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MINING in its various branches, and for every and all

The squeeze in the Money Market, which it was at one kinds of ores, minerals and metals is, without doubt, the

time thought would be so acute as to involve a positive chief factor from whence our great sources of wealth are

crisis, has, we may hope, been avoided. chiefly derived. From the earliest times mining has been

Gradually the Bank has tightened its hold on the outside followed with more or less energy in all civilised and par

market, until it may be considered as master of the situatially civilised countries. It matters not whether it be tion, mining for coal, iron, tin, copper, lead, gold or silver, the A general feeling of confidence has been diffused, and development of the resources of the earth creates new prices have for the most part been firm. wealth, and gives a stimulus to all other trades and callings.

Foreign Securities have been strong. Mining is an industry which, when economically conducted,


Greeks (1884) have to-day (Monday)

Securities. giyes large returns for capital judiciously invested. There

touched 84. When it is remembered that are, of course, great prizes and many blanks; but taken as they have risen from 66% in the course of the year, it will a whole, the results derived from mining are of the highest

be seen that they have been steadily rising in public estimaimportance to the general progress of the world and the

tion, and we can see no good reason why they should not prosperity of mankind. England itself gained its fame

touch par within the next six months. from the richness of its mineral and metalliferous wealth.

Egyptian Unifieds show a rise of. They are, of course, It was the richness of the tin deposits in Cornwall that

influenced by the course of events in Suakin. If affairs

there progress favourably, a still further rise will be attracted the attention of the early traders to our shores, witnessed. and the gradual development of mining has caused England

Hungarian Rentes have touched 86, being the highest to progress with rapid strides until it has reached the pin

price reached since the creation of the four per cents. nacle of fame as a manufacturing nation. The discoveries of gold in California caused an immense

The Russian Issue of 1873 stands at 995, thus showing inflow of an enterprising population to that country, which

a rise of i on the week. Notwithstanding the favourable marked an era in the rapid progress of America that no

progress which this stock has made of late, we still think it other form of industry could have ever achieved. It is to

a good " bear,” and operators will live to see a considerthe results of gold discoveries in California, and afterwards

able retreat from present prices at the first sign of an interto the development of the rich silver mines in Nevada and

national scare, which, arguing by every known analogy, Colorado that the great Western States of America owe

should take place within the first three months of the New their marvellous rise and progress. The same must be

Year. also said of our great Australasian Colonies. The dis- South American Issues, notably Argentine and Uruguayan, covery of gold at the Ophir in New South Wales and on have been shaky. We have cautioned our readers as to Ballarat, Bendigo, and Forest Creek in Victoria, opened up

these securities more than once, and we cannot do better new avenues of wealth and fields for settlement that no than repeat our advice. other industry could have done. In California and other

Prices in this department have been firm, Western States of America, as also in Victoria, New South

Home Rails.

traffics good, and anticipations better. CaleWales, Queensland, South Australia, New Zealand and

donians, as we anticipated last week, have risen from 114} Tasmania, mining has become the leading industry. The to 116), and, with the exception of Hull and Barnsley, which development of the gold fields in those countries first

show a big fall, the other descriptions have risen. The attracted an enterprising population bent on exploring the traffics of the Scotch lines are even better than was expected, auriferous resources of the several districts, and around

and the London and North-Western and the North-Eastern the mining fields have settled an increasing and pros- show increases of € 11,000 and £9,000 respectively. Hull perous population engaged in other occupations and Barnsleys are good bulls at present prices, as also are that make up wealthy communities. In South

“ Brighton A's," and Great Westerns. Africa, we are again witnessing the beneficial results of Mining. The development of the gold fields in the

Advice, however, is probably useless, or at all events is Transvaal and the diamond fields at Kimberley, is rapidly hardly likely to be taken, until the New Year, when it will transforming a vast area of country from a wilderness into

be seen that, to repeat our statement of a fortnight back, a prosperous and industrial communities. The opening of good time will come for Horne Rails. the rich silver fields in the Barrier Ranges, near the borders

