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fletnfpiUrve view of affairs in India. Benares, TranfaJlions which lei a tie dependance of that country on the East India company. Ike Rajah Btkxsni Sing, hawing taken a decided part in their favour, in the ivar agaixj) in paramount lord, Sujah Ul Dowlah, his tetritories are secured to him iy tit treaty of lllahabad. Investiture of Cheit Sing, upon the death of his father It u,vJ ant, and a new treaty concluded in favour of the family by Major Herfer. A third treaty, in confirmation of the tnvo former, concluded by Mr. Hastings, vtiho is himself a party to it, and renders the company guarantees if the Rajah's possessions. Upon the death ofSujah Ul Dtrwiab, the Aaioi -vr ttier, the sovereignty of Benares is transferred by his successor to the compeer). Extraordinary subsidies demanded and Lvicd from the Rajah, Cheit Sing, tt tecafion of the war with France, lay the foundation of those differences ivbkb took place between him and the government of Calcutta. A supply of aooo cavalry demanded from the Rajah. Charges of difaffe&ia* and cantutwef laid against him. Governor general's progress from Calcutta, to fettle the affairs of Benares, and other countries. Proceeds up the Ganges to Buxer, •where he is met by the Rajah, with great attendance and number of btatt. Different accounts of the conference on the water. Rajah's visit at Benares forbidden. Rajah taken into custody: rescued, and the sepoys, with their officers, massacred. He flies first to Ramnagur, and from thence retires in tit night to the fortress of Lutteefpoor. Ouffaun Sing appointed by the governor general to administer the affairs oftht ctmtry in the place of the Rajei.


Ramjievaaun garrisons Ramnagur for the Rajah. Scheme for the re-
duilion of the -place frustrated by the rashness of Captain Mayaffre; who
is killed in an ill- judged attack, and the party repulsed with great loss.
Country immediately in arms. Design of attacking the governor general
in his quarters obliges him to retire by night to Chunar. Repeated pro.
fofals made by the Rajah for an accommodation, produce no effeeJ. Em-
barrassment occasioned by the Nabob -vizier's iiijit. The commotion in
Benares spreads the flame in the adjoining countries. Cheit Sing's ma-
nifesto. Attack on the Rajah s camp at Pateetah. Great reinforce-
ments arrive at Chunar. Bundos Cawn, a native, proposes the means,
by -which the Rajah's forces might, -without much difficulty, be dispofejej
cf their strongholds. The scheme adopted by Major Popbam; who pri-
vately dispatches Major Crabhc, -with a strong detachment, to pene-
trate the mountains, under the guidance of Bundoo Cawn, and attacks
the enemy in the rear, labile he engages them in front. The design suc-
ceeds; Major Crabbe carries the strong pass of Suciroot; the enemy
abandon the fortress of Luneefpoor; the Rajab flies to Bidjeygur, and
all bis forces disperse. Country immediately resumes its usual tranquillity-
Governor general returns to Benares; settles the government; appoints
a new Rajab; and increases the revenue. Disturbances in the neigh-
»touring countries quelled. Treaty of peace and alliance happily eon-
eluded -with Madagee Scindia by Colonel Muir. The Rajah, Cheit
Sing,''totally abandons his country. Strong fortress of Bidjeygur taken
upon conditions, by Major Popbam. Great treasure sound and spoil
wade by the army. [i


Peninsula os India. Efforts by France to recover her ancient possessions and
influence, and totally to overthrow the English power. French squadron
sails from the African istands ivitb a J'rortg body of forces for the coast of
Coromandcl; lakes the Hannibal of 50 guns, and appears suddenly be-
fore Madras, intending to destroy the English squadron in the road, and,
in concurrence with Hyder Alley, to tiesiege that place by sea and land.
Causes luhicb obliged !\I. de Suffrein 10 abandon that dejign ami put out
to sea. Is pursued by Sir Edward Hughes, who chaecs and takes several
of the convoy. Partial sea-fight; in which the French, having the
tvind in their favour, direil their whole force to the attack of the rear
and a part of the center of the British line. Admiral's ship, the Su-
perbe, and Commodore King's ship, the Exeter, suffer extremely, through
the great superiority of force by -which they are attacked. Capt. Ste-
phens, of the farmer and Capt. Reynolds, of the latter, killed. Enemy
suddenly haul their -wind and stand rff; are out of sight in the morning.
Admiral, en his way from Madras to Trincomale, is joined by the Sul-
tan and Magnanime. from England. Falls in with the enemy's fleet.
Etoody aiiion off the coast of Ceylon, on the \mh of April. The da-
mage on both fides so great, and so nearly equal, that the hostile com-
manders lie for several days within fight of each other, repairing their
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Jbettrred Jtips. French feet fttcet& to Baiarclo, and Sir Ed'jtey!
h'n^-es to Trincimale. Consequences of these naval a3:ms. Gnatd.-
a;.;<,.r.:zuiti to Hyder, in bis expectation of fueb m co-operation m iu
fan of Frar.ee, at vciuld enable bin fpeeddy to reduce lie Cams?.;.
Mu, ,r AS ngden arrives voitb a body of troops from Bombay at Tn--
eicy, on tic Malabar coast; "where be defeats and tata Sandal Cans:':,
•who b:d hnj blukaded that place. l'°

Chap. in.

