A Bibliography of Indian Geology: Being a List of Books and Papers, Relating to the Geology of British India and Adjoining Countries, Published Previous to the End of A.D. 1887

Superintendent, Government Printing, 1888 - 145페이지

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9 페이지 - Rambles of a Naturalist on the Shores and Waters of the China Sea. Being Observations in Natural History during a Voyage to China, Formosa, Borneo, Singapore, &c., during 1866—67.
117 페이지 - Geography of India. Comprising an account of British India, and the various states enclosed and adjoining. Fcap. pp. 250. 2s. Geological Papers on Western India. Including Cutch, Scinde, and the south-east coast of Arabia. To which is added a Summary of the Geology of India generally. Edited for the Government by HENRY J. CARTER, Assistant Surgeon, Bombay Army. Royal 8vo. with folio Atlas of maps and plates; half-bound. £2 2s.
111 페이지 - Dr. Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines : Containing a clear Exposition of their Principles and Practice.
35 페이지 - Lahore to Yarkand. Incidents of the Route and Natural History of the Countries traversed by the Expedition of 1870, under TD FORSYTH, Esq., CB By GEORGE HENDEBSON, MD, FLS, FRGS, and ALLAN O.
64 페이지 - F. — Burma : Its People and Productions ; or, Notes on the Fauna, Flora, and Minerals of Tenasserim, Pegu, and Burma.
43 페이지 - Extracts from a Journal kept during a tour made in 1851 through Kutch, giving some account of the Alum Mines of Murrh, and of changes effected in 1844 by a series of Earthquakes, that appear hitherto to have escaped notice.
14 페이지 - Geological Account of a Series of Animal and Vegetable Remains and of Rocks, collected by J. Crawfurd, Esq. on a Voyage up the Irawadi to Ava, in 1826 and 1827.
4 페이지 - Geolpgical'notes on the Hills in the neighbourhood of the Sind and Punjab Frontier between Quetta and Dera Ghazi Khan.
84 페이지 - SF Hannay, of the 40th Regiment Native Infantry, from the capital of Ava to the amber mines of the Hukong valley, on the south-east frontier of Assam, by Captain R. Boileau Pemberton, 44th Regiment Native Infantry.

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