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question of the destruction of the rolling stock, blockage money market that is going on. The stags have got al-
of the lines of rail, and the hundred and one com- most as much on their hands as they care to have for
comitants of what known "sm ish-ups." the present, and as special settlements are slow in coming
Canadian Pacifics are slowly but surely recovering from along, the venturesome buyers for premiums stand just
the effects of the bear raid made upon them during the abont as deep as they can afford to. Good concerns will of
early months of the current year, and have advanced from course continue to find a ready market, but shaky
51}, at which we suggested an immediate purchase, schemes will probably be shelved for some time.
to their present quotation of 54. We think this price
will be readily passed, nor shall we be a bit surprised
to find them quoted at close upon 60 before the half

The following report of the Yuruari Company has yearly account arrives.

been received “Chili, April 1, 1889.-Water Shaft

-Shaft now. 90 ft. below platform No. 4. Progress This market continues in the same de

during the month, 15 ft. When I commenced sinking

the shaft on March 21 no lode was in site, but I am The Mining pressed condition as when we last wrote,

pleased to report that the lode has now become filled Market. and the prospects of any immediate recovery are not promising. It is safe to say

with quartz, and I have every reason to expect, as I that mines will not be active until other markets get duller.

have already reported, to strike the pay-shoot with very In South Africans another fall has to be noted, and

little further sinking. I have commenced cutting a Goldfields of South Africa have lost as much as £l per

platform, and started a drift eastward close to the

bottom of the shaft. This drift will be 85 ft. below share. Durban-Roodepoort shares have dropped , and Modderfonteins remain at last week's price. There is

No. 4 drift, and will be on the same level as No. 8 from no share offering in this particular market better worthy

Cenicero. The lode here is the best in the shaft, being

4 ft. thick, walls well defined, slightly mixed with blue of purchase as Modderfonteins, and they may any day be quoted at £5 or £6. Great Britains are also off

stone, but improving as the 'drift advances. It will

take me a few days to finish the platform, after which colour,as after being returned at 30s.,they are now down to 128. Salisbury, however, are the most seriously

I shall continue to sink the shaft, Stope back, No. 4

drift east, 110 ft. from centre of shaft-Progress during affected of all the South African companies; these shares, a month ago, run up as high as £27, they are

month, 22 ft. 6 in.; lode well defined, 3 ft. in thicknow down to £16, with every prospect of going lower.

ness, showing visible gold in the stope. Drift No. 4 Robinson's once touched £63, though they could readily

east, length 183 ft. from centre of shaft-Progress

during the month, 11 ft., showing a good lode, carrying be got now at £45. Mysore Gold shares are particu

visible gold, 2 ft. O in. in thickness. Cenicero Shaft, larly steady; judging by the reports from the mines, we may expect to some improvement in these stope No. 10 east, 200 ft. from centre of shaft --Progress

made during the month, 11 ft. 6 in. The lode in this securities.

stope is very good, and averages 6 ft. in thickness, with

well-defined hanging and foot-walls, showing visible An amusing city error is made in Mr. gold throughout the stope. Stope No. 12 east, 308 ft. General City H. A. Jones' new play “Wealth.” The from centre of shaft-Progress made during the month, Items. poor relations who want to know “how 70 ft. The lode in this stope also looks well, with an

many allotments they are going to get," average thickness of 5 ft. 2 in. Stope bottom .No. 9 also complain that they have been mixed up with the west, 605 ft. from centre of shaft-Progress made stagers. What is meant is of cours stags."

during the month, 12 ft. 6 in. The lode in this stope is well defined with an average thickness of 6 ft. 2 in.

I am now driving drifts Nos. 8, 9, and 10 west, and the THERE is much talk in connection with Water Gas

cross-cut south of No. 11 drift east. No. 8 drift west, shares. The reason of the big jump in British was to

length 631 ft. 6 in. from centre of shaft-Progress be found in a number of ventures, some bears exceeding

made during the month, 16 ft. The lode at end of this their strength and paying the penalty by being cornered.

drift is 2 ft. 6 in. thick, with well-defined footwalls, There was a smart relapse in Yorkshires on Monday quartz of good quality, showing visible gold. Drift which had moved up in sympathy; but the latest rumour

No. 9 west, length 730 ft. 6 in. from centre of is that they are to be mercilessly rigged until the Special mencing to drive this drift the lode has become better

shaft-Progress during the month, 20 ft. Since comSettlement, when they will be permitted to go their own

defined, and has increased in width, being now 3ft., way. This should be taken cum grano.

with quartz of good quality. Drift No. 10 west, 601 ft.