The sanguine feelings to which we referred of New South Wales and South Australia, has had the


last week are gaining strength, and, if only the

Rails. magical effect in a few years of producing an unparalleled

public mind could be assured of a harmonious stream of silver from the mines, that has caused the settlement understanding between the leading lines, business would of a thriving population in a wild expanse of country that commence in real earnest. That, however, is exactly what previously had little population. In all other parts of the the public do not feel sure of; but, despite the uncertainty world profitable mining has had a similar effect, in causing a which still prevails, the tendency of all the leading stocks rapid increase of population, and the dissemination of new has been strongly in the upward direction. As the crops wealth amongst its inhabitants. The increasing wants of of last year begin to be moved, the traffics are increasing, mankind for money in gold and silver, as also the absolute and that, together with the natural reaction from a long necessities of ever growing communities for all other articles period of depression and the slowly-growing feeling of of use that can only be obtained by mining, renders this in- confidence, are bound to send Americans along. dustry one of the most important of the age. Readers should Lake Shores, Union Pacifics and Eries are good purbear in mind that mining under the earth and producing chases. its treasures is different in its results from the mere specu

Trunks have shown a further fall, on the declaration of lation in stocks and shares. The one adds to the perma- another disappointing traffic; they should be left alone. nent prosperity of nations and individuals, while the other is merely an interchange of money from one set of hands to

Mexicans have been firm. It should be borne in mind another.

by operators in this stock that the Inter-Oceanic line is progressing and, despite fluctuations from time to time, the

prospect of competition is getting nearer, and that next TEMPLE CHURCH-JANUARY, 1889.

Christmas will probably see them at lower figures. January 6.-Morning : Te Deum Laudamus, in C (King); Jubi.

We cannot help wondering why the members lately suslate Deo, in C (King); Anthem, In the days of Herod the King (Handel); Kyrie Eleison, in 1 (Arnoid). ---Evening: Magnificat, pended for dealing on account of Glyka were not called in C (King); Nunc Dimittis, in C (King); Anthem, When Jesus,

upon by the Committee of the Stock Exchange for an exour Lord" (Mendelssohn).

planation at the time of the discovery of his defalcations.

Also, whether the Committee would have taken any step A MARVELLOUS COUNTRY THE RICHESTY IN had the judgment in Vagliano against the Bank of England

AND TESTAMENT OF MOTHER EARTH.-See Mr. THOMAS been the other way. It does seem strange that dogs which

THOMPSON'S MINING AND INVESTMENT CIRCULAR. Free on appli. have slept so many months should be so suddenly and cation. rudely awakened. Now the Committee is very active in- THREE GRAND MINING Prizes.-The Shares of one of these have deed, and employés will have to get their bargains done in risen from is. to £2 (the present quotation), and bid fair to go to £3.

The Shares of the second have risen from 75. 6d. to 328. 6d. (the present the name of a friend and put down cover in untraceable

quotation), and bid fair to go to £4. The Shares of the third are now at gold.

45. 3d. to 55. 3d., but promise well to reach as high a price as the two first.

For particulars see Mr. Thomas Thompson's Mining and Investment Most of our contemporaries who have referred to these

Circular. Free on application. suspensions appear to be under some misapprehension as to the wording of Rule 57, under which the penally has


Court, London, E.C. beeu inflicted. The rule says " The Committee particularly caution members against transacting speculative business directly or indirectly for or with officials or clerks in public or private establishments, without the knowledge of their WILLIAM BEVAN & CO., Stock and Share Dealers, employers. Members disregarding this caution are liable to be dealt with in such manner as the Committee may

3, COPTHALL BUILDINGS, THROGMORTON STREET, LONDON, E.C. deem advisable." It will be observed that the members

Deal in all English and American Rails, Stocks, Bonds, are "particularly cautioned," they are not prohibited ; and,

and Government Securities. considering the very grave danger underlying speculation,

SPECULATIVE ACCOUNTS OPENED on the most favourable terms especially in cases where the speculator perhaps holds a

and at closest market prices, with cover at i per cent. or upwards, at the position of trust, it would be as well to make dealings for option of operators. such clients prohibitory, and the penalty for its neglect more

Liability absolutely limited to the amount of cover.

