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For oft their cravings did her hands appease, How beautiful the view the sbades dispel,
And oft avert their woes her humble prayer. And murky vapours seek their native celi.
Bat now no more those looks serene and mild, Th'ethereal blue, clad in its gorgeous vest,
That heartfelt sympathy and cheerful aid;.

Salutes the monarch rising from the east;
No more will they console affliction's child, Majestic then, his fiery coursers bound,
And brighten with their beams dull sorrow's And sweep the azure vault with rushing sound :

The wheels superb, emboss'd with splendent
Like some sweet flow'ret whose superior pearl,

Thro' liquid plains the glittring chariot hurl. O'erpowers the various beauty of the fields, Just so some warrior of the martial plain, Sinks down its head before Sol's radiant face, When thro' the ranks he rushes on amain; And to his power its blooming virtues yields; The phalanx terrified with speed gives way, So she, the fairest of her fairer kind,

Nor dares resist the victor's godlike sway: Whose virtues' radiant beams shone brighter When, madd’ning in his pride and headlong ire, far,

He hurls his jav lins bright as glowing fire, At death's approach her mortal powers re- The brilliant shafts pierce thro' the fervid sign’d ;.

veins, And wing'd her flight in his triumphal car.

And death triamphant in the hody reigns ; Behold the tow'ring spirit, how it tlies The soul, indignant at the vengeful foe, Thro' the blue regions of extended air;

With grief reluctant seeks the shades below. Mounts far above the intervening skies,

Meantime when earth perceives his genial And leaves behind it sorrow, pain, and care !.

beam, The radiant orbs' which we so dimly see,

The trees and plants with virent foliage teem; It now surveys with wonder and delight;

All nature seems reviv'd, and grateful pays
Marks all their motions, and expatiates free

The homage due to his enliv’ning rays.
'Mong shining fields of everlasting light.
But now sweet sounds of music and of praise, Phoebus, still pressing on with vig'rous
Floating invade its intellectual ear;

See! with what transport does the spirit gaze, Thro' the mid-heaven pursues his steady
When on its sight the radiant hosts appear.
The dulcet harmony increases wide,

Just as some mighty serpent of the deep,
And fills the ethereal regions with its sound; Who o'er the raging waves strict watch does
Angelic natures swiftly downward glide,

And cleave their progress thro' the blue pro- When he perceives afar his destin'd prey,

Straight thro’ the foamy tide he cuts bis way;
In glorious grandeur now they move along, The swelling surge increases more and more,
Bearing in triumph to its endless rest, And roaring billows refluent beat the shore.
Their kindred spirit; and with heav'nly song, Thus, while the solar god drives on his steeds,
Prepare it for the great approaching feast. Sablime in angust pomp he swift proceeds.
At heaven's majestic vault in state arriv'd,

Till now far past the heaven's meridian
Its golden portals wave their glittering heads;

height, The rapid convoy is with shouts receiv'd,

The length’ning shades foretell his setting And thro' the throng one ballelujah spreads.

light; High on his throne in majesty complete, The stranger spirit sees the great * I Am.”

A purple tinge o'erspreads the western sky,

Bright Sol seems colonr'd with a crimson dye; The first archangel humbled at his feet;

Then soon he sinks beneath the mountain's And at his side the meek and patient Lamb.

brow, Astounded and abash'd it prostrate falls,

And bids, till rosy-finger'd morn, adieu.
In humble reverence, anıl pious fear;
When suddenly its mild Redeemer calls
And kindly beckons for it to draw near.

“ Come here, thou blessed of my Father's love,
“ Receive the crown of righteousness divine; The sound smote his ear from the midst of a
Thy faith and just obedience I approve-

wood, “ Come, and on me thy anxious fears recline.”

And fill'd him with fear while a moment he Hail, happy soul! thy warfares now are past,

stood; Thy joys and happiness are now begun;

So shrill was the note, so loud was the strain, For ever, and for ever, they shall last;

Ere he mov’d from the spot he would hear it When waxes dim the glory of the sun.

again : May 30th, 1821.

