Parlour magic

Whitehead & Compy., 1838 - 183페이지

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153 페이지 - KNOW ye the land where the cypress and myrtle Are emblems of deeds that are done in their clime? Where the rage of the vulture, the love of the turtle, Now melt into sorrow, now madden to crime...
152 페이지 - OH, where's the slave so lowly, Condemn'd to chains unholy, Who, could he burst His bonds at first, Would pine beneath them slowly?
101 페이지 - ... water is resisted for the like reason ; and if the goblet be inverted over a floating lighted taper, this will continue to float under it, and to burn in the contained air, however deep in the water it...
26 페이지 - If we place a red wafer on a sheet of white paper, and, closing one eye, keep the other directed, for some time, to the centre of the wafer, then, if we turn the same eye to another part of the paper, we shall see a green wafer, the color of which will grow fainter and fainter as we continue to look at it.
16 페이지 - Wollaston has shewn, may be produced, by looking along the side of a red-hot poker at a word or object ten or twelve feet distant. At a distance less than three-eighths of an inch from the line of the poker, an inverted image was seen; and within and without that, an erect image.
111 페이지 - Supposing the diameter of the discs of card to be to that of the hole as 8 to 1, the area of the former to the latter must be as 64 to 1. Hence, if the discs were to be separated, (their surfaces remaining parallel,) with a velocity as great as that of the air blast, a column of air must meanwhile be interposed...
176 페이지 - ... is ascribed to a galvanic effect. In this instance, there is a combination of one metal and two dissimilar fluids, which combination constitutes a galvanic circle. In the act of drinking, one side of the pewter pot is exposed to the action of the saliva, which moistens the lip, while the other metallic side is in contact with the porter; the circuit being thus completed, an agreeable relish is communicated to the beverage when it comes in contact with the tongue.
47 페이지 - This illusion will be greatly assisted by the voice being totally different in tone and character from that of the man from whom it really comes. Thus, we see how easy is the deception when the sounds are required to proceed from any given object, and are such as they actually yield. The ventriloquists of our time, as M. Alexander and M. FitzJames, have carried their art still further. They have not only spoken by the muscles of the throat and the abdomen, without moving those of the face, but have...
45 페이지 - Germany, with which have been distinctly pronounced the words, mamma, papa, mother, father, summer. This instrument consists of a pair of bellows, to which is adapted a tube terminating in a bell, the aperture of which is regulated by the hand, so as to produce the articulate sounds.
97 페이지 - ... the left hand, the motion will be from west to east ; and the nearer they are placed to the upright posture, the less will the motion be either way. If the tube be placed horizontally on a glass plane, the fragment, for instance, of coach window glass, instead of moving towards the fire, it will move from it, and about its axis in a contrary direction to what it had done before ; nay, it will recede from the fire, and move a little upwards, when the plane inclines towards the fire. These experiments...

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