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How long wilt thou be drun- when ye PRAY, believe that ye Reo ken ? put away thy Wine CEIVE THEM, and ye shall have THEM, from thee.

15 And Hannah answered and said, No, my Lord, I am a Woman of a sorrowful Spirit: I have drunk neither Wine nor Strong Drink, but have POURED OUT my Soul before the LORD.

16 Count not thine Handmaid for a Daughter of Belial : for out of the abundance of my Complaint and Grief have I spoken hitherto.

17 Then Eli answered and said, Go in Peace: and the God of Israel grant thee thy Petition that thou haft asked of him.

18 And she said, Let thy Handmaid find Grace in thy fight. So the Woman went her way, and did eat, and her Countenance was no more sad.

19 And they rose up in the Morning early, and worshipped before the Lord, and returned and came to their House to Ramah : and Elkanah knew Hannah his Wife, and the Lord remembred her.

20 Wherefore it came to pass when the Time was come about, after Hannah had conceived, that she bare a Son, and called his Name SAMUEL, saying, Because I have asked him of the LORD.

21. And the Man Elkanah and all his House went up to offer unto the LORD the yearly Sacrifice, and his Vow.

22 But Hannah went not up; for the faid unto her Hurband, I will not go up until the Child be weaned, and then I will bring him, that he may appear before the LORD, and there abide for ever.

23 And Elkanah her Husband said unto her, Do what seemeth thee good, tarry until thou have weaned him, only the Lord establish his Word : so the Woman abode, and gave her Son Suck until she weaned him.

24. And when she had weaned him, she took him up with her, with three Bullocks, and one Ephah of Flour, and a Bottle of Wine, and brought him unto the House of the Lord in SHILOH : and the Child was young.

25 And they brought the Child to ELI.

26 And she said, O my Lord, as thy Soul liveth, my Lord, I am the Woman that stood by thee here, praying unto the LORD.

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27 For this Child I prayed; and the LORD hath given tne my Petition which I asked of him :

28 Therefore also I have lent him to the LORD as long as he liveth, he shall be lent to the LORD. And he worThipped the LORD there.

CH A P. II. 1 Hannah's Song. 12 The Sin of Eli's Sons. 18 Samuel's

Ministry. 27 A Prophecy against Eli's House.

because there is no here is nnere Nipsala

Ver , Á ND o Hannab pray- - Luke i. 25 Elizabeth said, Thds 1

hath the LORD DEALT with me, in ed, and laid, My the days wherein he LOOKED on me, Heart Rejoyceth in the to take away my Reproach from aLORD, mine Horn is exalted mong Men. in the LORD: my Mouth is enlarged over mine Enemies : because I rejoice in thy SALVATION.

20 There is none HOLY as Rev, xv. 4. Who shall not FEAR the LORD: for there is none thee, O LORD, and GLORIFY thy

Named for thou only art HOLY. beside thee: neither is there

Pfal. lxxxvi. 3 Be MERCIFUL unto any Rock like our God. me, O LORD : for I CRY unto thec

3 Talk no more so exceed- daily. ing proudly, let not Arrogancy come out of your Mouth : for the LORD is a God of Knowledge, and by him Actions are weighed.

4 The Bows of the mighty Men are broken, and they that stumbled are girt with Strength.

5 They that were full, have hired out themselves for Bread ; 'and they that were hungry, ceased : so that the Barten hath born seven ; and she that hath many Children, is waxed fecble.

6 The Lord killeth, and maketh alive : he bringeth down to the Grave, and bringeth up.

8 p He RAISETH up the Pfal. lxxv. 6 PROMOTION cometh Poor out of the Dust, and neither from the Eaft, nor from the lifteth up the Beggar from Weft, nor from the South. the Dunghil, to set them a

7 Bur God is the JUDGE: he PUT

TETH DOWN ONE, and SETTETH UP ANO mong Princes, and to make THER. them INHERIT the Throne 9 I will declare for ever ; I will of GLORY; for the PILLARS

SING PRAISES to the God of Jacob.

10 All the Horos of the Wicked of the EARTH are the LORD's, also will I cut off; but the Horns of and he hath set the World the Righteous Thall be exalted. upon them.

Djalo cxiii, 4 The LORD is HIGH

the tumhitherBei

9 He will keep the Feet of above all Nations, and his GLORY his Saints, and the Wicked ABO

the wicked ABOVE the HEAVENS. Thall be filent in Darkness; God, who DWELLETH On high

s Who is LIKE unto the LORD Our for by Strength shall no Man 6 Who humbleth himself 10 BE

HOLD the Things that are in HEAVEN, prevail.

and in the Earth. 7 HE RAISETH up the Poor out of the Dust, and liftech the Needy out of the Dunghil:

8 That he may set him with Princes, even with the Princes of his people.

. He maketh the barren Woman to keep House, and to be a joyful Mo. ther of Children. Praise ye the LORD.

10 9 The ADVERSARIES 9 Pial. xviii. 13 The LORD THUNof the LORD shall be bro- vred in the HEAVENS, and the HighKen to pieces : out of Hea- Est gave his Voice; HAIL STONES and

Coals of FIRE. ven shall he THUNDER upon them : the LORD shall judge the Ends of the Earth, and he Thall give Strength unto his King, and exalt the Horn of his Anointed.

And Elkanah went to Ramah to his House ; and the Child did minister unto the Lord before Eli the Priest.

12 Now the Sons of Eli were Sons of Belial, they KNEW Not the Lord.

13 And the Priest's Custom with the People was, that when any Man offered Sacrifice, the Pricst's Servant came, while the Flesh was in seething, with a Flesh-hook of three Teeth in his Hand :

14 And he struck it into the Pot; all that the Flesh-hook brought up, the Priest took for himself : so they did in Shilah, unto all the Israelites that came thither.