Cover runs off at middle prices. heavy than mere suspension, which does not prevent the Bargains wired immediately made. person or persons carrying on their ordinary business No commission charged either on opening, closing, or carrying over

Stocks. None should speculate without applying for our "Investors' through another member.

Guide and Speculators' Vade Mecum," which will be forwarded post free. There is one curious thing to be noticed about this Rule Handsome profits have resulted from our last recommendations. 57, and that is, that is the only place where speculative bar

AdviceS FOR NEXT ACCOUNT NOW READY. gains are mentioned or referred to :-the polite fiction

£5 commands £500 stock, £10 commands £1,000 stock, £50 commands underlying the whole government of the dealings on the

£5,000 stock, and so on in proportion, with no other liabil ity whatever. Stock Exchange being, that every bargain is for actual

Bankers-LONDON AND SOUTH-WESTERN. investment or delivery; and the whole of the Rules and

Telegraphic Address—" DISCERNER," LONDON, Regulations, from No. I to 176, may be searched in vain for any indication that there is such a thing as an organised system of speculation in stocks and shares. Some financial journals are always ready to tell the Stock

MINING SHARES. -THE BEST MARKET. Exchange Committee how to manage the affairs of that institution ; but it surely must be a very shallow clerk who

MEMBER OF THE REDRUTH MINING EX CHANGE. inspires the idea that the Christmas settlement should be

SAMUEL JAMES, arranged for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday, simply to

STOCKBROKER AND MINING SHARE DEALER, allow a few members or clerks to absent themselves on the 24ch inst. Having the first day of the account on Monday

14, ANGEL Court, LONDON, E.C. and then a break until Thursday may be inconvenient; but

Bankers : IMPERIAL BANK, LOTHBURY. how about the pay-day being fixed for Saturday, when the banks close at 2 p.m.? If the Saturday half-holiday were

Send for the Royal Exchange Mining Share List, issued every broken into what a row there would be all round. In the

Tuesday and Friday, containing latest prices. first place, a Saturday could not be fixed upon, owing to the

For twenty-two years Mr. James has devoted his entire attention

to Mining Business. banks closing early, and it would be even more inconvenient

He has correspondents in all the Mining centres of the world. to make the pay-day the last day of the year; so that no His special information and lengthened experience are at the choice was open to the Committee. Before the passing of disposal of his Clients. the Bank Holiday Act, we have known Boxing Day com- All transactions carried out with promptitude and despatch. mence the settlement. Besides, Stock Exchange clerks Mr. James is prepared to Buy and Sell Shares at the closest need not grumble—they have the first of January as a fixed

market prices, and to pay CASH for all purchases. and unmoveable holiday, while others will be at work.

Shares sold for forward delivery, one, two, or three months, on MERCATOR.

receipt of the usual deposit of 20 per cent.

Advances made upon approved Mining Shares.

TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS : SAM JAMES, LONDON. WILLIAM HENRY BUMPUS, STOCKBROKER AND MINING SHARE DEALER, 44, THREADNEEDLE STREET, LONDON, E.C. (Established 20 years at this address), transacts business in Mining Shares of every description, English and Foreign Stocks, Colonial Government Bonds, Railways, Banks, Financial and Miscellaneous Shares, and DAMASK TABLE AND HOUSE LINENS, ! At Wholesale all Securities dealt in on the London Stock Exchange. Mr.

Prices. Bumpus devotes Special Attention to Legitimate Mines, and is in a COLLARS, CUFFS AND SHIRTS. position to afford reliable information and advice to intending investors and others in the selection of Shares either for Investment

Send for Samples and Price Lists, post free. or Speculation.

