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Art. I.—1. Parturition, and the Principles and Practice of Obstetrics. By W.

Tyler Smith, M.d., Lond., Lecturer on Obstetrics in the Hunterian School

of Medicine . . . . . . .1

2. Obstetrics: the Science and the Art. By Charles D. Meigs, M.d.,

Professor of Midwifery in the Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia,

&c. &c . . . . . . . . ib.

Art. II.—Medico-Chirurgical Transactions. Published by the Royal Medical and

Chirurgical Society of London . . . . .36

Art. III.—1. Kosmos. Entwurf einer physischen Weltbeschrcibung. Von

Alexander Von Humboldt , . . . .54

2. Cosmos. A Sketch of a Physical Description of the Universe. By

Alexander Von Humboldt. Translated from the German by E. C. Otte ib.

3. Briefe iiber Alexander von Humboldt's Kosmos. Ein Commentar zu diesem

Werke fur gebildete Laien. Erster Theil. Bearbeitet von Bernard Cotta,

Professor . . . . . . . ib.

4. Kosmos fur Schulen und Laien nach Alexander von Humboldt. Von Dr.

K. G. Reuschle, Professor der Mathematik und Geographie zu Stuttgart . ib.

Art. IV.—1. Return of the Mortality in 117 Districts of England, for the Quarter

ending December 31st, 1847 . . . . . 90

2. On the Influenza or Epidemic Catarrhal Fever of 1847-8. By Thomas B.

Peacock, M.d., Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians, Physician to

the Royal Free Hospital, &c. &c. . . . . . ib.

Art. V.—1. Lectures on the Causes and Treatment of Ulcers of the Lower Ex-

tremity. By George Critchett, Esq., F.r.c.s., Surgeon to the Royal

London Ophthalmic Hospital, Assistant-Surgeon to the London Hospital, and

Lecturer on Practical Anatomy, &c. &c. .... 112

2. A Treatise on the Cure of Ulcers by Fumigation, in which a Rational Treat-

ment is deduced from the Physiology of Ulceration, and Proofs afforded that

the New Method produces more Speedy, Certain, and Permanent Effects

than any other in General Use, &c. &c. &c. By George Alfred Walker,

Surgeon, Member of the several Learned and Scientific Societies, and Author

of' Gatherings from Grave-yards,' &c . . . . . ib.

Art. VI.—Nosologia Positiva. Scritta da Vincenzo Lanza . .116

Art. VII.— 1. The Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By Jonathan

Pereira, M.o., F.r.s., &c. ..... 128

2. Traite de Therapeutique et de Matiere Medicale. Par A. Trousseau et

H. Pidoux . . . . . . . ib.

3. Traite de l'Art de Formuler, ou Notions de Pharmacologic appliquee a la

Medecine. Par le Docteur Mialhe . . . . ib.

4. Lectures on the Chemistry of Pathology and Therapeutics, showing the

application of the Science of Chemistry to the Discovery, Treatment, and

Cure of Disease. By Alfred B. Garrod, M.d. . . . ib.

5. Lectures on the Influence of Researehes in Organic Chemistry on Thera-

peutics, especially in relation to the Depuration of the Blood, delivered at

the Royal College of Physicians. By Dr. Golding Bird, A.m., F.r.s., &c. ib.

Art. VIII.—1. On Infantile Laryngismus; with Observations on Artificial Feeding,

as a frequent Cause of this Complaint, and of other Convulsive Diseases of

Infants. By James Reid, M.d., &c. .... 160

2. Observations on the Pathology of Croup; with Remarks on its Treatment

by Topical Medications. By Horace Green, M.d., M.a., &c. . . ib.

Art. IX.—Pathological and Practical Observations on Strictures, and some other

Diseases of the Urinary Organs. By Francis Rynd, M.a., M.r.i.a., Surgeon

to the Meath Hospital, and County of Dublin Infirmary, &c. &c. . . 172

Art X.—1. On the Nature of Limbs. A Discourse, delivered at an Evening

Meeting of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. By Richard Owen,

F.r.s. ....... 175

2. The Homologies of the Human Skeleton. By Holmes Coote, T.r.c.s.,

Demonstrator of Anatomy at St. Bartholomew's Hospital . . ib.

Art. XI.—1. The Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology. Part XXX-I, Article

"Products, Adventitious." By W. II. Walshe, M.d., Prof. Clin. Med.

Univ. Coll. Lond. . . . . . .183

2. On Cancerous and Cancroid Growths. By John Hcghes Bennett, M.d.,

F.r.s.E., &c. . . . . . • . ib.

