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Tent Methodists in Manchester,


Manchester, most liberally offering to friends in Bristol, they consented, afford them their countenance and and land being obtained, the prosupport.

posed building was immediately unIn answering these solicitations, the dertaken. Missionaries stated, that their object It is impossible to describe the enin visiting Manchester was undoubt- thusiasm with which these circumedly to introduce the system of Tent stances were hailed by the grateful Preaching, but that Lancashire was poor, who had been benefited by a too remote from the immediate scene ministry which was now dear to them of their constant operations, to allow as life itself. The first evening the of their continued personal exertions, plan was proposed, nearly 100 of them and that ultimately they hoped some volunteered their subscriptions for religious denomination in the town different sums from 5s. to £5. Some would see it their duty to adopt the offered to give each a new form for the measure, and prosecute it with vi- intended chapel ; others, who could gour. With these views they laboured not spare money, proposed to give on, preaching four times each sabbath, labour; and when the plans were and almost every other evening of the drawn, and a builder was contracted week, and instructing the people from with, a number of them, amounting to house to house; and the band of the 140, attended, and in the short space Lord was with them, so that a great of five hours, with cheerful gratuity, number believed on and turned to dug the foundations and otherwise him.

prepared the ground for the erection. As their stay in Manchester ap- This occurred October 1st, between proached its limitation, they commu- which, and Dec. 22d, embracing a nicated with a friend, a Local Minis- period of only 72 days of labour, the ter and Class Leader in the Wesleyan chapel was completed. connection, and through him they On Sunday, December 23d, and proposed to the Wesleyan Methodists the following Christmas Day, it was to allow those persons, who, having opened for worship, and the services received good by Tent Preaching, held in the midst of crowded and were desirous of uniting in religious deeply attentive congregations, among society, to enter their communion, whom the power of the Lord was and that they (the Tent Missionaries) eminently present. The forenoon and would leave the Tent in the hands of afternoon sermons were preached by the Wesleyan Ministers, provided Mr. Pocock and Mr. Pyer, of Bristol, they would agree vigorously to em- from Exodus xvii. 7, and Luke vii. ploy it during the remaining part of 22; and in the evening, Mr. Birt, the summer.

Baptist Minister, of York-street, On the 10th of September, this Manchester, preached from John iii. friend informed Mr. Pyer, (one of the 17. On Christmas day, in the mornMissionaries) that the Wesleyan Tra- ing, Mr. Pyer preached from Luke ii. velling Preachers had consulted toge- 11. and in the evening, Dr. Rafles, ther upon the subject, and that they of Liverpool, from John vi. 40. At had unanimously determined to have the close of this service, the Lord's nothing to do with the Tent, nor Supper was partaken of by about 300 would they receive into their society communicants of different denominathose persons who had been reformed tions, and truly this was as Dr. Rafand reclaimed by means of Tent fles characterized it in his concluding Preaching

prayer, “a feast of love." Every thing At this period, the importunities of seemed to be lost sight of but the prethe gentlemen before alluded to, were sence of Him who said, “Do this in repressed with additional arguments ;- membrance of me," by whose media. and in order to perpetuate a cause tion the Spirit was indeed poured out, which God had so signally honoured and the unction of the Holy One and blessed, they urged the immedi- rested upon the waiting believing conate necessity of building a large place gregation. of worship, for the completion of The chapel measures 78 feet by 60 which they generously offered the feet; it will contain 1200 persons upon whole responsibility. Under these the ground floor; it furnishes about encouraging auspices, and the Mis- 800 free sittings; and has been erected sioparies having advised with their for £1200. It is computed that a


gallery capable of accommodating 800 | nail on the left hand, and lacerated more may be put up for £700. and the superior and fleshy part of the from present appearances, this addi-arm. On the recommendation of some tional convenience will soon be re- who

was present when the quired. Thus, in the short space of wounds were inflicted, he iinmedia few months, from among the deluded ately hastened to a person residing at and profligate people, a flourishing Colne Edge, who, he was informed, society has been raised, a large con- possessed a successful remedy for gregation gathered in the midst of a Hydrophobia ;-he took this nostrum long neglected neighbourhood, a plain -in addition to which the bitten spacious chapel erected, and a minis- parts were washed with warm vinegar; try secured; which, from the powerful from Colne Edge he visited the sea impression it has already made upon shore, where he remained about a the poor of our teeming population, week, and on his return home took a promises to be one of the greatest second time the Colne Edge boasted blessings which Manchester ever wit- specific. nessed.

Till the 7th of October, an exact I rejoice to be informed, that in the period of two months from the inserensuing summer several Tents will be tion of the morbific virus into the employed in this town and neighbour- system, he remained free from symphood ; and I hope ere long to see their toms of indisposition. services so crowned with the Divine The wound in his arm was healed blessing and visible success, that ma- up, and the new nail nearly produced, ny more chapels will be raised similar when he was seized with nausea and to the one herein described, which, vomiting. for cheapness, and gratuitous accom- October 8th, at 10 o'clock, A. M. modation, at present stands unri- my much respected friend and precepyalled.

tor, Mr. Abbotson, was requested to visit him: on investigation of the

symptoms, and from the history of CASE OF HYDROPHOBIA, IN connec- the individual, he was led to suspect

TION WITH THE USE OF THE WATER the disease to be that of HydrophoPLANTAIN.

bia, although the patient and his

friends entertained no such unfavourMR. EDITOR.