Old The present is a most favourable opportunity for investing in

to New, with best Sound Mining Securities, a judicious purchase of which at the low

Materials in Neckprices now ruling will, in all probability, result in large profits

bands, Cuffs and within the next few months. Cornish Tin Mines—Special Busi

Fronts, for

Samples and Price Lists, post free. ness. Indian Gold Mines, South African Gold and Diamond Mines,


Per dozen :Queensland and New Zealand Gold Mines, American Gold Mines,

Children's.. 18. 2d. Hemstitched: Copper Mines, Lead Mines. Mr. Bumpus has large transactions



the Half Dozen.

28. 4}d.

28. 11d. in the above, and can execute orders at close market prices. Send

We refit none under

Gent's for Investment List (free on application). All Business receives Per

this figure.

By Appointments to the Queen and the

Ex-Empress of Germany. sonal Attention. W. H. BUMPUS, 44, Threadneedle Street, London, E.C. (Established 1867. Telegraphic Address :-"Singular, London." ROBINSON AND CLEAVER, BELFAST.


Telegraphic Address, LINEN,Belfast.



38. 6d

48. 11d.

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Rogistered at the G.P.O. as a Newspaper and for Foreign Transmission.



Law and General Accountants, Auditors, Costs
Draftsmen, Law Partnership Agents,

Receivers, &c.


LIMITED Law Publishers and Booksellers, 27, FLEET STREET, LONDON, E.C.

(Six doors East of Inner Temple Lane.)

[blocks in formation]


Publio Companies' Registration Agent, &c., Continues to render assistance to the Profession in all matters pertaining to the Formation and Registration of Joint Stock Companies.

MEMORANDUMS AND ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION Entrusted to him will be carefully perused, and printed with accuracy and expedition Draft Articles of Association, printed

wide for alteration, 35. 6d. per copy. Registers of Members, and all other

books required by Joint Stock Companies. A large assortment always in stock. Share Certificates, Common Seals,

&c. &c., engraved to any Design at the shortest possible notice. Now ready, Twelfth Edition, 2s. 6d. post free. The Joint Stock Companies' Handy:

Book. By R. JORDAN. To be had of the Author, as above.

All Books on Kain's Copyright System of Solicitors' Book-keeping may be obtained at the above address, and terms arranged for auditing accounts and making up costs in



LIMITED. 33, POULTRY, LONDON, E.C. New Business for 1887 (14th Year)... £1,459,786 Annual Income exceeds Quarter of a

Million Sterling, Accumulated Funds (31st Dec., 1887.) £740,160 Liberal Conditions.

Moderate Premiums, Rates for Assuring £100 at Death. With Profits. Age 30 – £2 45. 8d. Age 35- £2 IIs. gd.

Age 40-£3 os. 9d. Tontine Policies upon the Popular “ Colonial

Mutual" System.

Granted since 1865 have each year exceeded £1,000,000 sums Assured ;

a result maintained uninterruptedly for so long a period by no other Office in the United

ingdom, Funds 64 mil. lions, increasing annually.






Mr. INDERMAUR (Author of " Principles of the Common Law," &c. &c.), of 22, Chancery Lane, London, continues to prepare Students for this Examination both in class and privately. Any further particulars on application personally or by letter, or see fuller particulars, recent results, &c., in the Law Student's Journal monthly, price 6d., post free 7d.



J. INDERMAUR and C. THWAITES. Published by G. BARBER, 16, Cursitor Street, London. 1. Trusts and Partnership. 2. Criminal Law. 3. Common Law. 4. Real and Personal Property. 5. Specific Performance and Mortgages. Nos. 1, 3 and 5, published at 35. 6d. each, post free, for cash, 2s. gd. No. 4, published at 5s. 6d., post free, 4s. 6d. for cash.

SECOND EDITION of No. 2 (Criminal Law), now ready, revised and enlarged, published at 35. 6d., cash, 35., post free, 35. 3d.