15 Also before they burnt the Fat, the Priest's Servant came, and said to the Man that sacrificed, Give Flesh to roast for the Priest; for he will not have sodden Flesh of thee, but raw.

16 And if any Man said unto him, Let them not fail to burn the Fat presently, and then take as much as thy Soul desireth : then he would answer him, Nay, but thou shalt give it me now : and if not, I will take it by Force.

17 : Wherefore the Sin of 'lsa. lvi. 10 His WATCHMEN are the Young Men was very are all DUMB Dogs, they cannot bark;

BLIND : they are all IGNORANT, they great before the Lord: for sleeping, lying down, LOVING TO SLUM Men ABHORRED the Offer- BER.

11 Yea, they are GREEDY Dogs, ing of the LORD.

which can NEVER have ENOUGH, and 18 But Samuel ministred they are SHEPHERDS that cannot UNbefore the LORD, being a DERSTAND; Los being DERSTAND; they all look to their own

Way, EVERY ONE for his Gans from Child, girded with a linen E- his QUARTER, phod.

19 Moreover,

19 Moreover, his Mother fer. xxiii. 11 Both Prophet and

and PRIEST are PROPHANE, YEA, in MY made him a little Coat, and

House have I found their WICKEDbrought it to him from Year Ness, faith the Lord. to Year, when Ihe came up 12 Wherefore their way shall be

unto them as SLIPPERY Ways in the with her Husband, to offer

DARKNESS : they shall be driven on, the yearly Sacrifice.

and fall therein: for I will bring E20 And ELi blessed Elka. Vil upon them, even the Year of

their VISITATION, faith the LORD. nah, and his Wife, and said,"

13 And I have seen Folly in the The LORD give thee Seed of PROPHETS of Samaria ; they prophe. this Woman, for the Loan

fied in Baal, and caused my PEOPLE

Israel to ERR. which is lent to the LORD. 14 I have seen also in the PROPHETS And they went unto their of Jerusalem an HORRIBLE Thing: own Home.

they commit ADULTERY, and walk in

Lies: they STRENGTHEN also the Hands 21 And the LORD vilited of Evil Dorrs, that none doth ReHannah, so that the concei- TURN from his WICKEDNESS : they are

all of them unto me as SODOM, and ved, and bare three Sons,

alla bare mice Doms, the Inhabitants thereof as Gomorand two Daughters : and the rah. Child SAMUEL grew before Is Therefore thus saith the LORD the LORD.

of Hofts concerning the PROPHETS,

Behold, I will feed them with WORM22 Now ELI was very old, WOOD, and make them drink the Waand heard all that his Sons

ter of Gall: for from the PROPHETS did unto all Israel, and how

of Jerusalem is PROPHANENESS gone

forth into all the LAND. they lay with the Women Jer, v. 30 A wonderful and horthat allembled at the Door of rible Thing is committed in the

Land. the Tabernacle of the Con- 31 The Prophets prophesy FalSLY, gregation,

and the Priests bear Rule by their 23 And he said unto them. means, and my PEOPLE LOVE to have Why do ye such Things? for I hear of your Evil Dealings by all this People.

24 Nay, my Sons : for it is no good Report that I hear: ye make the Lord's People to transgress. .. 25 If one Man sin against another, the Judge shall judge him: but if a Man sin against the LORD, who shall intreat for him ? Notwithstanding they hearkned not unto the Voice of their Father, because the LORD would say them.

20 (And the Child SAMUEL grew on, and was in Favour both with the Lord, and also with Men.)

27 And there came a Man of God unto Eli, and said unto him, Thus faith the Lord, Did I plainly appear unto

House of thy Father, when they were in Egypt in Pha

raoh's House?

' 28 And did I chuse him out of all the Tribes of Israel to be my Priest, to offer upon mine Altar, to burn Incense,

to to wear an Ephod before me? and did I give unto the House of thy Father all the Offerings made by Fire of the Children of Israel?

29 Wherefore kick ye at my Sacrifice, and at mine OFfering, which I have commanded in my Habitation, and honourest thy Sons above me, to make yourselves fat with the chiefest of all the Offerings of ISRAEL my People ?

30 Wherefore the LORD God of Israel faith, I said indeed, that thy House, and the House of thy Father should walk before me for ever : but now the Lord faith, Be it far from me ; for them that HONOUR ME, I WILL HONOUR, and they that despise me, shall be lightly esteemed.

31 Behold, the Days come that I will cut off thine Arm, and the Arm of thy Father's House, that there shall not be an Old Man in thine House.

32 And thou shalt see an Enemy in my Habitation, in all the Wealth which God shall give Israel : and there shall not be an Old Man in thine House for ever.

33 And the Man of thine, whom I shall not cut off from mine Altar, shall be to consume thine Eyes, and to GRIEVE thine Heart : and all the Increase of thine House shall die in the flower of their Age.

34 And this shall be a Sign unto thee, that shall come upon thy two Sons, on Hophnį and Phinehas : in one Day they shall die both of them.

35 And I will raise me up a FAITHFUL Priest, that shall do according to that which is in mine Heart, and in my Mind : and I will build him a sure House, and he shall walk before mine Anointed for ever.

36 And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left in thine House, shall come and crouch to him for a Piece of Silver, and a Morlel of Bread, and shall say, Put me (I pray thee) into one of the Priest's Offices, that I may cat a Piece of Bread,

CH A P. III. i How the Word of the Lord was first revealed to Samuel

11 God telleth Samuel the Destruction of Eli's House.

Ver. 1. AND the Child SAMUEL ministred unto the LORD

A before Eli: and the Word of the LORD W29 precious in those Days; there was no open Visión.

• 2 And

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