6in. from centre of shaft-Progress during the month, MR. A. ROSENFELT of No. 2 to 12, Bevis Marks, E.C.,

18ft. This lode has improved in width, with well-defined has joined the Board of Stapps Water-Gas Patents (Limi footwall ; quartz of good quality, expected to reach ted) after allotment. Applications have been received

this latter reef for some little time yet; but success has from numerous gas-works in various parts of the country

already crowned the works westward. As the stone for the adoption of Stapps' process. Applications have

Applications have shows free gold, crushings will doubtless quickly follow, also been made for the whole of the foreign patents.

and probably some of the old returns will be seen. We are ir formed that almost the whole of the £14,000 to

£15,000 the company retained in hand remains intact, WALL STREET never allows itself to be outdone by

the work of the battery crushing for other companies Capel Court, and as the latter created a precedent for having almost paid all the expenses of the extensivə itself by shutting up shop at Easter for four days, so

has the former created a precedent in the States by
closing for four days over the Washington celebration.
The principal thing that has kept London from booming

Americans during this holiday, has been the knowledge
that the New York brokers were counting upon getting

RelDas and CACTUs have agreed to divide the Third Prize of

the Quarterly. This leaves us now with the sole duty of disprices sufficiently high to enable them to jump on them

posing of the Second and Third Prizes of the Annual, for which to some effect next Thursday morning. We have been

purpose the following Special Acrostic is set for solution by the caught so often before in one way or another that we

tied competitors named in the is :ue of March 13th :-
are getting exceedingly cautious about taking the lead
in Yankee Rails.

Special Acrostic.

If you wish to know my strength,
THERE is likely to be a falling off in the number of

Seek me at Niag'ra's Falls.
new companies in the immediate future, the cause of 1. So is a well-known isle described.
which is to be found in the slow but sure tightening of the 2. You'll find me in the Lord's Prayer.


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Incorporated in the year 1847, under Act 7 and 8 Vict., cap. 110, and further empowered by Special Act, 15 Vict., cap. 53.


JOHN RUNTZ, Esq., Chairman. | J. H. TROUNCER, M.D., Lond., Deputy-Chairman.

New Business

£834,315 New Premiums

27,996 Claims, with Bonus

92,854 Interest earned exceeds £4 7s. 6d.


The Accumulated Fund, which now amounts to £1,277,266, represents nearly Seven Years' Premium income in hand.
Total Claims paid

Policies absolutely indisputable after five years, provided the age of the Assured has been admitted,
Policies kept in force by appropriating the Surrender Value to the payment of premiums.
No charge for voyage to, or residence in, any part of the World, except unhealthy climates.
Assurers under the TEMPERANCE SCHEME are placed in a separate Section.
Policies may be effected under the Deferred Bonus plan.

Prospectuses, Copies of the last Report and Balance Sheet, and Board of Trade Returns, &o., can be obtained on application to any of the Agents of the Company, or to

EDWIN BOWLEY, Manager d. Secretary.




Extract from Report for 1888.
Net Annual Premiums

Net Losses

Net Annual Premiums

Interest received

FUNDS after providing for Dividend and Outstanding Claims.
Capital paid up

Life Reserve

£801,443 Fire and General Reserve

£380,000 Balance unappropriated


£1,481,669 Copies of the Report and proceedings of the Annual Meeting may be obtained on application.

GEORGE STEWART, Gereral Alanager. Exchange Street, Manchester,

March, 1889.

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[Tear this part off.]

To the Publisher of PUMP COURT,

33, Exeter Street, Strand, London, W.C. Please forward me, postage free, a copy of PUMP COURT, Weekly for One Year from date, for which I enclose the sum of Fifteen Shillings.

[blocks in formation]

Pump Court



No. 131.


THE case of The Queen 1. The Mayor, &c., of PUMP COURT.