He through the wood hied with hurried pace,
But the echo had died ere he reached the place;

And he ranged the forest as a lion for food,

To relieve the oppress'd at the price of his

blood :
O THOU celestial muse, whose power divine Far in a lone den, near a ruinous tower,
Presides o’er splendid orbs that radiant shine, A wretch o'er the green dragg'd the slave of
Propitious hear thy humble votary's prayer,

bis power;
Who now the theme subline does feebly dare. And the fury of Gothre was rous’d at the sight,

And wielding his sabre he rush'd to the fight.
When Phosphorus, the fulgent morning star,
Proclaims th' approach of Phoebus' beamy car; Dire was the clang of their keen-temper'd steel,
When the red orient ushers in his light And fiercely they sprang from the wounds they
That puts the twinkling stars to hasty flight,

did feel;

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Phænomena of Jupiter and Saturn.

62 The clatt'ring of shields 'woke the maid from vacillating between the intelligence her swoon,

derived from God, and the degradation Ah ! see my Gothre yields !" she shriek’d, of passions participated with brutes ; " it is done!”

and in the accident of their alternate

ascendancy, shuddering at the terrors At the voice of the maid he redoubld his blow, of an hereafter, or hugging the horrid And sheathed his blade in the breast of his foe. hope of annihilation. What is this

wondrous world of his residence? “A

RIVERS. Hexham, 26th Sept. 1821.

mighty maze, and all without a plan." A dark and desolate and dreary ca

vern, without wealth, or ornament, or LINES ADDRESSTD TO A YOUNG order! But light up within it the torch LADY.

of knowledge ; and how wondrous the

transition !—the seasons change-the WHEN cold I lie beneath the turf,

atmosphere breathes--the landscape And all my earthly powers decay, lives-earth unrolls its fruits-ocean If e'er in me thine eyes saw worth, Let fancy lead thee on to say,

rolls in its magnificencc--the heavens

display their constellated canopy ; Approach his shade with soften'd pace, and the grand, the animated spectacle

For he, in life, rever'd the dead; Light lie the earth upon his face,

of nature rises revealed before him ; And peace surround his lowly bed.

its varieties regulated, and its mys

teries resolved! —the phenomena which “ Long may this stone his mem'ry hold, And touch the musing youths with fear;

bewilder, the prejudices which debase, Whilst, o'er his buried dust so cold,

the superstitions which enslave-vaLike me they yield their crystal tear.”

nisl before Education,"

RIVERS. Hexham, 26th Sept. 1821.









These two stupendous planets, with Sir,- The following eulogy on the their satellites and the rings of Saturn, blessings of education, is extracted at all times delightful objects of confrom a speech delivered in an Irish templation, will present several very Court of Law, by the Hon. C. Philips, interesting phænomena during the I believe in the ycar 1816.

months of January, February, and Your's, truly, S. G.

March. On the noon of the Ist of Park-place, Derby, 8th Dec. 1821.

January, their difference of geocentric

longitude, will be 48 minutes of a “I need not,” said the orator, degree, the most distant planet being “ descant upon the great general ad- in 19 degrees 57 minutes of Aries, and vantage, or to this country the pecu- the other in 20 degrees 45 minutes of liar patriotic purpose, which the success the same sign. As the geocentric or of such a plan must have produced. apparent motions of Jupiter and SaNo doubt you have all personally expe- turn are both direct, and the swifter rienced, that of all the blessings it has planet is further advanced in the pleased Providence to allow us to culo zodiac, their difference of longitude tivate, there is not one which breathes will, in this case, increase by the a purer fragrance, or wears a more quantity which the one motion exceeds beavenly aspect, than Education. the other. That the astronomical