CoUnel E'lihzuaite's detachment suddenly furnrjnJed by Tippoe Saib, «-"-

a considerable army, on the brinks of the Celeron. Desperate resist**'-

Cruel /laughter refrained by the humanity of M. Laity- Southern f<c-

vinces laid er.iirey open lo toe enemy by this hfs. Embarrajsing /«*■'•

us Sir Eyre Lone. French forces, under the conduct of M. Dtcbtmii,

land a: Vondlcherry, and are joined by a bsdy of Hyder's imps;*-'

combined enemy besiege Cuddalore and Parnacoil, bob of tebieb they ub\

and meditate, in concert vuitb the grand army, an attack upon the >o-

sonant jortrefs of Vand'rwnjb. Sir Eyre Coo/e, in advancing lo the ft*

lection of Vandi-juajh, hopes thereby to bring au a battle iviib BioW;

tut finding the latter relinquished bis object to evade that design, tt fs^P

on tivo d.iys march to attack him on bis orton ground. Hfder aboodut

bis camp, and retires to a secure position on the Red Hills. British gru-

ral, in order to drain the enemy from his strong foil, and bring met

action, advances towards the fortress of Arnee, where bis KagaBi;*

(ire deposited. Manœuvre succeeds: Hyder immediately descends from is

Red Hills, and marches to its relief of Arnee. Battle of tie id if Ji*-

Enemy rooted and pursued till night. The -want of cai airy on tm £..-,

and abundance of it on the other, prevent the grand effects of iiikn3

this -war. Pursuit continued for fwo dais. Enemy abandon tie f"

road, and cross the conn try to Arnee. Britijb grand guard cut off- fan/n,

f chefs, and -want of provisions, oblige the army to fall back tvwa'J<&<

sources of its supply. Sir Eyre Coote's ill health-obliges bim to quilt*

army, and leave the command to General Stuart. Hyder in asm*'

state of ill heiltb. Defined never to face each other again in ittffJ.

Both, probably, victims to lire contention. Failure of Hyder's great Ji-

signs, affects his constitution. French squadron returns from the ij.-ij

of Ceylon to the coast of Coromandcl, and is follnted by the Entfp-

M. dc Suffreia lakes on board great reinforcements "f troops end ailmy

wen at CuHdalore, -joiib a virvo of entirely Crushing tie British W*

pr.iuer in those seas. Appears before Negapalam, to challenge Sir F.hso'-

Hughes. Aflion of the f,tb of July. French feet saved by a siiddn /;'•

of irind. Severe strikes to the Sultan, but aftervro' Is escapes. C.'/'

Marlellan, of the admiral's flip, killed. Great loss of the enemy. Vhk

the squadron ir refitting al Mailrai, .17. de Sufirein joins the .lieur i'Ay"1'

on t^e coast of Ceylon, ivhtt is arrived there iviih two flips of tit £*•'■

rijjj the second division of the Marauis de Buffs s troops from the &•&'

ritias. Enemy besiege and lake Trincomale, iMfrile the Britijbsquadron
h •detained by adverse •winds from its rescue. Sir E. Hughes arrives
early in the morning close in -with that place. Enemy, relying in their
superior force, come out to battle. Desperate and -well fought atlion on
the jrf of September. Enemy life one of their best ships in getting into
'Trincomale. Loss of men small, 'with respell to number j but the tbret

brave captains, Wood, Watts, and Lumley, -with other distinguished off!.

cers, are unfortunately stain. Great loss of the enemy. Admirable be*

haviour of the British commanders, through tbet whole course of this severe

naval warfare. [54


Treaty of peace concluded with the Mahrqttas, through the mediation of

Asadajre Scindia. Negotiation conduBed •with ability by Mr. Anderson.

Madajce Scindia the mutual guarantee. Peace fortunate with respeel

10 the season os its conclusion, and advantageous in its stipulations to the

English. Boroach ceded to Scindia. Supposed causes •which delayed
the ratification at Poonab. Dreadful hurricane, and deplorable famine
at Madias. Britishsquadron driven to sea, and suffer much from bad'
•weather in their pajsage to Bombay. Advantages derived by the French
fleet from the possession of Trincomale. Colonel Humbersiane'ssuccesses on
the coast of Malabar. Penetrates far into the country; but is obliged
to retire with loss from Palacatcberry. Government of Bombay dispatch
a body os forces under General Matthews to the coast, •with a view to
extricate Humbcrstone; nubile Tippoo Saib proceeds with the utmost ra-
pidity from the Carnatic, in order to cut him off. Colonel Humbcrstone
gains intelligence of bis approach, and retires to Paniany, closely pur-
sued by the enemy. Command of the troops devolves on Colonel Macleod,
•who is immediately invested by the enemy. Tippoo Saib and M. Lally
attack the British lines •with a great force, hut are gallantly repulsed
•with considerable loss. Tippot Saib breaks up bis camp by night, and
returns to the Carnatic. General Matthews takes Onore by storm. Death
and character of Hyder Ally. General Matthews takes Cundapore;