Ramsgate, is a somewhat startling instance of the persistence of municipal authorities in their endeavours

to carry out their own views. The history of the case The Temple Newsyaper and Review.

is as follows:-Mr. Barley was surveyor first to Improvement Commissioners, who had the superintendence of local matters at Ramsgate, and subsequently when the place, in 1884, received its charter of incorporation, to the Council of the Borough. As such surveyor he received a salary, being bound to give all his time to the work. He was required to report on several schemes for drainage which had been submitted to the Improvement Commissioners, and in doing so, suggested one of his own, which the Commissioners adopted, and which was subsequently carried out by the Council, who, in the resolution appointing him surveyor to carry out the scheme, resolved that he be paid a commission for his services, viz., 5 per cent. in respect of the outfall sewer, to include certain charges for assistance, but such commission not to exceed £450, and 3 per cent in respect of the remainder of the works, but not to exceed £330, the resolution to be subject to the Corporation entering into contracts for

carrying out the work in each instance. Barley De Lege ; de Onnibus Rebus et Quibusdam Aliis. undertook the work, and the Council at different dates

passed resolutions for paying him sums amounting to

£780. Mr. Whiteley, a burgess of Ramsgate, however, In re the 163rd Starr-Bowkett Building Society's brought an action against Barley for penalties under Contract, Chitty, J., had before him an important ques

the Public Health Act, 1875, sec. 193, on the ground tion on a not very unusual condition of sale. The that Barley, although an officer of the Corporation, had trustees of the society put up for sale by auction certain an interest in the contracts made. Mr. Whiteley sucproperty, which was purchased. The contract incor- ceeded in this action, which is reported L. R.21 Q.B.D. porated, amongst other conditions of sale, one that in 154 (C. A.). The Council then passed a resolution case the purchaser should, within a given number of that the costs incurred by Barley in defending this days after delivery of the abstract of title, make any action should be paid out of the Borough funds. A objection to or requisition on the title which the rule nisi for a certiorari to bring up and quash these vendor should be unable or unwilling to remove or resolutions and orders for payment made by the Councomply with, the vendor should be at liberty at any cil, was obtained, and on behalf of the Council cause time thereafter, notwithstanding any attempt to remove was attempted to be shown against the rule being made or comply with such objection or requisition, by notice absolute on the ground that the money might have in writing to annul the contract, and to return to the been paid to Mr. Barley by way of allowance. The purchaser his deposit money without interest, costs, or Court (Field and Cave, J.J.), however, decided that the compensation. The abstract was delivered, and the writ ought to issue, for the resolutions were for things purchaser made requisitions. With these the vendors absolutely prohibited, and Cave, J., truly said that if alleged that they were unwilling to comply ; they the Corporation were allowed to pay the costs incurred accordingly, by notice, rescinded the contract, and sent by Barley in defending the action for renalties brought him a cheque for the deposit. The purchaser's against him, the ratepayers would be worse off than if solicitors, however, returned notice and cheque, and re- they had taken no steps, for in addition to paying the quested an immediate reply to the requisitions. The illegal commission, they would have to pay the costs of vendors' solicitors said their clients had annulled the the action which demonstrated its illegality, and it contract to avoid delay and expense, being unable to might be suggested that the amount of the penalties comply with some of the requisitions. The purchaser's recovered against the Borough surveyor also. It would solicitors asked for the best answers the vendors could be interesting to learn who is going to pay the costs of give, in order that the purchaser might consider shewing cause against the rule nisi for certiorari being whether his requisitions could not be waived. The made absolute. vendors' solicitors insisted that the contract was annulled. Chitty, J., came to the conclusion that though FIELD, J., has sent in his resignation ; Manisty, J., having regard to previous decisions, and in particular will shortly do the same. We are sorry to hear in re Dawes and Wood, 29 Ch. Div., 626, the word Huddleston, B., cannot remain much longer; Pollock, “ unwilling" in the condition could not be taken in its B., and Denman, J., are known to contemplate retireliteral sense, yet that the vendors had not acted ment; the end of the Special Commission will probably capriciously, their good faith had not been impeached,

see the elevation of Sir James Hannen to the comparaand they had stated inability to comply with some of tive ease of Law Lord in the Judicial Committee of the the requisitions, though they were not bound to com- Privy Council. Rumour has long been busy about the municate their reasons to the purchaser. He held, retirement from judicial labours of the Master of the therefore, that the power had been well exercised, and Rolls, and now there are similar rumours respecting the contract accordingly annulled.