able opinion of his situation, so firm SIR,-In consequence of the interest- was their prepossession in the supering observations by Dr. Kendrick, on lative excellence of the Colne Edge the unsuccessful exhibition of the remedy. His pulse was but little acAlisma Plantago, in a case of Hydro- celerated, his mental faculties unimphobia, contained in the January num- paired, and he said he was free from ber of your instructive miscellany, I complaint, except on the approach of am induced to communicate to you liquids, which excited involuntary the following case, which I witnessed contortions of his hands, arms, and so far back as 1818, the same year in the muscles of his face and chest. which the Alisma Plantago was intro- Having fortunately prepared the duced to the notice of British practi- Alisma Plantago, a short time antetioners.

cedent to the occurrence of this case, Equally averse with Dr. Kendrick it was deemed worthy a trial. One to the publication of individual cases, drachm of the powdered root was diI have withheld the communication of rected to be given, sprinkled between this, in the hope of seeing it first no- two pieces of buttered bread, every ticed by more experienced practition three hours. At 5 o'clock, P. M. I ers, whose practice might furnish saw him. When I entered his apartmore numerous occasions for the trial ment he was seated before the fire, in of this remedy.

conversation with his wife; his apMatthew Laycock, ætas 27, a stout pearance indicated no signs of ill muscular man, the driver of a stage health, he informed me, that an un. waggon, betwixt Manchester and easy sensation of dryness and heat had Ripton in Craven; on returning from taken place in his mouth. I desired the former place, August 7th, 1818, to see him take some water, which he was bit by a dog, supposed to be in a readily complied with, but immedi. rabid state, which removed the thumb ately as tho vessel containing it came

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LAPLANDERS AND REINDEER, Brought to London by W. Bullock, Esq.. with a view of the NORTH CAPE, drawn by Captain Brooke.

Published April 1. 1822. by Henry Fisher, Cacton. London.



Account of the Laplanders and Rein Deer. 370 in contact with his lips, the most ludi- BRIEF ACCOUNT OF THE LAPLANDERS crous gesticulations were excited. Imagining a view of the liquid might produce these, I covered his eyes, yet the convulsive actions were repro

With an Engraving. duced when the vessel of water approached his mouth: he asserted that MR. Editor. he had not the least aversion to SIR,-For some years since, many liquids, but he could not avoid exhi- noblemen and genilemen of this counbiting these signs of fear. He conti- try, while directing their attention to nued taking the Alisma Plantago till agricultural pursuits, have employed about 3 o'clock, A. M. of the 9th Oc- their endeavours to improve the most tober, when its further employment useful kinds of our domestic quadruceased, the disease having gradually peds. Their efforts are highly praiseassumed a more serious aspect; the worthy; for usefulness has been inpower of deglutition much diminished, creased in some cases, and the aggrea constant discharge of saliva issued gate stock of nourishment in others. from his mouth, with occasional vo- Nor less deserving of honourablemenmiting of a dark-coloured natter ; yet tion is the speculative naturalist, who the intellectual functions remained brings amongst us, and endeavours to unaltered; the disease continued to domesticate, a new race of animals, increase, with occasional remissions, which has been found capable of adduring the day, his strength gradually ministering so largely to the comforts declining. During one of the remis- and necessities of man in other resions, he desired all his friends to be gions. Natural history is a beautiful present, from whom he tenderly took and interesting study; but when its leave ; after this, he remained tolera- object is usefulness, it becomes subbly calm for near the space of an hour, lime. when a violent paroxysm coming on, With these observations, I would he sprang upon his feet, called to all introduce the important fact, that the persons in the room to get out of some of the Rein-deer, of Lapland, his reach, lest he should bite ihem, and have recently been brought to this ejecting from his mouth a large quan- country, and, in all probability, they tity of froth, he fell upon the ground will be established amongst us without and with convulsive struggles ex- difficulty. What these animals will pired.

be able to do for us, if required, will From a perusal of the above case, best be shewn by describing their proit will appear that the beneficial ac- perties and habits, as compared with tion ascribed to the Alisma Plantago, those of other quadrupeds. The elein the sappression or mitigation of the phant serves and assists man by his Hydrophobic symptoms, was not so strength and sagacity; the camel enadecided as could have been desired. bles him to communicate with distant The irritable state and peculiar sensa- countries, where trackless wastes and tions of the patient continued, nor did burning deserts seem to interpose there appear any alteration in the insuperable difficulties; the horse consymptoms on the approach of liquids, tributes to his business and amuseas in Dr. Kendrick's case, where the ments, by his power and his fleetness; Alisma Plantago manifestly removed the sheep gives his proprietor food the dread of swallowing.

and clothing ; but the rein deer, in The quantity of the powder admi- those countries where he has hitherto nistered was about six drachms, and been bred, gives to the master and his its further use was discontinued, in family the means of rapid transfer by consequence of the alarming increase his speed; he gives them clothing by of the symptoms, which gradually his skin, food by his substance, and developed themselves, in defiance of various implements of important utithe prophylactic influence of the Alis-lity by his horns and his entrails. ma Plantago.

This extraordinary animal is a naI remain, your's truly,

tive of the icy regions of the North, Robert BROWN, wbere the bountiful goodness and wisMember of the Royal College of dom of God have evidently placed Surgeons, &c. &c. London.

him, to be subservient to the necessiPreston, Feb. 15, 1822.

ties of a hardy race of men, who could

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