Guild, for the was bred to the profession of the law,

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which he followed with honour and “ The Corporation of the Borough of Pressuccess, in the town of Preston. He ton, in Common Council assembled, impressed passed with credit through the various Nicholas Grimshaw, Esq. and his Lady, as

with a deep sepse of the services rendered by grades of municipal distinction-serv- Mayor and Mayoress during their Guild Mered the office of Mayor at four distinct chant, 1802, offers this testimony of approbaperiods—was in the commission of the tion and esteem.” peace twenty-five years—and, at the advanced age of eighty, after nearly French ruler upon the liberties and

When the hostile designs of the sixty years of upright and zealous exertion, resigned his aldermanic gown, the generous enthusiasm of a loyal

homes of Englishmen, again elicited and was presented by the corporation with an elegant piece of plate, as a people, a corps of volunteers was testimonial of respect and esteem. immediately imbodied in Preston, to He died in 1821. Mary, the second the command of which Mr. Grimshaw child, married an officer of marines,

was a second time appointed, with his brother to Sir George Nayler, Garter

former commission.

In 1808, upon Principal King at Arms, and died in the establishment of the Local Militia, 1797, without issue. NICHOLAS, the Mr. Grimshaw, with bis officers and youngest son, and the subject of the men, volunteered into the Amounderpresent memoir, born in October, ness Regiment; and he was honoured 1757, was also initiated in the legal with the command of the whole. On

by the Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, profession. His first civic distinction was bestowed in the year 1781, when its discontinuance, the officers were he was elected Town's Bailiff, during and Mr. Grimshaw's feelings were

allowed to retain their commissions; the Mayoralty of Richard Atherton, Esq. with whom he served at the again gratified by an affectionate tesGuild Merchant of 1782. In 1790, he timonial to his worth ; the gentlemen was nominated a Capital Burgess

of the corps presenting him with a suand Common Councilman of Preston, perb silver tureen, on which was this and in 1793 Town Clerk. In 1797,

appropriate inscription : when the designs of disaffected per- “Presented by his Brother Officers to Lieut. sons called forth the patriotic exer- Colonel Grimshaw, of the Amounderness Lotions of the peaceable and the loyal, cal Militia, and formerly of the Royal Preston Preston followed the example of the Volunteers, in testimony of their sincere resurrounding districts, and raised two them, of the patriotic zeal, gentlemanlike con

gard, and of the high sepse entertained by companies of foot, to which Mr. Grim- duct, and military ability, so eminently disshaw was appointed Captain-Com- played by him in a twenty years' command of mandant. As these, “ The Royal the above corps, and in a season of imminent Preston Volunteers," increased in peril, during which a generous sacrifice was numbers, Mr. Grimshaw was succes

made of private interest and convenience, to

the cause of his country.” sively nominated Major and Lieut.Colonel; and when, at the peace of In 1821, Mr. Grimshaw was elected, 1801, the necessity for their services for the fifth time, Mayor of Preston ; ceased, the officers presented bis Lady and as the Guild happened within the with a full-length portrait of their period of his Mayoralty, he will be commander, by Allen, as a delicate handed down, in the records of the mark of their respectful regard. Corporation, as the only individual

In the same year, on the resigna- upon whom that distinguished honour tion of Mr. John Horrocks, Member has twice devolved. Nor is the cirfor the borough, Mr. Grimshaw was cumstance rendered less memorable, elected Alderman in bis room; and at by the superior taste, liberality, and its close, the Mayoralty, the highest judgment, which upon each occasion dignity in the corporate body, was he displayed, though more particubestowed upon him ; carrying with it larly on the last. The various procesthe task of directing and conducting sions, masquerades, balls, dinners, the Guild Merchant for 1802. How oratorios, levees, which were efficiently and satisfactorily he did so, conducted with a splendour and eclat was testified by an elegant piece of seldom witnessed beyond the meridian plate, which the Corporation presented of the capital, elicited the unqualified to him, bearing, beneath his own and approval of the numerous nobility and the municipal arms, the following gentry, by whom the spectacle was flattering inscription:

graced. And it may be mentioned, No. 47,- VOL. IV.

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