“ It is a companion wbich no mis- reader may know from time to time the fortune can depress,-no clime de- degrees and minutes contained in the stroy,---no enemy alicnate,-no des- elliptical arches which have the seconpotism enslave;-at home, a friend-daries of the

daries of the ecliptic passing through abroad, an introduction-in solitude, the centres of Jupiter and Saturn for a solace-in society, an ornament-it their two extremities, we will note chastens vice-it guides virtue--it | down the following differences of gives at once a grace and an ornament geocentric longitude of these two to genius. Without it what is man? planets :a splendid slave ! a reasoning savage! On the apparent noon of the 15th of January, Jupiter and Saturn will differ | rectification of the tables of thesein longitude 1 degree 32 minutes; on planets. To the sublime conceptions the 1st of Feb. 2 degrees 38 minutes; and profound geometry of the justly on the 14th of February, 3 degrees 40 celebrated M. de la Place, the astrominutes ; on the 1st of March, 4 nomical world is already greatly indebtdegrees 59 minutes ; on the 15th of ed for the present improved state of the March, 6 degrees 20 minutes ; on the Tables of Jupiter, Saturn, and the Ist of April, 8 degrees 4 minutes ; on Georgium Sidus; and the more the the 20th of April, about half an hour observations of the places, &c. of these before poon, (the time of Saturn's planets are multiplied, the greater deconjunction,) 10 degrees 6 minutes; gree of perfection will the theory of and at the conjunction of Jupiter, this great man be capable of receiving. May 4, at half-past five, A.M., il de The mean times of the emersions of grees 38 minutes.

Jupiter's first satellite, (visible in On the 10th of January, at a quarter Great Britain) are the following :-before ten, P. M., Saturn will be in The 5th of January, at 58 minutes quadrature or quartile aspect with 33 seconds past nine, night; the 14th, the Sun ; at which time he will be at 23 minutes 33 seconds past six, furthest removed from that imaginary evening; the 21st, at 19 minutes 36 straight line which has the centres of seconds past eight, evening ; and the Sun and Saturn for its two extre- the 28th, at 15 minutes 40 seconds past mities. At the moment of she quad- ten, night. The 6th of February, at rature the anomaly of Saturn will be 40 minutes 46 seconds past six, 3 signs, 24 degrees, 41 minutes, his evening; and the 13th, at 36 minutes geocentric longitude 20 degrees lími. 47 seconds past eight, evening. nutes of Aries, his geocentric latitude The first of March, at 57 minutes 30 2 degrees 30 minutes south, his helio- seconds past six, evening ; and centric longitude 26 degrees 16 minutes the 24th, at 13 minutes 38 seconds of Aries, his heliocentric latitude 2 past seven, evening.

The visible degrees 29 minutes, and his annual immersions and emersions of the parallax (at this moment a maximum) second satellite of Jupiter happen in 6 degrees 5 minutes, being a few mi- the following order :---An emersion on nutes above the mean quadrantile pa- the 4th of January, at 50 minutes rallax, because Saturn is about 25 10 seconds past nine, evening ; an degrees nearer to bis perihelion than immersion the 11th, at 53 minutes his aphelion.

15 seconds past nine, night; and an On the morning of the 12th of Janu- / emersion the 29th, at 56 minutes 3 ary, at a quarter past six, Jupiter will seconds past six, evening. An imbe in quadrantile aspect with the Sun; mersion on the 5th of February, at at which time his true anomaly will be 59 minutes 20 seconds past six, 6 signs, 21 degrees, 22 minutes, his evening; and its immediately subsegeocentric longitude 22 degrees, 33 quent emersion 2 hours, 32 minutes, 35 minutes of Aries, his geocentric lati- seconds afterwards; and an immersion tude 1 degree 13 minutes south, his the 12th, at 35 minutes 12 seconds heliocentric longitude 2 degrees 58 past nine, night. The last visible minutes of Taurus, his heliocentric emersion of the second satellite before latitude 1 degree 12 minutes south, the superior conjunction will be on the and his annual parallax (or, which is 2d of March, at 37 minutes 10 sethe same thing, the difference between conds past six, evening. The mean bis heliocentric and geocentric longi- times of the visible immersions and tudes,) 11 degrees 25 minutes, which is emersions of Jupiter's third satellite only a few minutes of a degree less are the following : An emersion than the greatest possible parallax ; the 11th of January, at 56 minutes Jupiter, at the moment of his quadra- 33 seconds past six, evening ; an ture, being only 21 degrees 22 minutes immersion the 18th, at 52 minutes past his perihelion. We have been 22 seconds past eight, evening; and thus circumstantial in the phænomena its immediately subsequent emerof the quadratures of Jupiter and Sa- sion 2 hours, 7 minutes, 2 seconds afturn, as obtained from the best astro-terwards. An emersion the 23d of nomical tables, because accurate ob- February, at 10 minutes 13 seconds servations of these phænomena are past seven, evening.,