For Sketch of “ Landlord and Tenant" procure the " Law Student's Journal" for March, 1888.

TYPE-WRITING FOR SOLICITORS. A Type-written Affidavit is as legible as print. The Judge reads it without the strain on the eyes caused by an Engrossed Document. Counsel seize the pith of a Type-written plead. ing or brief in one quarter the time required to read instructions prepared by the Law Stationer. All Solicitors, in the interest of their clients, should adopt the new system by which every document used in the Law Courts is copied by the Type Writer at an average price of itd. per folio. Special quotations above 200 folios.

Agreements, Abstract of Title, Conveyances, Transcripts of Evidence, Private Examinations, Pleadings, Articles of Association, Evidence used in all the Divisions of the High Court, Bankruptcy, and Criminal Court can be copied by the TYPE WRITING BUREAU Limited, with accuracy, expedition and secresy. Documents received from Country Solicitors by post, copied and returned forthwith. TYPE-WRITING FROM DICTATION.

Solicitors wishing Special privacy can personally DICTATE to the Type-Writing operator, and their Shorthand Clerks can also dictate their Notes taken in Private Examinations without previous transcriptions.

Town and Country Solicitors should write for Specimens. Address-Miss JOHNSON, the Type-Writing Bureau Limited, 60, Chancery Lane, London. ESSRS. E. and F. SWAIN'S

JANUARY REGISTER of FURNISHED HOUSES, Residences to be Let or Sold, Country Houses, &c., will be forwarded by post, or may be obtained on application at their Auction and Estate Offices, 82, High Street, Notting Hill Gate, W.



OFFICES (three or five rooms) to be LET, at New Stone Buildings, Chancery Lane, close to the Law Courts and the Chancery Lane Safe Deposit. Lighted by electric light. Every convenience. Moderate rent. Use of elegant arbitration rooms in same building at reduced terms.- Apply at the Collector's Office, in the Hall of 63 and 64, Chancery Lane, W.C.


Empowered by Special Act of Parliament.

Chief Offices-BIRMINGHAM.

Branch Offices in all the Principal Towns and

Agencies throughout the Kingdom.

2, Finsbury Square.

39, Cross Street.

132, Bold Street,


Reports, Prospectuses, &c., may be had on application. R. ALDINGTON HUNT, F.S.S., A.I.A.,

General Manager.

Telegraphic Address :-"WAYLAND, LONDON



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Telegraphic Address :-" WAYLAND, LONDON."
Mr. R. M. STEPHENSON, LL.B. (Lond.)
Honours in Common Law and Equity, Final
LL.B, London University ; Honours in Juris-
pruence and Roman Law; Int. LL.B. Solicitors
Final, &c., Exams. ; Holder of Inner Temple
Equity Scholarship; Author of a Digest for the
Intermediate Exam. of the Law Society: Joint
Author of "A Practical Guide to the Bar;"
A Digest of Criminal Law, A Digest of Probate,
Divorce, Admiralty, Bankruptcy, &c. for the
Final Exam.; Editor of the * Jurist," &c.,
continues to hold Classes for THE BAR, the
Exams. For particulars apply to 3, Plowden
Buildings, Temple, E.C.

A Journal for Law Students and the Profession.

Edited by Richd. M. STEPHENSON, LL.B.
A Scholarship Exam. open to all Law Students
will shortly be held. For particulars see Jurist.

Annual Subscription, 6s. 6d., post free, including all Supplements.

Specimen Copy, 7d., post froo. ALEXANDER & SHEPHEARD, Publishers,

21, Furnival Street, E.C.

Air-tight and Travelling Boxes in stock, and
made to Order. Offices and Strong Rooms
fitted up with Iron Frames and Shelves. Sets of
Stands and Boxes made to fit Recesses to order.

Estimates given. Price Lists.

