Hydraulic tables ... for finding the discharge of water from orifices [&c.].


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12 페이지 - HODGKINSON'S RESEARCHES, separate, price 6s. Hydraulics. HYDRAULIC TABLES, CO-EFFICIENTS, and FORMULA for finding the Discharge of Water from Orifices, Notches, Weirs, Pipes, and Rivers. With New Formulae, Tables, and General Information on Rain-fall, Catchment-Basins, Drainage, Sewerage, Water Supply for Towns and Mill Power. By JOHN NEVILLE, Civil Engineer, MRIA Third Edition, carefully revised, with considerable Additions. Numerous Illustrations. Cr. 8vo, 14^. cloth. " Undoubtedly an exceedingly...
449 페이지 - CUBIC MEASURE 1728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard...
19 페이지 - Strength of Cast Iron, &c. A PRACTICAL ESSAY on the STRENGTH of CAST IRON and OTHER METALS...
9 페이지 - AN OUTLINE OF THE METHOD OF CONDUCTING A TRIGONOMETRICAL SURVEY. For the Formation of Geographical and Topographical Maps and Plans, Military Reconnaissance, LEVELLING, &c., with Useful Problems, Formulae, and Tables.
11 페이지 - The third edition, with an Appendix, containing the principles and practice of constructing the Royal and Mercantile Navies, as invented and introduced by Sir ROBERT SEPPINOS, Surveyor of the Navy.
381 페이지 - The aperture being the same, the effect will be nearly as the cube of the velocity of the water.
126 페이지 - This formula is submitted at present temporarily, as being accurate enough for use for ordinary practical purposes, for the measurement of water by notches similar to the one experimented on, and for quantities of water limited to nearly the same range as those in the experiments ; but as being, of course, subject to amendment by more perfect experiments extending through a wider range of quantities of water.
17 페이지 - Mathematical and Drawing Instruments. A TREATISE ON THE PRINCIPAL MATHEMATICAL AND DRAWING INSTRUMENTS employed by the Engineer, Architect, and Surveyor. By FREDERICK W. SIMMS, FGS, M. Inst. CE, Author of "Practical Tunnelling,
20 페이지 - RIFLED ORDNANCE : A Practical Treatise on the Application of the Principle of the Rifle to Guns and Mortars of every calibre. To which is added a new theory of the initial action and force of Fired Gunpowder. By LYNALL THOMAS, FRSL Fifth edition, revised.
123 페이지 - ... and laterally, so as to form a bottom to the channel of approach, which will both be smooth and will serve as the lower bounding surface of a passage of approach, unchanging in form, while increasing in magnitude at the places, at least, which are adjacent to the vertex of the notch. The floor may...

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