Publications, 1권

Published for the Grampian Club, 1869

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271 페이지 - Nae cotillon, brent new frae France, But hornpipes, jigs, strathspeys, and reels, Put life and mettle in their heels. 422 A winnock-bunker in the east, There sat auld Nick, in shape o...
236 페이지 - Or the mist that sleeps on the waveless sea. For Kilmeny had been, she knew not where, And Kilmeny had seen what she could not declare ; Kilmeny had been where the cock never crew, Where the rain never fell, and the wind never blew.
272 페이지 - Wi' his last gasp his gab did gape ; Five tomahawks, wi' bluid red-rusted ; Five scimitars wi' murder crusted ; A garter, which a babe had strangled ; A knife, a father's throat had mangled, Whom his ain son o...
236 페이지 - A lovely land beneath her lay, And that land had glens and mountains gray ; And that land had valleys and hoary piles, And marled seas, and a thousand isles...
271 페이지 - Nick, in shape o' beast; A towzie tyke, black, grim, and large, To gie them music was his charge: He screw'd the pipes and gart them skirl, Till roof and rafters a...
225 페이지 - The mistress and servants of each family take a sheaf of oats and dress it up in woman's apparel, put it in a large basket, and lay a wooden club by it, and this they call Briid's Bed ; and then the mistress and servants cry three times, Briid is come, Briid is welcome.
222 페이지 - ... in a secret murther, if the dead carcass be at any time thereafter handled by the murtherer, it will gush out of blood, as if the blood were crying to Heaven for revenge of the murtherer...
271 페이지 - Thro' ilka bore the beams were glancing ; And loud resounded mirth and dancing. Inspiring bold John Barleycorn ! What dangers thou canst make us scorn ! Wi' tippenny, we fear nae evil; Wi' usquebae, we'll face the devil!
249 페이지 - It is very possible," pursued the vision, " that Mr. may have forgotten a matter which is now of a very old date ; but you may call it to his recollection by this token, that when I came to pay his account, there was difficulty in getting change for a Portugal piece of gold, and that we were forced to drink out the balance at a tavern.
271 페이지 - Each in its cauld hand held a light— By which heroic Tam was able To note upon the haly table, A murderer's banes in gibbet aims; Twa span-lang, wee unchristen'd bairns; A thief, new-cutted frae a rape, Wi' his last gasp his gab did gape; Five tomahawks, wi...

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