The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary: In Nine Volumes, 6권

Printed at the Theater for J. Fletcher and J. Pote, 1744

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84 페이지 - Now sum Ruines of the Botoms of Waulles appere. Now it is caullid Holme Hylle. George Duke of Clarence Brother to King Edward had thought to have brought Avon aboute the Toune and to have enlarged the Town.
29 페이지 - ... Leland omits.] The Dykes landes by heyres generalles is devolvid now to Sussex. Mr. Goring and to Mr. Deringe.* Sum say that ther was a 3. sister that was maryed to Shirley (Coferer of the Kinges House), and that part came to the other ii. And as I remember Rivers Park thereby longgid to the Dikes. At the mouth of Arundel streame
52 페이지 - The king compoundid with them : and so was there vii. score and tenne acres limited to the new toune, whereof part is in the king mede withoute the toune, and part in hangging of the hille. Then in the tyme of the yere aforesayde the king set to his help in beginning and waulling New...
69 페이지 - Edwarde the 4. dayes, fo. 79. and aboute that tyme it was dissolvid, and moste of the landes of it given to Foderingey; and Eton College, as it is said, had sum title. After sute betwixte the colleges and the Abbay of Theokesbyri debatinges was, and after long tracte a final ende made in Henry the 7.
83 페이지 - Avonce a good flite Shot above the Confluence of Avon and Severne. Ther is a greate Bridge of Stone at the Northe Ende of the Towne, and ther a litle above the Bridge Avon brekith into 2. Armes. Yet the Bridge is so large that both cum under it. The right Arme cummith into Severne with yn a flite Shot of the Bridge, and at the Pointe of this Arme is the Towne Key for Shippes caullid Picardes. The other Arme cummith downe by the Side of the Towne and the Abbay, leving it on the Este, and so passing...
22 페이지 - And yn the old tyme the commune saying ys that the bridge, where the commune passage was over the Tamise at olde Kingston, was lower on the ryver then it is now. And when men began the new town yn the Saxons tymes they toke from the very clyve [steep slope] of Come parke side to builde on the Tamise side : and sette a new bridge hard by the same.
6 페이지 - Dovar, appereth a dikid campe of men of warre. Sum say that it was Caesar's cam[p] : sum thinke that it was a campe of the Danes. It hath 3. diches.
53 페이지 - Boston: and the gray freres toke them yn a manor for founders of their house, and many Esterlinges were buried there. In the Blake Freres lay one of the noble Huntingfeldes, and was a late taken up hole, and a leaden bulle of Innocentius Bisshop of Rome about his nek.
52 페이지 - Kirkeby Bisshop of Ely and Treasorer of England, and vewid a plot to make the new toune of Winchelesey on, the wich was at that tyme a ground wher conies partely did resorte. Syr John Tregose a knight was the chief owner of it, and one Maurice and Bataille Abbay. The king compoundid with them : and so was there vii. score and tenne acres limited to the new toune, whereof part is in the king...
69 페이지 - The Site of the Towne, as it is now, is in a maner of a Medow. So that when Severne much risith the Water cummith almoste aboute the Towne. It is to be...

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