The Medical and Physical Journal, 37권

R. Phillips, 1817

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108 페이지 - Parents' care; Parents, who know no Children's love, dwell there ! Heart-broken Matrons on their joyless bed, Forsaken Wives and Mothers never wed; Dejected Widows with unheeded tears, And crippled Age with more than childhood fears; The Lame, the Blind, and, far the happiest they! The moping Idiot and the Madman gay.
380 페이지 - Johnson's very striking picture of it, viz. " that it is a melancholy attendance on misery, a mean submission to peevishness, and a continual interruption to pleasure.
241 페이지 - ... as possible : to this is sometimes added a dessert. Onions, especially those from Portugal, may be stewed with a little walnut pickle and some other vegetable ingredients, for which no cook will be at a loss, so as to constitute an excellent sauce for all other vegetables. As to drinking, we are scarcely inclined, on this cooling regimen, to drink at all ; but when it so happens, we take distilled water, having a still expressly for this purpose in our back-kitchen.
367 페이지 - Cambridge, where, from the time of his admission, he distinguished himself by close application to study, residing constantly, until made a scholar in May 1757. He became engaged with private pupils in "November following, and took the degree of BA (with superior credit, being second Wrangler,) in January 1759.
170 페이지 - A Narrative of a Journey to London in 1814, or a Parallel of the English and French Surgery : preceded by some Observations on the London Hospitals.
292 페이지 - The various attempts which have been made to procure accurate information respecting the functions that belong to individual portions of the human brain, having been attended with very little success, it has occurred to me that, were anatomical surgeons to collect in one view all the appearances they had met with, in cases of injury to that organ, and the effects that such injuries produced upon its functions, a body of evidence might be formed that would materially advance this highly important...
418 페이지 - We, William Mills and John Fisher, both of the parish of Tipton in the county of Stafford', do hereby certify and declare, that a few years ago in working in a certain coalpit belonging to the Right...
158 페이지 - In cases when the new flour is of an indifferent quality, from twenty to thirty grains of carbonate of magnesia to a pound of the flour will considerably improve the bread. When the flour is of the worst quality, forty grains to a pound of flour seem necessary to produce the same effect.
242 페이지 - The Botanist's Companion; or an Introduction to the Knowledge of Practical Botany, and the Uses of Plants, either growing wild in Great Britain, or cultivated for the Purposes of Agriculture, Medicine, Rural Economy, or the Arts, on a new Plan.
514 페이지 - Physicians of London : containing Memoirs, Biographical, Critical, and Literary, of all the resident Members of that Society, and of the Heads of the Medical Boards, with some other distinguished professional characters...

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