Art. XII.—General Board of Health: Report on Quarantine. Presented to both

Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty . . . 205

Art. XIII.—1. On Healthy and Diseased Structure, and the True Principles of

Treatment for the Cure of Disease, especially Consumption and Scrofula;

founded on Microscopical Analysis. By William Addison, M.d., F.r.s.,

Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians . . • 220

2. Thoughts on Pulmonary Consumption; with an Appendix on the Climate of

Torquay. By William Hurries Madden, M.d., Physician to the Torbay

Infirmary and Dispensary, &c. . . . . . ib.

3. De l'Analogie et des Differences entre les Tubereules et les Scrofules;
Memoire qui au Concours, fonde par Portal, a merits dc l'Acadsmie dc
Me'dccine unc mention honorable. Par A. Legrand, Docteur en Medecine

de la Faculk- (V Paris, ftc. &c. . . . . . ib.

4. The Undereliff of the Isle of Wight; its Climate, History, and Natural
Productions. I5y George A. Martin, M.d. . . . ib.
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Art. I.—Elements of Chemistry, Theoretical and Practical; including the most

recent Discoveries and Applications of the Science to Medicine and Pharmacy,

to Agriculture, and to Manufactures. By Sir Robert Kane, M.d., M.r.i.a.,

President of the Queen's College, Cork, &c. &c. . . 237

Art. II.—Lectures on Medical Missions, delivered at the instance of the Edinburgh

Medical Missionary Society ..... 238

Art. III.—Letters on the Truths contained in Popular Superstitions. By Herbert

Mato, M.d. ....... 240

Art. IV.—1. The Hunterian Oration delivered before the Royal College of Surgeons

of England, on the 14th of February, 1849. By Cesar H. Hawkins,

Surgeon to St. George's Hospital . . . .241

2. The Retrospective Address on Diseases of the Chest, delivered at the

Fifteenth Anniversary Meeting of the Provincial Medical and Surgical

Association, held at Derby, 1847. By Edward James Shearman, M.d. . ib.

Art. V.—1. The Pathology of the Human Eye. By John Dalrymfle, F.r.c.s.

Fasciculus II . . . . . .242

2. Portraits of Diseases of the Skin. By Erasmus Wilson, F.r.s. Fasciculus V. ib.

3. Surgical Anatomy. By Joseph Maclise. Fasciculus III . . ib.

Art. VI.—Some Thoughts on Natural Theology, suggested by a Work, entitled

"Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation" . . . 243

Art. VII.—Questions and Observations in Hygiene: recommended to the con-

sideration of Naval Medical Men; suggested to the mind of the Author by

the approach of the Asiatic Cholera. By Fred. James Brown, M.d., Loud.,

&c., Assistant-Surgeon R.N. ..... 244

Art. VIII.—Portraits of Diseases of the Scalp, with the Safest and most Efficient

Modes of Treatment. By Walter Cooper Dendy, Senior Surgeon to the

Royal Infirmary for Children, &c. &c. Fasciculus I . . ib.

Art. IX.—1. Memoirs on the Ganglia and Nerves of the Uterus. By Robert

Lee, M.d., F.r.s., Lecturer on Midwifery at St. George's Hospital, &c. &c. . 245

2. Practical Observations on the Diseases of the Uterus. By Robert Lee,

M.d., F.r.s., &c. The Coloured Illustrations from Original Drawings by

Mr. Perry . . . . . . . ib.

Art. X.—Lectures on the Parts concerned in Operations on the Eye, and on the

Structure of the Retina, delivered at the Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital,

June, 1847: to which are added, a Paper on the Vitreous Humour, and also

a few Cases of Ophthalmic Disease. By William Bowman, F.r.s., F.r.c.s.,

Professor of Physiology and General and Morbid Anatomy in King's College,

London ....... 246

Art. XL—A Treatise on the Diseases of the Heart and Great Vessels, and on the

Affections which may be mistaken for them: comprising the Author's View

of the Physiology of the Heart's Action and Sounds. By J. Hope, M.d.,

F.r.s., &c. &c. . . . . . . . ib.

Art. XII.—On the Cryptogamous Origin of Malarious and Epidemic Fevers. By

J. K. Mitchell, A.m., M.d., Professor of Practical Medicine in the Jefferson

Medical College, Philadelphia ..... 247

Art. XIII.—The Training Institutions for Nurses, and the Workhouses: an attempt

to solve one of the Social Problems of the present day. By Edward

Sieveking, M.d., Physician to the Northern Dispensary, &c. &c. . ib.

Art. XIV.—On the Science of those Proportions by which the Human Head and

Countenance, as represented in Works of Ancient Greek Art, are distin-

guished from those of Ordinary Nature. By D. R. Hay, F.r.s.K., Author of

'First Principles of Symmetrical Beauty,' Sec. &c. . . . 250

Art. XV.—Essay on the Use of Alcoholic Liquors in Health and Disease. By

John- Chadwick, M.d. . . . . . ib.

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