Lindley and Bowen, J.J., as to the latter of which, how


ever, we are exceedingly sceptical, as we have favourable BARON HUDDLESTON is considerably better, The accounts of this judge's health, and hope to see him comparative absence from pain which his lordship has again at his post in a couple of weeks. How all these enjoyed during the past few days, and the sudden vacancies are to be properly filled up is matter for outburst of lovely summer sunshine which has pot in anxiety, but peradventure, the Lord will provide. so unexpected but welcome an appearance, have com

bined to put the Baron almost literally “on his legs”

again. IN re The Missouri Steamship Company (Limited), the Court of Appeal had before them the question as to the law governing a control of affreightment. So

FAR be it from us to treat the holy estate of matrilong ago as 1864, in Lloyd v. Guibert, 33 L.J. (N.S.), mony with unbecoming flippancy under any conceivQ.B., 241, affirmed L.R., 1 Q.B.,

115, it was laid down able circumstances, for if there were no marriages there that the operation of a contract of affreightment depends would be no Divorce Court, and what would some of on the law of the flag, i.e., on the personal law of the

us do then ? But it is difficult to repress an innocent ship owner. This was first put on the ground that the

smile at the announcement of the banns of marriage of master's authority to bind the owner towards the

that swarthy conspirator the Maharajah Dhuleep Singh, charterer depends on the law of the flag, in accordance

as noted by the one and only Blowitz of the Times, with Pope v. Nickerson, 3 Story, 465, and afterwards

whose eagle eye, withdrawn for the moment from

watching monarchs and diplomatists at the world-comon appeal the court enunciated the view that the owner could have equally relied by way of defence on

pelling work, “spotted” the announcement outside the the law of his flag if he had been present

in the

foreign Mairie in the Rue d'Anjon. port, and made the contract of affreightment himself. In re The Missouri Steamship Company (Limited), the It seems that Dhuleep Singh, “ profession, Maharajah ; facts were shortly that Monroe, a domiciled American son of Runjeet Singh, deceased, and widower of Bamba citizen, made a contract of affreightment with the agent Muller,” intends to marry a lady described as of the above mentioned company at Boston. The Com- “ daughter of Charles Douglas Wetherell, deceased, and pany itself was registered in England and owned the

Sarah Charlotte, his wife, of Greemmorn, England." Missouri, registered in Liverpool, sailing under the

Can this be our dear departed, “Cremorne," transformed British flag, and trading between, amongst other ports, during its passage across the Channel ? At any rate, this Liverpool and Boston. The voyage was from Boston to notification of banns may possibly account for the Liverpool, and by the contract of affreightment, where- Maharajah's recent insolent demand for the Koh-i-noor, by certain cattle were to be carried to Liverpool, it was or its ready-money equivalent. No doubt the historic expressly provided that the ship owners should not be

gem, which the Maharajah covets, would make a very liable for loss or damage arising from the negligence of pretty “family diamond” for his new Maharanee, or, the master or crew, and the bills of lading contained a

failing that, the twenty thousand pounds or so which similar stipulation, pursuant to provisions in the con

it represents would, no doubt, set the loving couple up tract. The ship sailed and was stranded, it being in housekeeping very comfortably, even for a Maharajah admitted for the purposes of the case that the stranding "out of employ." occurred through causes within the exception from, or provision against, liability, viz., negligence of the master or crew. The shipper now made a claim in the

LORD WALTER CAMPBELL, whose premature death winding-up of the company, which was being voluntarily

we record with regret, was one of the most active of liquidated. By the law obtaining at Boston and the

all the Duke of Argyll's energetic sons. Lord Walter rest of the State of Massachusetts, such a stipulation

was a member of the Stock Exchange, and recently against liability is held invalid and void as contrary to went to South Africa, where, if all one hears is to be public policy ; by the law of England, however, such a

believed, fortunes are to be had well nigh for the asking. limitation of liability is valid, and Chitty, J., disallowed But poor young Lord Walter-ho was only forty-one the claim on the ground that the legality of the con

-had only been in the Transvaal some three months tract was governed by the law of the flag, and also that

when he sickened and died, at Johannesberg, the the contract showed an intention on the part of the

very centre of the mining mania and the South African contracting parties to contract with reference to the

Eldorado. Lord Walter Campbell leaves a son and a laws of England, and the Court of Appeal (Lord Hals- danghter to mourn his early death. bury, L.C., Cotton and Fry, L.JJ.) affirmed this decision.

