Code of Federal Regulations: Containing a Codification of Documents of General Applicability and Future Effect as of December 31, 1948, with Ancillaries and Index

Division of the Federal Register, the National Archives, 1993

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486 페이지 - ... (2) is legally authorized within such State to provide a program of education beyond secondary education, (3) provides an educational program for which it awards a bachelor's degree or provides not less than a two-year program which is acceptable for full credit toward such a degree...
9 페이지 - local educational agency" means a board of education or other legally constituted local school authority having administrative control and direction of public elementary or secondary schools in a city, county, township, school district, or political subdivision in a State, or any other public educational institution or agency having administrative control and direction of a vocational education program.
496 페이지 - institution of higher education" means an educational institution in any State which (1) admits as regular students only persons having a certificate of graduation from a school providing secondary education, or the recognized equivalent of such a certificate...
233 페이지 - Indian tribe" means any Indian tribe, band, nation, or other organized group or community, including any Alaska Native village or regional or village corporation as defined in or established pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (85 Stat. 688) [43 USC 1601 et seq.], which is recognized as eligible for the special programs and services provided by the United States to Indians because of their status as Indians...
571 페이지 - The accounts of the Corporation shall be audited annually in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards by independent certified public accountants or independent licensed public accountants certified or licensed by a regulatory authority of a State or other political subdivision of the United States.
71 페이지 - ... at such time, in such manner, and containing or accompanied by such information as the Administrator may prescribe.
226 페이지 - ... individuals with a view to making them less likely to become dependent on others, to improving their ability to benefit from occupational training and otherwise increasing their opportunities for more productive and profitable employment, and to making them better able to meet their adult responsibilities.
10 페이지 - school facilities" means classrooms and related facilities (including initial equipment) and interests in land on which such facilities are constructed. Such term shall not include any facility intended primarily for events for which admission is to be charged to the general public. (4) The term "construction...
352 페이지 - ... that the construction will be undertaken in an economical manner and that it will not be of elaborate or extravagant design or materials.
219 페이지 - An eligible entity may receive a grant under this part if the entity submits an application to the Secretary at such time, in such manner, and containing such Information as the Secretary may require, including...

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