There will allowed to be of essential service in the be no eclipses of Jupiter's fourth satel65 Hydrophobia

68 lite this year, the primary planet being the bite and the appearance of disease, towards the middle of the year at its was, in this, as in the majority of other utmost limit fron the line of the nodes cases of a similar kind, six weeks, and of this satellite.

the fatal event took place, as usual, on To those provided with good tele- the evening of the fourth day from the scopes, the rings of Saturn will ap- accession of hydrophobia. pear very interesting. The most It was not until the evening of the distant half of the rings is more third day from the appearance of this south than the centre of Saturn ; symptom that I saw him, in company and, consequently, the southern sides with Messrs. Sherratt and Kirkland, of the rings are now visible. As the who attended him with great care unplanet removes further from the line til the termination of the disease. At of the nodes of the rings, the ellip- this time every symptom which characses of the rings appear more open. terizes this horrible complaint was To those supplied with excellent mi- strongly marked. Aware of the total crometers adjusted to their telescopes, inefficacy of all the sedatives and antiwe present the following proportions spasmodics which had hitherto been from time to time between the major employed for alleviating the excessive and minor axes of Saturn's furthest morbid excitability attendant on the ring, that our calculations may be com- disease, it was determined that he pared with their micrometrical ad- should try the effect of the root of measurement. Supposing the major Water Plantain, (Alisma Plantago, axis of the furthest ring to be divided Linn.) a medicine very confidently into 1000 parts, the minor axis on the stated to have proved efficacious on 1st of January, will contain 327 of such the Continent, as a cure for hydrophoparts; on the 15th, 328 ; on the 1st of bia. It was directed to be taken in its February, 334; on tbe 14th, 341 ; on recent state, scraped after the manner the 1st of March, 352; on the 15th, 362; of horse-radish when used as a garand on the 1st of April, 369. On the nish for the table, and inclosed between 1st of January, the meridian altitude two thin slices of bread well buttered. of Jupiter. at London, will be 45 de- During the succeeding night very little, grees 25 minutes; on the 7th, 45 de-|(probably not more than two scruples,) grees 36 minutes ; on the 13th, 45 de- was administered. On the following grees 49 minutes; on the 19th, 46 de- morning the symptoms were precisely grees 5 minutes ; on the 25th, 46 de- as on the preceding evening. The use grees 22 minutes ; and on the last day of the Water Plantain was forcibly reof the month, 46 degrees 40 minutes. commended, and between half-past The meridian altitude of Saturn, on nine, A. M. and balf-past one o'clock, the 1st of January, will be 43 degrees P. m. he had taken from three to four 56 minutes; and on the last day of the drachms of the medicine. At this time month, 44 degrecs 34 minutes. After the dread of liquids had left him, and the month of January, the meridian all those irritable feelings which are transits of Jupiter and Saturn will attendant on the disease, were essenhappen in the day-time.

tially relieved. The dread of swallowing liquids never returned. At a little past eight o'clock in the evening, he

swallowed, without difficulty, a wineMR. Editor.

glass of cider. In a short time afterSIR,-The many instances of the dis- wards the symptoms of debility, (deliease technically termed Hydrophobia, rium, with a pulse so accelerated as to which have lately occurred in different be incapable of ascertaining its veloparts of this empire, have not failed to city, congestion about the heart and in excite in many a reasonable, and in the lungs, &c.) rapidly increasing, the some perhaps an unreasonable, degree power of swallowing was lost, and at of alarm. It is neither for the purpose a quarter-past eleven o'clock he quietly of increasing this alarm, nor from a expired. wish to obtrude myself on public no- It may perhaps be right to mention tice, that I inform you, that an addi-that the additional means employed tional instance has occurred here with were, a dose of ipecacuanha, adminisin a few weeks, in the person of James tered before the nature of the disease Webster, a boy about 14 years of age. was ascertained, and which produced The latent period of interval between I no effect; leeches to the nape of the