It looks as if it were true that the Prince of Wales

did “make a pile" over “Nitrates," as His Royal We hear upon very good authority that the social Highness is going to patronise the next smoking concert event of the season will be the announcement of the of the Stock Exchange Orchestral Society, at Princes' engagement of Prince Albert Victor of Wales, and that Hall, on Saturday. The Prince was expected at it will be found that the lady to whom the honour of Colonel North's great ball at the Metropole, but did an alliance with the future King of England and Em

not put in an appearance. Let us hope the S. E. O. S. peror of India has fallen, is gifted by nature with much will be more fortunate. The Prince could do with a beanty and by fortune with many "goot gifts and pog- few good "tips" occasionally, for his pocket is not sibilities" of the kind dear to the soul of Dr. Hugh too deep for the many calls made upon it. Evans.

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It is not generally known, but it is none the less a

THE general opinion is that, in spite of its influential fact, that the name of Albert was given to the eldest

backing, the Bills introduced into the House of Lords

and the House of Commons, by Lord Meath, Mr. son of the Prince of Wales at the special wisa of the Queen, who is most anxious that there should gome day Channing, Mr. Firth, Sir Jobn Lubbock, and others, to be a King Albert, while Her Majesty is well aware that qualify, women for a seat on the London County her eldest son has obstinately decided to mount the Council, will be rejected. The law has spoken, and throne an Edward, being prejudiced against other side are brought to bear, it is most probable that

unless very cogent and convincing arguments upon the “ Albert” as an un-English and therefore not impro- Lady Sandhurst's disqualification will be upheld, and bably unpopular name for an English monarch. It has

all other Eves excluded from the Metropolitan Paradise, been whispered that when Her Majesty's last will and testament comes to be read-may the day be long dis

over which Lord Rosebery presides with so much tact tant !-it will be found to contain weighty reasons why

and taste. Prince Edward, as he is persistently called in his home circle, will not refuse to carry out the wishes of his It is not to be altogether regretted if such should a ugust grandmamma.

prove the case. Women are being thrust a little too much to the front, and if every public body is to be inevitable result, that by-and-bye, after his bruised hampered by their presence, they will lose some of heart has been tenanted by many fleeting and unworthy their utility. Besides "a whistling woman and a crow- passions, the love of his life comes to him in a Swiss ing hen are neither good for God nor men,” and there village, in the person of a gentle, clever English maiden, is a strong suspicion of the crowing hen with many for whom he promptly conceives une grande passion, ladies who are so nobly anxious to sacrifice their innate which she, unhappily, and under the delusion that he womanly shrinking from publicity upon the altar of is a widower, returns. With admirable delicacy, and no public duty. In the meantime, many of us are of mean amount of subtlety, the author analyses the various opinion that we can keep the sacrificial fire burning moral phases through which Paul and his inamorata without the aid of these would-be Vestals.

pass, and while skilfully maintaining the human

interest, by making the psychology of the study maniIt is opined that when the inevitable retirement of clear of all offence in a plot and situations risqués to a

fest in the action of the characters, the author steers Baron Huddleston takes place—which may not be until

marked extent. The character of the brilliant barrister, February next, when he will become entitled to his

so envied yet so unhappy, so intellectually perfect yet so pension-he will be succeeded by Mr. F. A. Bosanquet, morally weak, so apt to fall into unworthy liaisons yet Q.C., of the Oxford Circuit, who has just been ap- devoted with so pure a love to his little daughters, and pointed a Commissioner for the Spring Assizes on the later, to the girl who is fated to recomponse him for Northern Circuit.

the loss of the earlier years of his married life, is ad

mirably drawn, and enlists the sympathy of the reader A DIVISIONAL Court to hear Bankruptcy Appeals at once. Nor is the picture of Muriel Ferrars, the from County Courts will sit on Monday, May 13th. heroine, less fascinating ; while a quaint, charming The Court for the Consideration of Crown Cases Re

Scotch professor and his devoted wife, and the callous, served on Saturday, May 11th. The United Law Clerks' worldly Alice Wentworth, are very clever studies, and Society will have their annual Festival at the Free- the pretty pictures of Swiss scenery help to enliven the masons' Tavern on Wednesday, June 26th, at which pages and to make up what is quite one of the ablest Lord Herschell will preside. The anniversary Festival and pleasantest novels of the season. of the Solicitors' Benevolent Association will be held A Babe in Bohemia. By Frank Danby. London : at the Hotel Metropola on June 27th, and Sir Arnold Spencer Blackett. 1 vol.-When that remarkable story W. White will preside.

