Mental Health Service System Reports: Information systems. Series FN, 1호

National Institute of Mental Health., 1980

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31 페이지 - Secretary shall prescribe, including records which fully disclose the amount and disposition by such recipient of the proceeds of such assistance, the total cost of the project or undertaking in connection with which such assistance is given or used, the amount of that portion of the cost of the project or undertaking supplied by other sources, and such other records as will facilitate an effective audit.
171 페이지 - A computer is a programmable electronically activated device capable of accepting information, applying prescribed processes to the information, and supplying the results of these processes with or without human intervention.
172 페이지 - INSTRUCTIONS (1) A set of characters which defines an operation together with one or more addresses, or no address, and which, as a unit, causes the computer to perform the operation on the indicated quantities. The term instruction...
45 페이지 - It should optimize providing the right number of documents in the right form to the right person at the right time with the least effort on the part of the user. 2. Resistance to Change. Except in cases in which a man is highly motivated, changes in his behavior occur rather slowly.
172 페이지 - ... program, (1) the complete plan for the solution of a problem, more specifically the complete sequence of machine instructions and routines necessary to solve a problem. (2) To plan the procedures for solving a problem. This may involve among other things the analysis of the problem, preparation of a flow diagram, preparing...
172 페이지 - HSP. printer, line, a device capable of printing one line of characters across a page; ie, 100 or more characters simultaneously as continuous paper advances line by line in one direction past type bars or a type cylinder that contains all characters in all positions.
27 페이지 - Services provided to a specific person (client/ patient) to diagnose and prognosticate (describe, predict and explain) the recipient's mental health status relative to a disabling condition or problem; and, where indicated, to treat and/or rehabilitate the recipient to restore, maintain, or increase adaptive functioning.
172 페이지 - Field. A set of one or more characters treated as a unit of data.
139 페이지 - The contract should specify very carefully and completely what shall constitute the completed system. The agency should negotiate for an "operational" system, that is, one which is in proven, productive use at contract completion. The vendor, on the other hand, may negotiate for an "operable" system, one which has been tested successfully but is not necessarily in full operation at contract completion.

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