forces the Gauts, and makes hit way into the Bednore country. Some ob-

servations on the condutl pursued, and the cruelties-committed in this ex-

pedition. Short account of the ancient kingdom of Canara, and of the

royal city of Bednore, er HyJer Nagur, the supposed depositary of Hyder's

treasures. Private negotiation and treaty with llyat Saib, who sur-

renders the country and capital to the B'itijb forces. G<eat discontents

in the army, relative to the disposal os the treasures found hi the royal

palace. Difference between the general and the principal officers of the

King's forces, occasions the Colonels Macleod and Humbcrstone, with

Major Sbaw, to quit the army and return to Bombay. Dispatches from

the general, containing a general accusation against his army. Proceed-

ing of the government of Bombay: appoint Colonel Macleod to the com-

mand of the army in the Bednore country. Qaftain Carpenter takes Car-

Q_2 war,

tsaar, ttsitb other for', and reduce! the vjhole Soundab country. Genirsl
Matbcvjs returns 'with part of the army to tkc coast; kejieges and la
Mangaiore. Tippoo Sultan abandons the Carnatic, and marches •u.vr
it; -u.-bi.le army to sec over the Bednore country, and bis dominions?* ik
Malabar coast. Letters from General Matbrws to the government U
Bombay, informing than of the approach of the enemy, and reauirme t
reinforcement: returns to Bedno-c; marches out to sight the prodigia;
ar-ny under Tippoo Sultan; being instantly defeated, be retire tviii <i-.
remainder of the forces to the adjoining fortress; closely fumunded trJ
btf.eg-d. 'The strong posts in the Gauls shamefully lost to a detacher,
from Tippoo's army. The fugitives from the Gams communicate tit'
panic to the garrison if Cundapore, 'who set fire lo the magazines, ml
ubandjti the place, vaiib a large field of artillery. General Matbtvrs i»-
■pitulates upon honourable conditions. Capitulation -violated by TippotSii-
lan. General, and principal officers, fixed and imprisoned, dixy she*
dt red and inhumanly treated. Miseries endured in a cruel march and .•-
prifonment. General and several ojficers, said to ba<vc been both-
rousty murdered. Sie^e of M-ar.galore converted to a blockade, Ufa ik
departure of the French auxiliaries from Tippoo Sultan. Sir EyreCr::
returns to Midras, vjbcre be dies. Sir Edward Hughes arrives fire
the feet from Bombay. Successes of the Colonels Lang and buHnmr. it
the Ciimbatour country. . General Stuart besieges Cuddalore. Treat
linei and outti-orks carried, after a desperate attack and refstai.ee, ';':>
great slaughter on bitb fides. Last naval aclion between Sir TJ"xsri
Hughes and M. de Suffrein. Great sal/y made by the French teitb tic.-'
best troops, inho are repulsed -with much loss. Account of the peace br.y
received, an immediate cessation of hostilities takes place.' [-j


firtrospeelive -view of affairs in the West Indies, North America, isn't,
and Larcpe, previous to the conclusion of peace. Bahama islands tM
by the G-n-ernor General of Cuba. Dutch settlements in Africa rehd
by the Eigl.fb Fiench expedition to Hudson's Bay, where they nil •'->
desti-oy iivo of the Company's settlements. Various successes on the Mnfai-1
j! ire; F,rt Bailing retaken: Don T.Julia, veith the Spanish ftret I n
Uack River, surrender prisoners of nvar to Colonel Defpayd. Ctuuet-u
of tor sift and convoy from Jamaica. Ramillies, Centaur, r't'.le de fin.,
Le Glorifux, and Le Ueclor ivitb many merchant ships lost. Sir
Cirh-ton communicates to General Washington the resolutions of partimr-
Jor an accom/nedutiun ivitb the Amer,(ans and the instructions and as:;:-
r, .'i he bad r- cei r. d for tkat purpose from gqvernment; requiring al the}**
tune a passport fir Mr. Morgan, ivbo he intended to dispatch upon their
>i,;/, i-i Couqrt/s. W-i/hington refers tic proposal to Congress, ivbo forkii"K
^renting ,ce pa/port. Rjobations ofsevcrjl assemblies, against any sepr*
nsg9-:Wi'h pec,, or truce tvitb Gnat Britain. 'Subsequent declarant®
tU fame purple by Co gr.ft; -wirbsirte} injunctions, against the receipts
cj qityftopofals, or t'ie admij-ton of any, miseries from.England. Metftn

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