“ Dr. Phillips "futtered the dovecotes of Maida Valo by its irresistible cleverness and cruel satire, everyone

was on tiptoe to know what particular phase of society THE ladies' concert of the Bar Musical Society will the author would next elect to scarify. We had not be given in Lincoln's Inn Hall (by permission of the long to wait before little ballons d'essai went floating Treasurer and Masters of the Bench), on Wednesday, up in the journalistic ether, and we were made to May 29th ; visitors' tickets, 5s. each, available for understand that Frank Danby's next volume would let either ladies or gentlemen. Tickets should be ap- us soe something of life behind the scenes in that plied for not_later than Wednesday, May 22nd, to curious world which passes in London of to-day for the the secretary, E. J. Payne, 2, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's equivalent, which it by no means is, of the Parisian Inn. The chorus will meet for practice every Tuesday Bohemia of Henri Mürgu. The revelations, if revelaevening until the concert.

tions they are, of Frank Danby, are startling and repulsive, so startling and so repulsive that we shall be

surprised if A Babe in Bohemia is not the sensation of EASTBOURNE has been particularly favoured by our

the season. In its pages the author professes to give us profession during Easter-tide this year, amongst the

a picture of life as it is in the rowdy, vicious, vulgar notable visitors being Sir J. C. and Lady Day, Mr.

world of sporting and fast journalists, ladies of the Phipson Beale, Q.C., and Mr. Underhill, Q.C.

ballet, demi-mondaines, drunken lordlings, tipsters, and all the vile crew who move in certain social circles,

in a material atmosphere of whisky fumes and cigarette UNDER THE PUMP.

smoke, and a moral atmosphere of blasphemy and vicious indulgence. There are one or two beautiful

and pathetic studies of character in the book, but they The Repentance of Paul Went- only seem to throw into higher relief the vileness of worth. By an anonymous author. the rest of the crew. The cleverness of the author is London : Richard Bentley and once more conspicuous, and, whatever faults may be Son. 3 vols.-If a refinement of found with the method, it is impossible not to think style rare in these days of careless that the moral of the book is distinctly good. For if slipshod writing, a sufficiently in- anything could make the would-be-man-about-town, teresting plot, and a group of the callow youth yearning to see life, turn in utter disadmirably drawn characters can gust from the “ Bohemia” which seemed to his inexcommand the attention of the read- perience so full of brilliant promises of intense if ing public, The Repentance of unhallowed delights, this book will of a surety do it. Paul Wentworth should be a Space will not permit us to refer other than in the success, and the author may, with briefest fashion to the handsome, manly Mordaunt some confidence, discard the veil Rivers of the wrecked life, big heart, and brilliant of anonymity from behind which brain; to the weak, maudlin, self-indulgent Rolly has been launched, a book which, Lewesham ; the flabbily sensual Sinclair Furley; the

if it be a maiden effort, is full of vulgar, heartless Nettie ; the pathetic figure of Lucilla richest promise. In the meantime its performance in Lowesham, and other strongly individualised figures the present is excellent. To those jaded with the re- which flit through the author's pages. Nor can we do spective flippancy, vulgarity, morbid sensationalism, or more than mention the realistic pictures of the horrors dead-level dulness of much of the modern school of of epilepsy and the degradation of drunkenness fiction, this story will come as a distinct pleasure. which are to be found in the book. But we must Paul Wentworth, the hero, is a barrister-brilliant, add a word to express our opinion that A Babe successful, wealthy, but wretched. He has married á in Bohemia is a book which should be read by beautiful woman, cold as ice, irresponsive as a statue, all sorts and conditions of men, if only that they while his own tomperament is ardent and generously may learn how meretricious is the glitter, how debased sensuous to a degree. And so it comes about that the the real inner life of that peculiar social region of wife goes ber own way and the husband his, with the which “the latitude's very uncertain and the longitude

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