neck, succeeded by a caustic, which us one step, and, if my suspicions be answered but imperfectly; and such correct, it would only be one step medicines as were necessary to unload towards an effectual mode of prothe intestines. How far the cessation tecting the patient against the fatal of one important symptom, and the di- effects of this poison. What I have minution of the rest, in this instance, already said, will, I hope, beconsiderought to be attributed to the effect of ed an ample apology for troubling you the remedy employed, may perhaps on the present occasion. As a general admit of rational doubt. 1st. Because rule, I am unfriendly to the publication there is nothing in the sensible quali- of single casest, and I am still more so ties of the root of Water Plantain which to the propagation of opinions, for the could lead us to expect it to be pos- most part, if not purely, hypothetical. sessed of such powers. 2d. That cases The comparatively rare occurrence of have sometimes, although rarely, oc- the disease may be an apology for the curred, in which a considerable alle former ; but of the latter we have alviation of these symptoms has taken ready had more than enough. place towards the close of the disease. Allow me, nevertheless, to trespass 3d. That it would be not only unfair, on the patience of your readers, by but highly unphilosophical, to ground suggesting to those of my medical an opinion of this importance on what brethren into whose hands your public occurred in one single instance, how- cation may fall, the following queries: ever well authenticated. And, 4thly. 1st. May not the want of our sucBecause allowing its efficacy in allevi- cess hitherto in the discovery of a ating certain symptoms, it is clear that proper mode of treatment, be mainly it did not prolong the life of the patient attributed to our having taken an ina single hour.

correct, or a too partial, view of the Far be it from me to attribute too subject ? much to the effect of any remedy what- 2d. Is it not more consistent with

I consider the conduct of the sound philosophy; or, in other words, learned and judicious Mead, as con- with what we know of the history of nected with this point, a sufficient disease in general; that we should deguard against credulity. Not having, vote our attention to the discovery of however, been able to discover any a proper mode of treatment, than waste case on record in which the symptoms our time in hunting after a specific anhave so suddenly and decidedly given tidote, which it seems physically imway, I feel disposed to consider this possible should exist ? medicine worthy of further trial, con- 3d. How far is it probable, when we scious that the discovery of any thing consider the very opposite effects prowhich is capable of alleviating the duced by this morbid poison, on man morbid excitability attendant on the and on the dog, that any experiments disease, is not only a matter of import- made on the latter can tend to eluciance, as contributing to the comfort of date the proper means of relieving the the sufferer, but as perhaps advancing former ?

4th. May it not be worth while * To such of your readers as are Members of carefully to investigate and compare the Medical Profession, it may be right to ex

the effects of this with that of other plain the motive for adopting these two reme- morbid poisons, conscious that analodies. In the course of conversation some months sy, although in some instances an unago with Mr. Rogerson, an ingenioas Sargeon certain, is in others a safe and an effiresiding in Wigan, he informed me that he had cient guide ? had an opportunity of examining, I think, three

5th. Is it not reasonable to suppose dogs which had died rabid : that he found in all of them, that the pia mater, investing the cervical that any theory of the disease will be portion of the medulla spinalis, was in a state useless or unimportant which does not of inflammation--a remark confirmed by Orfila. tend to reconcile the discordant opi. Conceiving that, should such inflammation nions advanced from time to time, form a part of the disease in man, it ought not by able and ingenious men; and to exto be overlooked, leeches and caustic were applied as near the part as possible. Examin- plain those facts, apparently still more ation, post mortem, proved that in this case it did exist. It may be worth mentioning, that the oxy-cyanie acid has been lately given, in a + I have been chiefly induced publicly to case of hydrophobia, in large doses, (sixteen notice Webster's case, by a belief that it is the drops every two hours), without any apparent

first instance in which the root of the Water eflect.

Plantain bas been tried in this country.

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