N.B.-Strong Deed Boxes of the following dimensions forwarded carriage paid, pro net cash, viz. 16 inby 12 by 91, 175. 6d. ; 14 in. by 10 145. and

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. . SHIRTS & PYJAMAS and all London and Country Daily and weekly




REEVES & TURNER, Law Booksellers & Publishers.

Newspapers. Advice given, and estimates
supplied, free of charge, for any line of adver-
tising, by Mr. HENRY SELL, Editor '" Sell's
Dictionary of the World's Press and Advertisers'
Reference Book" (1350, price 25.). -Sell's
ADVERTISING AGENCY (Limited), 167 and 168,
Fleet Street (ground 'floors), London, E.C.
Telegraphic Address, “ Sell, London."

Libraries Valued or Purchased. 100, Chancery Lane & Carey Street.

White Shirts, Pique or Linen Fittings,

6s. 6d., 7s. 6d., 8s. 6d.
Best French Cambric Shirts

6s. 6d.
Pyjamas in Wool, Silk, or Cotton from

8s. 6d.


All Goods are Manufactured in Holborn on the premises and only best London workpeople employed

Outfitters, 302, High Holborn.

New and Second-Hand Law Booksellers and


aw Libraries Purchased or Valued (Licensed Valuers)

Catalogues Gratis.
Telegraphic Address, "WILDYS, LONDON."


14, Bell Yard, Lincoln's Inn.
For Terms of Subscription and Catalogue

apply to STEVENS & SONS, 119, Chancery Lane, London. GRATEFUL, COMFORTING.


Acid Phosphate ROBEY MAKERS




A NERVE FOOD. Nervous diseases are often due to a diminution of the phosphates which exist in every fibre.


Acid Phosphate supplies the phos-
TO HER MAJESTY, the LORD CHANCELLOR, phates, and relieves nervous
The Whole of the Judicial Bench, Corporation
of London, &c.



water, Hants, says: "I prescribed it in SOLICITORS' & REGISTRARS' DITTO.

cases where the chief faults of health LAW WIGS, RED & BLUE BAGS, BANDS, &c.

appear to be want of nerve nutrition, Q.C. COATS IN VELVET AND CLOTH.

with marked benefit."

Dr. SPENCER T. SMYTH, L.R.C.P., Corporation Robes, University & Clergy Gowns. Forest Hill, Tyson-road, London, says: Established 1689.

“I have given it in nervous disorders

where phosphoric acid is indicated, 94, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON.particularly in cases of nerve prostra

tion, and find it a valuable remedy." FRAZER'S Purify the Blood, Improve the

Health, make Work a pleasure,

Descriptive Pamphlet post free on and Life Enjoyable. Sold by

application to
Chemists at 1/13, or post free

29, Ludgate Hill, London.
Agents Wanted.

Wholesale :

Beware of Substitutes and

Association, Lid., London, S.E.


BREAKFAST. “By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a careful application of the fine properties of well-selected Cocoa, Mr. Epps has provided our breakfast tables with a delicately-flavoured beverage which may save us many heavy doctors' bills. It is by the judicious use of such articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually built up until strong enough to resist every tendency to dis

Hundreds of subtle maladies are floating around us ready to attack wherever there is a weak point. We may escape nany a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves well fortified with pure blood and a properly-nourished frame."-Civil Service Gazette. Made simply with boiling water or milk.

Sold only in Packets, by Grocers, labelled thus : JAMES EPPS & co., Homeopathic Chemists,









Vol. VIII.


No. 116.


The Temple Newspaper and Review.

A LEGAL contemporary is laying undue stress on the age of Mr. McIntyre, who has just been appointed County Court Judge. All we can say is that he is a younger-looking and more active man than many men ten or twelve years his junior. No one would dream, if he were not told, that the dapper little figure can count as many years as it appears he is justly credited with. We congratulate his honour, but not less do we congratulate the County Court Circuit to which he has been appointed; for, in Mr. McIntyre, they have an able and experienced lawyer, and a courteous gentleman. His Honour, Judge Snagge, to whose circuit Mr. McIntyre succeeds, is transferred to Circuit No. 36.


