People's Republic of China: An Economic Assessment; a Compendium of Papers Submitted to the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States, 7권

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1972 - 382페이지

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221 페이지 - Of all things in the world, people are the most precious. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, as long as there are people, every kind of miracle can be performed.
221 페이지 - It is a very good thing that China has a big population. Even if China's population multiplies many times, she is fully capable of finding a solution ; the solution is production.
235 페이지 - To protect women and children and bring up and educate our younger generation in a way conducive to the health and prosperity of the nation, we agree that a due measure of birth control is desirable.
289 페이지 - Communique of the 10th Plenary Session of the 8th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party', Current Background.
222 페이지 - Agrarian reform is the essential condition for the development of the productive power and the industrialization of the country. In all areas where the agrarian reform has been carried out, the right of ownership over the land obtained by peasants shall be protected. In areas where the agrarian reform has not yet been carried out, the peasant masses must be set in motion to organize peasant organizations and realize "land to the tiller...
301 페이지 - Our present target is to reduce population growth to below 2 percent; for the future we aim at an even lower rate. "However, I do not believe it will be possible to equal the Japanese rate as early as 1970 — for some of the reasons mentioned.
236 페이지 - NCNA, Peking, Nov. 25, 1(156: translated in SCMP, No. 1430, Dec. 13. 1956, pp. 18-19. " Robert Loll, Eieapefrom Ktd Cliina, New York; Coward-McCann, Inc.. 1061, pp. 288-289. red from the comments of some of the people who heard him. One was a Peking doctor, who said : The wise directive of Chairman Mao concerning the need for planned birth control to regulate the population of China is deeply touching to all the intellectuals in the medical and public health circles. This highly creative directive...
iii 페이지 - Finally, we wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Congressional Research Service for making available the services of John P. Hardt, who helped to plan the scope of the research and coordinated the contributions for the present study, with assistance from Ronda Bresnick.
xiii 페이지 - Switzerland, are currently the source of more than four-fifths of China's imports of electronic products and production equipment. In 1960-1970 more than $200 million of technologically advanced electronic production equipment was imported from the non-Communist world. The imports consisted primarily of modern military and industrial electronics which China could have produced domestically only after a long development period. These imports as well as imports from the West of special electronics...
273 페이지 - With the exception of the minority nationalities areas, birth control should be publicized and popularized in all densely populated areas. Family planning should be promoted to prevent the development of too heavy burdens on families, and to enable children to receive better education and have better employment opportunities. 30. Enforcement of the "Five guarantees...

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