This quarter's circulars of the Emigrant's Information Office relating to Canada, the Australasian and South African Colonies, have just been issued ; and a poster, giving a summary, is exhibited in every post office. Queensland grants free passages to single female servants

and selected unmarried agricultural labourers, and Natal CURRENTE CALAMO.

grants them to a limited number of small capitalists under special provisions. Western Australia, Queensland, and,

under special conditions, the Cape, grant assisted passages; De Lege; de Omnibus Rebus et Quibusdam Aliis.

and Western Australia, Queensland, and Natal, nominated passages at reduced rates--mainly to female servants ar.d

agriculturists. Farmers with capital and female servanis On Monday night week the Editor of this journal was,

will find openings in all the Colonies; and agricultural unfortunately, in the railway train at the time of the collision labourers in Canada (in the spring), New South Wales, at Loughborough Junction, and has been since under the Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, and some districts of New doctor's care. To this circumstance it is due that we did Zealand; while mechanics are only in demand in very few not go to press last week. Experience has shown that it is localities, as in the western districts of Canada (in the not safe to produce a journal of this character in the absence spring), in Melbourne, especially for those connected with of its legal head. Our subscribers will lose nothing by the the building trades, and, to a limited extent, in Tasmania. circumstance, as their year will be reckoned at 53 weeks instead of 52.

“Sweet LAVENDER" reaches its 300th performance at

Terry's Theatre on Friday next, January 11. We abstain, at present, from commenting on the railway collision—we cannot logically call it accident-referred to, but it will receive attention.

COLONEL HENRY MONTAGUE HOZIER, Secretary to Lloyd's, has been recently elected to a seat on the Board

of the Channel Tunnel Company, and he loses no time HER MAJESTY THE EMPRESS FREDERICK has sent a

evidently in espousing its cause with a thoroughness quite present to the Bethnal Green Free Library, E. ; being the

usual with him, for on the seventeenth instant he will detenth gift received by the trustees from members of the

liver a lecture on the Channel Tunnel before the Society of

Arts. It is to be hoped that he will not allow this new Royal Family.

position to intersere with his duties in the Room, where

matters are becoming more and more stormy. By-the-bye, The following are the arrangements for the sittings of the both Sir Edward Watkin and Colonel Hozier are staunch Queen's Bench Division during Hilary sittings Three Unionists, politically. They are now in another sense Courts will sit in Banco, the first of which will be composed Unionists. We need hardly say that we wish them success, of Justices Denman and Stephen; the second will consist for it is not new to the readers of PUMP COURT to hear of Lord Chief Justice Coleridge and Mr. Justice Hawkins; that we are in favour of the Tunnel. and the third of Mr. Baron Huddleston and Mr. Justice Wills. Six Courts will sit for the trial of special and common

MR. SPENCER BALFOUR tried, the other day, ineffectujury actions and cases set down to be tried without juries, the judges being Baron Pollock, Justices Field, Manisty, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow Insurance Company

ally, to throw dust in the eyes of the shareholders of the Cave, Grantham and Charles. Mr. Justice Mathew will be

(Limited). This concern is a most peculiar one; it has the judge in attendance at Chambers during the sitting.

been so since its promotion, and that was peculiar enough for the most attentive searcher after novelties. Why, or

how, Mr. Charles Weeding Skinner was appointed to the We understand that Messrs. Stevens & Sons, the old- Secretaryship, few people could at the time understand ; as established law publishers, of 119, Chancery Lane, and the actual organiser, an experienced man, was passed over their employés, have incorporated themselves under the at the last moment, and left with certain accommodation Companies Acts.

There will be no issue to the public. bills to meet on account of the Company. The liability The only effect of the incorporation is that the firm is now was a not inconsiderable one, and was eventually disa limited company, instead of a private partnership. charged, as the Company has at least made a succés

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